Friday, December 8, 2023

Alexis: My agent will discuss my future with Arsenal

As Alexis Sanchez prepares for this summer’s Confederations Cup, his future at Arsenal remains unclear.

He still has 12 months left on his current contract, but tying him down with a new deal is obviously the imperative. After a 30 goal season, he has displayed his quality to everyone, and it’s had the likes of Bayern Munich, PSG and Man City sniffing around ahead of the next Premier League campaign.

The 28 year old is leaving it all in the hands of his agent who will meet with Arsenal and decide what his future holds.

“That is what my representative is looking at,” he said with regard to contract negotiations.

“He knows and will sit with the club and work out what is best for me. I am now focused on the cup.”

The Confederations Cup means that it’s yet another summer without rest for the irrepressible Chilean.

He joined in 2014 off the back of the World Cup in Brazil; in 2015 he scored the winning penalty in a shoot-out against Argentina; and was part of the squad that retained the trophy last summer, again against Argentina and again after a penalties were needed to decide the winner.

Let’s hope Chile get knocked out early, he takes a few days off, and comes back to sign a new deal with Arsenal.

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He gone.


I don’t blame him for wanting to leave. He came to Arsenal with the goal of winning the league and champions league, but he’s a cunt if he goes to city and we’d be the dumbest club in the world to sell him to a direct rival.

If he’s adamant on leaving, sell him abroad but no matter what don’t let him go to a rival.


At this point Bayern is basically a rival.

Mesut O\'Neill

Bayern don’t play Europa league.


you never know lol weird stuff can happen in the group stage lol


We are not playing them for at least an year and a half. They won’t be our rivals for a while.

Heavenly Chapecoense

People who are quick to say they don’t blame him should know Arsenal gave him the platform to improve and score 30 goals. I checked and he never scored 30 goals before. He had a not-so-good 2015-2016 season with us. Every team has their best player. Why is it so much of a favour on his case?


Exactly. Just remind him what life was like on the bench at Barca. He won’t get to call his own shots at another club the way he more often than not gets to here. Wenger trusts his top players to a fault.


Arsenal also gave the platform to other strikers…


Don’t blame him? If he decides to put in more trust into his teammates.. and stop losing those possession.. things would be better

Lack of Perspective

Captain cazorla speaking truths. I still believe part of our downward trajecotry this season was his petulant and aggressive attidude towards his team mates. The best players lift their team mates. Not hang them out to dry whilst losing possession 15+ times a game


I think Alexis staying, no matter how much money we offer him is a pipe dream at this point – so I have zero problem selling him abroad to Munich. Obviously really sad to see him go, as its been a real joy watching him play in an Arsenal shirt, and lets be honest he’s practically done it all on his own this season I dread to think how we would have finished the season without him. But a player of his quality deserves to be playing at the highest level, and sadly, we aren’t the same club we used… Read more »

Merlin\'s Panini

I think you need practice in using commas


I must have missed that class when I completed my English degree..

Original Paul

No, he’s staying.


he’s gone my friend. the sooner you realize the better .a journalist Gerard Romero reported he’s really close to city . i usually dont pay attention to these but appearently he’s very reliable and has a very good track record when it comes to city’s transfer dealings . he correctly called jesus , sane and stones transfer to city . but the most important thing is unlike other arsenal players its very clear from sanchez’s interview that he wants to leave .

Third Plebeian

he correctly called jesus


I’ve always wondered about the correct way to call Jesus. I once dialed 53787, but instead of Jesus I got this polite, soft-spoken Welshman.


thank jesus there are people like you in comment section. 🙂

a different George

This is truly one of the great comments.


Have you tried accidently walloping yourself on the thumb with a hammer?
That usually does it for me.


Are we really going back on the statement that he would not be sold to a PL rival? Keeping him and seeing out his contract must be worth more than the £50m touted as transfer fee in hindering rivals.

Andy Mack

He’ll either sign another contract or move to a continental team.

Original Paul

Yes I heard that yesterday. He is staying imo.


I’d be fine with a swap for Aguero.


I wish I was as optimistic as you ?


I voted for both just to be contrary

Bai Blagoi

I am not sure that he wants to leave. I have never read anything in the sense “I am unhappy”/”I want to leave”. He is just trying to negotiate the best deal for himself.
And, hell, his agent IS negotiating, and I don’t think he would have being doing that if Sanchez had no interest to sign.


It is either about the deal or he is gone I think. It’s all pretty ambiguous.


He could be waiting to see Arsenal’s ambition over the summer. Alexis is ambitious and is not happy with 2 FA Cups in 3 seasons. Not making it to the Champions League puts us in a weaker position to negotiate, but that could be the catalyst to really go for a league title. He is the star at Arsenal. Any move away he would have to consider his position at the said club. At Arsenal he has grown, developed into a real goalscorer and could help the team to a title with the right additions. Good to remember that for… Read more »


For the love of everything that is holy, I hope you’re right!


Damn, are they playing the copa every year now? Or was i just not paying attention before we got Alexis?


Different copa


It’s the copa
Copa Cabana


Also a different copa


You funny fucker! hahaha


Confederations cup. The warm up to the world cup. He would of had a rest if chile didnt win the copa…. copa cobana.


Last year was an extra “special edition” Copa for the 100th anniversary. Really it was an excuse to add an extra one in and make a load of money. It was a lot of fun to watch anyway.

This is the “Cup Winner’s Cup” of regional federations (UEFA, Copa, ACON, etc.)


Is there some hope that he wants to stay? If he decided to leave, there would be no need to negotiate, surely?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

He clearly has a sort of ‘diva’ mentality, which is a ‘double-edged sword’ (but only for the board). Got us 30 goals in the most abysmal loss of form we’ve seen in the past decade, and now acting as though he deserves the world on a platter.

My verdict is that he deserves it–give him the freaking world Kroenke, just MAKE HIM STAy.

Mein Bergkampf

Even the “committed to finishing my contract” stuff has gone now. He’s defo off, we’ve seen it enough times to know. Don’t blame him either, last big contract. Why spend it at a team that doesn’t compete for the league or champions league?


always not the best sign when left to ‘agents’…they will want to cash out on a deal now.

Brown American Gooner

He is the best attacking player we’ve had in years. I think we should give him a huge contract if thats what it takes to keep him. I would rather spend money on larger wage bill if it keeps Alexis than spending big on a transfer fee for a replacement that may or may not work in our system.


I can really imagine Sanchez leaving (I don’t want him to), but I’m hopeful that Ozil will stay and we do actually sign either one of Mbappe or Lacazette

Goooooooner for life

I really really like Mbappe from what I’ve seen from him (his runs kinda remind me of the runs Henry used to make), but is Lacazette really someone that can improve us? Looking at him play last year and this year, and his goals, hes a really good finisher but his overall play doesn’t convince me completely. I know he got 37 goals, but like 10-15 were penalties, and the majority of the rest put on a plate for him. I’m a strong believer that a player should not be solely judged on the number of goals he has scored.… Read more »

Corona X

Hm, I know the police are often giving out fines for the most ridiculous reasons – but I doubt they can fine someone for knowing how some football bloke plays his game.


Perhaps some here aren’t such fine people!


If we are looking for really outstanding talents (forwards) I think it would worth to take a look at the guy at Lazio in Italy!
Namely: at Keita Balde Diao


Who would be the top 5 talented forwards in the world right now then?
Genuinely curious to see the difference in peoples opinions as to who they think the top 5 are.


top 5 from 5 to 1



Its a given TGSTEL is everyones top striker. 🙂


Bendtner!!!! You just added him as a joke… eh!




Lets play that game minus Messi and Ronaldo and Suarez
I.d go with:

Original Paul

1st to 5th order:
My Gran#
My Gran
My Gran
My Gran
My Auntie*

* not currently match fit.
# dead.


Does Alexis overall play convince you either? I mean he must give the ball away on at least 15 occasions per game. No wonder Baarca sold him. And Ozil, ffs, Tony Adams had a point about Wilshere playing that role. If only we could morph them into 1 that i.d be happy with us paying 300k a week to


We need a player whos skills may be skewed more in favoir of finishing. We have the players who create. We need the guy who’d throw his own teammate under a bus to get the ball in the goal.


The problem is we needed a lacazette or Mbappe even if sanchez stayed to lose him and get either of the above will leave us no better off, you could argue we would be worse as either would need time to settle.
We need to keep sanchez and add to him simple as that


trip down memory lane….


It doesn’t sound like he is leaving but it doesn’t sound like he is staying either


Maybe an injury putting him out until after window closes would be welcomed?


The is the type of comment that temps people to break blog’s comment policies


Schrodinger’s Alexis?



JJ\'s Bender

Or outdeed?

Teryima Adi

Sign da ting!


If he wanted to stay, he’d have signed by now.
Just sell him for the best price to an overseas club.

Liam Bradys left peg

Dont sell at any price. Spend the money we have got on top top quality. Win prem, europa (with reserves) and retain fa cup and then beg him to sign for life. The man is a true warrior and id give him my dog if he asked.

Fireman Sam

“give him your dog ” – euphemism for something dodgy?!

Liam Bradys left peg

No a jack russell called Benny.


Such a bloody merry go round these negotiations.
The only thing I’ll say regarding Sanchez is I genuinely believe it’s not all about the money and he’s wanting to see ambition from the club in the transfer market. In a way he’s doing us fans a favour to try and kick the club on, he’s certainly shown it on the pitch.
I hope he stays I really do, for his desire as much as his ability.
Hope we have a good transfer window and get deals done sooner rather then later!


So you’re saying there’s a chance…


He’s not saying anything really is he


I was actually trying to make a joke using a Dumb & Dumber reference but I fucked it up (he actually says “so you’re telling me there’s a chance). How ironic.


1 in a hundred? More like 1 in a million


I got the joke right away (it’s a small difference). Funny 🙂


Haha nice reference 😉

Wright on the money

I hope he stays but if it’s down to the agent it will be who gives the best deal money wise I guess.

If he isn’t going to sign I would sell him rather than let him go for free, not to a premiership club though.

I hope that Wenger and the board can show the agent why he should stay and what they have in place for new signings and winning the league.

I hope he stays great player.


If he wanted to sign he would have told his agent to make it happen. He hasn’t. The agent doesn’t make the decision.the player does. The agent gets the best deal. But if Alexis wanted to stay it would be done by now. Seems like he doesn’t want to stay….no one is to blame…thats life , people want different experiences..
Gotta plan for life without him I think…

My wig smells cheesy

Don’t understand the down votes for BPM. It’s the most realistic comment on the script….

a different George

So, you think he should publicly announce “I want to stay and have told my agent to make it happen,” thereby completely undercuttting his agent’s bargaining power. I hope I get to negotiate a big deal with you some day.

My wig smells cheesy

I would not allow you to touch my penis

Dr Whale

No one is to blame? Were you not part of the people that blame Walcott during his contract negotiation? He scored 2 goals plus a number of assist then even though wenger sparingly used him.THIS IS CALLED DOUBLE STANDARD. If he want to go, let him go.


I reckon he wants to stay, but only if the price is right.


I wonder if the current situation with Qatar will have any impact on the ability of Citeh or PSG to attract players. I bloody well hope so. Football wouldn’t miss perennial nowheremen City if they fell away.


Man City have nothing to do with Qatar.


Not directly, no. But regionally.


Give me a phone number and address to his agent and I’ll sort it all out.
Thank me later


No, I’ll thank you now! Can you do the same with all other agents too?

My wig smells cheesy

Have you got a big scary face, massive mussels and a Labrador puppy?


Alexis likes shellfish?

Yankee Gooner

Something’s fishy about this.

Fireman Sam

He might have a massive prawn?


People are panicking for no reason. He wants his focus on the confederations cup and on Chile. Whatever questions that he will answer about his Arsenal contract will be done after he is done with his international commitment


We try to extent his contract at least since December or August last year, but it’s gone stale. Might be because he hesitate with our direction as the club and can’t see us challenging the league. So our plan this summer will decide his future imo.

Dr Whale

Did he challenge the league? He contributed to our failure. Arsenal made him a 30 goals scorer. On the contrary, players like messi, ronaldo and suarez would have made arsenal win a league. Have you forgotten his turn-over and dribble to no end? How many goals do you think we must have missed from the killing of our attack or counter attack by him?


Somebody said it..and perfectly. Thank you. Alexis is not he messiah and nor is Ozil. They are both just good players. End of. If they don.t sign we sell them and buy someone else. I.d be happy with Forsberg for a start. Maybe another berg in Dolsberg. Mbappe wud be the icing on the cake


Personally i think Ozil has a fucking nerve holding Arsenal to ransomn when he has been so indulged by Wenger. He shud be begging to stay.
Call his bluff. Tell him he has 1 week to sign the contract on offer or he is out. Good luck finding a set up as cushy as you have it at Arsenal Mesut

Faisal Narrage

4 Weeks from now….

Sanchez: “The little boy inside of me is German”.


Frankly I think the only thing that decides if he leaves or stays is whom we sign this summer. I think if half the transfer window is over and he is still not satisfied with Arsenal’s reinforcement, he will be gone.


if he is sold to city then wenger would get hell


He would have to pull some rabbits out of some hats to make up for that

Liam Bradys left peg

And for my next trick… my letter of resignation taa daaa


in light of recent occurrences, I’m pretty sure all he has to do is win a game or an FA Cup and people forgive him for anything…

Liam Bradys left peg

Not in my book pal.


What is all this horseshit I read from people “I don’t blame him if he leaves” as if Arsenal don’t deserve somehow any of the players who got them into this situation? Arsenal will decide his future, because he still has a contract, and they pay his wages.

Faisal Narrage

Yeah, in a naïve world. If they wanna force him to stay and risk him going to City or Chelsea on a free, then more fool you.

And if there’s one player that definitely didn’t put us in this situation, it’s him. He’s not perfect, but he did more than enough whereby in a half competent team, we would’ve probably won the title and he’d be arguably player of the season.


I get what you’re saying but why can’t we hold him to his contract and then decide whether to offer him a blisteringly obscene contract in lieu of the bosman bonus etc he’d get for joining City? It’d still work out cheaper than buying a replacement- and he’ll be 29/30 at the end meaning he’s in a weaker position to find clubs willing to blow massive chunks at him

Faisal Narrage

Dehydrated would he be in a weaker position when he can sign to any club for free?
Why would we wait till we have zero negotiating power where he could reject whatever we offer him and go to City or Chelsea, our best player, and not make a penny from him?

Faisal Narrage

Why would we be. Stupid phone.

a different George

Desiccated. I mean distraught. Diminished. Stupid fern.


You know that it is possible to take a risk like this and convince him next year to sign a contract? It’s our best player, who is everything which is good about our team. We don’t stand a hope without him, regardless of where he goes.

Dr Whale

We stood a hope withouth RVP, Nasri, Fabregas, Henry, Viera, who were definitely better than him and does not loose ball or do turn-overs uncountable times in a match. I will re-phrase your statement: He do not stand a hope of scoring 30 goals and 15 assist regardless of where he goes

My wig smells cheesy

Well said Nigel


At least he hasn’t written an open letter to the fans stating that he’s leaving. So there’s still hope he might stay I guess


It’s the hope that kills you


Ever noticed that whenever we’re trying to tie a player down to a new contract they’re always ‘just focusing on’ something else?!


Hey Alexis, can we discuss a £15m per year contract with you? No thanks, I’d quite like to focus on a meaningless international friendly if that’s ok with you


At what point is the writing on the wall? 2 years before a contract is up and you hear “We’ll sit down with Arsene at the end of the season”? 18 months when the story starts to be talked about and all you hear is “we’ll sit down at the end of the season”? 1 year when you hear “I just want to focus on my country and the Copa / Euros / World Cup, then we’ll sit down and talk”? At the end of the day Alexis has always felt like he’s a pro who’ll keep moving clubs but… Read more »


Alexis is a winner and this club hasn’t showed him any ambition other than to qualify for the CL and call it a trophy and we can’t even do that now. My agent will do what’s best for me means find the best deal for me with a club other than Arsenal. Thanks for giving 100% Alexis, wish you all the best.

Bouldy\'s Bald Spot

Because City won so many trophies this year? Garbage. Alexis is looking long term and working with Guardiola again is better than Wenger. He knows City will eventually go back to winning titles and knowing Wenger only has 2 years on his contract he is going to leave. This is the board’s fault, and the board’s fault alone not being ruthless enough and absolutely clueless.

Ajirenike Oluremi

Now everybody wants Alexis. But when he was in Barcelona nobody want him,let’s tell this premature coach something. Why can’t you cook ur own soup,you all waiting for Arsene to cook for you


Liverpool wants him, but he choose Arsenal.
Tell Wenger to cook for himself, not for someone else

Aleksander Włodarz

Let’s go for the Dirty Diego then ! just saying 🙁

Wright on the money

Costa will get some goals but no thanks I would rather not thanks.


History , tradition , class….how does Costa fit in ?


Well, he has a history of being a cunt, a tradition of being a cunt, and all the class of a total cunt.


You sure cunted that comment straight out the park

Fuhgedaboudit l

What happened to “history, tradition, class” instead of win everything or get out when it came to Wenger, who epitomizes “history, tradition, and class” when it comes to Arsenal. Despite the distaste that Costa would bring to the team, he would be a strong force upfront for us. At least the Wenger haters should want Costa on the team.

Fuhgedaboudit l

BTW, I definitely don’t want Costa on Arsenal.

Fireman Sam

Costa belongs in cuntish teams only. You’ve seen the YouTube videos of him spitting and stamping etc. Dirty slimeball of a man

John C

I’d take him, he reminds me alot of Ian Wright actually, constant aggro, constant nuisance and having an almost constant argument with just about everyone.

He’s the kind of player you love if he plays for you but hate if he doesn’t.

Richard \'Lawman\' Law

I think 300k a week & a monkey butler will do it, or at least a Debuchy butler.


We don’t have to sell him. If the commercial team does their job and gets some new sponsors, and Wenger gets his 3 quality signings this year, we could eat the 50 mil in losses and keep him. If we qualify for Champions League for 2018 or even win the league (I know, I know) than that is about 50 mil in additional winnings. Just saying…..


He’s got a attitude problem ..sell him

Liam Bradys left peg

Yes the attitude of a winner who is frustrated at the lack of likewise from teamates to boardroom.


Doesnt sound like departure to me.


If Arsenal pay him enough, he’ll stay. Otherwise he’ll go to a continental side in the Champions League.


Hope he wins the cup with Chile. And whatever happens, good or sad. Alexis the Maaan.!!! 5 goals minimum in Confederations cup I say ?


I cudn.t give a fuck what he does in that pointless comp. so long as he doesn.t break an ankle


I would be very surprised if he stays. Pains me to say it, but the rest of the team is no where near as good as he is. Why would he stay and play with us in the Europa and a team that will never win the league under current management and owenership. (You are all mad if you think we will). The crowd is toxic at the Emirates and it won’t be any better next year. He used to play with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Alves et al. Now he plays with Giroud, Couqelin, Gibbs, Gabriel et al. He is… Read more »


regardless of how this turns out, lets just make a decision now rather than letting this drag on until the end of the window and all the possible replacements are gone. I would love for him to stay – but it’s time to make a decision either way

Bellerin\'s Hair

I read this quote positively, to be honest. If his agent is actually still talking to Arsenal, there’s still a chance. As dismissive as Alexis’ words seem, they don’t seem untrue.

I’m going to hold on hope for a little bit longer. I really don’t want to have to unfollow his dogs’ instagram account..


I wouldn’t be worried, tbh asset wise we got him for peanuts compared to prices paid these days. Look at it this way, don’t think of The Arsenal: The star player of the best club in a European league has a great season, also his contact is up for renewal. The club has overall had a disappointing season as a whole, and being the best club in the league, still wins a trophy. However they are now in the 2nd tier of European football. Do you think the player would likely think he is better than the club he is… Read more »


Remember folks if he signs and we do shit again next season his agent can still push for a move and get MORE money plus the Alice he got for the renewal.



Dr Whale

Pedro was benching him in that barca team though. Plus a better player in Suarez was coming in which will further reduce his playing time. He had a great season because of the formation he played in especially at the beginning of the season. Wenger made him the main man.


James Rodriguez would be a good signing for us. Can play behind the striker alongside Ozil and he’s available


The price though, Madrid wants at least 60 Mill for him. If they were us, they will sell him for 30 Mill because he barely play anyway.


I can care less who Wenger brings…Alexis should be a priority to keep, and providw him additional qualitu pieces to win the league and europa, and bring us back to UCL… if you sell your best player after he had the season that he had, what message doea that send to other top class players????? not good.


hehehe…who bought Holding for 2m?

Director of Football?

Like Liverpool and Virgil Van Dyke?


Who hasn’t won the league in 12 years??


Just sell him ffs. Arsenal will continue to underachieve under the Kroenke/Gazidis/Wenger regime, with or without Sanchez.

Kingsley Adun

I feel very bad when our players are ungrateful to the Club and her Manager. Van Persie acted exactly like Alexis is acting now. Van Persie was always on injury list most of his time with us. The only season he was injury free and managed to score about 30 goals, like a baby, he started crying he wants to leave. And he left to Man U. After his first season, what has anyone heard of him? Nothing. Oblivion. Alexis was a fringe player in Barca even under Pep and Arsenal gave him a platform to truly discover his capacity.… Read more »


Like it or not, the guy wants to really challenge for the league and Champions, something that is simply not possible anymore under Wenger.

Determined Culture

At this moment there r way too many speculations n journalists r having a field day. In order for most players to shine, the team has to b built around them.barca builds the team around messi, n alexis couldnt have the freedom to roam n take shots there. He hsd to support messi and limit his freedom. I hope he stays. Hope he signs and is just using this chance to get as high a wage as possible (i can see mesut and alexis’ agents discussing this over tea), which is fair play to them. Otherwise sell him to PSG… Read more »

Noah Mubiru

I hope arsenal is still needed Sanchez and Ozill


He’s gone, guys. It sucks. Yes, Arsenal game him a platform to improve, but that’s exactly what our ambition is with Mbappe. I’m gutted he’s leaving, but he left it on the field, every game, so I won’t hold it against him. The point is, we need to sign more people with his ambition in order to turn into the sort of club that can fulfill those ambitions. Then we can _keep_ players with real ambition.


I want Jeremy Corbyn to manage us! Now!
He’s a true Gunner who knows how to win and has the mental strength to say “fuck you!” to all his doubters!

Wenger out! Jezza in!


It’s pretty clear that any incremental thought about Sanchez ‘wanting to stay’ are rubbish now. The only options now are play hard ball and force him to stay for a year, sell him abroad or hold his dogs ransom.


I do blame him for wanting to leave. Each and every member of the team has been responsible for the problems of the season. I appreciate his good points, but there were many situations where his mistakes lead to goals too. Hope he stays.

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