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Arsenal to play Leicester City at home on the opening day

The fixtures for the new season have been released, and Arsenal will play Leicester City at home on the opening day of the 2017-18 Premier League season.

The Gunners required a Robert Huth own goal to beat the Foxes in the same fixture last season, and earlier drew 0-0 at the King Power Stadium.

That game will be followed up by away trips to Stoke and Liverpool, before we host Bournemouth at home.

We then travel to Stamford Bridge to play champions Chelsea, which is followed by a home game against West Brom.

Full fixture analysis to follow later on this morning.

You can see the full list here.

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Dublin Gooner

We could know an awful lot about the season ahead after 4 or 5 games. Tough start.


I really hope we for once will be ready for the first game, we cannot afford to throw another first game.



Dan Gunn

Wrap Koscielny in cotton wool!


He can’t play in opening 2 matches as suspended


Tough February but OK from then onwards.

Hope we get off strongly (get the transfer business done asap please) and if we can avoid the mid-season slump then the last three months are pretty decent.


And lots of Sunday matches (given we will be playing on Sp*rsday) does anyone think that is good?


Actually we did already have lots of Sunday and Monday matches last season with the TV companies eager to push top6 games from Saturday (except the lunch kick off), so no real difference in there in my opinion.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Difference is that before, getting moved to Sunday meant an extra day of rest for the players before the game.


top of the table! we are top of the table!!!


Such a disgrace this sport has become, I’m 100% certain these fixtures are fixed so the pathetic media can run their same Arsenal stories, such bullshit!


Good, we’ll actually need to be prepared this time round. Which we either will be, or if we’re not, no false hopes.


Getting a few tough away games out the way early. Not a bad thing depending on if we can do what we couldn’t last season and be ready from the start. Not too much to ask is it?


Well that’s a tough start, a couple of stumbles and things will get toxic fast. Need to get the squad sorted fast.


Christmas marathon ending with a Chelsea fixture? Hmmmm


Nice run in, should it matter at that point.

Runty Wilson

If (IF!) we can stay in contact with the top that run in could prove to be very favourable.


Europa League has one more round after the group stage is finished, and now look at our February: Everton, Tottenham, City.

Tough start in August, but I’m actually glad to get rid of Stoke away game right at the beginning.

I’ll take 7 point from August and 10 from September. That’d be a really good start for me.

uncle D

That looks tough!

uncle D

Tough looking season altogether!!


Good I like a tough start.

Let’s just hope we’re ready. Summer transfers done by end of July please!


Tough start, tough November (often a dodgy month). But I predict we will win the last two matches of the season.

Scott P

So that would be the Europa League and FA Cup finals right?

Idealistic Optimist

Like the run-in starting from March. Only manure away from the so called top teams. If we can be in contention come March and we do our annual late sprint then we have a good chance to mount a proper challenge for the title.


On the other hand, IF we’re still in the title race after February, we have only 1 (one!) match against probable title contenders in the last 3 months together (ManU away in april).

donald\'s trump

Great, we can rally back to 5th and then Arsene can say we are on the right track. just one or 2 signings next summer and we’ll be title winners.

Thierry bergkamp

If they are in the race at the new year, there’s not many tough looking games from January to May


lol, it’s the same 19 teams from new year


Not really, there are only 17 games in the new year. We will have played Liverpool and WBA (Away) twice by end of December and Chelsea as well twice by Jan 1. That’s three tough games from the return fixtures out of the way by the start of the new year.


We get to play everyone twice no. Just win as many games as u can. Set a minimum win target of 32 games and fight for it. If we end up winning 27-28 that’s usually enough to win d league.
Set high targets Wenger and get everyone to buy in.

\'desi\'gner gooner

So we’re winning the league at Old Trafford on 28th April – 2018!!


April 28, man utd away. Looks like we are
Winning the league at old Trafford.


until we get some level ground on players contracts & transfers in & out does it really matter who we play first game ? we know sky will change 80% of the games to suit them so until the above are addressed i hold resevations

Belfast Gooner

On paper it looks a tough start with Stoke and Liverpool both away in the 1st 3 games. Actually, it may not be a bad time to go to Liverpool. They also have the Champions League play-off round to get through in August so will play the midweek before we play them. I remember when we played the play-off rounds it was always very demanding at the beginning of the season.


I agree with you, liverpool last year had only the league and they prepared for our game 2 months with most friendlies played by one club and they were fully fit, as we played 4-5 games with our best players injuried or comming late and playing with b team and holding and chambers at.the back. Now it will be reverse situatuion liverpool will not have time to prepare enough and priority will be the 2 CL games. Also the orcs are always shit in the start of the season in the first 10 games before they gained confidence and form.… Read more »


watch now mahrez not been sold before our games and tears up appart and aftre the game he will be sold to another club not us. Just kidding, hopefully he will be with us by then.


Great string of games, I feel exited already. (Of course, we will lose the opener, as Wenger is tired after having watched his telephone night and day the last week, incase Lacazette should call).


I believe there’s a typo in the headline. It should read “Arsenal to kick the ever loving shit out of Leicester City at home on the opening day”


The run in looks quite manageable…hopefully we can start strong and get through February


I wouldn’t mind us starting with a Kos/Meet/Holding back three. I think Mert showed he works in that formation, he is definitely the most “captaincy” out of them all. If we can keep a few clean sheets early in the season it would be a good confidence boost.

Goonerest Gooner

April 28th…..”We won the league. (we won the league) In Manchester. (in manchester). We won the league in Manchester, we won the league at old trafford, we won the league in Manchester”??

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