Sunday, October 1, 2023

Report: Ox leaning towards Arsenal stay

According to The Mirror, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks increasingly likely to stay at the Emirates after Arsenal tabled a new contract in excess of £100,000 a week.

The England international, whose current deal ends next summer, is thought to have wavered when talks over a new deal began, especially when it became apparent that Liverpool had shown an interest.

While the 23-year-old is tempted by the chance to work with Jurgen Klopp, it appears regular game time in the second half of Arsenal’s season and the belief of Arsene Wenger that he has a future in centre midfield has swung negotiations back in favour of the Gunners.

Liverpool’s imminent acquisition of Egyptian international Mohamed Salah from AS Roma appears to be further evidence that the Reds have cooled their interest.

Of course, until Chamberlain signs on the dotted line in the contract dungeon, there’s still time for things to change. That said, it’s a positive sign after repeated leaks from Ox’s camp that he’s looking elsewhere.

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I feel for him, he needs to nail down a spot but I’m not quite sure where?
Hopefully he gets a settled run somewhere, stays fit and takes his chance.
Our most likeable player.


We need to find someone who can do for us what Santi does as Santi can sadly not play week in week out. The Ox could be that guy, not immediately but can and should be moulded to be that guy.

Faisal Narrage

Seems like so long ago, but his best performances this season have been Centrally next to Xhaka. Though he doesn’t have the endless engine of Ramsey, I feel Ox is the more complete choice of a partner as he provides everything Xhaka needs as a partner. – Box to Box energy – Good range of passing (better than Ramsey imo) – I’d say based on last season, he’s arguably a better goal threat too (sure we know Ramsey has the ability for that purple patch of 3 years ago, but we surely can’t depend on that everytime) The one thing… Read more »


I like them all, these 3

so if ozil doesnt wanna sign, i dont mind ramsey and ox stepping up into the midfield playmaking roles

we have jack, coq, jeff n elneny as backups


i always kinda felt ox has bale like potential….Fast,Strong,Direct.A little more end product to his game and he can certainly amongst be the top players vying for ballon d’or


The Ox has bags of talent – like he really does. I remember one of Artetas last ever Captains notes in the match day programme. Where the journalist asked him who he thought has the potential to be the real deal. To which Arteta replied ‘Chambo’ and he went on to say that he genuinely believed he could be a real superstar because he has all of the necessary attributes, glorious technique, pace, power, but the one thing he did hint at, using words to the effect of, ‘he needs to figure out how to unlock it all.’ So I… Read more »

Efosa Humber

True, and applicable to many humans.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ox is a very talented player but not material for ballon d’or.


Said everyone about Bale before he proved otherwise.


Given that only three people in the world are short-listed for Ballon d-Or each year, I think that’s a rather harsh criticism of the Ox.


This is good news. The one thing we can be sure of is, the Ox will not do a Theo, i.e. coast along and not make the most of his talent. He really seems to care. He won’t disappear after signing his big money contract….. right? Maybe I just want to believe that.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Apart from this year, Theo has been clearly better than Ox because of his goals. Wenger kept Ox on the bench and played Theo when fit all those years. In terms of potential for future, it is Ox though.


Nope. Goals are grand, but they don’t compensate for sucking at almost every other aspect of football.


Cristiano & his fanbase would disagree


I wuld love theo to score with his left and right and head.from freekicks but yeah sadly he no ronaldo


Would be stupid to loose him to Liverpool. Personally I belive he can be an outstanding wingback


Indeed. I’d be far more upset to see the Ox go than Theo, whatever the stats might say. I’d argue that the Ox is a superior player to Victor Moses who done alright for Chelski this season.

North Bank Gooner

Would be a mistake not to keep him, he has developed into a proper player. Would hate to see him lined up against us.

Clock-End Mike

Of course we want to keep him, that’s clear from eveything Wenger has said. That’s not the question. The question is whether Chamberlain wants to stay, and I’m encouraged to think we can persuade him the best choice for his careeer would be with the Arsenal.


He has grown as a player. He should be kept at the club at all costs. Just hoping that he gets more luck with regards to his injuries and stays fit. On his day, he is unstoppable.


Love the ox, been great to see a smile back on his face this season. It’s great that he cares so much but sometimes the pressure he puts on himself hinders his performances. Still, he really seems to have pushed on this season. His versatility (and injuries) might undermine his starting credentials at the moment as he’s not given a long enough run of games to nail down a specific position. His qualities mean he can play virtually anywhere though I think he’s really well suited to centre mid or right wing back. At times looks like Dani alves only… Read more »


We should lock them in a dungeon until they sign a contract. Medieval torture devices and the like.


Honestly Alexis seems the one we are most likely to lose, and there’s a pretty good chance he’ll stay.

Arsene\'\'\'s Economics degree

If he stays he’ll cement himself as a fan favourite.
Towards the end of the season his interviews showed his concern for us.

we\'ve done it again

It’s the off season again, where our players become more talented than they really are.

Giroud has more technique than lewandowski and is indispensable.
Ox is just like bale and must be kept at all cost.
Wilshere is the new iniesta.


True. Players always look good off-season. Next february we’ll be saying the whole team should be rebuilt.


Having fun beating up that straw man?

Capn crunch

Very glad about this. He has a lot of quality and i really think he cares about the club. Loved the way he stepped up in that interview and actually acknowledged the shit storm we were in this season.
Also he was the only member of the current squad to go to the premiere of that invincibles documentary.
Oh and the level of bantz wold drop if he left

Merlin\'s Panini

Great news if this is true. I’ve always really liked the Ox. This season gone was his best by a long way. I do wonder where he’ll be in the pecking order for each positions as he’s so versatile. It’s somewhat to his detriment as there are specialists in each position he can play but I really hope he can nail down a place. He’s a fantastic player, I love watching him. He’s unstoppable when he’s on form and running with the ball and his passing is great too. I think he could probably fit in well alongside Xhaka in… Read more »


I don’t think there is any way we can let him go to be honest. He’s perfect for the wing back position, but also provides much needed cover for all the midfield positions.


Exactly. Utility player.
If it’s game time he’s after, that’s what he needs to stick at rather than becoming a specialist in one position. A decent utility player will always be on the bench, usually get a game and often start, whereas a specialist can become a permanent bench-warmer overnight, courtesy of a brief injury and whoever fills in showing a bit of form.

Cliff Bastin

What are they smoking over there?

nimble foot

Somewhat unrelated but thinking about the Ox’s progress at RWB it’s hard for me not to think that Joel Campbell could do a job at LWB. He has the workrate and in anycase he was good at tracking back too. Just a thought though…

I can’t wait to read an article that says the ox is staying five more years.


Like Theo, the Ox’s agents have been able to take advantage of his Englishness and the fact that it would be a PR nightmare for the club at the moment to lose someone to a rival. His performances this season leave me far from convinced, still looks to me like a very incomplete player and one whose poor first touch, ball control and passing ability limit how much more he can really improve.


Similar thoughts. He’s great when he’s got his head down and space to run at people, but his technique and decision making are average. He had a few good games for us towards the end of the season, so let’s see if he can kick on, but I’m not wildly excited about it.

Gus Caesar

Agreed. I think he benefits hugely from his spin/image and Britishness in the eyes of many fans. Like with Ramsey he only contributed in patches last season and was also quite woeful at times – both are 4th place players – but there’s a ‘defend at all costs’ mentality towards the pair. Both are very talented but also at the heart of our squad’s underperformance in recent years. The same fans that want to see improvement also can’t bear to part with the players that have underperformed.

Faisal Narrage

I’d rather Campbell as RWB cover and Ox be a certified CM.


Quite apart from his obvious potential, he seems to me like a great lad to have around the squad. Focused but blessed with top banter and an all round nice guy. Deserves a good contract and would be interested to see where he plays best in this new system.


For the sake of his career the Ox should go. At a decent mid-table Premier League side, where he would play every week, he could really develop into the top-quality footballer whom we’ve always believed he could become. At Arsenal he’ll just continue to stagnate under Wenger and his second-rate management. But my guess is that Alex will sign up to a few more years of easy-money, comfort-zone mediocrity. What a shame. Subject change: I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday (yes, I do have some!) and we were talking about our good friend Stan Kroenke. The question… Read more »

Andrew Manganese

Egooooooo, Egooooooo

Iggle Piggle

Can’t stand Elvis

Lord Bendnter

Please don’t go

Wright on the money

We need to keep Ox he was one of the best players we had this season after Sanchez.

Come on Arsenal keep the best players to try win the league next season.

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