Sead Kolasinac on joining, his greatest strength, and Arsenal heroes


Arsenal yesterday confirmed that Sead Kolasinac will join the club on a free transfer on July 1st from Schalke.

The 23 year Bosnian is a no-nonsense left-sided defender, and was named in the Bundesliga team of the season.

He declared himself happy to be moving to London, saying, “It feels really good and I’m pleased to be here. I’m happy to have signed at Arsenal for five years and I’m really pleased.

“Arsenal has a huge tradition and I followed the club as a young boy, in the days of Jens Lehmann and Thierry Henry. Arsenal has always been a club that is well recognised in Europe and I’m pleased to be here.

“Jens Lehmann played at Schalke too, which is where I’ve come from. As a young kid, I followed his career and I always thought he was a good goalkeeper.

“I’ve been able to meet him and looking back, he was a really good goalkeeper.”

And on his playing style and strengths, he said, “There are different positions but I think left back is where I feel most comfortable. I can play as part of a three at the back too or further forward. I’m really flexible.

“I think my main strength is my mentality. I’m a player who will try to help the team as well as I can. My strengths are my mentality.”

To find out more about our new signing, read this profile of Sead Kolasinac

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Welcome to the Araenal.


Araenal are my favorite, though I must catch the 430 autogyro to the Prussian consulate in Siam to view the matches.


Yes welcome, but this is classic Arsenal pr. Last summer Xhaka signs with the age-old “i’m a leader” bullsht. Now here we have some classic “mental-strength” bollox.
Whatever the team is perceived to be missing they just pipe it back out through the new guy.


You really don’t like Arsenal, do you?


‘Arsenal’…bloody spell check.

Gooner el

Glad that arsenal will unleash this beast next season..


With him on the one and the Ox on the other wing and Xhaka and Rambo in between it should be hard to bully our midfield in the future, I guess.


why not bellerin?


because bellerin seems to be hissing nowadays!!!


Has he turned into a snake ?


A wizard of the dark arts I hope.


Welcome to Arsenal, Sead! Looking forward to seeing u run up and down the left wing, mate!


Anybody who has mad Jens as an idol must have some bloody mentality.

*looks back at Jens slapping Defoe in the back of the head and then hopping around pretending his toes had been stamped*

Cliff Bastin

Half of me doesn’t want Diego Costa to go to china just so we can see this guy demolish him.