Friday, December 8, 2023

Alexis says he’s made a decision, but knows it depends on Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez has given the strongest hint yet that he wants to leave Arsenal to play Champions League football, but says that he’s waiting on the club to respond.

The Chilean is into the final 12 months of his contract, and has been strongly linked with Manchester City amongst others.

He’s currently on holidays in Chile where he spoke to local media, and although he clearly wants to win European football’s biggest prize, he’s also aware that much of what’s going to happen depends on Arsenal.

Thanks to Arseblog News reader Gerardo who provided us with this translation of exactly what was said:

Alexis: The truth is that the decision doesn’t depend on me. My decision has been made,
but now we wait for a response from Arsenal. It depends on them, on what they want.

Reporter: And what decision is that?

Alexis: Hijole [that’s a word something like the English expression: “man…”], I would say play Champions [league] and win it, it’s a dream that I have since I was little.

Reporter: In that sense, are you motivated to stay at Arsenal? Or would you prefer being with Claudia Bravo, Manchester City, and also with Pep Guardiola?

Alexis: The truth is that for now I’m at Arsenal … [the interview changes frame and then starts again] … I end my contract in one more year…[at this moment in the interview people from the background starts singing his name, not related to his answer,
he smiles and then he continues with something not even related to the question] … and nothing really, very happy for the people.

[then he starts talking something not related to Arsenal but the Confederations Cup].

Thanks to Gerardo for that. It seems like it was a pretty informal interview, and there’s nothing hugely surprising in it.

Earlier Arsene Wenger admitted no agreement had been found with Alexis, so we have to wait and see if we’re prepared to keep him for the final 12 months, or if moves for Lacazette and perhaps Thomas Lemar are to offset his departure.

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Enthralling interview really


It’s all down to Arsenal. We have him under contract for another year, and he’s the type of player that regardless of his situation, he’ll always give 100% on the pitch. If the club is serious about winning the premiere league next season then keeping Alexis is crucial, and maybe if we do that we can convince him to sign a contract, which would be key to us potentially winning the champions league next season, or at least progressing in the tournament which would give us the platform to win it sometime in the near future. I’m not deluded, but… Read more »


It is obvious he wants to leave.

So are we going to let him run his contract down ? If Yes. Then just carry on. But if it’s No – then we need to action this immediately.

The worst case scenario is to leave it until August and then sell, when the replacement options – Ha Ha ! – are less than zero. But the longer we faff about, the surer that scenario is.


The Alexis Sanchez leaving ideal scenario:

We have a great season and Alexis does what he does best and we bag a few trophies. Along with championslge football

After his contract expires and we should have hopefully secured the services of a quality player. (mbappe could be that guy).

Then go into the new season with a string squad that is hope for 3 consecutive years of trophies.

Heavely Chapecoense

So you’re proclaiming him god of Arsenal.

francis Njoku

Very good talk..we need him now and he can go next season. Probably city will not qualify next season and he stays.

Gunner Red

Or, more likely, goes somewhere else besides City, hopefully abroad.

Ol granny Xhaka

Alexis was toxic and sulking on the pitch since about January. I really do not believe he’s going to just knuckle down and get on with it if we try and keep him. He knows what he’s doing here and he will try and force out.


I am starting to really dislike this guy as the day goes by. He clearly doesn’t wanna stay even though (with the additions) we r as a strong team as city (his likely destination) maybe even better. Just a cuntish attitude (rwmimd me of the one that went to manure). Ok enough with the grumbling now, what I want to c though is keep the guy and have a go at the titles. Buy Lemar now he will be the replacement after alexis is gone…and city can have their 30 yr old player added into an already aging squad.


I remember the boy who wanted Man U and how he got it for a while until Man U didn’t want the boy anymore so he got Fenerbahce instead. If this current boy wants Man C as much as the previous boy wanted Man U then sans CL trophies may all his wishes be granted until Man C swaps him for a younger model and off to Göt Lalesi FC he goes.


I say it’s a no Brainer. We must keep him. Unless someone or anyone including man city offers us anything no less than 80mil. I say keep him at the club! If we get 70/80mil offer for him then he can go. But until then no way he has to stay its that important


If he wants off but we’re keeping him for the last year, can we make a deal with monaco to buy Lemar and loan him to them for a year? I think they’ll be more responsive to that approach while Lemar gets more playing time. Also Ox (last year also) and Iwobi still get to play some time and develop further. The Ox’s situation will be cleared by year’s end anyway.

Mein Bergkampf

I love it how players these days say things like “it’s not down to me” and “I’m committed to my contract” knowing full well they have the club bent over a barrel and are actually manipulating the situation to benefit them. Sanchez will just be thinking ‘Fine, keep me. I’ll enjoy that huge signing on fee at Citeh next season’. But sounds so much more chivalrous if you pretend like you’re just being loyal to your contract and obedient to your club.

Trex d\' Gunner

I don’t believe all this jazz about him being a professional and that he will play his heart out if he is forced to see out his contract. His behavior last season was that of an absolute c***t who constantly berated his team mates. For the sake of squad harmony he should be relegated to the under 23’s for the new season. The club need to be ruthless in dealing with this chap, it will send a message to other players that we as a club won’t be pushed around.


The manager has made a rod for hia back and must stick to it, no move ti a premier league rival. All the fans are behind this. So it’s off to another league or you play out your conttract. That leaves the club a whole season to work in a replacement or change un system to accommodate the departure. We’ve got to be ballsy on this one.


if he wants to play and win champions league,surely bayern munich were a better option than mancity…he’s being greedy and a total ass..


You know any player saying they want to win trophies and also wants to play in England is just in it for the money.


Glad someone pointed that out. What a hypocrite.


He’s certainly not fooling me. This is about money, nothing else. If he was really interested in trophies he’d drop his wage demands a bit and sign for Bayern who, out of the teams realistically interested in him, are definitely the team most likely to achieve European success. Instead he wants a move to Man City, a team best known for excessive spending and hiring mercenaries on high wages who have never really even come close to competing for the Champions League. And what exactly have City won since Sanchez joined us in 2014? That’s right, nothing. And what have… Read more »


Look at how long it took Chelsea …


Get Lemar and loan him out to Bayern! We’re not in the CL this year and he can do us a favor by making sure none of the lot who finished above us get anything from it.


on another note this might be a contentious topic , but is wenger lying about the whole situation . all the signs points to sanchez wanting to leave and now he is openly admitting this . but whenever i see wenger answer question about sanchez he always keeps giving us answers completely opposite to what sanchez said . i can understand wenger saying sanchez will stay , but he is saying that sanchez hasnt even asked for a transfer and that he has had positive talks with sanchez and might even sign the contract extention . it all feels remarkably… Read more »


Unless, as others have pointed out, he is strategically putting out quotes in the media to demand higher wages. In that case, he probably has exchanged friendly texts with Wenger — so he can return to team if Arsenal coughs up the cash.

Al B

Wenger doesn’t owe you the truth when he’s trying to find replacements.


Seems obvious that he’s saying “i want to leave, but I’m contracted and it’s up to Arsenal to sanction a deal”.

Make him stay. Challenge for the title, at least get back into the CL then who knows? He may decide to re-sign.

As if Man City will come close to winning the CL anyway


It’s tricky. I want to make him stay as well but I worry this has potential to get ugly and affect the rest of the team. What happens when he starts talking to City in January? How professional will he be about it and how will the fans react? I want to say he’s professional but he can act like a little bitch sometimes.

yes man

Isn’t pre-contract with overseas clubs?


Totally agree with TonyP, make him stay. THIS is the year for Arsenal to win the league, with Alexis and Ozil still in place, and Lacazette and other new class signings joining the squad. Keep Alexis on the left wing, put 2016 Player of the Year Mahrez on the right wing (yes Mahrez, Theo can be his backup), and really go for the title “all guns blazing” THIS year. Bring in Lemar to enhance the left side of midfield too if possible. Rebuilding from the loss of Alexis can be done NEXT year — while admiring the Premier League trophy… Read more »

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Yhonestly if aguero and Alexis combine as a front two,guardiolas side may very well be unstoppable. No way Wenger will let this happen.

uncle D

Let’s see! I think he will sign an extension, that’s my belief.


I love the guy, his playing and energy — but to me he’s dealing with this situation like an ass. I get it, he wants to win the CL. But we’ve heard similar comments from Ozil, except when he talks about that dream he talks about Arsenal, regardless if he believes that’s achievable or not. And really, in the three years Alexis has been at AFC, what has City won? Jackshit.


Just because he doesn’t believe that we will won the CL doesn’t mean that he’s an ass


You’re right, it’s the way he talks about the club that makes him an ass.


What did he tell about the club?


Reality of the situation Arsenal are not going to win the Champions League under Wenger as 20 years of making the competition has resulted in nothing. That’s the simple truth of it. If he wants to win it he will have to leave. If it were up to me I’d hold him to his contract.


as it stands it will be an achievement if only arsenal can just get past the last 16 let alone win the damn thing

It Is What It Is

Here’s a starting point….all things being equal, spend more=get more. If we cannot outspend the opposition it is unlikely that we will outperform them. We could buy Lemar and another player, and wake up the next morning to news of Abramovic psychologically defeating opponents by signing Greizmann/Reus, Goretzka/Veratti, Mbappe/Aubameyang. Think, 2004. What’s more, City could do the same, based on how some oil baron feels when he floats out of bed. Obviously, their plan has not yielded acceptable results thus far, and at this point, they will keep catapulting money at the problem. Thing is, it’s so much harder now… Read more »

It Is What It Is

About Alexis….get replacements in, then keep or sell, based on the severity of the financial implication. I’d personally add Lemar, a GK (if it’s all over for Ospina and Szcz) and one more late in the transfer window (a la Ozil, after the transfer carousel has stopped) if it’s worth it. Sanchez can stay or go thereafter. With that quality, we could do a feeble treble if he stays, or a domestic double if he goes (with youth/fringe players getting far in Europe). His attitude has been somewhat below Arsenal standards for the last 12-16months. Also, if Giroud has a… Read more »


When Alexis signed for us we hadnt done anything in the UCL and hadnt won a great deal for 9 years yet he still joined Arsenal despite knowing this are we to believe he wants to go to ManCy because they look a better bet(zero trophies in the last 3 years )make him regret holding Arsenal to ransom keep him dont play him and withold his dough shades of rvp cess fab and loyal leb and Nasti let him rot Join the discussion


At this point all I want is a clear and final decision after which we can prepare for the season and never look back. Whatever that decision is.

francis Njoku



We will sell him on or near deadline day. Hopefully outside the prem.

Hereford gooner

I still think that he will join Chelsea. City don’t need him, Chelsea are definitely in need of a striker. Sanchez publically stated that he wants to stay in London but play for a team with a winning mentality. I’ve done the maths


Aubemiang is going to Chelsea so they don’t need him either

Hereford gooner

That is nothing more than a rumour at this stage – it’s all smoke and mirrors. For all we know Arsenal are creating the city rumours to push up his value, similar to how most other transfers happen these days. Chuck in the names of city Chelsea and Utd in the rumour mill and you add 30% to the players value

francis Njoku

That was a clear insult on Arsenal. .remember we beat chelsea two times Last season , one on one they are not better than Arsenal. We didn’t qualified for champions League but remember chelsea failed to qualify a year earlier.

Hereford gooner

Correction – I think he wants to sign for Chelsea, as opposed to he will sign for Chelsea. If matic is available then I’d take £40m and matic for Sanchez at this juncture


Matic is just a poor man’s Xhaka. Don’t need him at all.

Ozil\'s Childhood Friend

I would happily cash in on Sanchez before he is let go for free. Get Mahrez and or Lemar in his place and we would not miss much. However he does not seem the loyal kind unlike Ozil who always talks fondly about Arsenal. If you are not proud to play with Arsenal, No need to hang onto them. And I have this feeling if he does leave for City or some other club, he is gonna revert to mediocrity.

Naija Gunner

Just let him go already, I hate all the bull shit he’s giving us. We are not in the Champions League and he wants to play and win it…. with who?


You cannot pay Sanchez and Ozil 300000 per week each and expect the other players to accept it. Money is shameful and unsustainable now in football. It’s like the players are blaming the club for not paying them enough money, when it’s us fans that pay for season tickets, Sky Sports and merchandise. Imagine if we just stopped. See how they would like that, fucking greedy bastards. I’m done with this Sanchez saga, he can fuck off if he doesn’t want to just enjoy football for what it is and create a huge drama over something which is not even… Read more »


Tbh I can’t wait for the day the bubble bursts.


He didn’t win champions league with Barca, what makes him think he can win it with a worse team like City?


He has a better chance with City than with Arsenal (let’s start with the fact that they are actually in the competition). We can say what we want about Alexis’ motivations, but let’s at least accept that very basic proposition.

Nachos in Montreal

Going from Arsenal to City JUST to win the Champions league is like selling your house in Japan to move to San Francisco because you’re afraid of earthquakes-sure,there is a slightly lesser possibility,but is that really enough to go through all the hassle for? The word “just” is the operative word here-moving to San Francisco may not make sense to avoid earthquakes,but it makes sense moving there if there are other motives involved.Similarly,moving to City just for the tiny possibility that they will win the CL this season doesn’t make sense on its own,but if he wants to go there… Read more »


Lol – jesus christ i though i was confused before!

Original Paul

So he’s going to San Francisco then? Wow 🙂


I think he should stay in japan.


He has a better chance this season, sure, but that doesn’t mean he has to deal with the situation like a whiny bitch. He’s under contract, if you have any sense of class or respect for the club you don’t talk about wanting out. Maybe 2-3 teams can win the CL and he’s not going to any of them.


It’s not about winning anything. It’s about money, pure and simple. Don’t understand the idea of not selling him. Yes, the buying team gets stronger. But the money paid is fair exchange if spent well. Letting him go for nothing in a year’s time leaves the club with the worst of all possible worlds. Player gone and no offsetting money to replace him. The mans been a footballing gypsy all his life, he’s not going to change. Let’s acknowledge that and move on.

Hereford gooner

Not entirely accurate. If we keep Sanchez for a year and get back in the CL then that is worth about £50m. If we sell him now we will have to spend all of that and more to buy a replacement (who may take a year to bed in and not get us back in the CL). I don’t think there would be a big net financial gain by selling him. Personally I’d have him for an extra year and let him go for free if it means we are more competitive this coming season. Worry about the following season… Read more »


We had him this year and didn’t get into the CL. Fans tend to think of football as a sealed system . It isn’t. Players come and go, new players rise to fill the void. Life goes on when they leave and the sun still rises. Don’t understand the wailing and gnashing of teeth over this.

Fireman Sam

Yeah but what if he stays and plays like shit or busts up with the manager or his team mates. It’s a big risk to hold on to someone who wants out. Flog him now for as much cash as we can get – 65-75m surely achievable.


It’s about money, pure and simple.

Watching Alexis on the field – that doesn’t really look like he is doing it for the money.
And the Champions league is the top in club football. It is really so unbelievable that one of the best player in the world, nearing to the and of his carrer would like to do everithyng to reach his dreams?
I think if he would lack this kind of hunger he would be nowhere near where he is today…

Fireman Sam

Whatever his leaving motivation, it doesn’t really matter: if he wants out of Arsenal, I say we give him it – send him on his way and pocket a record sale

Lord Nicki B

My only hope : Lacazette said something very similar and still came.

Sigh. Wishful thinking.

Naija Gunner

The guy is surely after the money because Manchester city are not gonna win the Champions League next season or any time soon


Sanchez has a too high idea of himself. He fucked up many games for us, but managed to goal and his bad games were forgotten. He can leave and others like Iwobi will flourish. Btw, NO team is linked to him. Bayern has given up a while ago if they were ever linked to him at one point and nothing is serious about City. Where does he want to go to win the CL? Barca, Real, Juve, all the potential winners, as this competition is cheated, are already full of players who are at least as good as him if… Read more »

Matt P

With Sanchez we are a good chance for top 4, without him not


Repy to Matt P on that basis we should still be in the Champions league. Join the discussion


So if he leaves and Lacazette and Lemar come in, that’s progress and enough to bridge the gap between 5th and 1st? This club ffs!


He hasn’t left. Stop moaning, the club is doing everything it can. We made a record signing and will try to make another one.


Then he really needs to say “I want to stay and my agent is working in that direction. Join the discussion

Original Paul

Errr yes!


If you want to win the champions league, drop your ridiculous wage demands and join Bayern. Or…you know, just be honest and admit it’s partly down to money.


I think , he just want money, because city will never win champion league


Is there anything that for example, prevents a sale to bayern for £50m, and then city buying him from bayern for £70m weeks after? Generally curious. Bayern make 20m and city get him for 70.


A sell on clause.


Thanks just had to make sure


Can’t move twice in the same transfer window.


Actually you can..David Unsworth and Didi Hamann being examples. Just can.t play competitive matches for more than 2 teams in 1 season


And if the bid is good enough i.d let him go and buy in someone who actually wants to be at Arsenal..Alexis ain.t all that


I really get angry when I hear Sanchez go on and on about wanting to play in the CL and winning it. Why then did he leave Barca? Moreover, until he came Arsenal always qualified for the CL. With him we didn’t qualify for the first time in the Wenger years and if he has any loyalty left he will rather stay and at least get the club back to where he came to find it instead of jumping ship because of a mess and lack of CL he helped created. Under no circumstances must he be sold to city.… Read more »

Jude Davis

Because he was deemed not good enough and he partly funded the Suarez deal. I say screw the money, keep him, run him into the ground then he can go the WC and do whatever he wants after. But he doesn’t leave for a rival team this season.


I don’t think you can lay the blame at Sanchez’s feet for us not qualifying for the CL this season. Look at his goals and assists. Our failure to qualify goes much deeper than one player.


I think we can. When he plays he is so intimidating and demanding that everyone passes to him. The confidence of some team members is not as high as it was before he came.


You could have sat on Barca’s bench then if you wanted to win it. For all his energy and skill, the drama he brings to this contract issue I just want to be done with it yesterday. I say swap him with Aguero and we will still win the Champions League before City anyway.


Oh swap for Aguero would be sweet.

Fireman Sam

Yep I’d sell him happily if we could get a class finisher like Aguero in the deal – I only want players that live and breathe Arsenal and this guy is sounding too much “Dutch skunky” these days

Dan D

Torn on this. On the one hand I say make him see out his contract, he signed for 4 years, not 3. On the other, if he does want out perhaps we should cash in to the right buyer (non English if one can be found). Then there’s the point of Arsenal not being percieved as a selling club anymore to consider. But if I were ultimately pushed I would say keep him. I want Arsenal to be seen as a club not willing to bow down to players demands and be seen by other clubs as a soft touch… Read more »


Ozil seems to be flying under the radar here but i think it is about time we got tough with him and told him to sign on or fuck off also. It is a World Cup year, the Club are not powerless in this situation


If we were offered Alexis on a free transfer for one season we’d jump at the chance. That’s what we’ve got. We don’t really have any incentive to sell because given the contract situation we’ll get nowhere near his true value and we don’t need the money like in previous years anyway. Under no circumstances should we sell to a rival and we’re much stronger with him than without him, regardless of who else we might add to the squad with Lemar looking the most likely. So just keep him and see how far we can get with what is… Read more »


No. What we are offered is either Alexis on a free transfer for one year (paying him some 7.5m for that year), or 40-50m cash.


Look at these losers attacking him. He is staying this year, and then if we don’t qualify for the top four next summer, he’ll leave. The money isn’t an issue as far as the player is concerned, that will be pressure coming from the agent so he can increase his cut. Alexis is one of the best players we’ve had in years, and too many of you are behaving like spoiled brats just because he wants to play in the biggest club competition and is worried Arsenal may not be able to give him that. Get a fucking life. You’ll… Read more »


If that’s the case, he should sign an extension With a clause to be sold if we don’t get back into CL at the end of the coming season.


Hmmm it really sounds to me like he wants to leave, his mind is made up. I can’t see wenger keeping a player who really wants to leave, regardless of a contract.


Wenger is the economics professor. Surely get him to sign a £300,000 a week contract to extend by 2-3 more years. That way he is getting his pay increase, it is costing us another £8 million this season in his wages but if he still wants to leave next summer we get £60 million+ rather than nothing. Better for both parties. Why is that not being suggested?


It might be quite difficult to get 60 million for him if he will be on 300 000/pw wages. It might be difficult to sell him at all, cause he doesn’t come as a type who would accept a salary drop.


Sanchez should not be sold. We need to be showing the ambition to win the title this year. With the right signings and a bumper contract on the table for whenever he is convinced to sign it, Sanchez can be inspired and given belief in the project again. Then it will be a choice of champions league with us, or city…

John M

Sell abroad, buy a superstar replacement and move on. If he wants out, it’s on our terms. If he wants to win the champions league he won’t do it at city. It seems pep has been talking in his ear


Sanchez is a drama queen, as soon as someone else is in the limelight he and his agent stir the pot a bit to get him back in the spotlight. Contrary to some opinion, he doesn’t always give everything on the pitch, when things don’t go his way he sulks and plays like shit and blames everything on his teammates. if he was a leader he’d step up in those situations. I’m happy if he’s sold to the highest bidder, and if that’s city then so be it, but for serious money.


Yeh time for him to piss off now. He thinks he’s too good for AFC but in reality a club with class likes ours is, to my mind, too good for a sellout money chasing fucker like him. Another one in a long line like RvP, Fabregas etc etc. Also dont know why he thinks he’s going to do amazingly well with Man City… As others have pointed out in here they’ve not really done anything in the last 3 years, and Bayern represent a way better oppertunity to win champs league. Alexis, you could have been a legend, but… Read more »

In Transit

How about we offer him to Monaco as part of the Lemar deal. There, he’ll win the league and even have a decent shot at winning the CL. Or at least as good a shot as if he goes to Man City. We’ll be slightly worse of this season, but good enough to compete. Next season Lemar will (possibly) be even better and we’ll be monsters…

Ex-Priest Tobin

We should let him go, he’s given his all for the club it’s just that we have a muppet manager who can’t win anything of worth. Thanks for your service.


He and the other players are one of the reasons we are not playing champions league this season. He should take responsibility for this failure too. And this reason is bollocks cos if its really about winning champions league, why did he leave Barcelona, the odds on favorite every season. I think this fellow is a petulant and selfish kid who is trying to mask his greed with ambition. Bayern is a contender, why turn them away with outrageous demands. I think we should eschew sentiments and sell him for upwards of lukaku money instead of harboring a potential disruptive… Read more »


He’s not a man for words is he?

sixteen swans

My thinking is he’ll probably stay once Wenger convinces UEFA that Sp*rs is a figment of everybody’s imagination and doesn’t really exist.

“Where do they play their football?”
“No one knows, exactly.”
“When did they last win the league?”
“Not in my lifetime. Or my Dad’s for that matter. And he’s pretty old.”
“How do you spell …”

You see. It’s working already.

SB Still

Clearly it’s not CL that motivates Sanchez’s demand for a move, after all he was part of the team that didn’t do well and cost us a place in the top four. Like many said he would have gone to Bayern if that was truly the case. Also I was wondering about the decisiveness about our signing in the transfer market this window – no hesitation in putting in a large one for an young kid, switching to plan B for that position quickly, going hard for Lemar! All remindeds me of the time when we bought Giroud, Podolski to… Read more »


Not likely, but a possiblity: that since we are not in CL, he would be loaned to a CL team, and comes back to us next season. Doesn’t make sense but hey.


You just wasted some of my data allowance with that

Original Paul

So if we keep him I assume we don’t have to increase his salary at all? Saving us nearly 8 million to soften the blow when he leaves on a free?


Great stuff so he moves to City and next year they are out of the top 4, and Arsenal win the League in 2018 and Champions League in 2019 and City are in Europa league.. Could happen. Not as if Alexis is a Messi who would have got us top 4 this year…


-for once, it seems like the gooners are more or less united on an issue……
“Alexis…SIT !!!!”


Somehow losing Sanchez feels like losing our chance to win the league because he is that kind of player who always make something happens and undoubtly last year he’s our best player.
Unless we got another big replacement(not Lemar ofc) next year it’s all about top 4 again.


He just wants money, all typical i want to play champs league is pure BS.


Arsene knows theyre going to sell him. The only explanation for the Lacazette signing. Hes just waiting for the best deadline offer from a non-prem club

Seems so unlikely that Le Prof spends big money without banking on some money coming back. In the same way, if we buy Lemar, it probably means were selling Oz.


Nah, it was like you say a few years ago, but get used to Arsene spending 50 million just because he can. If Alexis goes for solid money, expect more purchases totaling another 50-100 million.


When Arsene plucked Sanchez from the bench at Barca we were one of only a few top clubs to show interest in him partly due to his go- at-it-by-myself attitude. Arsene showed faith in him and Arsenal provided him a stage and a platform to become the player he is today. Last year when Wenger decided to make him a central striker and the focal point of the team, a decision that led to his ascension to superstar status, Arsene was vilified in the press for it. Still he kept faith in him. Today, Sanchez is a superstar ‘dreaming of… Read more »

Make Arsenal Great Again

The annoying thing here is using the champions league as an excuse. Missing out of the champions league for the first time in 20 years is not a trend. It’s an aberration.


Yes, for him everything is about the Champions league. And he left what club to join us?


Don’t sell and don’t play the little condescending twat. He is good no doubt but hopefully only good with our (and Barcelona’s) style. 80M would be great but his stubborness in spurning the love and patience from the club and fans is too much to take lying down.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

If he goes to a rival it can only be citeh & if it’s them the minimum is £80M. If it’s abroad it can be a little less.
The whole bollocks of this situation is that Alexis is talking utter crap about the champions league. If we’d qualified he’d still want £400k or to leave. Just sell him.

Phil Senderos

God modern sportspeople piss me off with their ‘decisions’. If he wants to play Champions League football just sell him to a Chinese club who qualified for the Asian Champions League or whoever Clichy signed for in Turkey who finished second get like 15,000 fans a week. Sure he’ll love that week in week out. Or how about put a shift in against Bayern when we play them EVERY season.

Also bar City, who’s in for him? Barca? Real? PSG? Bayern? Juve(lol)? Nope. None. If he doesn’t sign drop him to the reserves and runin his fitness pre World Cup.


Sell him to PSG. I’m getting sick of him already. He feels he’s bigger than Arsenal

VfB Talheim

Everybody moaning about this player… Arsenal over everything…

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