Dan Crowley set to join Willem II


Arsenal’s youth level exodus is set to continue with Dan Crowley on the brink of sealing a move to Dutch side Willem II.

The 19 year old was a highly rated midfield prospect, but has had disciplinary issues during two developmental loan spells.

His moves to Barnsley and then Oxford United were both cut short, with Oxford manager Michael Appleton saying, “He’s a 19-year-old lad who has fantastic ability, but his professionalism at times lets him down.

“He’s had a few issues at Arsenal and Barnsley previously.”

He spent the second half of last season with another Dutch club, Go Ahead Eagles, and will now play his football in the Eredivisie with the Tilburg based outfit.

Crowley’s departure comes in the wake of Chris Willock’s move to Benfica after he decided not to sign a new contract, while fellow 19 year old Kaylen Hinds teamed up with former Academy boss Andries Jonker at Wolfsburg earlier this month.

While some will bemoan the loss of young talent, it’s clear that Crowley – like the others – was a long way from first team football at Arsenal, and maybe the move abroad will be the right thing for his career in the long term.

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Little Mozart

This Summer has been ruthless so far. Probably for the best.

rogue gooner

Talent is only part of it. David Bentley had talent…


True. At times his attitude seemed questionable at best. But during his last loan spell , from his interviews I felt though he had matured and knew he had to improve his attitude. Its a shame he was so talented when he came on to the scene.

Mein Bergkampf

Jesus, when Dan turned up from Villa, I thought we’d found a future legend. Quick feet, creative, loved beating his man, he seemed the entire package already. Sad news really. But the way things move these days, if you haven’t started making inroads into first team football by the time you’re 18-19, it’s not a good sign. Good luck fella, hope this move teaches you a bit of humility and reminds you that the margins are just so, so fine.

Chippys chip

This kid did indeed have so much promise but maybe he is content with the money he is on and just not greedy enough! After all, its all about the money, isnt it??


On the nose post.

He might be good enough for Arsenal one day, but he’ll never find out at Arsenal. Good luck to him.

Harish P

I was disappointed to see he was going to the Dutch club, can’t think of an academy player who has been loaned there and made it.

Then I read the issue of his professionalism, didn’t realise it could be that bad and it’s better for the first squad that this kid irons it out or at least takes his talent elsewhere.

All the best to him.


The Japanese kid (his name escapes me, I don’t want to say Asano. Gut says a name beginning with T.) he played at Feynoord

Theo\'s inability to dribble

Ryo Miyaichi!


That’s the one!


The cone legend


Ryo Miyaichi


That would Ryo Miyachi right? He did well at Feynoord but just seemed to lack that last spurt of physicality and intelligence to make it in the EPL.

Harish P

Ryo is definitely the one. Wasn’t it more an issue of not being to sleight for English football, but had 2 pretty serious leg injuries while playing over here.


I don’t think Willock was “a long way from first team football at Arsenal,” or at least don’t think he should’ve been. That’s the one that hurts (though at least he didn’t go to another PL side like City). But agree about the other ones.


I saw him in the flesh in the reserves. He was a long, long way from first team. Let’s not see what we want to see.


Shame to lose another promising youngster. It is however encouraging to see young English talent considering moving to clubs in Europe where they might get paid relatively lower wages, but get a chance to play first team football, rather than go stagnate in some Championship or other Premier League side’s reserve squad.


Remember him being a 5 star potential prospect on Football Manager. He used to own central midfield for me!

Shame for him, but good on him for trying abroad.

Faisal Narrage

There’s something very misleading about this post. Reminds me of when blogs would allude to Gnabry being fat and not working hard enough. For one, you almost seem to intentionally give the impression poor attitude has followed him throughout. It was mainly at Oxford, with the main issue being his lack off off the ball effort (something said about many of our loan players, maybe Arsenal should emphasise that part of their development?) Secondly, you glaze over the fact he actually had a really good loan spell at Eagles, almost (intentionally?) giving the impression his poor behaviour carried on to… Read more »


Gnabry was fat and had an awful attitude.


It wasn’t lack of defensive awareness, it was an attitude problem. It wasn’t that he struggled with defensive duties (though this would have probably been true), it was that he didn’t want to track back, and wouldn’t listen to tactical instructions to track back. Basically, he thought of himself as an old-fashioned trequartista, which can’t really exist in Europe except at the biggest clubs, most of whom don’t carry one anymore (because creativity has moved to the wings). I agree that defensive duties need taught more emphatically at Arsenal, though. You could see similar frailty with the Jeff last year,… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Blogs can question his professionalism, but he’s chosen to move abroad, so he’s not all about cash and is seemingly choosing the hard road for better development.

I’m guessing Jeorgebird didn’t write this article am I right? Doesn’t read like a JB news post.


I want to see Iwobi develop this next season.

Such a talent. Not sure where he will get a look in, very interesting tomorrow’s friendly down under.


Buy back clause?


Free transfer I’d imagine. End of contract.


Good riddance. Same decision should’ve been taken with Wilshere years ago.


All hat and no cowboy for me. Only ever stood out on one occasion that I can recall. Wouldn’t even be a story only for the hype that greeted his arrival.


Sadly, He seems like the new Wilshere 😐

World B

Arsenal’s choice of loan spots, particularly League One and places like Rangers in Scotland, have let them down. Appleton lacked the professionalism at Oxford. 19 year old Dan was quiet and about business. Try to find a negative quote come from the young man.