Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Le Parisien: PSG to give up Alexis chase

According to Le Parisien, Paris Saint Germain are ready to give up their attempt to sign Alexis Sanchez this summer.

Despite being optimistic about sealing a deal for the Chile international earlier in the week, it’s now claimed that the ‘greedy’ demands of the player’s representatives coupled with Arsenal’s unwillingness to do business have dampened expectations.

It is also suggested that the pursuit of Barcelona’s Neymar is the main priority and that the club’s financiers are worried about overstretching the club’s budget.

Yesterday, Arsene Wenger claimed that speculation linking Alexis with a move to the French capital was only ‘media imagination’.

The boss had already made clear that he would be unwilling to sell his star man to a Premier League rival and went on to stress that interest from abroad would also be rebuffed. In light of the latest news, it doesn’t look like Wenger was bluffing.

Alexis, who is now inside the final 12 months of his contract, is still on holiday following his international commitments but should be back in London inside a week to start pre-season training.

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Good, fuck off

Easy tiger

Dont get to exited yet, he is stil aiming for a city switch… This is not over i am afraid….

My wig smells cheesy

Hmm, think you are too excited with your click bait. Arsene has already said he ain’t going anywhere, so he isn’t. Even arseblog need to post these stories everyday so they get the hits for their advertising revenues. Not criticising, just speaking the facts. We are keeping Alexis for his last season and that’s it. Arsene isn’t gonna go back on what he said on this occasion. I predict 12-15 more stories on this website relating to this non story in the next month. Vote me down, but I will count of the posts

Lord Bendnter

If you have a cheese smelling wig, I think you have more important matters to attend to first

My wig smells cheesy

I can deal with both at the same time lord bendnter. It’s really not too much of an inconvenience

Lord Bendnter

Aahhh that lovely feeling when someone spells my name correctly

Original Paul

No capitals though, bummer! 🙂

Arsenal til I Die

While I agree that he’s not going to be sold, I also don’t trust Wenger very highly when he says such things. Do you remember when he said he wouldn’t sell Cesc or Nasri bc that would show we have no ambition and then he sold BOTH!? RvP gift wrapping the title for MU for a paltry £24m ring a bell too? Just a few of the most recent cases… Then look at the quality that came to replace those names, not the most convincing signings and on the transfer deadline too. Hopefully he means it this time.


‘RvP gift wrapping the title for MU’ People say this all the time, seems to be unquestioned that RvP got them the title. Fergie said he brought him in to get more goals but they actually scored fewer than the season before, got the same number of points and a worse goal difference. Seems like he utterly failed at what he was brought in to do. What won them the league was that second placed City only got 78 points, and United hadn’t got fewer than 80 since 2004/05, averaging 86 points. United would have won the league regardless, RvP… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Who was the top scorer for them that season? He was voted their player of the year that season. 26 goals, 9 assists, 10 man of the match performances. He was central to them winning the league that season.


Of course he got a lot of goals. He’s a very good player and was the designated main striker in a team running very well. Rooney got 27 goals for them the season before playing a similar role over fewer games. When van Persie came in Rooney’s role had to change and he scored fewer goals as a result, and overall the team scored less. I realise RvP winning them the title is the narrative everyone wants to stick to but it just doesn’t check out with even a brief objective analysis. What really won them the title was Manchester… Read more »

A different George

I am not happy about Van Persie, but it does no good to deny what everyone who watched football knows: he was crucial to Man United’s winning the title.


They won the title and we didn’t thats a fact.dress it up how you like it was a great move by fergie we were lied to and have been many many times. Fans will believe whatever suits thier narative. Be it sanchez wanting 500k a week and making him out the villain or wenger saying the contract situation isn’t affecting the team.

Original Paul

Arseblog posting this gives us the opportunity to discuss the story amongst ourselves. I like it me.

My wig smells cheesy

Me too generally. Surely even you Original Paul must be getting a little sick of this one though?

Original Paul

Don’t know what you mean by “even you” but I would like an end to it.

My wig smells cheesy

Sorry didn’t mean anything convolutedy that

My wig smells cheesy

By that

Original Paul

Not going well with the typing for you right now mate 🙂

My wig smells cheesy

Yeah well I’m drunk and your a dick

Original Paul

*you’re 🙂



New word, like it


convolutedy even


Covfefe sipping my beer in the middle of my flooded compound ??

Arsenal til I Die

Dude, he’s not joining City this year unless they double what they paid for Walker. Almost definitely next season for free though.


Way I see it this plays out one of 5 ways;
He doesn’t extend and leaves for free to PL rival next year
He doesn’t extend and leaves for free overseas next year
We sell to a rival this year
We sell overseas this year
2/5 of those options suck. 3 not so bad. Time will tell


I like it when arsenal show some balls


Is it Arsenal’s balls or a demand for £500,000 per week?


I guess both. Anyway had they offered 200 mil for him, I guess it would have been a done deal. That’s how far a bag of peanuts would take ya…

Original Paul

Either way Sanchez is not coming out of this well is he? He should concentrate on playing football (with us) and dogs imo.


Big fat Hairy ones with a wart on the left one…


The French. Always backing down.


Really poor taste

Donald\'s Trump

Calm down dear. It’s just a standard french joke


Sorry guys… I watch too much of Jeremy Clarkson… didn’t know that the joke was in such poor taste…my bad…

Original Paul

I walked into a bar and there was an Englishman, Irishman, an Italian and a Spuds supporter…I don’t think Adarsh is racist. COYG.


You do know that Arsené happens to be french and he isn’t backing down over Alexis…

David C

I think he was talking about PSG backing down.

Either way, Alexis’ eyes have been turned and I personally don’t trust him putting in a 100% shift with us in a World Cup year without a contract. I know he doesn’t get injured much, but I guarantee he protects himself more this year if he stays with us; it’s human nature.

Hopefully things go well and he signs an extension before January. Right guys?….guys?….haha

Bertie Big Bollocks

Backing down to.. a Frenchman?

Marwood\'s balls

when did the French back down? Rather the opposite imo. They didn’t sell their country out unlike some we could mention.

Or maybe you meant Dunkirk when the French held back the Germans so that the Brits could get to the coast?


He really wants that Man City move, doesn’t he?


How do you know ? It’s all media speculation I believe

Mein Bergkampf

If he stays we should all give him a heroes welcome first game back. Let’s not boo like we tend to. If he sees he is loved, he might just sign up.

A different George

Wait, are your implying that when the papers said he and his agent were in a luxury hotel in Paris negotiating (admittedly while other papers showed photos of him visiting a remote town in Chile), they may not have been absolutely accurate?

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a Champions League meeting between Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man United and Neymar’s PSG.


I for one am shocked that PSG actually have a budget.


They already spent 350m on Neymar

Vin Unleaded

They will not send 350 million Euros on Neymar.


It is if you include the wages


IF and this is a big IF they actually sign Neymar the total bill including taxes is probably close to 700m euro


They will have to sell us more petrol

Original Paul

I would not SEND any amount of money on Neymar either, there are far safer ways to transfer money imo.


This is getting ridiculous.

Never thought that Sanchez would turn out to be such a greedy bugger. Just keep him on his meagre 140k a week this year and let him find a club on his own next season.

If he really wants that “dream” move to a Champions League playing club, let him put the effort in for our club for a year and justify those demands.

Going by his actions though, it’s pretty clear that his “dream” is not Champions League, it’s just money. Make him play another year and just ask him to fuck off then.


Alexis has not spoken one word about money. Don’t believe everything you read.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Not one word. A lot of the comments on here are basically building Alexis up to be the bad guy so abuse can be hurled at him if he goes & so that Arsene can be absolved of all blame for the situation.

Original Paul

Agreed, but he is being really greedy though!!

Original Paul

^ ^ ^ Loving watching the thumbs on this! I couldn’t resist posting lmao. Off to bed soon…:-)

Kwame Ampadu Down

Just a thought…. is he being as greedy as Ozil? A man looking to double his wages despite there being no competition in the market for his services?

Original Paul


Kwame Ampadu Down

You seem to be sleep shouting!?

Bertie Big Bollocks

When Bayern and PSG are both saying they can’t afford his wages…

Crash Fistfight

Do you not think that the wage demands for those teams are intentionally ridiculously high, with the intention of putting those teams off. How much do you want to bet the wage his people ask for would be much more reasonable if it was Man City asking?


…..Alize and weed


Mighty Bayern bulking at his wage demands and ending their interest in him is a clear indication. I don’t know any player that comes out to talk about money during a contract impasse just saying

Parisian Weetabix

Have you seen Alexis play football? I think the reason I’ll always have an immense amount of respect for him, same as for Messi, is because he doesn’t dream of money OR Champions League. His dreams when he’s on the pitch amount to nothing more than having the ball for a short while, doing something cool with it, and scoring, and he busts his ass every match to fulfil that dream.

There’s such a circus in this sport we forget that football is a very simple game, and it’s the simplest of players who resonate most.


Ironic considering Messi is the most paid footballer in the world after his new contract.

Kwame Ampadu Down

He’s also the best player there’s ever been. Might have something to do with it.

Gooner Sam

Can’t look past king Thierry for that. Men against boys whenever I saw him play

Dan Hunter

Best player ever? He’s not even the best player in this era.

Clock-End Mike

I suspect the “greedy bugger” in this is his agent, who sees a lucrative opportunity for a huge payday. I wonder if Alexis really wants much more than a comfortable life with his dogs, and as much quality football as he can get. He clearly wants to do more for his home town, friends and family too, but he hasn’t said anything himself to suggest that he’s so greedy, has he?


good, shows money can’t buy you shit if the seller don’t need it.


Reading between the lines, it would seem like he really wants to be at Man City – unless, of course, it’s purely about the money.

Clive St Helmet

Or the PSG transfer speculation out of France was complete bullshit, which is more than plausible.


Impossible to know really – at least until a deal is done.


The whole thing is quite interesting really. You have to say though: Wenger simply cannot, in any way, be happy with how selling RVP panned out. I bet it absolutely horrifies him to think what might have happened that season had we held him to contract. I’m not sure you can experience that and ever be the same again. It was a huge mistake, no matter how divisive his behaviour would have been in the dressing room. Adebayor, Nasri and even Cesc. You can see why how and all the rest. But RVP? Ya can’t do that sort of thing… Read more »

Arsenal til I Die

Agreed. This is very much the same. Wenger should have grown some balls & kept the EPL’s top goal scorer making him “suffer” for one more year, maybe even winning us the title after adding reinforcements. Or sell him off abroad, the only two options in my mind. RvP placed that pic on his page & blew any negotiations out the door for us & he went for a measly £24m & gifted the title away with RvP top scorer again that season. No way Sanchez goes to City this season.

Crash Fistfight

I would argue that it makes more sense to sell Alexis than RVP. There was a danger that we could have missed out on the CL the next season without RVP, which would have been worth more than £24m anyway (also bearing in mind that Giroud and Podolski were bought for a combined ~£20m). If we miss out on CL now, it’s worth about the same (about £30m or so) but we could cover that by selling Alexis. Plus, RVP would’ve been pants the following year, whoever he joined (based on Arsene’s thinking that he only had 12-18 months left… Read more »


The situation is also different this season with a WC year coming. That provides some protection against the player underperforming. When RVP approached his last contract year, which would have been 2012-2013, there were neither WC nor Euro at the end of it.


I like your optimism but, If he had learnt anything back then, we wouldn’t be in this situation rigbt now. It has gotten even wors with all the players out of contract in lesss than a year.


If he hadn’t sold RVP we wouldn’t have warn the league that season we finished 4th, so it was better ppl who could use him better had him. Come on stop hating the guy, go back to the news the problem wasn’t his wage or money, he suggested that the team needed improvement and that he’d like if it happened cos he wanted to win trophies too which should be every good players dreams.

A different George

Wenger has said, often, that the club are now in an entirely different financial position. Everything we know bears this out. We have not sold a player who played regularly for us in a long time. We have not lost a regular player who we wanted to keep since Sagna.


The guy asked for 500k/week only to force his man city move. What an a-hole this guy is turning out to be……. Have we got a magnet for these type of people?? RVP, Fabregas, Nasri, now this one……pffff….

Nachos in Montreal

Don’t believe in everything you read.He has never said a single thing about money.For all we know (and I’m inclined to believe) it’s his agent who’s super greedy


You do realize the agent works for the player, right? So if Alexis wanted to win things and sign with Bayern he could easily instruct his agent to sign a deal for 170k, which would put him as Bayern’s highest earner. The fact that his agent asked for 420k (publically confirmed by Bayern) means that’s what Alexis wants.


Sanchez pricing himself out from all the big European clubs who are in a position, or have the ambition backed by funds, to win the champions league, is a bad career choice. These clubs will have moved on and if we keep him, as we should, what makes him think Guardiola, the manager who sold him, will still want him in one year? What makes him think City will be in the CL next year? I mean crazier things have happened with how competitive the league has become.


Interesting point about Guardiola. I’ve been wondering what has changed about Alexis now that Pep wants him there.

Really want to know how Guardiola will accomodate the most wasteful player in the league (in terms of losing possession) to fit in with his masterplan of dominating possession for 97% of the match.


Pep didn’t sell him, but otherwise I agree with you.


Assuming any of it is even the slightest bit true…


It’s funny sometimes the papers seem to make up a whole narrative from beginning to end and there was never any truth to any of it …

Clive St Helmet

It’s almost certainly leaked to try to force Barcelona’s hand in their bid for Neymar. I bet there isn’t a hint of truth to Alexis and PSG.


Very interesting if true, especially about his wage demands. Looks like he is in danger of shutting where he eats to some extent

Rwandan Gunner

Hahaha..Sanchez seem to be hit with financial demons. He is becoming a laughing stock in the football community. What a financial prostitute he is becoming!


I think i have to thumb this one up


Yep I agree


He is clearly behaving in a way which guarantees him a move to Man City, whether it is now or in 11 months. While not as cunty as a Nasri or Adebayor, it still shows a lack of respect for Arsenal or Arsene. He could have moved to PSG or Bayern and had a real chance at the Champions League, but his desire is clearly money.


PSG giving up their chase of Alexis like I’m giving up my chase of Salma Hayek.


Catherine Zeta Jones or Penelope Cruz then?:P


She got a restraining order then?

Tungor Adams

There is something more going on here that is not being shared by Wenger, something that hit right at the heart of his stubbornness. Is it very poor behaviour by Sanchez Agent? If yes I understand AWs (read AW & mute board) stance. Yet even if it is, why the hell do we found ourselves in this position over and over again? And if we keep him, we better be sure that he will have the right mindset to respect our colours and perform, a Sanchez that doesn’t and leaves for free next year would leave us with no point… Read more »


Selling him to PSG instead of City is the lesser of the two evils. If we keep him and we didn’t win EPL and he go to City on a free next summer what’s the point? The only way keeping him for his last year will work is Sanchez helping Arsenal to win EPL


The whole Alexis saga is pure fiction made up by French and English press. Maybe his agent behind the scenes has been making mischief but all talk about negotiations and salary demands have no basis whatsoever so please stop being naive and believing all these lies. He is back next week and if Arsene Wenger sticks to his guns then he will be playing for us next season at least.


Bayern publically confirmed his wage demands, so it’s not totally made up

Tungor Adams

Then why has he not signed a new contract.no doubt there is a lot of wild speculation going on, and while I wish I could share your utopic view on things I am doomed with realism and inability to ignore facts.


I was hoping he would move to PSG and we could move for Thomas Lemar. Oh well.


We need both and hopefully we are still in for him.

dr Strange

What fucking “budget”!?


Sort of wanted them to pay over the odds for Sanchez so we could reinvest the money.


If PSG are calling him ‘greedy’ (allegedly) god knows what his demands are.

Original Paul

You do know this is all hearsay right?


I really wish that alexis extend his contract with us…but really dont think that gunner happen..lemar wont happen either. I’ll be happy with mahrez and carvalho..carvalho presence will enable arsenal to revert to 4-2-3-1

Mesut O\'Neill

Sell the greedy bastard to China for £100m, then he can get his £1m a week


Cech- hector musta kozzer kolasinac- carvalho xaka- mahrez ozil ox- lacaz?????


Mahrez ????? No thank you. One season wonder

North Bank Gooner

Guy played in a team that collectively refused to play for their manager, and were obviously better when Shakespeare took over. 11 for a team, or was he supposed to do it all on his todd?


Not sure how true this is but some friends of mine work with the Qatari gov and the word is in the current political climate embarrassing the UAE sheikhs is their priority….so similar to how they made their move on Dani Alves on his way to city..their interest in Sanchez is purely because of city’s interest. They would have made their move if city had made a bid which they haven’t and if they have dropped interest it’s probably because city dropped their. Anyways hearsay so make what you want of it.


Strange world we live in if true


In other words both are mutually exclusive.

Original Paul

Some friends of mine work in a chip shop…


There’s a guy works down that chip shop swears he’s Elvis.

North Bank Gooner

He’s a liar, and I’m not sure about this Alexis story.



The sad thing is, when Wenger speaks out about a transfer, it tends to happen a few weeks later. Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri to name a few. He said they weren’t going then literally a couple of weeks later they were gone. Sell Sanchez now and use the money on someone else

Dino Plopp

I think we know that Sanchez is not going lol Wenger has made that pretty clear and I don’t blame him, but he still needs to get lemar (pires knows what he is on about) and a top top quality centre midfielder – spend the money this season and get it sorted, don’t spend anything next season if it means getting 100% ready for this season!!!

Terry Henry

To be honest, it’s all tabloid shite. If we hear that there is a solid offer of over 60m from any team, that’s when we get to see if AW is bluffing.

Would love see Arsenal not sell, but if that offer comes in with a team that Alexis has already agreed personal terms with.. unfortunately I can’t see a pretty ending. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that, and he bangs in a hat-trick on the opening day of the season!

Mesut O\'Neill

He hasn’t agreed personal terms with any team as that would be illegal until Jan 1st 2018


Call me crazy but I see wenger standing firm until window closes, Alexis still on shit money in September will extend and sign a 350000 a week deal with an 80m buy out and be gone next summer.. it’s the most logical solution.. he gets well paid for the coming year and we can recoup after the year.. exactly what happened Suarez.. can anyone see another solution?


We could kidnap his family and threaten to kill them unless he signs a new deal to play for us for the rest of his life

That isn’t the arsenal way though

North Bank Gooner

Atom, Humber, come here and eat this nice piece of meat………


Showing his true colours here. Nevermind the bollocks about winning the CL, this is all about money.


If the alternative is just Man City, we should just keep him then.


Some rumours about us and United having a go for Arsensio at RMadrid.

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