Thursday, December 7, 2023

Lyon: Alexandre Lacazette will join Arsenal in next one or two days

Lyon’s talky president, Jean-Michel Aulas, says that Alexandre Lacazette’s transfer to Arsenal will be completed in the next day or two, and that the sums put about in the English media are not accurate.

There were some reports that the 26 year old striker could cost as much as €67m, but that amount has been downplayed – although it is still likely to be a club record capture for the Gunners.

Speaking to local media outlet, Le Progres, Aulas said (via GFFN), “The €67m figure announced by English sources and then relayed constitute an impossible sum that is not realistic.

“The first offer made by Arsenal was €45m. The deal will happen for something between €45m and €50m.

“To be close to €50m is something unique, and will be without a doubt a record for Arsenal and a record for Lyon absolutely.

“One must also take into account that traditionally, a club like Arsenal, and it is the case for Bayern as well, do not have the habit of spending so much for one player.

“We will without a doubt hit a record, it is not a small transfer, €50m for a player who was produced by our club.”

It’s understood that Lacazette will be in London tomorrow to complete the formalities of the deal, including a medical, and could be announced the same day if all goes well.

It’s not a question of if anymore, but when he becomes an Arsenal player.

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Let’s not poo poo this signing.

Original Niger

The buzz just stopped the meter


The meter has been blocked for a while

Third Plebeian

I know. I haven’t been able to poop for weeks, it seems.

Gudang Pelor

I don’t care, if they announce it, l will take a dump, right there and then!

Gudang Pelor

If they have the lavatory facility there or there about that is, surely.


I think Lacazette will be a great signing for us, probably should’ve got him in last year.

We need more. Keep them coming Dick.



Mein Bergkampf

Happy with that fee. Was getting a bit hot around the collar at the mention of 65M. Ahem… Alexis… want a transfer fee breaking striker to feed off next season? Go on… you know you do…

Donald\'s Trump

Is it your money?


Good signing (when complete) and a good fee at €45-50m.

Mahrez, Mbappe? Who’s next?


45 million for Lacazette probably offset by 25 million for Giroud. Is Lacazette 19mill better than Giroud?

I still can’t decide if this is a good deal or not ?

Lord Bendnter

It’s a good deal. I have decided it for you.


Good decision.


Thank you. Any ideas where my keys are?


Did you leave them in the door?

Lord Bendnter

Look deep inside, you will find they keys to your success…


Thank you, milord!


Like Deschamps I don’t think he is better than Giroud, quicker but not better and it’ll take a bit of time before he’ll get used to the PL (as did Giroud).


You’re comparing him to the wrong player in the side. He would play in Griezemann’s position. Same way Gignac nor Benzema don’t play because Deschamps favours Ollie. Let’s be fair, Griezemann is a great player and if Simeone thought Lacazette would be good enough for Atletico and if Wenger is willing to break the Club’s transfer record for him then I’m fine with that. I do mind Giroud going anywhere because I think he’s a useful asset to have. Plus he’s so hunky 😀

E9 Gunner

When did Deschamps say Giroud is better that Lacazette ???
What kind of nonsense. Giroud just fits the system better for France, at Arsenal he’s doesn’t fit our system. Not to say he’s a bad player because I’m sure he would do much better in a Mourihno team, just like Rashford and Martial would be much better at Arsenal than United, each player has strengths that are better suites to certain systems


I’d say he’s better than RVP ever was.
Deschamps doesn’t know anything more athletic end to end style and is seriously underperforming with an impressive talent pool.
Been watching lacazette for a long time now. comparable in effect to lewandowsky even though they are completely different.. technically there are very few better than him..he’s at a level where he doesn’t need many touches of the ball..


Yes.. He is 19 million better than Giroud because he suits our style of football. He’s basically made for it.
He’s 26. Get a clue.


-the people are voting on your lack of a clue….


Oh how I love people like this who can’t make a point without insulting someone for good measure ?


-That’s because you are smart….if that’s the deal,as you describe, I am also sceptical…


Giroud is going nowhere.


Good deal overall


Watching Lacazette comps everyday has paid off.
Very excited indeed.




Let’s sort out Goretzka and/or Mahrez and we can call it a good window

Stringer Bell

Agree, would love to get Goretzka. Pair him with Xhaka in middle. Ramsey scored the winner for us against the dogs but is not good enough to be starter. Good squad player.


Goretzka has come out and said he’s not planning on moving, as have schalke.


Last year of contract though

He will probably go to Bayern unfortunately

crazy gunner

If we are sure Goretzka is what we need make Schalke and offer they cant refuse!…and they will forget about Bayern…Bayern don’t need him..but they like to collect them ..a bit like the Gnabry move..


Goreztka v. Mexico I could agree.
Missed two shots *undefended* within 7-10m v.Chile in the last 20 minutes.

A different George

I thought he had a very poor game against Chile, even apart from the misses. Which proves almost nothing, as does the very fine first half he had against Mexico. If people have watched him regularly in the Bundesliga (I have not), what is he like?


Are you mad bruh? Goretzka is trying to play like Ramsey. Not doing a bad job but Rambo is better. And can use both feet


I’d love Mahrez, and I really really rate Goretzka, but isn’t he rather similar to Aaron Ramsey?


Seemingly. He can attack and defend. Not a bad thing.


if he can attack and defend then he is nothing like Ramsey because he is terrible at both. Trololol.


He’s a much better dribbler than Ramsey.


So is Harry Kane. But only because he breathes through his mouth.


Mahrez is what we need


Goretzka is a Bayern player in waiting. That’s why we haven’t seen any paper talk about him.

Lord Bendnter

Well, one thing I learned from this entire saga was that there is a man named Aulas at Lyon FC
Still no clue who’s Lyon’s manager though…


Lmao….how true. How about Monaco manager, just won the league and accepts that the clubs buisness model means selling the team hahaha!! Great start to window, Goretzka and Lemar would be fucking fantastic!!


Lemar looks rather good


We also learned what a cock he is


He is definitely All Ass


Totally off topic but Auli in Icelandic means Wanker – true story


Who didn’t like this? #TotallyGolden

Donald\'s Trump


Donald\'s Trump



Sead kolasinac & lacazette are very good addition. Lets not forget that ozil and sanchez are still arsenal players. At the moment..our team is looking great. Long may it continue


Seems like a player who’ll keep us at our current level without elevating us to greater ones.
Hardly exciting.
We already have a good striker in Giroud and two decent squad players in Welbeck+Walcott.
If this is a replacement for Alexis? who ends up leaving for a similar fee I’m going to throw an epic temper tamtrum.


Great signing in my opinion.. best goal to shots ratio in Europe’s top 5 leagues


“best goal to shots ratio”

Slightly affected by the penalty kicks. But a very good signing nonetheless.


i would love a stat that shows how many penalties he won of those that he scored, I think half of them he won himslef.

Andy Mack

Well he won’t get any penalties awarded now he’s joined us…


Kicking decent penalties is not a negative. I don’t see why it’s spun that way. It’s part and parcel of the game. Nobody whines how Lampard and Gerrard scored loads of penalties. They still counted for 2 of the best midfielders England has produced.


They are more than just decent. They are clinical. More than you can say of much of our current kickers

No way

It’s a big thing. If we had scored ours on the opening day last season we’d have made the champions league


How about Alexis’ penalty kick stats? Look at it from this angle – at this point our n1 penalty taker is Alexis and at least I am always very nervous when he has to kick it in.


Shots to goals stats exclude penalty kicks


Wouldn’t surprise me if Lacazette & Mahrez in are to offset the loss of Alexis. We did this is 2012 when Van Perise was sold & we bought Podolski & Giroud as replacements.


Bit of a difference there though


True, my point being that Alexis can play wide and upfront, so we’ve purchased two for both of those positions to offset his loss.


well if lacazeere and mahrez are bought for replacement for alexis I think it is not to bad 2 great platyersreplacing one wordclass and if we add lemar to it let make them 3 if alexis is leaving.

But serious sources are saying that wenger is planning the team with alexis and he is not selling to city lets wait and see.


God I hope you are right.

California Gooner

Probably, Alexis seems like he’s made his decision to leave. It’s not like Wenger to just spend $.

No way

You’re right, normally it’s pounds


Very little concrete evidence we’re buying Mahrez. Yet, anyway.


Nice piece of business.
Now Thomas Lemar please.

Tyler Briscoe

A potentially front line of

Sanchez – Lacazette – Mahrez

Would be frightening imo


But Ozil is the one that’s staying not Sanchez?


Still pretty frightening. Not lacking creativity at least.


If you’re not hyped about him.. have a look at this.. He’s the player Walcott could’ve been if walcott had first touch, consistent finishing, great linkup one touch play and you know.. turned up. Perfect fit for Arsenal.. Atletico usually make tremendous signings so.. that’s a sign he’ll be great.

We\'ve done it again

All the video shows is how much space he needs to operate.

Teams won’t be that stupid in the premier league


Why does Aulas mention Bayern in the same conversation..?


Tolisso cost Bayern 40m. He was stating that it was a transfer record for both clubs and it is something special.



Dial square

Wenger going all out to win the league in his last two years, throwing money about like it’s going out of fashion……love it.


That’s what needs to happen


Hahahaha 🙂 riiight.


Please note that both Arsenal & Arsene will review the position at the end of his current two year deal. If both parties agree, a new contract could be entered into, so this is not necessarily his last contract with the Arsenal.

Original Paul

I like it me.


I like it too


Pacy, powerful, clinical. Fantastic signing.


love it. the window is just opening and we already have a new striker and left back. really hope this continues – nice work Arsene so far


Great news

not so fed up

Great news also happy to see Sanchez 0-1 mustafi


It’s the ex arsenal player curse


All of a sudden Giroud is the messiah. Wow. The guy everyone including Arsebloggerer would denounce for missing open nets.

We could sign Jesus Satan and God and Arsenal fans would say what about Giroud


That would be an interesting combination in attack


We’ve been lacking a diabolical forward for some time now.

Mate Kiddleton

Jesus, Satan and *Bergkamp


My money would be on Satan

No way

I can imagine Satan being a big of a ball hog, still Jesus and Dennis are all about giving so it should work well

DB10\'s Air Miles

Bergkamp every time.


Jesus absolutely nailed it


Don’t know about attack but Jesus could certainly “hang around” at the back. I’ll get my coat.

Andy Mack

He’s a red card magnet though…

A different George

Doesn’t Jesus play for Man City? There is also a fine retired Slovakian ice hockey player named Miroslav Satan. God is also retired; he is the coach at Real Madrid.

Andy Mack

What? Has GOD really left Ajax then? I thought he was still an assistant manager there…..


What are their current clubs? Can’t seem to get their stats on OPTA.


Personally, when I analyze the whole team strengths and weaknesses, I think going forward building a complete squad to compete on all fronts next season and 2 seasons to come successfully. We need to release some players and replace them with persons who have that desire to win at any conditions. Release: Theo Walcott, Kerian Gibbs, Mathieu Debuchy,Sonogo,Danny Welbeck, Francis Coquelin, Carl Jenkinson, Jack Wilshere, Damian Martinez, Joel Campbell, Alexi Sanchez(Swap Deal). Loan out: Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Takuma Asano and Chuba Akpom. Buy/Add: Ryhiad Mahrez, Alexandre Lacazette, Thomas Kemar, Sergio Agurio (Swap Deal), With these changes we can repeat the invincible… Read more »

A different George

I especially hope we can win the Capital One Cup. It would literally put us into another dimension.


14 out. 4 in. Yeah. Great way to win 4 competitions in a year. And what the fuck exactly did Damien martinez do to you?


I know video games aren’t a reflection of real life but I’ve signed him in every FIFA and FM game since 2014 and it worked out each time. I’m excited.

Mate Kiddleton

Still waiting for Kennedy Bakircioglu to come good IRL


Hammarby legend!

Aidid Abdi

Yes!!! We so happy to have Alexandre Lacazette !!!!


Fair play. But if we also sign Mahrez and then lose Giroud and Alexis, are we better or worse off overall?


We will have more pace up front if nothing else


Probably depends if Lacazette scores a shit load of goals and Mahrez plays like he did two seasons ago


Don’t think selling Giroud is in AW’s plans.
OG is a great ‘Plan B’ striker.
Despite that role, is first-team for France w/World Cup 1-year away.
Approaching 31, he’s settled in London and makes starter’s wages.

Mate Kiddleton

If the right offer comes in though, we have to consider.

No way

What’s the right offer?

Mate Kiddleton

Around 30 million? You’d have to consider that for a 31 year old.


Good question. How bout this one: if Ox, Giroud, and Alexis leave, and Mahrez and Lacazette come in, are we better or worse off?

Here’s the thing: even if we’re at par (which might be optimistic, though I have high hopes for Lacazette, and I rate Mahrez), WE FINISHED FIFTH LAST YEAR. Standing still will be a disaster for us. We can’t just hope to be about the same, we must improve, or it’s going to be a long and frustrating season (like the last one).

John Lukic

Sanogo out >> Lacazette in


Good signing now buy a decent winger and Central midfielder please.


We have decent central midfielders and decent wingers.. We don’t want decent. Decent gets you fifth.


You’re surrounded by 3-5 men. Knock one down… shout ‘who’s next you f**king ragamuffins’ and move on to the next one. One down Arsenal. We want more


Well now I’m getting excited. Yes, I can feel it.


I didnt even realise he had always been at Lyon, I mean to be scoring all those goals in a team last year that lost 13 games ( I thought Lyon were a lot closer to the top of Ligue 1) has to get you guys a little excited with what he can do with his chances at Arsenal. I really like some of his celebrations ive seen in his highlight videos too. I know it seems silly but i feel this team lacks that bit of cockiness and arrogance that we’ve had in the past especially with Henry when… Read more »


It means the end of Theo Walcott. I hope Alexis signs for a 2 year deal with a clause to leave.


Probably the best striker would could realistically get, so credit to the club for getting it over the line. I really hope we keep Giroud as our ‘Plan B’ though.


Lyon owner has a better relationship with arsenal fans than the arsenal board ?

Rahbar ghori

Finally a striker that we have been waiting for, now that we have got a decent striker and assuming alexis stays then it could mean a lot more goals next seasons, dont see any other position that we might fill up though without someone leaving.


good signing, now sign up Alexis and Ozil and buy Mahrez/Lemar. Sell Walcott + Perez and let Giroud + Chamberlain stay. We should be really good for next season

Laughing Stock

Hmmm, for the Lyon president to break his silence this must be SOME story over there. He’s almost Kroenke like in his coyness.


You are joking surely


The world’s most expensive penalty taker.

Just kidding. We probably don’t need a world-class striker, we just need someone more efficient in front of goal – a finisher.

He’s composed and has short-back, generating a lot of power. He’s a bit like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. I do feel he’ll find the quality of defending and goalkeeping a massive step up though.


*Short-back lift – i’m not suggesting that he has an unusual medical condition.

Original Paul

Would you prefer a striker with a long back and short legs or one with a short back and long legs?


If you remove penalties he’s hardly prolific.
If he finds it a step up? I’d be surprised if we get anymore than 12-15goals out of him.
Arsene does improve strikers but this guys hardly elite.
Does Vidal have a tattoo on his head?
Or the worst barber on the planet?


I really really really hope we get M’bappe as well. Why not? He is everything we look for in an Arsenal player.


Can’t wait for this deal to be done so Jean-Michel Aulas can shot up.

Mate Kiddleton

The guy contradicts himself more than Trump


His method of dealing is “unpresidential” wonder how he’s able to run a club.


Just wondering…what about Walcott? I think he really should go instead of Giroud.


Obvious problem there is that there’ll be a lot more takers for a high scoring, international class target man as opposed to an out of favour, and technically limited ‘goldilocks’ player (who let’s not forget is also on a wage that very few other clubs could, never mind would want to match).


This comment is perfection itself (well, there are a few minor punctuation issues, but other than that…).


People are being a bit harsh on Walcott. He scored 19 goals in 42 games last season. That’s actually pretty impressive


Yippee, new striker. The Cassette. I really know nothing about him. MixTape scores. Will they really sell Giroud? Yes, he doesn’t let us play like Arsenal is supposed to play, but sometimes it’s the other team that doesn’t let us play like Arsenal is supposed to play, which is why you need a Giroud.

determined culture

first of all, if this happens, then it’s a great signing. finally. a top top quality player. if it’s a replacement for alexis cos the club knows he’s leaving, then it’s gonna be somewhat underwhelming unless mesut buddies up with lacca really fast and the pair go boom boom boom right from the start.
on a side note, since lyon now needs a replacement (if they havent already signed the other striker as lacca’s replacement), or marsaille wants giroud, how bout one of them buys lucas and the other buys theo?
thank you very much.


Apparently, No french buddie will buy lucas cos he stole wenger’s coat.


What’s not to like? He is an efficient player with good versatility. And he’s scored consistently over 20 goals a season for 4 seasons now coming in at half the price of Mbappe over one season which he has finished behind Lacazette in goal tally. At 26yrs, he is coming into his best years. Personally feel people are asking the wrong questions. Lacazette is coming in chiefly bc Alexis is likely going out. I think IF rumours on Mahrez are true, this will also further be proof of Alexis impending departure. As far as Giroud is concern, frankly its up… Read more »


Great piece of business especially since we are not offering CL just yet. Hope more surprises await. If the new additions are to make a meaningful impact on the team’s ambition a clear out is necessary. Otherwise the risk of joining the languid bandwagon remains. Alexis actively resisted the trend till the dressing room ganged up on him. Hope the new arrivals are as assertive.


get this done, keep alexis, and we are in with a real ‘sit up and take notice’ chance of the double this year

Born To Dominate

Alexis :'( No chance Arsenal would pay 50 mil. so early in the transfer season without getting the funds back someway in the transfer market.
I don’t understand the skepticism people have about Alexis’s transfer to ManC. They can pay huge money, we can’t refuse huge money(It’s a for profit organization after all). Goodbye Alexis, thanks a ton for your unrelenting effort and passion

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