Friday, August 19, 2022

Ozil ready to assist new boy Lacazette

Mesut Ozil has given the clearest indication yet that he’ll be at Arsenal next season by revealing he’s looking forward to helping new signing Alexandre Lacazette score as many goals as possible.

The Germany international is now inside the final year of his current contract meaning the Gunners would have to sell the World Cup winner this summer or risk losing him in 12 months time on a free. Despite the ongoing situation, Ozil seems fully focused on having a successful season at the Emirates.

Speaking to Arsenal Player about linking up with Lacazette, who has usurped Ozil as the club’s record signing, the midfielder said:

“I’m really looking forward to it. He’s a very good striker who has scored many goals in Ligue 1, not just this season but in previous seasons too. We’re really happy to have such a class striker here with us.

“From what I’ve heard, he’s meant to be very good, always hungry for goals and ice-cold when he gets into a scoring position. My friends who follow the French league know him well and have told me that I’ll definitely have fun with him on the pitch.

“I hope that he’ll be able to take us further with his goals. I’m sure he’s happy to be here and to be able to play with us, and we’re pleased to be able to assist him and help him to score as many goals as possible.”

There’s been a bit of chatter about Lacazette’s style of play in recent days – I touch on it here – with Gerard Houllier comparing his compatriot to Ian Wright. Theo Walcott reckons that’s not too far off the mark claiming the Frenchman reminds him of Jermain Defoe, himself often compared to Wright.

“The French league is very physical league but he looks like he’s in good nick,” Walcott told Arsenal Player.

“He reminds me a bit of Jermain Defoe in that he sees the target, shoots and scores.

“That’s what I’ve seen of him in little clips, so hopefully he can bring those attributes to the team. There’s loads of competition for places which is healthy as always, but we’re looking strong.”

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“My friends who follow the French league know him well and have told me that I’ll definitely have fun with him on the pitch.” Mmm, oh yeah, music to my ears.


For the next few seasons I hope.


Ozil has something Sanchez has never had of. Loyalty. Fuck Sanchez


No one is bigger than the club. Ultimately, Alexis is replaceable as good as he has been.

Wenger will likely add two to replace him. If we have Lacazette and either of Mahrez or Lemar, should replicate the Chileans work rate out left and goals.

BUt we should also keep Giroud if so (and if possible the Ox)

uncle D

Oil is trapped. No one wants him

Chippys chip



Lacazette can be Mesut’s new Flam(e)ini

Mein Bergkampf

Imagine if tomorrow he just went “psyche” and handed in a transfer request.


Rather not


…mustafi per kos…


So how do you justify dropping Monreal for Sead?


well i am kinda always favoured towards new signings to start from day1


Monreal will be left CB / backup for Sead


Not sure about Per being considered the season favorite for central CB. I love the man but can he really do it for the whole season? I think I’d have Kos in the center and Chambers/Holding outside.


I like the look of that Mustafi.. he’s had a season to get used to the PL so why are we dumping our most expensive defensive signing so fast for chambers?..


Chambers is also our second most expensive defensive signing ever!


I know that FA Cup appearance was only 1 game but jheeeze.. The guy was immense in a back 3. Stick him in for match day 1 based on that performance alone


per is like 32 with a good pre season which won’t be case with chambers/holding/mustafi and gabriel is still injured and also because i would like to see mert when teams are more aerial dominated instead of countering us..

Mike Hackett

Ok in theory until subs time and faster players come on, we now need to sub ourself to counter this rather than sub for an attack, id play mustafi kos holding at the back leaving mert free as sub as a fourth dc if we need to cling on and chambers can sort of deputise as emergency right side dedence


Koscielny in the centre with Monreal outside


Per and Kos always worked pretty well in a 2. Might just be our best three, although we have plenty of options.

DB\'s first touch

Surely Montreal is still deserving of a spot in the starting XI

Damo Dinkum

Or at the very least, a spot in Canada.


Seems unsettled there though, might be angling for a move. Trouble settling due to language issues.




Doesn’t Mahrez only play on the right? Haven’t seen him on the left before

No way

He could theoretically play on the left but it wouldn’t really suit his attributes. I don’t see how he and ozil both play in the 343


Your formation can wake the dead from the grave


Interesting comparison to Defoe…the lad can score goals ey? what’s not to like? COYG

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

Another page in Walcott’s book, comparing our lead striker to Defoe.


Not being branded the most expensive player for Arsenal anymore (especially on his off days) may do a lot of good for Mesut. I like this situation more.

Toure motors

Fake news, he’s clearly winking in that picture

Chippys chip

And trying to smile


Sounds like the kind of player we needed to bring in a couple seasons ago. A good signing, especially considering what United are paying for Lukaku


Hmm, Ozil needs to do something about that eye.

Foggy Bottom

Shots fired at Giroud.

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

Giroud needs wingers more than Ozil. All our wingers are better at other things than crosses.


There’s nothing here


Mehsut, unterschreibe das ding!


Tl;Dr: I don’t really know who this guy is but I’ve heard he’s good


Laca New Assist


What’s happened to Ozil’s eye?

Man Manny

Get Alexis to stay (new contract or not); get in one more midfielder and winger; and we are guaranteed CL football again in the very least, title challenge, and may be win it. I see City as the one team that may stand in the way. I have a feeling Chealsea will be weaker. United won’t be the much stronger. Totts? who knows the impact of new surroundings. Liverpool is yet to really do much bar Salah.
I’m pretty hopeful of a much better season from the Gunners.


Alexis lost possession 656 times last season – led the EPL. Maybe the team benefits not paying him 350k a week for that

Cliff Bastin

The way Lacazette hammers the shite out of his shots from tight angles seemingly with full confidence that they’re going in slightly reminds me of the finishing of a certain Dutch striker who shall not be named.


You mean robin? Oops


Yeah he twats them in in a similar way, but doesn’t seem to be as much of a twat himself.


ozil will be like a kid in a sweet shop…. we may need to sell some players before we get Lemar still unsure will we stick with the three at he back could depend on who goes who stays, Ox looks like he wants more assurance of regular football not many clubs give them assurances, we have a problem of wanting to sell off players but clubs knowing they have one year left want them on the cheap and we want much more could end up being our down fall losing out on decent money or them staying to end… Read more »


Looks like Punctuation’s off on a free.

We\'ve done it again

Even ozil knows we just signed someone we can at least call a striker. At least until he misses 3 sitters on matchday 1 and we completely hate him.


So sign up for what you’re worth and quit the Bullshit!

Big Mad Andy

I think right now I’m the happiest and most excited I’ve been this off season.

Dublin Ed

Careful. It’s the hope that kills ya.


It is starting to look like we’ve got our shit together this year. Not too worried.


Well if that isn’t a strong enough hint. Its good for us to have him commit. He is by far still one of the best playmakers around and can still improve his game. He’s started to show scoring ability and has worked harder this season when chips are down. I sound a bit like a schoolmaster writing an end of year report on a student now.:D BUT what an assetr to have in ANY team. Again, he could have gone to several top teams before we signed him. There is little appreciation amongst the usual spoilt Arsenal fans that it… Read more »


I said before the summer that some of the Italian clubs will find new minted money from China to spend. Now Inter apparently are in for Alexis. With Bayern balking at the salary demand and China restricting/capping price on a heated domestic player market, options may be opening up for us to sell should we have to other than to City. Maybe we should try and work a deal to sell plus have Kongdogbia in exchange for our midfield. The Frenchman is still a little erratic but is still young and has a lot of the requisites we need in… Read more »


One of the best providers of the ball and one of the most consistent finishers. Hmmm…Wenger is clearly clueless.


Who is with me on this one…. Sell Sanchez to city for £50m reinvest it on Aubumeyang.. He is a goal getter scored 31 league goals in BvB team less studded with stars than Bayern ahead of Lewandowski


Another striker?2-3 strikers in the playing XI doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence especially off the ball, considering Ozil is gonna be in the starting XI too.On the ball, pretty sure we’ll have a gala of a time but off the ball, its just gonna be a pileup


He can play on the flanks and as a side midfielder, like Sanchez and as an auxiliary striker That’s been Sanchezs’ role in the team only that Sanchez is more energetic than Aub but what he lacks in energy he can make up for on goals.

Donald opito

I like that,they guy wants to go and is over demanding by the way!what do we do?moreover is aged we should sell him and buy a young good guy than him.let him go where he can earn what it’s enough for him!

Chippys chip

Latest from metro is sanchez has said he wants city move. Gutted. ?


my gosh, is Mesut having an aneurysm?


Love it when Ozil make a play with Sanchez, they both know how to make a good pass and read each other movement very well. I hope Ozil can make more direct pass through the back with someone as clinical as Lacazette, i miss his godly pass when he played for Madrid.

Rwandan Gunner

Hehehe…Ozil sounding excited like all of us here. Just see how a new quality signing can morale boost fans and the players alike. So Ozil, sign please.


He’s better than Defoe has ever been.


beIn Sports ran this story with the same quotes, but their headline was “MESUT OZIL ADMITS HE KNOWS VERY LITTLE OF ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE.” What a bunch of cunts.


Ozil appears to be a man of his word. This certainly suggests he is planning on staying which is excellent.
Fingers crossed he and Sanchez sign healthy new contracts and the team can then set about winning that title.


He reminds me of Aguero


Giles Grimandi going into overdrive. Thomas Lemar still on the cards. Apparently (if to be believed which these days is plausible) 40m bid. Certainly a nimble player again an option on left side like Mahrez and a move predicated by potential departure of Alexis. As mentioned we will need two to cover for the Chilean. Lacazette is one (with goals and finishing) the other could be Mahrez (who is left footed) or Lemar more for the unpredictability factor and work rate on left side. I think Alexis is as good as 95% gone. Inter been sniffing. I mentioned before summer… Read more »


My hope :

Mahrez (or Lemar)/Jeff……….Ozil/Iwobi…………………………..Lacazette/The Ox
………………Granit/Coquelin……………Ramsey/Demirbay (or Kongdogbia)……..

Two for every position.

Santi and Per bonus.

And of course third choice keeper Martinez.

For 3-4-3….Lacazette up top, Ox as an option as right wing back.

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