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Report: Arsenal close in on Mahrez

According to, Arsenal will sign Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City in the coming days.

The report, which is branded as an ‘EXCLUSIVE’, does not mention how much the Gunners have offered for the 26-year-old and fails to outline details of the length of the proposed contract.

The Algeria international rebuffed an approach from the Gunners a year ago, opting instead to pen a new contract with the Foxes. He changed tact at the end of May when he submitted a transfer request citing ‘fierce’ ambition and a desire to ‘move on to a new experience’.

Within days, Arsene Wenger hinted he was still interested in the 2016 PFA Player of the Year although he made clear a bid had not been made.

“Have we made a bid for him?,” he said on beIN SPORTS. “No. Not yet. Not yet means it could happen, it could not happen.”

Barcelona have also been linked with the player but appear to have cooled any interest.

Mahrez came to prominence during the 2015/16 season when his 17 goals and 10 assists helped Leicester to a miraculous title triumph. Mahrez struggled to replicate that form on the domestic front last campaign, scoring just six goals and making four assists as the Foxes flirted with relegation. The winger seemed to enjoy himself more in the Champions League where he bagged four goals and two assists on the road to the quarter-finals.

On the surface, a bid for Mahrez makes sense. He’s a creative player with an eye for goal. He can operate off the flank and behind a lead striker. He’d bring flair to a team that struggled to cope without Santi Cazorla. He knows what the Premier League is all about and he’s in the prime of his career. Moreover, in light of the existing contract stand-offs at the Emirates, he’s someone who could help to fill the void should Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil etc. be sold.

We do our best here at Arseblog News to avoid getting caught up in the worst of the transfer tittle-tattle, so what do we make of this story? Honestly, we’re not sure how reputable Calciomercato is as a publication, but they seem pretty adamant that something is happening between Mahrez and Arsenal and that it’s happening quickly. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Yes please


No thanks. One season wonder. If we sign him and ditch the Ox, that’s like signing Lacazette and losing Sanchez.


Not convinced. Let’s be honest, Ox isn’t even a one season wonder…


He was amazing the season Leicester won the title. Difficult to believe that is a one off – and still only 26.


People seem to think that by wanting a signing, we want players out. It doesn’t have to be either or.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Ox would be much better than Marhez playing cricket, yes.

dr Strange

Mahrez is really good and he will be a hit at Arsenal. I am a bit worried about all these “close” reports as close means we are close to fucking up.


Ha! Excellent post dr. We are very good at fucking these things up.

Efe iteire

Ox does not want to extend his contact. What can we do? Allow him to go, after all he is injury prone


One season wonder? It’s people like this who judge based on stats, compilations and public opinion. Watching 45 minutes of him in the flow will tell you he is sheer CLASS, sticks out like a sore thumb in Leicester footballing philosophy, and would be a dare-I-say Piresesque player (but right flank instead of Pires’ left) if comfortable at Arsenal. Infact, I crave some Ozil-Mahrez passing naughtiness RIGHT NOW.


Holyviper my thoughts exactly!

Igbo Amadi-Obi

If we plan to play with wing backs, you would ask what is the thinking behind buying Mahrez who has little or no wing back capabilities, and selling Ox who was the best in that position quite promising in that position last season. And where is Theo in all of this?


He’s not a replacement for Ox. If we stick with 3-4-3 he’s one of the wide players in the front three. If Ozil and Alexis stay, he would be competing with them for starts and playing time. More likely he’s a replacement for one of them, Alexis more likely. If we went back to 4 at the back he’d surely play one of the wings.


Mahrez seems to me to be a replacement for Alexis. There were times two seasons ago when he really was showing skills that were at that level. But of course no where near the same work ethic. But then who does have Alexis’ work ethic.

I’d like this signing as an add to existing squad, but will be a bit meh if it’s as Alexis replacement.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Mahrez is left-footed but more comfortable onbthe right, AlexiAlis right-footed but more comfortable onbthe left. I do not believe one can replace the other.


Right, letting the Ox go makes no sense, because then we’d basically have one player (Hector) to play every game as right wingback in the 3-4-3. Mahrez, Theo, etc are not viable options there, nor are Gabriel, Chambers, etc (and presumably Jenks and Debuchy are done at the club). Maybe Wenger wants to ditch the 3-4-3. Or maybe he’s just making it all up as he goes along…


We have had the ox for years and his best position is still up for debate. Cant blame him for wanting to leave. Another wasted talent.
Most of what we do is made up with no plan and i cant see this window being any different.
We often buy whats available not what we need or want.hopefully it will change this year.


Idk man, I get what you’re saying but come on. Ox has been given way more chances that a lot of players in many different positions. I just think that maybe, just maybe, shhhhhhhh, he isn’t that good at football.


This must surely hinge on the Chamberlain situation. I can’t see us signing him if Alex stays. To be honest I’m not really sure where he fits in – if we’re playing 3 at the back Mahrez isn’t going to play out as a wing back. If he’s a Sanchez replacement that’s a serious downgrade, he’s noway near the same league as Alexis.


If he’s coming in to replace ox or we sell Campbell I would be pissed. I honestly don’t believe hell cut it at arsenal. I think he’s too light and not a hard worker off the ball we don’t need another Ozil lazy type player we need Campbell who is faster stronger has good isionand can pass and take players on everything mahrez an do and better physique I’d choose Campbell over him anyday but if it’s true I hope he proves me wrong but I would be pissed if we sell Campbell. Honestly we don’t need him.

Miguel sanchez

This one seems a better, safer and more likely option. But really any movement is a relief at this point.

Mein Bergkampf


Miguel sanchez

Yeah endless transfer rumours do have a constipating effect, satisfied only by actual football!


It gives me diarrhoea


The sweet, almost painfull release of a giant shitting transfer would be incredible right now. Please shit out a transfer Arsene.


Niiice … Appropriate name too …


I’m commenting because it’s one of the rare times I’m first to comment! Anyway. would love Mahrez. A frontline (and team) of

Sanchez Ozil Mahrez
Kolasinac (or monreal) Xhaka bellerin

Holding Koscienly Chambers

Sub: Welbz, Theo,Monreal/Sead, et al

is pretty nice!

Mein Bergkampf

True gooner. Think you’ll be first but end up third. Unlucky mate, there’s always next season…

Original Paul

Well it’s better than coming fifth! 🙂


Curious which formation yours going with here- a team with the front four you mentioned leaves only one central midfield player, and that’s something we’re unlikely to see.
Mahrez interest is likely to replace an outgoing wide player, or its just an old transfer story dug up for clicks.


Personally I think if Sanchez is off we will line up next season with ozil behind 2 strikers, but if not mahrez will take the spot next to ozil.


Ah the tried and tested ozil xhaka central midfield partnership that has never been tried or tested or even muttered by anyone as a possibility before. What better way to build a squad to get that all important big start that has evaded us for years. Throwing players together and experimenting for the lol’s. #winning


Hazard bursts through for chelsea but its that man again, mesut ozil, at the back to mop up. Said no one ever.

Tasmanian Jesus

Aha, and what is the name of this exciting formation. 3-3-4 or 3-3-3-1…3-6-1?

Mein Bergkampf

Perez out, Giroud out. Lacazette in, Mahrez in. Like for like which is improving the squad. I like it. Yes, I feel positive, this could work … oh, Alexis, why are you ruining this for everyone?


Hardly like for like. Target man for a pace merchant and a striker/AM for a winger.

Original Paul

It’s official we are signing everyone!


We need to, everybody is leaving!

Xhaka\'s RedCard

hmm.. was hoping to poop at the end of reading the piece..

Original Paul

Seriously I would be happy with Kolasinac, Lacazette, Mahrez and one more.


Yep, we need a midfielder. Lemar would be a bonus.

Original Paul

Yes that should do it “over to you Arsene…Arsene, Arsene, hello…are you there”?…


As a mobile phone rings in an empty cabin, arsene wenger hurtles down a water slide, starboard side, and into the Mediterranean.


With Dick Law stuck 15 miles away in dinghy with no power left on his iPhone.


Arsenal Please buy Mahrez please


it’s all change at the top! When all the dust settles, it’s going to be interesting to see who rolls up as our starting 11 come the start of the season..


Yep. I’ve been crying for change. Looks like we might get it on player front. But then again lots of Parker talk doesn’t always turn into any action.


Yes, “interesting” is one way to look at it…


Why the heck would an Italian site break an exclusive news for business between 2 English clubs on an Algerian player?

Original Paul

The Italian publication’s owner’s daughter works in a petrol station in Leicester apparently.


Maybe its that ad banner in the middle of the page selling cruises around the italian coast.


I thought it was selling Thai wives


That ad was based upon your browsing history…;)




Welcome to the nineteenth century


You would have to think if we signed mahrez and lacazette, Sanchez and Ozil would be more inclined to stay


Hopefully Ozil. Sanchez seems like he has had enough.

My wig smells cheesy

More like a replacement buddy

Original Paul

How did you ever think of your name?? 🙂

My wig smells cheesy

The day I took my wig off and sniffed it


When is the transfer window opening? I know for us it does on Aug 28-29 but why are other clubs acting like it has not opened yet!


Terrible signing had one good season and now wants to move my thoughts we ain’t even in for him this is a ploy to try and get a Clun to bid he need to relies he isn’t as good as he though

Original Paul

Come again Mike?..


I think we might just have to take a Clun just to make up the numbers


I have no desire to take, or accept, a clun without knowing wtf it is. It could be something frightening like a giant dolphin.


I think he would be a decent fit as a wide player if we go back to 4 at the back (just tell one fullback to stay back when the other goes up). At this point given how badly this squad has underachieved for so long it might take selling a few players that have been here a long time (Walcott, Gibbs, etc) to shake up the mentality.


Overrated and I doubt both he and Ozil can play in the same team.


Do you watch football?


I’ve watched a game here and there – millionaires running around trying to kick a ball in a big cupboard right?

Mahrez was superb last season, obviously. I’m no expert, but do you think that Ozil and Mahrez both playing in advanced attacking roles may leave the flanks a little vulnerable to being overloaded by the opposition?


Maybe, although the new formation should help.


I think if Sanchez goes, we’ll need someone to replace his work rate. Not sure we really need Mahrez.

Original Paul

Errr… Mahrez was not superb last season actually. He was the season before though.


It was an attempt at sarcasm mate.

Original Paul

Not a very good one… :-/


Neither was Ozil for most of it. Competition and rotation between the two is more likely to bring out their bests though. (Assuming Sanchez stays, otherwise they both will be nailed on to start and will no doubt flit in and out of form all season)


Well if you watched Leicester City last season you surely wouldn’t want a one season wonder who just spent his time sulking. No thank you we don’t need him but Lemar yes.


Agree. Lemar looks very promising and has a dash of Pires about him.


The whole Leicester team was shit last season, they nearly got relegated

Donald\'s Trump

Ah, a one season wonder Vs some guy I’ve seen on YouTube. Hmmmmm tough choice.


One hopes the Arsenal scouting team are using empirical evidence.


Add Mahrez and we have ourselves a nice collection of lefties.


Last season we would have been falling over ourselves trying to get this one done. Would be a great signing, as long as it don’t stop there. Sounds like we are going to have some players depart unfortunately, so this is Step 1.


Everything and nothing is happening right now! Transfertainment at its best, and worst! 3 poops from me.


Transfertorture more like

Damo Dinkum

With Arsene it’s more like Transfertortoise…

Original Paul

How about transfortheloveofgodjustsignsomeone.

Foggy Bottom

Although I was calling for Wenger’s head only a few months ago, I have to admit that I like the way Wenger is going about revamping the team. Out with the slow, lumbering Giroud and in with the speedsters Mahrez and Lacazette.

Donald\'s Trump

Apart from nothing has happened. And that he could have had both these players last season.

Original Paul

The trouble is that it’s the press/internet building the team at the moment.


Surely if the internet were building the team, we’d have pepe the frog as captain.


And three pornstars at CB


Hmmm. Will be interesting to see what happens to the Lemar deal if Mahrez is indeed arriving at Colney. Guess that ultimately depends on whether Sanchez is staying till the end of the season or grabbing an early flight ticket to either Manchester or more favourably, to our perennial tormentors, Bayern.
Either way, this summer is going to be interesting.
Goreztka should be snapped up immediately and preferably Lemar and Mahrez both, along with Lacazette.And a backup right-wing back for Hector, or is Ainsley-Maitland Niles and going to play a more important role next season?


Goretzka going to Bayern next season, I’d bet you anything.


Great player Mahrez, direct as f**k


Is that good then?

Donald\'s Trump

Well it’s better than passing round circles for half an hour and then standing around whilst the opposition races through our one at the back system and scores. Then we respond by passing around in circles just a tad bit faster! Woooohooo


Would be a good signing. Wanted him last year along with Kante! Even though he wasn’t great last year He’s still got quality in the final third with an eye for goal. Would be an upgrade in terms of goal returns from wide areas. Hope it gets done!


Or just behind striker


Upgrade on goal return from wide? Upgrade yes but not in goals. 30 from alexis and 19 from Theo, Mahrez scored about 8


Would much rather have lemar

Original Paul

Well you might be happy if there’s any justice in the world.


Right. Here’s what I’d do, and I’m proper good at Football Manager. You get me? Bring back Sczesney and Chambers. Keep Sanchez even if only for one more year. Kidnap his dogs if you have to. Get Liam Neeson involved. Buy Marhez 25-35 Million Lacazette 35-45 Million Barkley – 30 Million Martial – 60 Million Total 170 Million quid(ish) Sell The Ox – Never gonna be a cm for us unfortunately. 25 Million Theo – Thanks for 10 years fella. 20 Million Giroud – Handsome French bloke needs to be a starter for world cup place. 25 Million Campbell –… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Is that you Santori?


Mate, if you could flog Joel Campbell for 15 million, you’d deserve a crack at the top job.

Original Paul

That’s better Con! 🙂


And Elneny for 15. And buy Mahrez for 25-35 (35 will be the absolute minimum they’ll sell him for).


This guy everyone. This guy get’s it. DES IN!!!!!!

Lord Bendnter

I guess I’m not alone in thinking Barkley is a good buy


So how is Barkley a better bet at center mid than the Ox? Have similar strengths and weaknesses, I think.


I’m confused.. When did we buy Gueye? And where is Coq in all of this?

Yankee Gooner

Clearly, coq is the forgotten twat. Yeah, fuck YOU, Aristotle!


I’d rather we sign lemar as I think it’s probably an either/or situation. Think last year proved that mahrezs form was temporary.


Would be surprised if Monaco will let him go, their team is getting picked apart


If we sell Sanchez for 54million ( That’s how much we have spent on him) and use it to buy mahrez and Lemar I would be very happy.

Still think a bigger priority is selling the dead wood then we can offer bigger wages to players

Lord Bendnter


(just like the sound of it…Calciomercato)


Is that Italian for bullshit?

Original Paul

The literal translation from old Italian is “what a load of bollocks”.

Original Paul

In common day usage the Italians say “walla lola bollocko” when referring to the publication, so my mate said anyway…


IF we keep Alexis this season, imagine our attack with Lacazette supported by him, Ozil, Mahrez. As Atom and Humber would say, Woof!!.


I’m having a flashback to yesteryear when someone on this site said:

“Yeah! Podolski and RvP together = Murder scene!”

Murder scene was in caps.

If you’re spending all this cash on the front line then someone on the current front line be going. As much as I hate to say it odds are Atom and Humber will either be eating schnitzel next year or whatever shit they serve in that one restaurant in Manchester.

I agree with blogs though, pitchforks if it’s the latter.


Think it was pretty much the same title of the article last year 🙁

Determined Culture

Have a strong feeling ozil will stsy. If alexis and ox leaves, and perez leaves, then we could do a lot worse thab lacazette, lemar and mahrez coming in ( and yes, we have seen worse replacement action over the years before).


No poo-meter for this one ?


Ozil Lacazette Mahrez
Kolasinac Xhaka (One more signing) Bellerin
Mustafi Koscielny Holding(Or one more signing)
Just my two cents..


So you want to line up with 12 players? That is a good idea.

Kareem Mohamed

Isn’t that 11?

Rahaman Afolabi

I will love this to happen as soon as possible. Keeping tabs on Lacazette too. Arsenal front line will be great come next season.


Let’s hope so


Ox out Mahrez in… that’ll do

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

The line which begins “Arsenal close in on…” is fast becoming synonymous with the the line “What I’m about to tell you is utter bollocks”.

Lord Bendnter

Finally,that one guy who last year bought a custom Arsenal jersey with Mahrez’s name on it can wear it without being made fun of

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

File under ‘U’ for either underwhelming or untrue.

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

I would love to think that these potential signings would help Sanchez think to give it another year with us and sign an extended deal. I just hope they are to bolster the strength rather than replace Sanchez. In the end formation of last season, it would be great when we could give players like Ozil and Sanchez a rest and bring Mahrez on rather than someone like Coq!


Where’s the poometer?


Sign him. Not many realise he is left footed. If Lacazette comes in, he is a quasi-striker like Alexis who can be deployed up top, right wing or inverted on the left. Mahrez can be deployed left inverted or right. If we can sort out midfield with a stronger player (say Demirbay) to accompany either of Granit, Coquelin or Ramsey, we can have option for 4-2-3-1 with Ozil in the middle of the secondary 3 behind either of Giroud, Welbeck or Lacazette. Ox and Iwobi can also challenge for positions across that line. Barca just exercised option to buy back… Read more »

banko kuponlar

Please Lacazette!


Any poop rating? ?


Very good player really..


Mahrez + Lacazette + a 0.0001% chance of Mbappe.. this summer is shaping up okay afterall…


It will be a good prospect if Arsenal can catch on Mahrez, because of his physics, goal determination and his experience in the league for years. This is very good opportunity to rebuild the crub


REBUILD THE CRUB!!! I like it: “A giant, loping TottenhamGobbler, ChelseaChewer, Mourinho Fucker Upper is what I is saying,” said the BFG.


Sorry, drunk


Like the post says, a good option to address not having Santi Cazorla. He has the technique, can shoot and knows how to assist.

Thomas Reynolds

Good trade off for the Ox

Lanesra lalajuu

I think

Sanchez. Ozil. Rambo/ox

Shaka. Wilshire

Sead mustafi kosienly bellerin


Chambers, ospina,Montreal, Conklin, Gabriel,Elney,Walcott iwobi


Only way you can see this happening is if we’re letting Sanchez go.

And if we’re letting Sanchez go, it better not be to Manchester City or you’re going to see a grown man cry, and we all know that’s not pretty.

Adelaja Muyiwa

Will be a better addition in attack as well,he understands EPL & will be good for the team. Hop to see deal completed soon


You know, if we lose Ox and get Mahrez (I mean last season Mahrez) then I think I might be…

…OK with that.

I wouldn’t click on that link without a condom on though.


Worth noting several things : 1) At 26yrs (like Lacazette)…he is closing into his best years. We should not be investing in project youth right now (we have enough) or Little Britain, frankly we need players with know how. 2) He is technical which will replace Alexis should he (likely) leave 3) He is left footed predominantly. Although he plays in from the right (as an inverted winger) for Leicester, he can deploy left side too so he is not in direct conflict with a signing like Lacazette (if should we return to having an option of a 4-2-3-1 as… Read more »

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