Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Report: Western Sydney Wanderers 1-3 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal finished their Australian tour with a 3-1 win over Western Sydney Wanderers at the ANZ Stadium today.

Olivier Giroud opened the scoring with a fine near post finish in the 33rd minute, before Aaron Ramsey doubled the lead a few minutes later. Nacho Monreal with the assists for both goals.

Mohamed Elneny made it 3-0 just before half-time with a deflected effort from outside the box.

The second half saw WSW score after Emi Martinez picked up an Aaron Ramsey back pass in his own 6 yard box, and although the initial effort was blocked, Steven Lustica smartly fired home the rebound.

Arsenal hit the post a couple of times, and that was about that.


1-0 Giroud

2-0 Ramsey

3-0 Elneny

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Love it when our goals come from all over the pitch.


Elneny impressed…


In both games he lost the ball that lead to counter attack, that kind of play need to be sort out because against big teams it can cost us the game


Yes he did! I like elneny. But I i as disappointed in one player in particular Maitland Niles. He was playing games as if he’s already guaranteed first team football at arsenal he didn’t play like he was on a test and he had anything to prove which he does. He took it too casual and played it too safe for me. Just like Gibbs does when he plays lately that’s why he’s being considered to be sold. Not until Nketieh came on did we have any joy down that left side. Which Maitland wasn’t adventurous enough in the first… Read more »


monreal is just evergreen . he just keeps getting better and better every year and with each competition .


Maybe Elneny thinks this is the Europa League


Maybe you thought this was funny


Is it just me or was there some sort of friction between Olivier and Lacazette? For one, Lacazette ran up to Giroud when he bagged his goal but the handsome french bloke looked the other way. Also, Giroud seemed reluctant in passing the ball to Lacazette.


Let’s call a spade a spade I saw the that too. The Manager gotta work it out between them soonest.


I noticed it. Giroud also didn’t celebrate with Lacazette when he scored his first goal. I think Wenger is working on it by making sure they are always on the pitch together, hence forcing them to thaw up some chemistry. He feels replaced?

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

If you mean Giroud didn’t celebrate with Laca when Laca score did his first goal, your wrong. The camera angle means you see the post but that’s where Giroud was when he hugged the guys

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

Scored his*


I think you’re overanalysing it. Maybe. There’s friction on some level maybe but didn’t Giroud recently say that he is looking forward to the competition with Laca?

I think Laca playing on the left was to get him acquainted with different movements and a plan b for if Alexis is injured or a formation change. Our forwards are always taking up different positions when we attack.


Manufactured tension

uncle D

Long season ahead. They will get used to each other, competition is good for Giroud, he improves. With Sanchez in the mix and Welbeck, no injuries! Great season ahead.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Giroud gets butthurt easily, but he doesn’t give up. Theyre all professionals, not pouty pubescents, and they are French playing for Wenger. All is well as far as I can see.

Original Paul

There is an interview on where Laca says the people that have helped him most following his arrival are “Francis, Lolo and Oliver”.


Well while some of you were reading body languages on the pitch,I was mesmerized by Mr consistence (The Nacho man). His two assists blew me away esp the 2nd to Ramsey’s goal. Undoubtedly, The most underrated player in PL.


Too early to tell. Say that after playing against top teams. He gets burned too easily and his crossings are inconsistent. Having said that, I’m happy with increased competition with Kolasinac


Nah, giroud went over to lacazette from r his first goal, a bit delayed but he was smiling and giroud is always like that, he evenness did it for Ramsey’s winner in the CL. He’s just a little arrogant. When he scored I don’t think he even noticed lacazette as he was looking the other way!

Rwandan Gunner

Ok this is just a tour for players to get fit. But playing Lacazette out of position is not good because it doesnt suit him and poorly utilized. I hope this will not be the case as we move ahead


spend club record fee and play him out of position . we’ve defenitely seen this before


Lacazette ignored or not seen after Giroud’s opener? Queue tabloids #LacaNewEnemy Giroud and new boy in fresh row


Looked like giroud blanked lacazette after scoring!


Personally, vs such weaker opposition we looked OK. Which scares me, The Arsenal were billed as one of the top sides in Europe for this game. But there were so many misplaced passes, bad choices and generally poor performances. Masked by 3 goals that should be the minimum vs what is effectively a league 1 side.
I know its pre-season and a mish mash of a team but that doesn’t excuse individual errors.
Bayern could be 10-2 again…

Positives were deffinately there though for the real football at the end of August!


Also what does Theo provide now?


Goals hopefully. His movement is good also.

Finishing has been shit so far in pre season but that isn’t normally a problem for him.

Original Paul

Lets hope Theo hasn’t lost his ability to shoot permanently!


He certainly had enough shots …

Original Paul

Who will be the first to say “it’s good he got in the position to shoot”…?
Also his “affected” interviews remind me of Lewis Hamilton who also gets on my tits! 🙂


they had the same media coach.. (laughs in scooby doo)


It’s a friendly


So is Bayern and Chelsea next week. We need to perform then though.
I don’t understand why it being a friendly excuses some basic mistakes.
Regardless, me and my boy will be watching and cheering.


It’s a friendly/exhibition match. A pre season one at that. One which was basically played so that the players can build on their fitness base. People read too much into tactics/formations in these kinda games. As the season draws nearer, I’m sure we’ll see a team closer resembling what will be our first 11. Arsenal should also be commended on the way they ran this tour. Excellent community engagement, specialised fan functions etc. they really embraced Sydney and their international fans. Some overseas teams fly in the day before, collect the cheque then fly back out. And 160k over two… Read more »


Just got back from the game now. Second time I’ve seen us live and all I can say is I’m sooooo jealous of you guys who get to go every week! I didn’t take my eyes off Lacazette all game. His movements are very good. He shows for the ball really well and from what I could see was begging at times for a ball out early to him. I’m gagging at the prospect our full 11 will be this year.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

For the Arsenal lads it was a runout against a couple of Australian teams they know very little about, with the main objective being to start getting back into shape after the summer For the Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers it was a chance to try to get one over on a big English team, but also they were obviously being compared with eachother because they are fierce rivals here so they each wanted to get a good result and show the other team up. Both Sydney teams played with more intensity than you’d expect from your average friendly… Read more »


Iwobi looked good and the Ox looks like he’s carried on his decent form from the tail end of last season. Really hoping we keep hold of him.
Bit disappointed with Maitland-Niles considering how well the youngsters did previously, but steadied himself early in the second half.
Lacazette looked okay being played out of position but would rather it be a plan B, Alexis and/or Lemar for left forward attack thank you ?

Miguel sanchez

Maitland-Niles at wingback and Ospina picking up an obvious backpass were moments of comedy on an otherwise straightforward, pleasant friendly.

Also they didn’t wear the black and pink abomination so kudos for that


I think it was Martinez



Original Paul

It wasn’t Ospina.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You don’t even notice the pink from row 15. It didn’t ruin my experience on Thursday night.


Wenger just said about the Ox in his presser: he will stay 100%. No matter what happens, he will stay.
I like how we act these days. I really do.



Picking up a bit of the Aussie lingo there?


Righto mate ?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Too bloody right, Nonno!!

Corona X

I reckon Giroud’s goal deserves a better description than just “smart finish”. Same with Ramsey’s lob with his weak foot. Oh well, all about #indepth I guess ☺
So crazy watching these friendlies in packed, massive stadiums with good atmosphere. Beats the shit out of our Barnet showdowns in the old days!

Rwandan Gunner

Wenger has to clarify things asap. Between Giroud and Lacasette, who will be the main striker for the club. This business of changing positions to accommodate playerswill not be good and will likely stunt Lacasette’s scoring rate. Giroud is not interested even looking at Lacazette which is weird honestly. Wenger solve this please


The family just got a new puppy so the older family pet is just having a sulk. Keep showing him the love, and it’s good they’re playing together. If he won’t share the toys put him in the other room for a bit, but hopefully it’s just a bid for playing time and starts.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Do you get soap operas on TV in Rwanda? You make this pre-season friendly match sound like one. At least you didn’t complain that making six substitutions at the same time was making a mockery of the game. Arsenal’s only real concerns for these games were 1) Give the fans in Australia a chance to see most of their heroes in the flesh while building the fanbase and generating potential future income, 2) Give the players a runout so they can start getting back to match fitness, and 3) Do some experimenting with the younger players and new players to… Read more »




Nacho! Nice?


Yep Nacho was on fire

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But then, that’s the nature of nachos.


True ☺️

Lord Bendnter

Hopefully Giroud doesn’t go. He should be playing for us hopefully challenging for trophies. I absolutely loved his finishing. Sometimes he doesn’t get enough credit as he deserves.
Wouldn’t read too much into Lacazette vs Giroud chemistry in a friendly. They don’t have to be best buds to perform at the top level.


Exactly! They don’t have to be friends, they just need to be professional.


I want to see Lacazette and Ozil at the same time in the game, come on Wenger, i expect both playing when we face Munich.

Indian Gooner

It was great to watch Arsenal play in Sydney!
I just wanted to say something after today’s game..we would be just crazy to sell the Ox. Pure crazy.
Make him stay.

Trex d\' Gunner

The Nacho Man show


Classic Giroud finish!


Just watched the game live at ANZ stadium! Thank you to all the players for making this Australia tour such a spectacle and showing their appreciation for us fans in Australia who have to wake up 1am and 3am to watch the games every week!


Wtf is Elneny doing. He was CB. Thinks he’s Vermaelen or something.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He was doing what he was told to do. These things don’t happen by accident.


Slice me up a piece of that Monreal pass, jesus!


I know it’s a pointless comment but red and white vs white and red kit selections? Really?

Ryo forever

Just got back from the game. Itwas the first time I got to see Arsenal in the flesh and I’m so happy.

I have so many thoughts but it’s 1AM and my bed beckons.

One thing I noticed was that we are very biased to the right-hand side. I had nice seats in the middle and found that I could see much more of the play, and players in the second half.

Maybe it was just my imagination. Love all the gooners tonight.

Corona X

Took you over 3 hours to get home? Either you’re a dedicated traveller or there must’ve been one hell of a party after the game 🙂 Either way I’m jealous – and happy for you guys down under being able to see the lads in flesh 😀

Corona X

After posting my comment, thinking “man, maybe this guy drove half across Australia to watch the lads”, I checked Google Maps. Driving from the middle of the ‘island’ to Sydney takes 27 hours! Shows how little I know about Australia….
Anyway, I’m rambling. I’ll grab that coat and go to bed.


Oliver’s movement in the box for his goal is so clever. His movement also opened up the space for Lacazette for his debut goal. Young attackers could learn a thing or two from watching him.

We can’t afford to let a player with that level of intelligence and finishing ability leave.


OG is a little baby, the way he behaves. It’s no one fault but his that we needed to find a main striker. He had 5 yrs to prove he’s got it. He better leave than to have additional work in managing his crybaby ego.

not so fed up

Peach of a goal by Ramsey, would love to see the same in the league against manure ?


I mean with the big caveat its Sydney Western Walkabout Wanderers…a decent show. Giroud again efficient in front of goal. Maybe there is some ‘ego’ issues between him and the other French striker but what a great asset to have. Welbeck at the moment if anything is the spare striker. I’d try and keep Giroud for one more season (particularly with Alexis likely leaving) and buy time for Welbeck to find better sharpness before relying on Danny. Also good to see Ramsey starting to find his scoring appetite. Monreal is excellent. He’s grown into that Sagna senior role and the… Read more »

nimble foot

That shot that deflected into goal is something special

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