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Wenger: 100% Ox will stay, no deal yet with Sanchez

Arsene Wenger says he expects Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to stay at Arsenal this season.

The England international, who is into the final 12 months of his contract, is yet to agree terms on a new deal and has been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool.

Asked after Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Western Sydney Wanderers whether the midfielder would still be at the Emirates when the transfer window closes, the boss replied:

“Yeah. 100 per cent. I expect him to stay. There has been no speculation. No matter what happens he will stay.”

Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll have penned a new deal. But perhaps a worry for another day. With positive vibes coming from the Mesut Ozil camp, it looks as though the single biggest issue facing the Frenchman is persuading Alexis Sanchez to sign on the dotted line.

Following a report claiming the Chile international might have done that already, the boss made it clear that supporters should not believe everything in the papers.

“No [he has not signed a new deal]. A lot that comes out about Sanchez does not look completely right. No, that’s not the case.”

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Lord Bendnter

I for one am absolutely delighted about this, hopefully there’s no last minute hoodotoodo and Ox stays.

– Yes, I just invented my own phrase, I know


Agreed, it’s definitely a good thing but you wouldn’t think so hearing some fans nowadays. I just hope he actually gets the chance to establish himself in a position rather than being played everywhere and anywhere

Godfrey Twatsloch

Players being played everywhere and anywhere is sometimes the hoodotoodo of fotball.


Gets a chance? He’s been here for how long? He’s had more chances than a lot of guys that were way better at football than him. Perez, Campbell and gnabry anyone?

Look, on his day he has had some really good games. Most of the time however he’s a liability. He hasn’t lived up to the potential and he isn’t more than a squad player. Sell now if the money is right.

Al Gilmore

Suffers from the same problem as Perez and Gnabry. Persistent problems with either major or niggling injury.


The Greatest Linguist That Ever Lived?


The media are going crazy about this Giroud blanking Laca story. Did anyone else consider that he simply didn’t see him because after he scored he wasn’t running in that direction? There’s not always a negative undertone!

Also, Kolasinac looks like an absolute beast


I think taken in conjunction with Giroud’s reaction to lacazette’s goal… It looked worse than it was


Absolutely right Jack, Giroud was facing away from Lacazette so didn’t see him, simple as that..
The media are pathetic, always looking for a negative and if they cannot find a legitimate one they will attempt to make one up out of nothing. The trouble is the brain dead element of the fan base seem to believe all the crap that is fed to them.

Al go

Zzzz…They must’ve coincidentally missed the bit when they high fived after laca teed up giroud for a chance


Good news everybody!!!
Sorry, been on a futurama binge lately.
Woooob woob woob woob woob woob


But staying into his final year or extending?

Indian Gooner

Watching play today live.. after a few years.. was just praying that we have got to keep hold of the Ox.. he is definitely starting to improve.


It’s sounding increasingly like nobody will leave, although a few might be running down their contracts

Aside from Gibbs, Debuchy and Jenkinson of course

This is really strange we don’t normally do this sort of thing


I think this is a case of Keown being right – Wenger knows his time is up if he doesn’t challenge meaningfully in the next 2 years so he’s stopped focusing on the next decade and is going for it here and now. That changes how he’s approaching Sanchez, etc.

Original Paul

Monreal has cemented himself into LHS centre of a back 3 imo.
Bellers – Holding – Kos – Monreal – Kolasinac.


Monreal is brilliant, got murdered at left back a bit last season but that seemed to happen down which ever side Iwobi was playing down.

Reison Nkeddiea

Let’s be honest, no way Holding gets in there over Mustafi or Per. He didn’t even start over Chambers in the England u-21 squad. I love Holding alot though, don’t get me wrong.

A different George

I think Koscielny and Mustafi will usually start at centre-half; I think Mertesacker will get some games (especially given Koscielny’s chronic Achilles issue) as well as Holding, probably Chambers, certainly Monreal, maybe Kolasinac. (The latter two also at wingback, or fullback in a four.)


“So and so is 100% not leaving” is just a negotiating position, in my opinion. Would not be at all surprised to see Ox and Alexis sold before the window closes.

Chris 66

I think (and Ozil and Sanchez) this might be like the Theo situation from a few years ago when he signed in the period between the summer and winter windows, when everyone is more focused on games than transfers. If a player is in the team and things are going well then the impetus to move may be significantly reduced, even if it takes a lumpy signing on bonus to equalize the wages with what they may have got from someone else but keep the “salaries” in line with others. We may have to put in buy out clauses too… Read more »


Wenger said: Alexis – he stays; Ox – he stays, Giroud – he stays and Wilshire – he stays! Everybody stays!! So who goes now? Something’s not right!!!


All those players mentioned should stay as they can contribute significantly this season. Gibbs, Debuchey, Jenkinson are all surplus now, as maybe Walcott, so could be moved on, whilst the unlucky Perez just does not float Arsene’s boat and is better off leaving.


How on earth can we go into a season with Ox, Ozil & Alexis all having not agreed new deals? It’s madness. I cannot believe the contract negotiations with Ox can be that hard.

Plus we haven’t even sold a single player yet despite having over 30 professional on the books, what an absolute farce are football operations are.

Original Paul

I didn’t realise the window had closed Glocken??


Do you really trust us to have this all sorted before the end of the window? Previous history would say no. Our whole football operations is a joke.

Everyone & his wife knows Ox & Alexis don’t want to stay, apart from the old deluded dictator Wenger and his merry band of yes men, it stinks.


I don’t agree, I think for once we’re getting it right. In the past we may have sold some of those surplus for fees that border on criminal. We then would have taken Arsenal to the woodshed and blamed them for a lack of negotiation skills.

For once we are valuing the players for what the market is showing. Szc for example…Juve basically announce him as the future and lowball us on a cost. I love that we have told them to fuck off.

Peter Olafsson

My first post here, enjoy this blog a lot, without a doubt best discussion platform about Arsenal on the web. My 2cents is that we should prepare us to let Sanchez go, firstly he is ransoming the club for his wages and his attitude stinks. What he is asking(if it is right) is way beyond what is reasonable, 20m per season, so that will be 80m over 4 years contract, he will be 32years old at the expiry of the contract with no re-sales value, so this deal could cost us somewhat of 80m wages+current sales value of 60m, so… Read more »


Great post, can we put ”Dr” in front of your name 😀

and yeah welcome !

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