Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger hints at Giroud stay despite Lacazette plans

Arsene Wenger says that he expects Olivier Giroud to stay at Arsenal, even though he appears to have earmarked new boy Alexandre Lacazette for the main striker’s role this season.

There has been huge speculation over the future of the former Montpellier man, something he himself seemed to acknowledge in recent times, but the Arsenal manager says he wants to hang onto the 30 year old who has scored 98 goals for the Gunners.

“There is a lot of speculation,” he said. “I have many times said that I have a huge respect for Olivier Giroud for the man he is and the way he loves our club.

“Even with all the speculation he is focused and does his job. I always said that I expect him to stay, I was always consistent with that.”

Giroud combined well with the record signing in the 3-1 win over Western Sydney Wanderers today, and the boss outlined his plans for the 26 year old and how he might work with his international teammate.

“Lacazette will play most of the time as centre forward,” he said.

“He can play in any system because he’s a provider as well, he can combine and play in a 442.

“At the moment he plays a little bit behind Giroud, tonight he was more on the left, and he can play in that position as well.”

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This is good news, we are entering the new season with different types of striking options. Giroud, welbeck, Lacazette, Sanchez. Come on Gunners, I am already having an erection just by mere thinking of it, and winning the league will give me the Orgasm


Put… that… away. Dirty boy.


That’s too much information!

We won the cup

A bit odd that. Hah


I agree with what you said about our striking options, but there is really no need to tell us about what’s going on in your pants.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

I wouldn’t be assuming the presence of pants, given the circumstances.

Kai -malayan gunner

I dunno..Even I have deep love in football,but it is just awkward having an erection watching bunch of men playing football let alone orgasm

Little Mozart

I like the back three we are currently employing, but the idea of Giroud and Lacazette playing up top together in a 4-4-2 really appeals to me. Hopefully we’ll see that at some point.


Have to agree. Would rather see a 3-5-2 with Ozil in a more advanced role in the 5 man midfield.


And when does Lacazette play with Özil? This is meant to be one of our strenghts…


Still waiting for that one, and Sanchez obviously


This the the Wenger I remember from the Invincibles. Covering his ass.

I think that he is waiting for the Sanchez situation to sort out. Maybe if he stays Giroud can be sold. If he leaves then Laca can sub in as a the Sanchez role and they can play together a portion of the time

This is a marked differences from years past where we would have sold regardless.

Listen, Arsenal is the club and the players are the players. I’d rather them wait in limbo than us.


He isn’t saying 100% he will stay like the others. Sounds like he might still go.

Hopefully he will stay.

Laughing Stock

Looks like it’s Sanchez on the bench lads!

Laughing Stock

If we’re playing this 3-5-2 or whatever it is, why not have a go with the two french blokes up top? I’m saying this assuming Sanchez is fucking off obviously. Ozil threading balls through for Lacazette, two wing backs pinging crosses in for Sex God. Why ever not?


If we have both there are lots of different ways we can line up, with or without Giroud.

Yankee Gooner

Sleight of hand and a twist of fate
On a bed of nails Alexis makes us wait,
And we wait with Giroud

With or without Giroud
With or without Giroud
We can line up
With or without Giroud


Mmm, Sex God…


If this summer ends with Lacazette in yet Giroud (and Perez) out… I don’t really understand it as “improving” our offensive line. Lacazette is obviously a starter. Yet we can’t simply lose Giroud, since we have no alternative to him. He’s a prolific goalscorer. Even better when coming off from the bench. Can score those ugly goals – no matter if the opponent is big or small. Welbeck? He might be better in many aspects of the game, but hey, he doesn’t score goals. And that’s quite a problem when you’re a striker. Theo? Looking at the numbers, fantastic season… Read more »

Corona X

It’s a little bit unrelated, but you mentioned crossing, so…
Is anyone else completely puzzled as to why, when Giroud is on, we try to play through the middle… Yet when he’s off, everyone is crossing for their lives? It’s driving me nuts!


I’ve never noticed this particularly myself, but if it is the case I’d imagine it’s because of the opposition’s defensive focus in each situation.

Reality check

With our defensive credentials and ability to win the second ball, it’s actually fine we don’t cross a lot. Imagine the amount of counters we’ll have to contend with.

Reality check

Every defender tries to nullify their opponent’s main threat and giroud’s is heading ability. So the defences either play high against him or man mark him when inside the 18 yard box.. Giroud is not quick on his feet, sometimes, you need that to meet a cross in a fast, flowing move. Giroud regularly dominates defenders 1-1 physically but 2-1,while static inside the box is asking too much, one defender can easily put him off the ball while the other challenges for it.

Ol granny Xhaka

I know it’s unlikely but whenever Wenger says a striker can also play wide it fills me with dread haha

Corona X

You’re not the only one… After watching Bendtner being out of ideas near the corner flag, playing on the wing, I still have nightmares about these scenarios!

Reality check

O Come on, we trounced Everton 6-1 with him playing on the right. He also assisted Denilson’s rocket if I recall correctly. With right guidance and regular game time, he could’ve been the next tall, lanky Bobby Pires..


Oli. Stay. Please. I❤U



Naive? Yes, but let me dream!


You dream of two monreals? I usually go for two girouds.

La Défense

12 v 11 always good I say.

Better than Zidane

Why leave out Xhaka and Bellerin? (Clearly, number of players is not limited to 11 here…)

My wig smells cheesy

I would start with all 5 subs playing too. May as well make it 17 v 11. Should win most of the games then. In fact we could play 2 GK’s as well to seal the deal. What do you think Andersson?


I think he should stay. If he’s not getting enough game time then we should respect his wishes and let him go in January and be a starter somewhere.


Apparently Sanchez has said in an interview in Chile that he wants to leave.

Whole situation gets stranger …


Sanchez’s latest reported comments – if they are accurate – are disappointing, but don’t change a thing. He’s still under contract and Arsenal still decide his fate for the next 12 months.

So unless Arsene either changes his mind about keeping him, or we sign a suitable replacement (and that player doesn’t have to be like for like) then Sanchez should adjust his attitude, and get ready for another season representing the Arsenal.


I just read them. When it’s a quote it seems legit. If those are factual then it seems proof he wants out. If so I suggest we work Monaco……

If not then let’s sell and still work with Monaco.

Moley Mole the Mole who lives in a hole

He had said he wants to play champions league. He then said it is not up to him and he will see what Arsenal say/do


I’m not sure that Wenger expecting everyone (Sanchez, Ox, Wilshere, Giroud…) to stay means that they all will.


Would like to see giroud and lac up front together. Think they complement each other well.

Godfrey Twatsloch

And that’s it, while HFB himself may not be happy about current developments most of us fans are delighted by the prospect of him in the team backed up by a good striker.

Tasmanian Jesus

Some version of 3-5-2 maybe?
I think Giroud and Lacazette together on the pitch could possibly get us a lot of goals!


Why would you want him away? Perplexing to me how some people think. Wenger is right. If Giroud can overcome any “ego’ issues, he should stay. Firstly we need BOTH players as different options up top. If anything with Welbeck yet to find any semblance of efficiency, the England man should be third choice. Secondly we have option to play either of Giroud or lacazette up top or BOTH of them together. Our options are more limited than France in the wide areas so we can accommodate both. Its not a zero sum game. Thirdly someone should also remind Giroud… Read more »


Giroud’s finish today is such a definitive example of why I’d like him to stay. Not a single forward in this club that would attempt- or pull off- that kind of finish.

Godfrey Twatsloch

His lack of pace is well established but less talked about are his reactions in the box which are lightning fast.

My wig smells cheesy

Come on Oli! You know you want to join the 100 club…


Much ado about the whole Giroud ignoring Lacazette for his celebration.

IF anything the commentary on the main Arsenal site were going on about just how much Lacazette and Giroud were linking up with their play and trying to find each other.

Crisis manufacturing again.


Giroud can feck off. Effing poser, nothing more. West Ham, Everton are the clubs for his level.


And the sane can be said for Walcott, exactly the same toothless, spineless character, just a faster Giroud with the same finishing ability, less technique and no hold up play. Should leave too.

Thumb me down, bit**es!!

Rwandan Gunner

Wenger please, dont kill Lacazette putting him on the left to accommodate Giroud. It kills our football flow and attacjing pace. It hasnt worked for us. Giroud is just a sub or nothing.


Exactly. This is my biggest fear, that he will do that. No balls to make hard decisions, Wenger. If Giroud wants a no. 1 striker role and we cannot guarantee him that, sell him. No half solutions.

Merson\'s grin

On attitude alone Giroud, for me, is already an Arsenal legend. Reliable, great hold-up/build up contribution, really want to see Lacazette playing off Giroud in certain games.


Sell Walcott. He’s needed to go for years. If could get 20 million for him could put it towards Lemar fund. If got Lemar we would we be a serious team. Top 3/4 in Europe. Kolasinac looks the wing back we need tough strong and got the backbone we’ve been missing for years. And that strike force is one of the best in Europe.

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