Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wenger reveals positive texts with Alexis over his future

Arsene Wenger says he remains positive that Alexis Sanchez will be an Arsenal player next season, and says he’s been in contact with the player via text throughout the summer.

The Chilean was on Confederations Cup duty with Chile, losing in the final to someone who I can’t remember now and can’t be arsed to even look up … oh, it was Germany, thanks brain! … and is now taking some well deserved holidays.

The 28 year old, like too many others, is in the final 12 months of his current contract, and there’s a pressing need to find some clarity.

Speaking on the tour of Australia, the Arsenal manager was asked if he were positive about the future of Sanchez, and said, “Of course. There is not a lot to resolve at the moment with the player. I have spoken through text and it was very positive.

“My thoughts are always positive.”

There have been rumours all summer of interest from big clubs in Europe, including PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich, but the most persistent stories have linked Sanchez with Man City.

Given that they paid over £50m for Kyle Walker yesterday, they’ve set the bar for future transfers, so any offer for Alexis less than a couple of trillion and a spaceship that can do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs should be rejected out of hand.

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Walker for 50 mil. So I think Sanchez even with only a year left doesn’t leave for less than 70mil. Which won’t happen. City will have spent near 150mil between him bernardo silva and Mendy. They can’t afford, FFP and all that. He’s staying with us…get in!


They still need to buy more players too. Their attack is already good enough.


exactly. their attack is stocked . we should keep alexis atleast for another year .. maybe city will feel they dont want anymore attacking players and will lose interest in him


When was the last time financial rules applied to the Oil Sheikhs?


True … Isn’t there a limit now on how much they can increase their wage bill though?


Yeah but they already pay 20 odd million more in weekly wages than us so they get a higher percentage increase allowance, plus the players they are offloading are on an average of £100k a week, about as much as we will pay Lacazette. Anyway FFP is a joke, so long as we don’t spend vastly over, in the first instance it is a fine, which isn’t massive, and our chairman/owner can pay his fine upto £81m I think. It’s only if they refuse and we don’t have the cash reserves as a club to pay it will we get… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

When 90% of cars will have been replaced by electrical cars, probably before Arsenal win five other league titles.

Chairman Flamini

Save the planet. Stop Man City.


They also bougt that portugese goalkeeper for 40 mil?


?Just try and stay positive?


Over 50 mil for Kyle Walker? Just.. fuckin wow.


Yes, but.
Just imagine you had Kyle Walker and Citeh offered you fifty million quid for him.
Would you say; “Oh that’s way too much, how about twelve quid and a packet of crisps?”, or would you just pocket the cash while thinking; “Thanks suckers.”.


Even 12 quid and a packet of crisps is too much. Half a mars bar ought to have been sufficient.

Bruce Lee

Our Chilean Millennium Falcon.

Goonerest Gooner

Or “Chilleannium Falcon” if you will……

I’ll get me coat.

Glasgow Gooner

I would pray to god he stays, if only I were not an atheist.

Only 30 mins until we are back at it again ?.


Bergkamp is real


It’s fair to say we don’t actually have a clue what’s going to happen. Alexis’ interview didn’t sound very positive during the conf cup but we have signed Lacazette and we are trying to add at least one more top class attacker. Ozil has indicated that he will be staying. If Alexis wants the club to match his ambition (which I could understand) they appear to be trying to do that … James Rodriguez has gone to Bayern so that door appears to have closed. City wouldn’t really represent a step up. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they… Read more »


I also wonder how much of him not sounding positive then had to do with who was doing the interpretations and translating it into a story. A story to sell papers.

Mein Bergkampf

Apparently is was all done by emojis…


You forgot to chuck in a couple of ??

Early Arsenal

Let us all pray to DB that Sanchez signs a long deal and goes on to become an Arsenal legend.

Nice strong starting side tonight, interesting to see Laca playing off Oliver again.Maybe Wenger is sending a message to Giroud. Maybe he’s considering playing Laca off Giroud/Wellbeck or perhaps it’s just preseason and nothing should be thought of it…

Early Arsenal

With the very very obvious exception of Elneny starting on the middle of defense.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

I heard that Giroud is upset with Lacazette because he lost to him at Dejarik. You never want to upset an HFB.


Also with the 52 Million spent on Lacazette, we’ve set the bar for Lemar pursuit!


does wenger speak Spanish? or Alexis good english?…i thought he was still learning. so wondering if there’s something lost in translation ..?

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