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Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea (4-1 AET): By the Numbers

12 – Arsenal shots
8 – Chelsea shots
3 – Shots each for Walcott and Welbeck (led all players)
1 – Shot for Lacazette (hit the post)
97 – Passes by Xhaka (led all players)
81 – Accurate passes by Xhaka (led all players)
4 – Key Passes by Xhaka (led all players)
1 – Assists by Xhaka (tied with Gary Cahill)
55 – Accurate passes by Fabregas (led Chelsea)
0 – Key Passes by Fabregas (didn’t lead anything)
0 – Tackles by Fabregas (was dribbled 1)
0 – Tackles by Xhaka (was dribbled 2)
3 – Tackles by Kolasinac (was dribbled 0 – led all players)
3 – Tackles by Lacazette (was dribbled 0 – also led all players)
40 – Passes completed by Kolasinac (of 43 attempted, 93% completion rate, led Arsenal’s back line!)
5 – Clearances by Holding (led all players, tied with Azpilicueta)
2 – Interceptions by Holding (led all players, tied with Azpilicueta, Elneny, Ox, Kante, and Fabregas)
94 – Percent pass completion by Lacazette
17 – Completed passes by Lacazette (of 18)
2 – Number of times Lacazette lost possession through a tackle or a bad touch
1 – Number of times Lacazette was caught offside
4 – Total number of times Lacazette lost possession, through a tackle, bad touch, offside or bad pass
25 – Total touches by Lacazette
.16 – Lacazette turnover to touch ratio
11 – Total number of times Alexis lost possession through a tackle or a bad touch in the FA Cup final against Chelsea
6 – Bad passes by Alexis in the FA Cup final
17 – Total number of times Alexis lost possession, through a tackle, bad touch, offside or bad pass in the FA Cup Final
58 – Touches by Alexis in the FA Cup Final
.29 – Alexis turnover to touch ratio in the FA Cup Final (bigger number is a higher rate)
16 – Number of times Chelsea won the ball back through a tackle or by forcing a bad touch
25 – Number of times Arsenal won the ball back in the exact same manner (16-25 – Arsenal forced 9 more turnovers than Chelsea did)
29-27 – Arsenal to Chelsea possession loss in the FA Cup Final (Chelsea forced 2 more turnovers than Arsenal)
24 – Tackles attempted by each team in the Charity Shield today (it was 37-32 in the FA Cup Final)
17 – Tackles won by Arsenal (23 won by Arsenal in the FA Cup Final)
13 – Tackles won by Chelsea (24 won by Chelsea in the FA Cup Final)
10 – Interceptions by Arsenal (19 in FAC Final)
11 – Interceptions by Chelsea (13 in FAC Final)
551 – Passes by Arsenal (489 in FACF)
466 – Passes by Chelsea (433 in FACF)
21 – Dribbles attempted by Arsenal (Ox led all players with 5)
13 – Dribbles attempted by Chelsea
11 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal
7 – Successful dribbles by Chelsea
0 – Successful dribbles by Bellerin (of 4)
3 – Successful dribbles by Iwobi (of 4, led all players)
1 – Big Fucking Cut on Mertesacker’s head

Special request:

Welbeck has only started 47 times for Arsenal. Arsenal won 25 of those matches, drew 11, and lost 11. The PPG average when Welbeck starts in 1.83. Arsene Wenger’s career Arsenal PPG is 1.99. Arsenal’s PPG average the last three seasons is 1.94. When Welbeck starts, Arsenal are slightly worse than Wenger’s average. Sorry!

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Xhaka better than Cesc.


useless statement

Forrest Moore

Confirming, through statistics, that Xhaka is a stronger ball player than Fabregas is likely to boost supporter morale. If recognised by the manager, Xhaka, and the squad in general this point will have a similar affect. Confidence equals greater success!

Isaiah Rankin

“Money can be exchanged for goods and services”

A different George

How many stitches?


Enough to give him the nickname Frankenstein’s monster. BFM.

A different George

Although this is a Chelsea stat, not Arsenal:

How many minutes, on average, does it take Gary Cahill to elbow someone in the head? My guess is that it is something like 190-210 (every third game or so). World class, but not quite Maraouane Fellaini range.

Cliff Bastin

What percentage of Chelsea’s squad has been booked for diving? It feels like 75%.

Lord Bendnter

Q: What sport is Didier Drogba best known for?
A. Table Tennis
B. Basketball
C. Diving
D. Football

Correct Answer = C. Diving


The Elneny effect showing in the difference between our FA Cup performance and today’s. Hell of a game from him and Seo Kolasinac


Should be.
Big Fucking Gash

Hope Mert is good for Friday. However, no problem with Nacho playing CB and Sead bossing the left-side. What cracking players they both are.


“0 – Key Passes by Fabregas (didn’t lead anything)”

This line made my night.


He led this for me -> ???

Danaery\'s pet dragon

I have a feeling that our win rate is quite high whenever Holding starts ( league and cups). Any chance of running his numbers like Welbeck’s above ?


There you have it Welbeck lovers. Running around and creating havoc is not enough for me. Playing up front for Arsenal you have to come up with goals – simple as that

David C

still a decent squad player though.

Third Plebeian

You forgot to mention his assist cum-shots.


I wouldn’t be so annoyed if he provided some assists at the very least!


Number of times we have won at Wembley in a row 8 🙂 happy days


and long may it continue !!


It’s 9 actually!!


pair bossing midfield : 2, you choose …. shakneny…. or elneka 😉


The latter is somewhat close to the slang word for “fucking” in Arabic, if I’m right.

Iraqi Gooner

It actually translates to “the fuck”

Early Arsenal

Thanks 7am, Lacazette did well leading the line and combining with teammates. The numbers highlight how he is a completely different player to Sanchez who is a creative force playing from deep with a high risk all or nothing approach that mostly leads to his turnovers (the poor short passes are his only real fault) which are forgivable with his awesome output. They should play well together. I guess your being a little cheeky with comparing their numbers or is there a wider point in the functioning of the team? What about Elneny today. The eye test showed a strong… Read more »

Terry Henry

@blogs Like the special request number at the end. Arsecast idea for those dull Interlulls? ?
Great read as always 7am. Always enjoy reading the By the Numbers article after games. Thanks


Doesn’t Welbeck start vs more difficult opponents more often than not? Wenger likes what Welbeck brings defensively.

These PPG are actually decent considering who we play against.


I wouldn’t exactly call those Walcott attempts ‘shots’


I’m glad I was able to read this. After watching the game, I was scratching my head over why the media (for the most part) was saying that it was all Chelski, that we were overrun, that they were under-cooked but the better side, etc., etc., blah, blah.

I thought it was a good game, even enough, and could have gone either way – ours or the wrong one!

A different George

Martin Tyler and Stewart Robson, on the international feed, were very clear that Arsenal were the better side.

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