Friday, December 1, 2023

Confirmed: Jenkinson & Bramall join Birmingham

Birmingham City have confirmed season-long loan deals for both Carl Jenkinson and Cohen Bramall.

The Mirror reported this morning that a deal was on the cards and things have moved very quickly indeed.

Last season we loaned Krystian Bielik to the Blues and he seemed to enjoy himself. The likes of Jon Toral and Nicklas Bendtner have also moved from the Emirates to St Andrew’s on loan moves.

Best of luck to Jenks and Bramall in the Championship. No doubt Harry Redknapp will have them running around showing lots of passion in no time.

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Le Jim

Does anyone know what this likely means for Jenko’s wages? Birmingham paying all or only a portion?


His wages would be drop in the ocean compared Debuchy, how tf is he still on our books?


great opportunity for bramall but I wonder why jenks refused to go to palace over wage issues in January only to drop down a division this summer, issue like this makes you question the motivation of footballers like jenks, gibbs, debuchy. Debuchy and Gibbs are footballer that could possibly make their national sides with a consistent run of playing times but yet they sit on the arsenal bench because they are not willing to drop their wage which they can even recover with strong performance for their new side if they were to move.


Why does anybody stay in a job they get paid well for but don’t like? Also dangerous to say you’ll recover the wage when injury or form can hamper that.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

The point is that there is no job for Jenkinson at Arsenal. He has not played any football since January. Instead, he has been happy to get paid for not working. You would expect more ambition for a young mam that showed so much promise after an improbable move from the lower divs to Arsenal. And after he became an England international as a result. Surprising.


Every young talent usually gets a sniff on the national team. Thats not a big deal. Now you have to think about careers. Anyone would protect their wages. He’s getting 45,000 a week? Who knows how much CP wanted to pay him but if it was 50% cut would that be advisable? Dropping down to Championship like CP did what would that do to his career and wages?


I think the more important question is what are we paying these players? Obviously over the odds, that’s why we can’t seem to sell them.

I think we need to have a look at wage structure and stop paying squad players that much that they don’t seem to want to join teams that would guarantee them regular football because they are not willing to match what they are on.

Reminds me of his lordship, several teams wanted him but none were willing to pay him what he was on.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Debuchy wasn’t squad player at time he signed.

A different George

In fact, he was first-choice fullback for France, ahead of Sagna who he was replacing for us.

John C

It’s called honouring their contracts, Wenger’s a big fan!


We all know the corporal is a die hard Gooner. What would you rather do: be an arsenal player for one more year, or be a palace player for four?

Chippys chip

Corporal Jenks dissssmissssed! Always sorry to see one of our own go. Good luck Carl.

determined culture

if i got my first job with a company, and i’m paid well there, I too wouldnt move to smaller company with less wage for more work 🙂

Gudang Pelor

Lol, not to mention the company you love.

Igbo Amadi-Obi



are you serious about that question? Cmon don’t think just because they are professional athletes that they don’t have to care about their careers and wages. Also to throw out the fact they can make their national teams? lol a little stretch there.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Because he seems to place pay over play time. That is how come he refused a pay drop to move permanently in January to a Premiership club. Quite surprising for a player of his age and background. Now off he goes on loan to the lower division, knowing that he has no future at Arsenal and that Wenger would rather sell him.


So be it lol Contract is a contract. Leaving now or later he’s going to have to earn his spot wherever he ends up. Make sure you are paid. Athletes careers don’t last forever


I very much doubt Birmingham are paying all of Jenks wages, half probably at most.


Amazed we haven’t managed to get a few at all for players like Jenko as he runs his contract down, he could be decent for someone. He must be on a really high wage


only 31 more to go 🙂

Neville Neville

If they go on to have even half the success of TGSEL after a Birmingham loan…

Neville Neville

*TGSTEL doh!

Eddie McGoldrick

TGSEL – the great striker ever loaned …


Good luck


We’ll never see either of them again so either.


We’ll never see a 21 year old we just bought last year who seems to have a lot of promise and fits our new system well as a wing back? ???

Clive St Helmet

It’s pronounced “pash’un”. He’s a matter of the Greengrocer’s apostrophe.

Men\'em gbr

Is there no one to take jenko on permanent deal ?…how has he managed to stay 6 years at arsenal !!!

John C

Because we pay him £70,000 a week that’s how


fukin hell 70k… for real .we are struggling to sell mediocre players like jenkinson gibbs etc because of long contracts . but at the same time our best players will be free agents next year . where is this club going

Bon Jello

Jenks is on £45k (still way, waaay too high), Debuchy is on £70k (still way etc).

Just so you know I’m not making wild assumptions*;

*I almost say that like the internet isn’t a melting pot of wild assumptions…

Bon Jello

Just a thought (an utterly unrealistic one) but wouldn’t it be great if players sitting lazily on high wages were all forced into PR roles. In the next AST meeting Arsene has to bring Debuchy et al along. Then the fans who love the club, pay for tickets, merchandise, Sky subscriptions (yes, we all fund the astronomical TV deals!) and so on, could turn to a player… (hypothetically) “I earn £18k a year doing a job I hate, to pay for my mothers medical bills, my child’s education, and then up to £1,500 on a tradition in supporting a club… Read more »

Chippys chip

THAT In a nutshell.

It Is What It Is

Fully agreed, sensible chap…or is it moral man? I’m fairly confident that you are male. Apologies, otherwise.

A lot of people have built empires on less….a month worth of wages, could ensure a lifetime of astronomical returns….especially with one foot in a burgeoning market.

That is the calibre of being, we have employed. Wenger does try to get ‘nice’/morally sound players, who fit in with our philosophy, but once they are aware of ever increasing TV dosh, laziness kicks in….or ambition is booted out.

Bon Jello

“I’m fairly confident that you are male” you sound just like my ex-wife haha The fees thrown around in football are forever sickening, but alas us little gutter dwellers do not have the draw to change much from matchbox rafts. Sadly we live in a world where the richest 10 people are well aware that just by halving their fortunes they could end at least 75% of global poverty (yes I am aware of the economical mayhem that would arise from these monetary weights being separated across the globe, point is, they could do A LOT more than what they… Read more »


Not if you understood what it takes to be a professional athlete. Seriously they live in a another world. Thats just what how it is. If you made that type of money you aren’t going to be living in the slums and living like some average person. They generally work hard and deserve whatever they get.

Athletes careers are short. One injury and its over.


hindsight is great but at the time MD was a starter for his club and country. Jenks had alot of promise when he signed the contract.

Whats the average professional footballer get paid at a club like Arsenal and the other top 6?


Harry ‘Geezer’ Redknap is the ‘manager’. Say no more. Good luck to them!


Just release Jenkinson already. He’s 25 and will never play for us. Why the hell did we sanction this? We need to just release these shit players


You can’t just release a player without paying up his contract. This way we at least get some of his wages paid for


Worrying move for Jenko. At his age, he shouldn’t be moving down a division to get playing time. I think this is time not only on his Arsenal career, but also his chanes of playing for any top half Premier league team.

Should be a good move for Bramall though.

Cliff Bastin

Jenkinson’s smirk makes me hear his horrendous attempt at an Australian accent saying sweeeet in my head.


You cant win sometimes, fans loving Jenks a short few years ago, so we give him a decent contract, form drops and now we cant sell him. Imagine if we didnt and he went on to be a world beater, fans would be calling Wenger out for not giving him a long contract.


I was just thinking the exact same thing! I’m pretty sure if Sanogo was to go on and amount to anything people would blame Wenger for giving up too soon, haha.

Hamburg Gooner

I´ll never get this hatred towards Jenks – as if some folks are jealous that there was an Arsenal fan making it into the first team .. Fact is: he earned his contract back then and people were happy for him, especially when he scored that goal at Norwich (and I saw him silencing Robben in Munich – not many Arsenal players can say that ..). Then off to West Ham on loan, had a very decent season and tore his ligaments in his second season there (which was due to the emergence of Bellerin). Spend a year out injured… Read more »


Good!! Now get Gibbs out as well. Theo might fetch us 27 -30m. Need to get 3 signings in.

Chippys chip

Theo 10m at best


Good luck boys. Gutted that Jenko can’t get a permanent move.


Best of luck lads.
Hopefully we can shift a few more permanently in the coming days.


If we’re not going to win shit anyway, why not just sell the massively expensive players like Özil and Sanchez and go with the people we already have, that aren’t getting a chance – we played quite well in the Charity Shield with a lot of “second string” players, and quite frankly, I’m beyond fed up with “having to keep up” with clubs that spend more on defenders in two weeks than many countries spend on their actual military defence in a year. I’m at the point where I’d rather finish 12th with a whole bunch of die-hard Arsenal players… Read more »


Who are all these players who don’t give a shit ?


Who are all the die-hard players we can keep who DO give a shit about the club?

I agree with a lot of what Odalgooner has to say. But unfortunately I think theres less connection between players and the clubs at all premier league teams – it’s not just the star players.


Why now? It’s been that ways for years. If you look around Europe you will see teams on our budget or less that over-perform. Atletico Madrid for example.

Arsenal for many years have under-performed. It’s not just bcos other teams spend obscene amounts of cash, it’s our manager has consistently failed to get th best out of the group of players available to him.


Not sure I agree. The vast majority of players we move on don’t shine at their next clubs. Therefore its hard to argue that its Arsene who didn’t get the best from them at Arsenal. Same logic applies to the players we are currently trying to move on. Buying clubs don’t see them as players who can make a difference to their teams


I know there probably isn’t a lot of interest in a permanent deal for Jenks, but Wenger has to sell some of these players like Campbell, Jenks, Debuchy, etc. that obviously will never have an important role with Arsenal even if it means taking a bit of a loss.


Its also hard to sell players coming off injuries. You are in a catch-22


An earlier post hit the nail right on the head.
Mediocre squad players are being paid far too much hence why we cannot move them on and why they want to stay.
Another masterstroke of genius from the “manager” who seems to have placed the welfare of the club far behind his own selfish goals.
God I cannot stand Wenger..


3-4 years ago fans were calling out to sign these players in addition to Jack, Joel etc to long term contracts. The club did this and now are being castigated for it. Some young players go on to exceed expectations (Rob Holding, Bellerin, KOS), others don’t deliver on potential. That’s part of the model and few clubs get it right all the time


Hindsight yes but back then of course not. You give young players developing and getting better contracts. 2-3 years ago there would be no hesitation signing him up. Now coming off injury and not getting proper games he’s “useless” lol

Moley Mole the mole who lives in a hole

In other news, Ismael Bennacer has left Arsenal to join Empoli

Godfrey Twatsloch

More fucking loans! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………


Just can’t get Jenkinson off the books.

And really, he’s not that good is one reason.

Bramall…I thought he just got ‘promoted’ to first team.

Fans tend to have a bias view of certain players for whatever reason. Biggest case in point Jenko. Mediocre player but they would forgive him before they did Flamini …a much more effective player for us than Elneny.

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