Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lacazette and Kolasinac dropped, Ox plays: Liverpool v Arsenal teams

We look to get back to winning ways today at a ground we haven’t won at since 2012.

It’s Liverpool v Arsenal at Anfield, and here are today’s official line-ups.

Liverpool: Karius, Gomez, Lovren, Matip, Moreno, Henderson, Can, Wijnaldum, Salah, Mane, Firmino

Subs: Ward, Klavan, Alexander-Arnold, Grujic, Milner, Solanke, Sturridge.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Holding, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck

Subs: Ospina, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Coquelin, Walcott, Giroud, Lacazette

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Sheffield Gooner



Don’t worry. Instead of playing one of our most consistent strikers or our club record signing we’re playing … erm … Welbeck?


Don’t watch much Liverpool but hopefully this means Wenger is trying to put pressure on their defence with Welbeck as they try to hit on the counter. Holding and Monreal don’t go forward as much as Kolasinac and Mustafi so that could help keep a more compact shape to frustrate Liverpool (haha). I suppose Ox is more technically sound than Kolasinac but who knows both teams’ defenses look like shit.

I don’t have a clue tbh coyg


and 2-0 down at ht


Pathetic display


Welbeck is fuckin shit.


At least he was trying


Welbeck has more defensive side to his game

Chippys chip

But cant hit a barn door and we have Lacazette and Giroud on bench???

Little Mozart

Welbz scored at Anfield last season.

Chippys chip


Sheffield Gooner

I am worried. I fear for the reaction against Mr Wenger if this goes wrong. I can honestly see him bringing Walcott on when we need a goal with 20 minutes left, leaving Lacazette on the bench. We’ll see, of course, but I’m worried. And will he put Bellerin on the left again? I wouldn’t be surprised…

Third Plebeian

If it goes wrong? IF? It’s a foregone conclusion. Absurd team selection. Wenger has lost the plot. Badly.


Henry stating the obvious, too many of us just don’t see it. Stagnation, same old, same old and same.

Nothing to lose now, at least go out and give it a fucking go second half.


Maybe it’s to ease Alexis back in with someone he knows? I’m grasping for a reason, obviously.


Keep grasping


This …

That said.. Positionwise this is a proper Arsenal team .. that alone.. will … something. Because of reasons..



Original Paul

Come again??


We still have the element of surprise


Certainly surprised me


You got me laughing there.


But neither the ruthless efficiency nor the red uniforms of the Spanish Inquisition 🙁

Chippys chip



Belerin as a lwb again.

Aaaaaaannnd we’re getting torn apart already. Fucking hell Arsene.


This makes no sende. Is he just stupid? Does he do this to mock us? Why wellbeck? Why bellerin on the left? Good luck surviving the next two weeks if we lose this.


I am lost… The tank and Lacazette on the bench? What?

Clock-End Mike

There must be something going on… but I’m lost to know what it is.
Just get behind them team, I guess. #COYG!


Welbz must have trained real hard after all that happened last week. I think he has a point to prove.
With Ox on the right I think Welbz might get a couple of good crosses.


This is so we have options to get our last minute equalizer and winner.


he’s finally gone completely mad


wtf is arsene smoking out there?


Sadly not his contract!!!!!


So where exactly is this Sanchez – Lacazette stew being cooked?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

76″. With some Giroud toppings.


Wel get panned with holding in the team , their front 3 are too fast for him also don’t understand leaving ur best players on bench


What the fuck is this?!

Rhaegarbage Garbagegarian

Ill be watching it from the insane asylum after i commit myself from the unbearable bs this team puts me through

Twisted cuntloks

It has been going on for almost 10 years….we never learn when we are being taken for a ride

Original Paul

What is this madness?

Chippys chip

He is called Arsene Wenger


Well Mustafi is definitely going to Inter then…..


*I wonder who’s gonna be our main striker – Giroud or Lacazette?*

Oh, it’s Welbeck…

Plus Ox (who’s apparently leaving) instead of Kolasinac away at Anfield is madness.


That’s a 4-4-2: Nacho is playing left back. Oxlade on the right wing ahead of Hector. Think he wanted someone with more physicality up front. Welbeck can run them tired and then Lacazette and Oli come on and kill the game off. Have a bit trust in your team, Gooners. It’s a line up that can hurt pool. #COYG


Madness if Ox is leaving and still starts this match. Otherwise ok with the lineup, we played pretty much this team in the FA cup final.

Welbeck provides with pressing for 60 minutes, Lacazette and Giroud to come on against tired legs (and a poor defence)


I was just thinking I bet there is a surprise on the team sheet today. Low and behold after all the excitement about seeing Alexis play with Laca, and two articles this morning about him, he isn’t even starting!

Also to put Kolasinac on the bench is just crazy


Tbf Alexis and Lacazette have never started together and this match might be one to go with players who know each other. Still would have played Kola before Ox


Wenger playing games with my fpl team

Lord\'s Left Foot

Wenger cooking up a shi* stew.

Tommy Gunner

Welbeck over Lacazette AND Giroud!? Unbelievable!


Oh dear! Well, all we can do at this point is get behind the lads. COYG

Lord\'s Left Foot

Wenger cooking up one heck of a stew. Confusing.

Lord Bendnter

Are you absolutely shitting me? Did Welbeck not screw up all his goal chances last game, or was that just my eyes playing tricks??


I mean…why Arsene, why?

Stringer Bell

They could pull it off but you have to seriously believe the manager has lost it

Tasmanian Jesus

Was my first thought when i saw both Lacazette AND Giroud on the bench…then I saw who was starting, and it also became my second and third thought..

No safety

I don’t understand…………

Wenger has lost his mind

Giroud\'s Abs

At least their defence is also fucked!

Chippys chip

But still cant breakthrough it


I would say I’m surprised, but frankly it’s got to the point where it would be more shocking to discover Wenger had actually put out a cohesive line up.


We’ve had success against Klopp in the past going long against the press when he was at Dortmund.

Had a feeling we’d go with Giroud or Welbeck today.

See Arsene is keeping up with the defensive bantz.

Saying that…
Are we actually doing this
Holding Koscielny
Bellerin. Monreal
Rambo Xhaka
Chambo Ozil Alexis



That would be better than playing 3 at the back IMO


On the other hand, this is typical Wenger. Putting trust and confidence in a player who was absolutely shit in his last game and starting him over a record signing and Giroud.

As much as I adore him as a person because of such actions, it’s seriously hampering our results.


Just like last year wait til 2-0 down then bring on the best players.


Disaster of a line up
Disaster of a Manager
Pays 50 million for a striker, doesn’t play him
Makes a last desperate plea to Ox by playing him, even though Ox has said he wants to leave.
Kolasinac, an actual left wing back on the bench

I despair….

Boom Xhaka Laca

Looks like we’re adding another year to that barren run at Anfield then…

The one consolation is that Liverpool back line.

Lord Bendnter

How is it that when you have actual Strikers in Lacazette and Giroud, each of whom provide you with excellent specific striker attributes, that you go with Sanchez up front? Will Walcott be starting up front next game?

What happened? Did Lacazette go behind Wenger’s back to give Henry an interview?? Is this punishment?

Original Paul

Arsene you just bought two new exciting players and now you drop them.
If we lose this game the Internet will explode!


Giroud has a good record at Anfield, I can’t understand why Arsene would not want use him there.

These little histories play significant role mentally, but Arsene just would not care. Aguero was dropped for Sterling yesterday because Sterling always scores against the Cherries, and he ended up scoring. Giroud has a good scoring record against the Potters, especially when he started, but Arsene dropped him. He scored twice a season before last there, but Arsene dropped him today. If you are not playing Lacazzete for God’s sake play Giroud. What is the point of playing Welbeck?


I meant he scored twice a season before last at Anfield, not at Stoke.


I love the energy of Welbeck but what in the actual fuck? No Giroud or Lacazette starting? Welbeck is easily our least reliable striker.

Also, Ox starting when he refused a contract AGAIN???


Danny sanogoal2.0 Welbeck…

bloke from Portugal



i wonder why he is doing it so difficult for himself, surely he must know if we loose that he will be roasted


nice to see holding starting, but oh my word, wellbeck starting, and NO kolasinac , giroud or lacazett, what the hell is he playing at


Losing his mind isn’t a good enough excuse for this. The earlier we get Kolasinac bombing up and down that left flank the better. Like blogs said earlier today, fingers and all other body parts crossed. If Ox leaves after starting this important game then something serious is wrong with Arsene


I honestly worry for Wenger’s state of mind.

Reminds me of the last days of Brian Clough.

Yorkshire Gooner

Stick with last years failures who want to leave for the big games, instead of the improvements. Classic wenger.


So he brags about getting 2 signings for 25mil each, and doesn’t play those whom he believes in, I mean wtf. Wenger gimme a break.


WTF!!!!!,I can’t believe laca n kolasinac on the bench!!Wenger will kill us one of these days


Starting to think that Le Prof has lost Le Plot……

Lone Star Gunner

I have tried to be respectful of the manager but if another bizarro world lineup backfires I’d say it’s time to outright fire him. Not that anything like that will happen of course.

Are we reverting to four at the back? Is there a plan here? Utter chaos at this club.


Has Wenger got a bet on that Danny will be our top goal scorer? It’s the only way I can understand dropping lacazette AND giroud…..but Wenger fan but these team selections as getting more and more hard to understand

Josh B.

OH NO WHAT HAS HE DONE?!? Utterly incomprehensible. (1.) Lacazette is benched? The most promising striker to sign for the club in a decade is benched following his first two performances (which were excellent). (2.) Kolasinac is benched? Possibly our best player over the first two matches. Forced to play out of position and still shined. (3.) “The Ox” is in the starting line-up?? Utterly inconsistent over the first two games and still makes poor decisions in the final third. And he REALLY wants to leave…to play for CHELSEA…


What is hppening? I hope I am wrong and we’ll win comfortably (…) but I fear the worst…..
What are we playing anyway? 4 or 3 at the back?


Here we go again..


Who cares? Wenger can put his English players as in the end it’s Blame Özil!


4-1-4-1 ? Just for Ox?

Ashish Chandra

Ox, Welbeck, Ozil and Ramsey. Arsenal are going to play with 7 men tonight at Anfield.
Liverpool should give up playing football if they score less than 3 goals against us today.

Ashish Chandra

Liverpool can play football. Arsenal can’t… Wenger please buy a new midfield. And stop playing Ox, Ramsey and Ozil away from home. Welbeck should be playing for a bottom half team in the championship.


If you are an Arsenal fan you want him out – you certainly don’t want him wasting valuable resources on donkeys like Xhaka, Mustafi and Perez !

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