Monday, September 26, 2022

New ‘ABBA’ penalty shoot-out system a possibility for Community Shield

If Sunday’s Community Shield between Arsenal and Chelsea ends in a draw, a penalty shoot-out will decide the winner.

If it happens, we’ll see a new system known as ‘ABBA’ implemented. Basically, the name of the game previous has been team A going first, then team B, then team A again etc.

AB, AB, AB and so on.

Under the new rules, the kicks would alternate so if team A goes first, team B would take the next two penalties, then team A take the following two, giving us an AB BA AB BA system.

In a statement, the FA said, “The FA has today announced that a different order of kicks for Kicks from the Penalty Mark (KFPM) will be trialled at Sunday’s FA Community Shield – the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country.

“The new format will be used across all English Football League tournaments from this season but the first chance to see the system at work could now come this weekend at Wembley.”

It’s certainly an interesting development, and as with the old system the winner takes it all. It’s also nice to see that having been in place for so long, the idea of the penalty shoot-outs have been bjorn again.

Meanwhile, reports overnight say that the Gunners are set to offer a trial to North Korean striking sensation Dan Sing Kween.

More on that when we get it.

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Worth a try, though does assume that no-one wins the game.

Given that we will, it is a bit of a waste of time to discuss.


I just saw a new video footage of Sanchez kissing the club badge during a training session. He still loves the club, I feel the club is not doing enough to keep him cause his statement has always been that it’s up to the club, the club knows what to do. That’s what he keeps saying.


300k a week is enough in my opinion. Most of us would have to work several years to get that.

32 Goonah

Maybe he doesn’t care only about how much money he can get, but more about having a chance to win the top trophies. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t yet signed a new contract for 300k a week?


He obviously doesn’t care about the money with the way he’s asking for 4-500000 per week from winners like Bayern.


Media rubbish. Don’t believe everything you read.


Most of us aren’t top flight football players, but I see your point


It’s enough in your opinion because you’re not the one with the commodity that’s being bid on. Sanchez is.


Or maybe he had ketchup on his shirt and was licking it.


Maybe some sort of ‘Chile’ sauce…

See you later.

Trex d\' Gunner

Infinite thumbs up @wizardry ?

Phil Collins fan

When all is said and done I hope Sanchez says I do, I do, I do, I do want to stay with Arsenal.


Fabregas did a bunch of badge kissing too the season before he left. Great player, did great things for the club, but left when it was suitable for him. Going to guess Alexis will do the same.


Looked more like he was taking the piss to me


I think you’re right, Sanchez Bantz level = ninja

Midwest Gooner

who cares? we’re getting Dan Sing Kween

Mesut O\'Neill

To think this lad is only 17.

Exciting times ahead indeed.

little Bit Handbrakes-on

This one really had me laughing out loud!
I guess other teams can expect to feel the heat, from this goal machine!

little Bit Handbrakes-on

Yay! And he won’t cost us a lot of money, money, money either.


Footballers… They cross themselves, pray & point to heaven when they enter the pitch… Then they swear “puta!” And look to heaven when they miss a chance…


Looked to me as if it was a gag set up between Ozil and Alexis for the cameras, tbh


Give this chap a bells!


Mama Mia! This is appalling blogs


Will Walter Liu get his debut in this match too?


In other news, Arsenal target Fernando has tweeted to Arsenal Wenger “Take a Chance on me”



Only after “The winner takes it all” match on Sunday.


Then start Giroud. There could be something in the air that night


And with that photo my weekend is well and truly made


“Photo”, like they actually participated in an ABBA tribute photoshoot ?


Er… er… covfefe?


awesome…. Dan Sing Kween looks really promising. Him plus the new brasilian sensation “chiquitita” we are on… Waterloo, here we come 🙂


Lol…I actually Googled the fella….not bad at all 🙂


I YouTubed him, anticipating an incredible highlight reel of tricks, dribbles, speed, and amazing goals

Sign that little kid Mr Wenger

That little fellow Dan Sing Kween really plays like his name. He dances his way like a Dancing Queen through opposition defences! He certainly is the next Ronaldinho. I am amazed nobody really knows him yet


is it true he is only 17?


Gimme gimme gimme a new penalty format.


Hopefully Welbeck will ‘Take A Chance’ and penalties won’t be needed.
…..I’ll get my coat.


Don’t like this concept one bit.
There’s nothing wrong with


Yeah, pretty much.

Don’t feel too strongly one way or the other, but it doesn’t seem to me that it was a priority of any sort.


If it’s not broken, fix it. That’s the fa for you.

Donald\'s Trump

But it was. A very high percentage of shoot outs were win by the team going first because the players going 2nd are under more pressure.

David C

but now goalies have to stand there for 2 kicks in a row…

Isaiah Rankin

Come on now George. Don’t act like the changes to kick off rules haven’t completely changed the face of the game forever.

Tasmanian Jesus

This changes which team is under the most pressure a bit as the shootout goes, I think it looks fair in theory.

Boom Xhaka Laca

Blogs will just be relieved they haven’t gone for the ABACAB system favoured by Phil Collins / Genesis.


Really? Name one hit record by ABAB then.

David Hillier\'s luggage

“the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country.”

Does that mean the Community Shield is officially a competitive game again? Can Kos be suspended for it now instead of the game against Stoke in that case?


Ah ha!!

Isaiah Rankin

I, for one, am a fan of the new system. Or at least I will be after we smash Chelsea 8-7 on ABBA penalties on Sunday.


That is one fucked up picture

ospina\'s thumb

Nina, pretty Bellerin..

Guy B

That photo is very disturbing. I am traumatised.

Yankee Gooner

Dan Sing Kween seems like a typical Arsene project: young and sweet, only seventeen, but untested. Sure, when you’re looking for your offensive king anybody could be that guy, and Dan Sing Kween certainly has pace to spare–in YouTube highlights he leaves defenders burning and then he’s gone–but I’m not sure I like the beat of his tambourine. Time will tell, but I guess for now he’s having the time of his life.


North Korean striker? Your kidding right?

Arsene\'s zip


Tasmanian Jesus



It’s supposedly a fairer system. I heard on, I think the Guardian football weekly, that in a regular shootout the team that goes first wins 60% of the time. If this can bring it down to 50% then why not?

Phil Collins fan

Modern football is all about money, money, money. Must be funny in the rich man’s world.

The Romford Pelé

Dan Sing Kween – I’ve heard he’s young and sweet AND only 17!

Martin Cramp

I have a Dream we will win this way…


Photo is brilliant, made my Friday. Don’t know about the new system though. Always fun to watch shootouts – teams have equal chance of starting it so why change it?


” the first time the new format will be used competitively in the country”

Luciano Mogi is running the FA now?


Wouldn’t he be an exciting addition to take a chanse on? As always It’s a question of money, money, money. But That’s just the name of the game.


… -chance-

Boom Xhaka Laca

Refreshing to hear about a footballing change that isn’t just about Money, Money, Money


Hope They play Waterloo

John moriarty

If it does go to pens I imagine Alexis will say gimme gimme gimme the first pen
Take a chance on me
Does your mother know he’s a souper trouper



What if the FA will change its mind? Who’ll be first line?


Hey it’s not April 1st!


Seems a bit harsh to me,if you miss your first pen you could be 3-0 down before your next one.Not really a fair distribution of pressure.

I\'m Professor Ignorant, on that subject

No, you can’t. Below are the possible scores for a missed first penalty: P:AB (Team A misses first pen, ABAB format) A:00 B:01 P:ABB (Team A misses first pen, ABBA format) A:000 B:012 P:ABA (Team B misses first pen, ABAB format) A:112 B:000 P:AB (Team B misses first pen, ABBA format) A:11 B:00 The reason for the ABBA format is that it changes the distribution of shooting from behind when both teams are making their penalties. This means that Team B is not always going to be shooting just to tie, and that Team A is not always going to… Read more »

Irish Treat

The game isnt going into penalities.

Wojciech\'s Bensons

Sanchez… couldn’t escape if he wanted to


I’ve seen Dan sing kween play he’s class, prefer moma Mia from Botswana, the real deal

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