Friday, June 9, 2023

Official: Kieran Gibbs joins West Brom

Kieran Gibbs is now a West Brom player having today completed a £7m move from Arsenal.

The 27 year old had been at Arsenal since he was a youth, joining from the Wimbledon academy in 2004, and signed a four year deal with Tony Pulis’ side.

He made his debut in 2007, and in total played 229 times for the Gunners scoring 6 goals. Over the last couple of seasons he’s found himself sidelined because of the form of Nacho Monreal, and has found himself further down the pecking order following the free transfer arrival of Sead Kolasinac from Schalke this summer.

Gibbs had been linked with a move to Watford this week, but was unable to agree personal terms with the Hornets, so West Brom rekindled their earlier interest, and this time were able to get a deal over the line.

In a summer when players and their agents have often kicked up and used the press for their own ends, the England international did not, choosing to remain silent and professional throughout.

Best of luck to him at the Hawthorns.

Arsenal’s summer transfer deals to date


Alexandre Lacazette – £46m
Sead Kolasinac – £0


Wojciech Szczesny – £11m
Gabriel – £10m
Kaylen Hinds – £2m
Jon Toral – £3m
Kieran Gibbs – £7m
Carl Jenkinson – Loan


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Good luck to him, I wish him all the best!


These transfer stories are driving me crazy. Wake me up when August ends…


All teams have buying discussion. We have sales discussion…
News of Seri , Lemar???


lol..not alone with that.


Any buy back clause? No? Oh well.


Thanks for everything Gibbs. All the best in your new Club


Shame we are strengthening one of our rivals. Question is, am I joking? I don’t even know anymore!!!


Purley’s finest….good luck Kieran!


Good luck gibbo.


Good luck to him. Going to miss having him around but it’s right to move him on. At times like this – with Ox in particular – his professionalism over the last few years has been superb.


“his professionalism over the last few years has been superb”

And his contribution to the club, less than superb. About time we let go of less than average talent. That being said, good luck…Gibbo!


Less than average? Just because a player is perhaps not good a enough for a top-five club does not mean they are less than average.


It’s funny but without Gibbo’s goal line clearances and sanogo confusing everyone, we wouldn’t have broken the trophy drought.


Played 10 times for England and before his injury was together with Baines the best left back in the country. I personally think with all the Euro games he could be useful. To call him below average is disrespectful and wrong

Kwame Ampadu Down

It is….but to call his professionalism superb is just as disrespectful (to those who really are) & wrong too. A nice lad but he’s a perfect example of the ‘comfort zone’ players who have held the club back.


How do you know Gibbs didn’t give 100% in every training session? Trying to get back into the side? Did you hear stories no one else did about Gibbs being unhappy to be a ‘back up’ and forcing a move? Or him holding the club to ransom for a bigger pay cheque?
Calm yo’ tatas mate

Yankee Gooner

So if you agitate for a move to get first team football, you’re a greedy twat, but if you keep your mouth shut and do as your manager asks, you’re a mooch in the “comfort zone”?


Really? Because you worked with him every day and are talking from a position of professionalism as manager, coach or sportsman or is it just media heresay and catch phrases? Jesus talk about bandwagon twat. You’d probably your having an interesting conversation with a parrot.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Bandwagon twat? Calm yourself down you silly little man. It’s just an opinion that you don’t agree with. No need to give yourself an ulcer.


even though the whole fan base is negative at the moment (and rightly so) all i see in your posts are derogatory opinions on servants to the club. even when it comes to fellow fans.
a ‘bandwagon twat’ is calling you are a twat for joining a majority opinion rather than forming your own from facts.
‘a silly little man’ is assaulting his masculinity for calling out how your opinion is formed?

I don’t want infighting in our fanbase but I also don’t want idiots making the rest of us look bitter and uninformed.

calm yo tata’s 😉

Kwame Ampadu Down

Perfectly calm….. (including my tatas, whatever the hell they are….you kids these days)…not sure I could say the same for someone who’s accusing me of ‘assaulting his masculinity’. Just a weird statement man, really weird. How do you know how I form my opinions ? I couldn’t give a crap what the media says. I pay no attention to them, most are clowns, with the odd exception. My opinions are based on what I see…..for what’s it worth, I think when Monreal was his back up he fought like a tiger every chance he got until he got the no.1… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

I’m not even sure who you’re calling a twat, but the “have you been on the training ground” argument is just so lazy given the ample evidence of players in every league who have tried to play out their transfers through the media, thus making training ground attendance non-mandatory for assessing his public demeanor about getting stuffed to the bench.


I do not think Gibbs was at any time in his comfort zone. He was just usurped by the form and consistency of Nacho. He used to be brought on for Alexis. That is no small shoe to fit in. But defensively, I think Kolasinac is an upgrade.


What has he done not being a superb professional? Do you actually know what this?

He hasn’t held the club back. He signed a contract and at the time it was worth giving at the time. No one can see into the future and realize things happen that turn out to be the wrong choice.


good luck to him! hope west brom cause the top 6 more problems with gibbo in their side.


Good luck to him,always seemed like a decent enough bloke

Mesut O\'Neill

Kevin Wimmer is being sold for £20m & we can only get £7m for Gibbs, shocking.

It Is What It Is

Although homegrown, he is on decent wages, which has to be subsidised with a reduced fee.

Agree about Wimmer…smells fishy, but Gibbs was a trainee or signed from palace, so not much to recoup in terms of outlay. Also, some mugs valued Wimmer’s potential at 18m….whereas Gibbs done shown all his potential.

Was a bit disappointed he couldn’t displace Monreal, for whatever reason, but I do love me some of the Naxto man.

Anyway, thanks a tonne, and good health…should get a testimonial.


Seems super low especially in this market and on his day he was decent especially compared to most of the LB’s in the league. That said he was in his last year and we only have 2 days to make any money.


His glory days as a player has been years now. We look fondly back because we are fans. TBF he hasn’t part of the rotation for couple of years now. He just wasn’t good enough at the end of the day. I think the fee is fine for guy like you said in his last year and hasn’t really been part of the rotation for couple of seasons now.


Clubs still see potential in him to be what he was when he came to the spurs. He is still young especially for a CB?


Wish him all the best! Maybe debuchy will also follow suit now

Xhaka\'s Left Foot

He will become a better defender with West Brom who play a more defencive play


Good luck to him. If there is a team that will improve his defensive game its West Brom.


Conceded 1 goal in 3 games. Dream stuff for Arsenal.


Taking into account the fuss other players (at Arsenal and elsewhere) are stirring up nowadays (handing in transfer request, holding clubs hostage, etc.) Gibbs should be praised for loyalty and good manners. Wish him all the best at WBA (except for when playing against us, of course).


If you listen to the really insightful interview of Lee Dixon on the Gooner Ramble Girls podcast there is a really interesting mention of how Ashley Cole was terrible at defending when he arrived and that Tony Adams taught him what to do…..can’t help but feel that with proper coaching Gibbs could have become a real top player for us but i’m not convinced he ever got that coaching. It’s right for him at his age to go now and i wish him luck. (another with all the potential in the world, hampered by injury a bit but ultimately never… Read more »


Can we ask Adams to show wenger what to do? Defensively at least


Good luck Gibbs, i will remember you for your goal line clearances


Thanks for everything and good luck. Real pro and good squad player.


Good luck to him, has been a class act at Arsenal and been a solid contributor.

Laughing Stock

Be interesting to see how he performs at a higher level, good luck to him.

Lord Bendnter

Best wishes to him. I hope through this he can challenge for England team too because he is a very decent Leftback.

Mr Wood

Who the fuck is voting down the first few comments? Anyway, good luck to the lad, didn’t use the shitty media once to angle for a move away, leaving with integrity and our everlasting respect. A beautiful example to many “professionals” out there.


For the list of outgoings we also got undisclosed fees for Dan Crowley, Savvas Mourgos and Ismael Bennacer.


Sorry to see him go. Should have been a one club man in my opinion.

Good luck Gibbo!

Sheffield Gooner

COYG! – all is not lost, we’re not too far behind and there’s plenty of time left.

Another couple of sales should see us into the black. COYG!


I thought they ox was going to Liverpool?


I see what you did there

Wenger\'s coat zipper

…also over here


You missed off Yaya Sanogo


And Cohen bramall.. if he counts


Cheers Gibbs! I will always remember you for this


All the best Gibbo! Very impressed with how he has handled himself. Debuchy next please. I’d let Ox and Alexis go too if they want. We need to rebuild.


We do we do, I just wish we might have done it pre-season. But that’s probably far too sensible

We are all dooooomed

Kroenke will be able to building that extension to his multi million pound ranch now – happy days!


I find it sticks in the throat to wish anything pleasant for a Pulis infected club but with Gibbs being a seemingly top bloke, as well as a perfectly decent mid-premier league quality player, I will on this one off, non precedential occasion, wish him all the success in the world. 🙂


If you are putting: ARSENAL’S SUMMER TRANSFER DEALS TO DATE, at least add a total and a Net Spend indicator. It will be our treble cup.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Lots of good will for Gibbs here which is nice to see. Why are we letting West Brom beat us to krychowiak when he (or Stephen nzonzi) are exactly the type of midfielders we need? I know I shouldn’t question anything about the lack of direction we have with our ‘transfer policy’ but we seem grossly inept this summer after a good start. And what’s so depressing is there will be no accountability. The same bullshit will be peddled at press conferences. What can we do as a fan base to let them know that what’s happening at the club… Read more »

Bai Blagoi

Thank you, Kieran! All the best!


Best of luck Gibbo. Thanks for all the memories. Especially the goal line clearance in the FA cup final 2014 and the superb last ditch tackle (at West Brom ironically enough) that helped us secure champions league qualification pipping the spuds !

Sinking Ship

I knew it!! This will be written on his tombstone.


Szczesny sale makes no sense, but with the shambles of the past few days it does!!! Anyway thankyou Gibbs for your contribution and being professional, all the best ?

Cultured determination

Looking at the transfer ins and outs it is true. Arsene never intended for ox and alexis to leave. Cos if u add 10m perez to the sales which arsene has always expected to sell, we’d have broken even in our transfer spendings. War chest my lol.


All the best Gibbo! Through and through professional. Will never forget your goal line clearence against Hull in the 2014 FA-cup final, or your red card against Chelski the same season.

Arsenal fan

He was always there to clear the ball of the line


So now what? Nothing left of the English core ?


Who cares man, England as a footballing nation are very obviously not that good. I remember when we fielded the first entirely foreign team in the premier league. Back in the days when we were contenders, the English core seems like another failed experiment.


Gibbs is better off moving he’s stagnated at Arsenal with the way wenger treated him. If we loose ox and Alexis we’re rightly fucked. Wenger needs to go otherwise he’ll be gone by christmas another year of hanging on will do us no good. The club are downsizing because of the lack of CL football .. it proves all they care about is the bottom line and being in a state of mediocrity this is the future under wenger and kroenke… we’re a mess..


Good luck Gibsy. Shame to see you go but understandable.

Indian Gooner

Wish him well!
A decent lad. One down out of our recent nightmare of homegrown players.
One down out of our hopefully few more to follow.
With likely no incomings at this stage of the transfer window or is Arsene getting ready for a last day thrift shopping? God knows..
Wake me up on Friday and let me know.

nimble foot

So far, 14mil spent in the transfer window. Good business until it fucks us over on the sporting side


Only 13mn more to break even and top the FFP charts…COYG!!


Good luck Kieran you will probably become a better defender at WBA hopefully you will get some more England games in the future

Maul Person

All the best, Gibbo. Not someone I’d have wanted to have leave but considering the manager / management we have…


Good riddance……. Said no one about Gibbs departure. Best of Luck Gibbo

Teryima Adi

Congrats Gibbs. Here’s wishing you all the best in life.


All the best to him. Think he will have a fine Premier League career.


Good luck to him. Great professional and never complained about playing time. Wish he had joined Watford, though. West Brom never struck me as the most ambitious club.


Good luck to you Mr. Gibbs.

As much as I don’t care for Mr. Pulis if someone can get you to reclaim your potential and become the best you can be as a defensive player maybe its him.


Wish you all the best! Best of luck! Top man!

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