Monday, July 4, 2022

Pictures: Alexis Sanchez back in training

Alexis Sanchez returned to training today after returning from his extended summer break. He did some running, some sitting, some standing, some thumbs up, some smiling – all the things you need from a good training session.

Here are some of the pictures of him and the rest of the squad, including a rare shot of Lucas Perez smiling.

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Ghostface Killah

His face might crack!

Third Plebeian

Is Giroud pointing at a bench?

John Lukic

No he’s saying: “You see that pile of flu-ridden lungbutter that Alexis just coughed up? That’s your agent, that is.”


He’s not smiling in 3 out of 5 pictures.



Can we get rid of this guy already?




Maybe we could bring a puppy along and tell sign the adoption paper but have the last page be his contact extention just sneak it in there


PSG are offering him very short shorts next season.

Its a deal clincher.


Alexis is back. Gibbo is training and smiling. Even Perez has cracked a smile. The stars are aligned!


You’ve just named the three players most likely leaving Arsenal as smiling.
This is *not* the stars being so well aligned 🙁

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Those particular stars are aligned in their leavability quotient.


How long will it be until ALEXIS TRAINS ALONE stories pop up. Maybe combined with such classic phrases as CONTRACT RENEGADE. I mean Wenger already said that he and Mustafi would have separate training programs to get back up to speed but lets not let that get in the way of a good panic and rage inducing headline shall we. #Lawyer

Belfast Gooner

The Sun are reporting that Alexis is back but…. ‘has been forced to train away from the first team’
And if he went straight in to 1st team training with those who have been back for 3 weeks, we wouldn’t be managing him properly. Hate the gutter press!!


You have to boycott these shit papers. Sun, metro, daily star. They’re complete rubbish and will say anything to get their clicks. I’m on the boarder with the mirror. I used to think it was legit because of Jon Cross but now I know he’s a Cunt that acts like an arsenal fan just to establish some credibility. No journalist would make it today if they weren’t prepared to run nonsense articles.

Andy Mack

Are you suggesting all the newspaper stories last week that Alexis was in Paris signing for PSG are lies?… 😮


No *tabloid journalist, that would *boarder on downright anarchy. We’d all be living in a bullshit world where people who kick balls into goals can save more money in a month than I ever will in 30 fooking years. Alexis will now hate Stan K cos of the hunting. PSG are circling. Over to you Arsene.

Andy Mack

Will Stans hunting TV include the hunting of dogs then?


No chance, Wenger is not one to keep a player that really doesn’t want to be there. If Alexis is staying, Wenger would have spoken to him about it and reached an agreement about it. If you don’t want to sign a new extension, fine, but we’re not selling you to city. End of discussion.

I think if Alexis stays for another season, he’ll continue to give 100% in every game, as he’s done since day 1.


And at that point we’ll have won the league and provided the CL he so desires. Check mate Alexis!


Bienvenido a casa


He’s sitting on the ball in one of the photos. Clearly this is a sign that he will refuse to play. Alexis to PSG for 5 million, breaking story Daily Mail.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

He should never sit on the ball. It will get eggy

Tasmanian Jesus

Thats what I was taught as well.
Also never kick a ball with the tip of your shoe, makes it eggy too.


The famous toe punt


Sun Exclusive: Alexis Sanchez admits he loves playing with eggy balls and is eyeing up a switch to rugby.


Welcome back, Red is clearly your colour…

lovely arse

Get your Perez 28 shirt today.. while supplies last!


Not a fan of the sports bra


As long as Alexis is in said bra I really don’t mind ?


Fair point


But fan of the other, non-sports, sexy kind of bra, eh?

God, now you have unleashed my latent bra fetish. Well done, mister.

*vigorously types a lot of bra related searches on google* 🙁

Tasmanian Jesus

Different setting entirely.
My wife just got a sports bra. I thought it was sexy as hell and took a long time…feeling the fabric.


You weren’t tempted to try it on?

Tasmanian Jesus

Hm, didnt strike me, as shes about half my size..but now that you mention it…


I prefer it when they are worn by women


Apparently one person doesn’t


We’re such a god damn handsome team. I think we need some ugliness.


Sometimes it seems its a prerequisite for joining arsenal. Get some ugly tackler for that midfield please. Opposition players just see the face and get distracted.

Ted E.

Doesn’t matter, if they’re ugly Wenger will not play them. *cough, Debuchy, cough, Perez.*

Third Plebeian

We thought Gervinho would terrify defenses, and look how that turned out. Since then it’s been a series of handsome blokes. If we can’t terrorise the opposition, maybe Arsenal can mesmerise them with their dreamy players?

DB\'s first touch

Worked for bobby and the invincibles!


Lorik Cana is on his way then


Buy Mourinho then ?


Giroud to Perez: “That is where you are going to play next season!”

*Points at bench*

Scott P

Perez laughs even as a single tear rolls down the side of his cheek not facing us…

Tom Gun

Perez to Giroud: So you want me to sit next to you? Sorry, I’ve already promised Wenger – he says I’m on zipper duty – that’s why he keeps me around.


Then tells Peres, I’ll see you there m8.

Bruce Lee

Ramsey modelling, still.


I love his “let’s pretend I didn’t see the photographer” pose

Lord Bendnter

Stuart MacFarlane, the man of many faces


Gibbs still looks like a kid. He just doesn’t age!
Smells like upcoming LANS stories

Mr. White

Sorry mate that’s welbeck and chambo

A different George

Wait! Does this mean he actually was ill and everyone went crazy for no reason?

Ted E.

You can expect corrections in all the dailies tomorrow…

It Is What It Is

Just have to ignore them….the journos have to bow to their editors, who have to follow orders, which are geared to increase revenue. However anyone with integrity would dissent, and work harder to find entertaining and factual events. It’s such a shame. A loosely unregulated part of the media industry that fail in their only job. All they have to do really is report past events accurately, and indicate, when they speculate. No one expects them to predict the future! Yet, they fail woefully. Imagine the financial section, or coverage of political events being fabricated half as much…lawsuits galore. Bleh.… Read more »


Did anyone notice by chance that he is wearing number 1 on his training gear?

naija gunner

Yea I did. He is off


Take a look at the 1’s on Ozil’s shirt, very different. Just a shoddy Puma 7.


Breaking: Want-away GK Petr Cech “angry” at losing number 1 to Alexis, who’s want-away as well.


Cech has no. 33.


I won’t forgive the club if Liverpool signs Lemar and Roma signs Mahrez.


I think Welbz has a good presence within the team. Always seems to be bantering with someone or the other. It makes me happy! 🙂


What’s so difficult to replace of Alexis is his level of commitment during a game.

I think we have covered for his goal efficiency with Lacazette but we will have to cover for the element of “unpredictability” he brings as well if/when he goes.


I think most clubs are watching what PSG and Madrid will do with Neymar and mbappe respectively. If PSG fail to add Neymar and come back in for Alexis(and we hold form against a City move), then maybe we can also get a swap/make weight from off of them. Pastore hasn’t played as much over last two seasons. At 28yrs, he is experience and versatile. Like Arteta and Santi, if Wenger feels he can adopt a deeper role, he has a good frame at 6’2 and ability to retain the ball plus can replicate/cover Granite deep passing range. Also obviously… Read more »

Original Paul

I knew the Gibbs “training alone” stories were bollocks!

Tasmanian Jesus

Wonder if Giroud is holding Perez and pointing at a bench?
Seems highly unlikely, but it would be great if he stays. Deserves a lot more starts than we gave him this previous season.


We pretty much have to sell a striker, and perhaps two, to stay under 25 players. Unless we register a different team for the league and the European cup.

By my count we’re 5 players over the squad limit. Maybe 4 if we don’t register Cazorla, but that just pushes the problem to January.

John Lukic

Mate, I would f**kin love it if we had a completely separate team for the Europa League thingy. Keep the first choice 11 fresh each weekend for a proper title push.


Look at Perez, refusing to go where he will be noticed by Arsene


Who wouldn’t smile when the HFB has a hold of you


”Lucas, help me! I’m scared of spiders”

“Relax, HFB! Gotta let Kroenke know we found his toupée. Maybe then he’ll let me go for cheap.”


not related to the article about Sanchez but a fellow Gooner started a petition against that scumbag and his filthy money making schemes on the back of dead wild animals:

Oriinal Paul

For me the question is which poll do I sign and more importantly which poll will steal my tiny bit of money out of my account because I have been “Internicked” (just made that word up) maybe I am too old for this online stuff! 🙂

Original Paul

For me the question is which poll do I sign and more importantly which poll will steal my tiny bit of money out of my account because I have been “Internicked” (just made that word up) maybe I am too old for this online stuff!

Original Paul

In essence what I am saying is that there are a few powerful cunts in the world and our owner could be one of them? Over to you Stanley…

John Lukic

Paul you don’t have to pay a penny if you don’t want to as you get the option to post to facebook or twitter which spreads the message further. It’s a good cause, sign up, I did.

SE Gooner

I didnt know men’s sport bra ever exist.

Robert Pyres other news; Lucas Perez has a very very very pointy chin.


Not enough quality added to our team compared to other top teams, disaster looms ahead. I fear teams like Everton and West Ham might even perform better than us

Christopher Sam

Away from Alexis…and I think Lucas Perez is a beast waiting to be unleashed. AW KNOWS this, but Unfortunately and apparently he’s lost the key to the leash… made out of Valyrian steel. No one is seeing the beast in Perez obviously, because AW is dining with the fuckin Lanisters. Hopefully it pays the debts we owe in EPL trophies. Afterall, the Lanisters always pay their debt.


Chelsea bought Rudiger….
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar…
Chelsea bought Bakayoko…
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
Chelsea bought Morata….
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
West Ham bought Chicharito…..
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
Manchester City bought Mendy..
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
Manchester City bought Walker….
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar……
Manchester United Bought Lukaku…
Arsenal negotiating with Lemar…
Manchester United Bought Matic…
Arsenal Negotiating With Lemar…

In Arsene Wenger we tRUST


Andy Mack

From your comment I guess you missed that we actually bought some players as well…

Teryima Adi

Welcome Bro. Sign the contract.

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