Monday, July 4, 2022

Ramsey: We have to change something

We can’t really be arsed to write this, but we’ll do it anyway…

Aaron Ramsey has apologised to Arsenal fans after yesterday’s abject capitulation against Liverpool.

The Gunners spent 90 minutes handing the home side chances to score and were lucky to escape with just a 4-0 defeat.

Facing the media after the match, Ramsey, who was substituted at half time, accepted that the performance was unforgivable.

“We’re very disappointed with the way we performed but we have to accept it,” he said.

“We’re sorry to the fans that came up – it’s not good enough and we have to do something about it.

“We’re going to have to change something if we’re to compete this year. That wasn’t good enough. Liverpool showed what it’s going to have to take to compete for the Premier League and we’re going to have to do something about it if we’re going to do that.

“Most of the squad go away now, so when we get back we’ll have to review that and hopefully we can move on and sort it out.”

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whatever. same shit PR sentences/excuses every time. bored.

La Défense

If Ramsey could change his firmware to reflect that’s he a Midfielder, not a Forward, that’d be great.


He is playing on instructions. The same instructions that were given to Alex Song and so on.

It’s Arsene who allows it.


While that is true, you would think after 2 goals down, he would re-evaluate the situation and think this is not working?


He was hooked off at the start of the second half when Liverpool were 2-0 up and replaced by Coquelin.

Coquelin kept bombing forward too, instead of keeping his discipline.

Again instructions. Arsene.

The Loon Ranger

Rinse and fckn repeat


I literally feel like I am taking fucking crazy pills here. Every fucking game we go in to now, against any half decent side the same fucking thing happens, as per the following: 1 – Wenger makes a genuinely baffling team selection. 2 – We play like complete cunts with the ball at our feet; completing any sort of simple passes long or short range seem to be the stuff of fantasy no matter where we are on the pitch. 3 – We play like cunts off the ball; we literally just stand there passively in our shape watching the… Read more »


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When players like Ramsey start in MF what do you expect, our silly deluded manager needs just a couple of players, ONE proper MF enforcer with height and ONE proper CB ala Vidic/Terry or Sol. All these namby pamby defenders won’t cut it, at least no person with any sense will play Monreal as CB, Morinho must be laughing his head off…….this Wenger guy has LOST the plot. Maybe he was bling to the impact of tall BFG in the FA final, that’s how much we need a commanding CB, for a fu*king change!!!


Starting with him in the first 11


it is not ramsey fault that he is not givene instructions and bombing forward when we cobceded the first to goals he was more up front than welbeck, it is his manager and his tactic no matter how much good player ramsey is or is not. when you tell a player you follow my instructiond and stay in midifiles and defend if you not tou will be benched till you learn you position players listens to that. but when your manager trust you and live you to play whater you wants this happen to much nicnest and trust wenger put… Read more »


Does Wenger really tell Ramsey to turn his back on play, then when he finally notices that a game is going on he is to nonchalantly saunter back at his own pace….

He runs forward fast but never runs back fast, that’s his problem. Especially when there is two midfielders, there’s just no one there and any team can play through the center so easily. It’s a joke. And he should know when to go forward and ALWAYS bust a gut to run back when we lose possession.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Lee Dixon was going nuts during and after the game about how the players on the field weren’t taking control of the situation and changing the tactics on their own.

Wenger supposedly prefers the players to be intelligent and find their own solutions on the pitch. Dixon’s idea matches up better with that than some unproven assumption that Ramsey has to slavishly bomb forward under incontrovertible instructions.


If Henry were manager he’d eventually abandon us and go to barca.


“We have to change something…”
“Something’s wrong at Arsenal…”

Huh, I wonder what that “something would be”. It’s a real conundrum.

Mein Bergkampf

We have to change something?

We have to change everything.


Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal
Wenger: We’re alert every day of the transfer window 29july
Seri.. Lemar…

The arsenaut

To change everything, we need to change someone!!!
I see boycot as the only way out of this trainwreck.
Arsenal fans all over the world are victims of this positive symbiotic relationship between Kroenke and Wenger, witch is leaving the club to rot!!

Fuck me already

I will not spend another cent on arsenal until they show that they give a shit about us fans


The manager, quite clearly, but also a lot of the grossly overrated players this team has, Ramsey being one of them. Mediocre at best.


Maybe you need to start watching all of Wales matches. Then you will realize that Ramsey actually carries Wales. Germany doesn’t need Ozil to win anything, the matches would be the same with or without him. Wales would be trash without Ramsey just like how Chile would be trash without Sanchez. Ramsey and Sanchez can carry a team. Ozil just get carried by his superstar Real Madrid pals or German talented players. Literally the most luxurious luxury player. Imagine putting Ozil in Brighton & Hove squad, would they perform better? They would perform far worse if they add someone who… Read more »


What planet are you from?


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I wonder, so Arsenal is Wales now?……
So why does he keep pissing about when playing for Arsenal?


I disagree with you 100%. Ramsey couldn’t be successfully instructed to carry a water bottle in a specific way, much less a team. HE is a luxury player. At least Özil tries (bar last night when nobody did) to play defence, unfortunately lacking the physique to do it effectively. Ramsey on the other hand, has the right attributes to be great at it. But he just can’t be arsed, can he? And considering the attacking side of the game, Özil is better at everything. Better vision, better passing, better finishing, better and quicker decision making. Ramsey could maybe do this… Read more »


I do think Ramsey is a better finisher than Ozil and has a better “engine”. Having said that he is a poor mans Ozll. But I’m glad we have him as it looks like that performance will convince Ozil and Sanchez that they need to move on to win titles etc


Lacking the physique? Fabregas, Silva, De Bruyne, and every other CAM in the world track back when someone dribble past them. Ozil just hangs his arm in the air because he gave up every single game. There’s literally no decent player in the world, even players weaker than Ozil, who avoids tackles and 50-50 like Ozil. Heck he is more scared of contact than the average elementary school girls playing football! Is it too hard to ask for an attacking midfielder that doesn’t give up and shows zero effort every time an opposing player dribble past him? There’s a reason… Read more »

Patrik Ljungberg

Stop comparing with girls all the time, like they are awful. Nothing wrong with girls playing football, and they need encouragement in order to continue playing as grown ups.

Be my guest if you want to slash Özil, but do it in a more educated way, please.


Ozil is a luxury player that’s worth it. He’s worth being surrounded by energetic ball winners and defensive minded midfielders so he can focus on creating chances. If you play him with an out of position ramsey and a defensively susceptible xhaka, it’s not his fault. Now against a team like Barcelona where we’ll have very little of the ball he might be a bit of a liability.


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Unless you are Messi, no one is a luxury player, if you cant be asked to track back aggressively then he should be SOLD, its not as if he gives us ANYTHING in the big games!… wonder Real Madrid got rid of him.


Do you actually watch any games? Do you just watch highlight clips from these same pundits that dislike Ozil? Every player is bashed. The whole Chelsea squad was bashed 15-16 season.


Regarding the lack of tracking back by Ramsey and even ozil the fingers should be pointed firmly at Wenger . I mean he is the damn manager of the team , if he instructs them to track back properly then they will or he should start benching them . It will not affect as in any way considering the depth of the sqauf we have . Wenger doesn’t do any of that sort , how does he expect them to start tracking back . He has spoilt the whole bunch of them . It’s no wonder none of them give… Read more »


I appreciate that Wenger seems to be mostly clueless when it comes to defence, and afraid of confrontation. But he did take Ramsey off at half time. That’s certainly a message for him. Especially considering almost every sub Wenger makes comes around the 70th minute. Ramsey really was dynamite that half season. But that was 4 years ago, and he hasn’t kicked on since then or even come close to the same level. More than anything else he fails to do the basics time and time again. I’m so fed up of seeing him falling over, losing the ball, and… Read more »


Isn’t because the Wales is set up for there best 2 players in Bale and Ramsey? You would set your club up for AR to be the “man”? I wouldn’t. Only reason that is the case with Wales is because its Wales. No offense to them but they don’t have alot of talent to pick from.


If Özil is THE problem, then we’re saved. Unfortunately it’s not. As to Germany, well, check the stats, check the results with or without Özil and then we can talk.


Germany carry Ozil….. are you for fucking real. We are not talking about England where they just dish out caps willy nilly. If anything when they play the inferior teams that’s when they don’t pick Ozil. Germany don’t carry no fucking one.


Could make the argument that Khadeira is Ozil’s safety net for Germany

Spanish Gooner

Compared to the other Wales players, Ramsey is on another level to all but Bale and so he is given the creative freedom he craves and everything goes through him so of course he looks better playing for Wales in a similar way to Payet looking world class for 18 months in a shit West Ham side. At Arsenal is not a level above the other players therefore he shouldn’t play in the individualistic way he does for Wales


Anyone can “carry” a team if the team consists of inferior players. That does not mean that the same player is invaluable in another team.
I’m pretty sure I could “carry” a bunch of 6-year-olds in a tug-of-war contest. I’d still have my arms ripped off against proper athletes.
Your view of Ramsey/Özil is very simplistic.


Thats how it usually works on national teams from Germany, France, Spain or Brazil. They usually have soo much talent that you can take one player off and they will still be successful lol

I would think BHA would actually be better. They would have more chances created. More fun to watch.


Arsenal are packed full of players that we all know can be world-beaters: Ramsey, Ozil, Xhaka etc. but they are all far too inconsistent. I don’t know any other team with such a habit of inconsistent players, and this is down to the manager. I still firmly believe that this squad we have is good enough to compete for the title, but Wenger isn’t capable of getting the best out of them (or anyone). Shame.


I’m actually surprised at how much Wenger gets out of some of these players. For years we have somehow been making top four with a few great players but many others that are under par. The real problem is that we don’t have the right players. The fact that we’re paying Walcott so much is ridiculous, a total waste of money. And why have we bought players like Sanogo, Perez, Cho Young, etc.? Wenger obviously never had any faith in them.. I think his hand is being forced by the owner/board. Not to say I don’t think Wenger should go.… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

His underpants? His jersey?

Heavenly Chapecoense

That something for me is players thinking they are entitled to huge salaries and do not have to deliver. Please spare me the “they are paid for their talent” justification cause I saw no talent yesterday. It is an ethical issue. We fans should start a movement to cancel subscriptions to TV channels and you will see, the football industry will have to react.


I have a feeling Doris the tea lady is getting her p45 tomorrow



Toure motors

Bullshit. Start with a little pride in the shirt. Then add some effort and application

Dave M

Then a new owner, a new board and a new manager


indeed, if you’re not getting a buzz from pulling on the Arsenal jersey, fuck off.


In this day and age, we can’t really blame players – especially at the top level – to feel “special” because they put on our shirt. That doesn’t excuse them from doing their damned jobs, and doing it to the best of their abilities. We might be die-hard born-and-raised fans, but they *are* just employees. We have players who are proud to put on the shirt. And I am thankful for them. But you can’t have international top-level signings and expect them to feel that any club is “special”. All clubs are special, to its fans and its community.


..that was a horrible bit of grammar. Sorry. At work, and also a depressed Arsenal fan 🙂

English Teacher

I forgive you. This time…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Sanchez loves the game above all but doesn’t care about Arsenal.


Absolute bollocks. It is clear what he loves.€£$€£$€£$€£$€£$€£$


I totally agree, I just think the modern player just thinks about it like “just a job” nowadays. Also, Arsenal don’t have anybody who has true leadership ability or bollocks players when they don’t give an effort. I think in hindsight I would have liked us to pick up Zlatan, if we could have. I imagine he’d plane pretty vocal calling folks out and would at least be amusing.

Heavenly Chapecoense

First opportunity to see if there will be any Lehman effect.


There is not much he can say. And he’s right we do need to make a change ([SPOILER ALERT] its the manager).

Ivan Parasite

The tactic that we are using now is..If the team is brilliant make changes here & there. If the team is poor stick to class players with poor Management will give u performance like this and game before this. Whats the point practicing in pre season if you’re gonna jumble the players position anyway? Yeah it’s actually ‘someone’ needs changing..


It’s weird I just think he either doesn’t see stuff happening on the pitch (scary) or doesnt know how to fix it (scarier?)

Colonel mustard

The manager?


I’m 100% certain that’s exactly what he meant.


“We’re going to have to change something if we’re to compete this year”

No, you have to change a lot of something, because you are not going to compete for yet another year.


Remove all of the dead wood and those who no longer want to play for us.

Sign a defensive midfielder and a creative attacker.

Bring in some youth prospects.

Play everyone in their best position.

Implement some cohesive tactics and a game plan.

Baby steps towards getting our identity back.


First things first, Ox needs to go this week. That performance yesterday reminded me of when Wenger played Nasri when he had stopped trying. Get rid of Ox, start playing Bellerin in his correct position and Kolasinac on the left. None of this ‘adapting’ rubbish. The guy got a goal and assist in his first two competitive appearances. It won’t sort out the bigger picture but it’s a start.

Dave M

Is he literally trying to piss off everyone in the squad? The new guys are probably reasonably happy – you know what, lets bench them and play the guys that have no intention of sticking around

Tungor Adams

Indeed it looks like the Ox wants out. AW is desperately trying to change his mind by praising him and having him as a starter. AW knows the Ox has both the talent and now maturity to become a truly massive player, which would be for one of our rivals. What I dont understand is why so little criticism is directed towards AW for his missmanagment here, if it is down to fans not seeing great things in Oxlade you may very soon face much more hearthache when yet another former arsenal player destroys us playing for a fierce rival.


I’m sorry AW wants to keep him because he’s invested soo much time into him and his development. He is what he is. Inconsistent player playing better then he has trying to impress with his contract coming up. Trying to cash in. Once he leaves he will revert back to what he was before this short run of games (about 10 games roughly) but will sit on the bench more because Conte won’t take any of his inconsistent BS that AW deals with.


It’s not Ox’s fault.
Imagine if Wenger is sacked and Ox gets a new manager. I can guarantee you that he would perform 10x better.


I view less of Ox needing to go because he is bad and more because his contract is up this year and this year is quite clearly over. It’s the same with Sanchez and likely Ozil. It was worth the risk keeping them when there was a chance we make a run at the league and such, but given what we’ve seen (include Stoke on that too) it’s no longer worth the financial hit. We should sell and try to give a new manager as much resources (transfer/wage budget) as we can.


A better manager would get a lot more out of Ox you feel, that’s why Liverpool and Chelsea are in for him and that’s why he wants to go


A better manager would get a lot more of this squad. Without doubt this is the highest quality, most experienced set of players for a decade, and they turn out like this.. Seriously, who from liverpool would have got in our first-choice fit 11 today? Nobody. The team’s lacking any sort of coaching direction and is absolutely fucking spineless in every sense of the word.


I’d probably take Firmino over Welbeck but otherwise yeah you’ve got it spot on!


To be honest welbeck is nowhere near the first choice fit 11. Firminho<lacazette
Kveb is right

Ivan Parasite

Uh are absolutely right..a world class scorer bought with a club record breaking fee is benched on a title deciding match between PL top 6? I wonder why Mourinho doesnt bench Lukaku already. He should learn from Wenger who never failed to deliver Champions League..until recently..


At least now we know Mou was right about Wenger all along. Specialist in failure.


are you being serious?

Kos, AS, MO, Bellerin, Cech, AR or Ox but not both and thats it.


A large donner kebab can get more out of ox then Wenger.


It is his fucking fault if he plays like he doesn’t give a shit.


Ox will be the same as usual. Good for 10 games then bad for another 10.


Agree, agree, agree. One thing though, I have no confidence in Bellerin as a midfielder, right or left. Wing back sure, but in the midfield he lacks the skill, which at fullback is disguised by his fantastic pace.


Surprising considering Nasri got a standing ovation on his last outing for us.


“We’re going to have to change something ” Yeah, you.


The manager?

Mick Malthouse

Owner. Manager. Players.
There’s 3 things you can change for us!


We have to change Aaron’s Ramsey from CM, sign a Cazorla replacement in Seri, shift back to 4-2-3-1, and play the football we used to.


Seri? No-one in their right mind will come to Arsenal this week.


The football we used to play when we were getting tonked 5-1 and 6-0 away? We need a bigger change than that…


We need a bigger change than that, but at least from 2005 to roughly 2015, we were known to be a great footballing side going forward, we just lacked steel, defensive talent, and a more cautious/realistic tactical approach. For the last two years (at least without Santi) we’ve been atrocious at pretty much every aspect of the game.


Maybe start with explaining this, Aaron, eh?



Xhaka and ramsey have to be the stupidest pair in the league.


Xhaka and Ramsey don’t know their priorities. Xhaka thinks he is the most creative player in the team and Ramsey thinks he a false 9. As a matter of fact Ramsey had his best season playing as a false 9 when he had Mikel Arteta playing alongside him. The credit should go to Mikel Arteta who provided some real stability in the middle. Neither of them made an effort to get the best out of someone like Mesut Ozil who is an extremely unselfish player and almost everything Mesut does he does it for the team. Xhaka and Ramsey lack… Read more »


Ramsey pretty much doesn’t work with anyone but a DM as he has no positional discipline at all and constantly leaves his partner out to dry. That pretty much sums up Arsenal as a whole – everyone just bombs forward constantly and then hangs the remaining defenders out to dry. We need someone who can play the ball out of midfield which Xhaka can do – but he can’t hold down the middle of the pitch by himself which he is forced to do when he plays with Ramsey.


Here’s a great thread explaining how Xhaka is pretty much asked to be one-man central midfield:


Wow. Thanks, that’s just insane


That link is exactly what i’m talking about. Thanks for that mate. You see how high up Ramsey is in that image.
Okay…I can atleast understand Ramsey being up there because he has the quality to make a difference there. But, SERIOUSLY Wtf is Bellerin doing high up hugging the touchline. Him and Ox should be making it compact to offer Xhaka some support. No wonder Xhaka fucks up.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Another thing that’s alarming is you hear Carragher, of all people, upset at how Arsenal are playing his old team.


Why does Ramsey needs to defend when he is more useful in the final third than that lightweight lazy German who puts in zero defensive effort?

At least Ramsey can do dangerous forward runs and score goals. At least he knows how to press and tackle instead of running away from every 50-50.


Yeah, Özil is the problem of Ramsey, yes yes yes… poor Aaron who was ahead of Lacazette for Stoke’s goal… yes, blame Özil… his poor Aaron, such a genius…


What goals? A couple of jammy finishes every now and then, he takes about 50 shots for every one that goes in. Ramsey is fucking useless an totally self centred. Mesut Ozil is fifty times the player that Ramsey could ever be, and we expect him to be a creative magician, a defensive midfielder and god knows what else while Ramsey saunters about like he owns the fucking place.


Ozil was the reason why we have conceded 9 goals in 3 games. Meanwhile, we created almost 40 chances with more than 10 from Ozil. But Mesut is the reason for our woes.


Um, Ozil has scored more goals and had more assists than Ramsey every year since he joined the club. The whole squad played like shit, but Ozil was one of the least of the problems.

Saint Carthola

How many goals has AR made in the Premier League? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

dan hunter

Watching it again, it just makes me absolutely furious – WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKKKKK. It looked like he was talking to the bench, and then decided to stroll back to pretend to want to help out his team-mates…


It’s not something that needs to change its most things.

Big L HoP

I don’t think arsenal can achieve anything already this season with three games gone (not hyperbole when I’ve seen it year after year). So frustrating that absolutely nothing was done to counter very obvious deficiencies across the squad and wider club. I know 12 year olds who make more decisions than the people running this shitshow we call Arsenal


And if the media are right for once it looks like Lemar, who we have apparently been trying to get all sumer is off to Liverpool, not that i blame him


Shut up.


Wenger may be an atrocious coach/person/boss, but the display of “player power” that we are seeing lately is just too grotesque. Look at Leiciester last season under Claudio Ranieri or Chelsea under Moaninho’s the season before. Players decide they don’t want a guy and just down tools without an iota of consideration for fans.
The gutless display is hard to watch on TV. It must be doubly hard for the excellent traveling support. Change the manager by all means but don’t forget these 11 players are capable of better if they cared.

John C

Nonsense, would you perform to 100% if you didn’t believe in what you were doing? No one does


Then hand out a transfer request and be gone. Don’t form a cartel to willfully under perform while collecting your fat paychecks.

John C

A contract comes with responsibility on both sides, not just the player. The club and manager also have a duty to the player to provide to the best of it’s ability success, which clearly isn’t happening at Arsenal.


Yeah, every player wants to do well, but it’s obvious to anyone who’s played a little competitive sport that one of the big reasons this team is so bad is that the players are not motivated or inspired by our coaching staff.

John C



It’s better for them to sabotage Wenger so he gets sacked and we get a new manager who might win PL next year.

Better than another 5 years of the same old mediocrity under Wenger.


if players collectively showing poor performance and uncoordinated like yesterday, i think the problem lies within the manager and coaching staff. Something disconnected here, remembrance of Chelsea under Mou.



Well said. The current bunch make Van Persie, Nasri and Adebayor look decent. Van Persie was clear about wanting to move out to get more trophies. Nasri and Adebayor made it clear that it’s money they were after. Cesc clearly backstabbed Wenger by bringing the whole project down single handedly.

Players like Ox, Jack and Ramsey should make up their mind. Either they stay here and accept bench if they don’t perform or fuck off.

John C

Ever thought they might want to stay but not under the manager?


Maybe they wanted to stay but they don’t want to be coached by a senile deluded old man?


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Yankee Gooner

Speak for yourself, John C–there are plenty of people who act with dignity in imperfect situations; no excuse for the behavior RedBaron is pointing out.


Don’t get your hopes up for John Cunt.

John C

That’s not dignity, these are professionals who know the difference between correct instruction and incorrect instruction. They’re being continuously asked to do something they know won’t work so of course they’re not motivated and for all we know they are doing what they’re told, which could also be the problem.

I’d also add that continuously humiliating yourself isn’t a sign of dignity

Had enough of stupid comments.

You play 100% because you are payed ludicrous wages. If you’re played out of potion you still play the best you can and that means doing the bloody basics like tracking back. That display cannot be blamed on the manager, if they played well and lost then maybe you could say the managers tactics were lacking but that was 100% the fult of thr team. There was too much talent on the pitch regardless of where they play or what instructions (or lack off) they were given to blame AW. The only thing you can blame the manager about is… Read more »

John C

Maybe they are playing to the best of their ability and doing exactly what the manager asked of them?? It’s happened far to often for it not to be the case


Spot on. The manager can take the flak for poor squad selection, poor tactical awareness, etc. But it was the players out on the pitch that didn’t even try. Imagine being on a relatively low income, and investing a great deal of your disposable cash to travel up to Merseyside for this shit-show. I don’t care if the players don’t love this club, but it’s about time they had the respect for us poor, deluded souls that pay their fucking wages. I’d stick ’em in a locked room with Jens (having not fed Jens for a week), and tell them… Read more »


John C – yes I would. I would always have personal pride in my work and my output. Because I care. Sadly, it seems that none of our current squad do care.


Don’t think Wenger is an atrocious person, quite the opposite. Hard to disagree with the rest.


You aren’t wrong. However, when an entire team is doing it, my first thought goes to the manager, not the players.


If one went to the theatre and the whole cast fluffed their lines for the duration of the play one would get a refund. Over to you Kronke Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

John C

If you went to the theatre and the director told the cast to ad-lib the show, the director would be sacked and replaced by the producers


People want Arsene out but the reality is -Owner -Board -Manager -Players No one of those things changing will make a difference if the others remain the same. Yes Arsene has run his course but with an owner who doesnt care about the sporting success of the club, things will only go from bad to worse regardless if its Arsene or anybody else as manager. Stan’s going nowhere. Guardian reported that Sky may well have to increase the bid for the PL rights with Amazon/Facebook etc lurking so domestic rights havent peaked out yet and Foreign TV rights growing rapidly,… Read more »


See Mou’s last season for Chelski.

Yes, changing a manager can turn an almost relegated team into a winner next season. Even when the Owner, board, players stay the same. In fact the Chelsea story from winner to loser to winner again using the same batch of players proves that manager is the most impactful piece of team’s performance.


you mean a manager can turn a club which was almost relegated into a champion? You mean the same club that was champion 2 years before that? lol They were already champions 2 years prior and somehow they decided to turn it off for a year and turn it back on?


Yes. We have to get rid of you. Also, maybe pay attention to the fucking game you’re a part of.


We had our chance to change “something” in May and we bottled it. Here’s an idea for a quick fix; Ramsey actually playing like a CM again. I remember when Aaron was meant to be a box-to-box type, now he’s playing like a poor man’s Deli Alli. I normally defend the kid but tactically this is insane when you’re already outnumbered in midfield. You can maybe get away with it if the op just sits back, no pressure in the middle, but not in a big game


The other major technical problem Ramsey has, is that when he is in a proper CM position and we’re in the build-up phase, he’s not capable of making penetrative passes through the lines. He literally cannot execute a 10-15 yard slide rule pass forwards.

Look at how often Ramsey makes a sideways pass then runs forward for the return pass, instead of making a forward pass and holding a central position to give other players a passing option. We cannot keep starting this guy. He scored two league goals last season. It’s not worth it.


That’s very true, when Ramsey first came we were talking about him being a successor to Fabregas but he’s turned into a very different type of midfielder. The issue with penetrating passes isn’t just down to Ramsey though, Henry did a great bit about how Xhaka doesn’t make as many forward passes as he should even though he clearly has the ability. And we know this is an issue with Elneny and Coquelin too. Playing the simply sideways pass that lets a team get settled behind the ball or put pressure on us deep in our half is part and… Read more »




Why isn’t he converted into a false 9, Just let him play a position where he might excel at.

Public Elneny Number One


But seriously Ramsey, how about if you’re playing DM you play in that area and not go gallivanting about like a striker, how about that for a change?


He’s clearly instructed to get forward whenever possible…much like when Wenger would have Coquelin move way up the pitch


He’s not a DM.

Why do you expect him to do a DM job when he’s a natural attacking mid? Why not just ask Ozil to do a DM work lmao.

The problem is that many Arsenal fans expect everyone to dig in and work hard while that a cowardly frail german get a free pass while strolling through the field like a spectator. There’s a reason why there’s a ton of “Ozil invisible” joke tweet every single match.


Also, you aint competing for shit.


fuck off *insert arsenal player and staff*

seriously i have so given up on arsenal..
as if i have seen my arsenal detected with stage 1 cancer a while back and have let on suffer with it and now it has reached terminal stage and i got no tears to shed for the sufferer


Perhaps we could sign a midfielder and a defender as we’ve all been saying all summer.

Sell the players we don’t need who don’t want to stay. Ox can go for a start, he doesn’t fit in this team and he isn’t even trying any more.

Then make better use of the players we already have. Playing them all in the right positions and not leaving our new players on the bench would be a good start. Playing two midfielders in midfield might also help.

Lord Bendnter

[Bell], [Kos], [Merts/Chambo], [Sead/Mon]
[A new DM signing]
[Ramsey/Xhaka], [Ozil]
[Welbeck/Iwobi/Ress/Walcott/I don’t care], [Lacazette], [Sanchez]

This is what I think our lineup should be. A back four. I didn’t put in mustafi because he’s probably leaving by the looks of it.
A new proper CDM is crucial. It’s time after I don’t know how many years, we actually invest in this position. It would give breathing space to the attacking midfielders, esp Ozil. This Xhaka+Ramsey partnership isn’t working, because both suck defensively. If only Santi was available, I would give him their position.


Start with the manager, head coach, head of recruitment and chief negotiator.,


Ramsey is as delusional as manager by the way he plays and what he says. I still don’t understand why Paulista was sold and Wenger wants to dumo Wilshire and Mustafi, then play Monreal and Holding, bench Per, Lacazette and Sead? A coach keeps begging Ozil, Sanchez and Ox to sign a contract when he can buy Mahrez, fire up Iwobi and Reiss Nelson? Buy players? Yes we can but fix the gangrene in the team first! That Arsene still reports to work and tells us not to panic tells you a lot about the man. He has no sincere… Read more »


“We’re very disappointed with the way we performed but we have to accept it,” he said.

That’s the biggest fucking problem right there….you don’t have to “accept it” ffs!


We have many steps to take.
First step is we need to sell Alexis, Mustafi and Ox this week.

Donald\'s Trump

First step is get a new manager


Why Mustafi?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Like actually giving a damn and looking at the ball instead of talking to a long gone teammate?


Looking forward to the same comments after our next humiliation

Clive St Helmet


An unusual way to spell “The Manager”.


Give the guy a break, in the end he’s a footballer, not a spelling bee award collector!

bob davis

Give us all a refund and get your act together and win games!

Twisted cuntloks

I wonder how many of those players are really wanting to move this week?
Ozil, Sanchez,Ox… all played like they don’t want to get injured and potentially scuppering a move…


Time to stop putting Özil in the same “they want money and snub the team” club as Chamberlain and Sanchez! Mesut always shows respect and involvement in the club and doesn’t agitate his agents like the others.


If lazing around and stroll around the park and throw hands in the air every time is called respect, then maybe you should read the dictionary definition of “respect.”

Involvement my arse, he is worthless, lazy, and Arsenal cannot afford to carry him. It is clear that Wenger’s favoritism to him is one of the reason Arsenal declined so much. 90 mins every game while playing like shite, no defensive responsibility and still contribute nothing offensively.


this is the stupidest comment Ive read in a long while. players wanting to play for an ambitious club that matches their qualities is not about money. Alexis would be a first 11 in almost every top club out there. yet hes at a business club with no intention of winning or even competing where fans like you accuse him of such while hes been clubs best by far every single season in our red and white.


Ramsey is absolutely right – change is required. Lets start by replacing the manager who is still applying the same tactics and still making the same mistakes he made years ago. Then lets sell of rubbish like Aaron Ramsey who is happy to turn up and take his stupidly inflated wages. Then stop attending games so the parasite on our backs Stan Kroenke loses money and sells up. Then, finally install some pride and application in the players we sign and those that we keep – passion goes a long way. Nothing will happen of course because it is so… Read more »


I would change the 2 in cm.. put in Coquelin and get Wilshere back. Xhaka is a liability and Ramsey not good enough.. Why play The ox when he refused to sign a deal. Ozil is as lazy as you get.Away from home he goes missing. Monreal is like a headless chicken. Team selection and tactis yesterday was stuff of a schoolboy. 52m for you main striker and he sits on the bench. Sort it out Wenger or leave.


I don’t want us to win our next game or the game after that. Guys like Stan, Wenger and even Ramsey are too comfortable in the mediocre zone. But sadly we are probably going to win our next game and we will all pretend that our worries are over and we keep this heart wrenching rat cycle going. We deserve better, including Wenger.


Blah blah blah.
Same shit
Different day.


I don’t know what our options on defense are as it seems everyone is performing poorly even with Koscielny back and Monreal back in a more natural position. Holding had a great run last year, but is a very different player this year for some reason – so lacking of confidence. I can’t see why we’d sell Mustafi as reported if that is the defense we are left with without him. In the midfield I’d rather see Elneny than Ramsey as at least he would keep his position and we’d be more balanced defensively when we have the ball. Everyone… Read more »




This again!


Somethings needed changing for the last ten years, this looks to me like another mediocre season, same mistakes from a manager who gets paid 8mill, a year, as Thierry said, too much comfort.

Jo Lamiri

‘We have to accept it’ ??? What, Ramsey. No, we don’t have to accept it. We have to question it, challenge it and do something about it. And it’s not just the fans who travel. It’s all of us who pay our hard-earned cash to trudge to the Emirates Stadium, come rain or shine, to watch our team. And yes, play people in position. Ballerin on the right, our Kolasinac on the left and stop giving endless chances to Welbeck, Walcott, Iwobi etc. We need solid, consistent, talent not guys who perform one week and then can’t be bothered the… Read more »

Jo Lamiri

Lack of loyalty is an issue too. Alexis and Ox should go. If they don’t want to play for us, leave. Why should we support people who don’t want to wear the jersey. Alexis is a special talent but his childish histrionics are awful to see and must have a negative effect on his teammates. He wasn’t beyond criticism either – didn’t have a good game. When you read Oli Giroud’s quiet comments and realise how loyal he is, supportive to Lacazette, listened to his HEART and SOUL about staying at Arsenal you realise what a true and loyal pro… Read more »

Easy as JVC

Blah blah fucking blah!




“we have to change something”
yeah, clubs you fucking prick – fuck off

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

The sad thing is Liverpool will not challenge this year and they still stuffed us. Yes they will do far better than us but they always have it in them to draw games against Watford, Bournemouth etc.


Ramsey symbolizes everything that is wrong with our current set-up. He’s been at the club for 10 years now and never performed at a high level on a consistent basis, yet he still gets chance after chance in the team on the strength of a few months 5 years ago when he played well. I’m not even really sure what he is supposed to bring to the team – he doesn’t defend, he doesn’t help build-up play or create chances, but if we let him run about with no responsibilities he might score the occasional goal? A serious team needs… Read more »

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