Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Report: Gibbs set for West Brom medical

Cor, things are moving quickly today…

This morning Watford pulled out of a deal for Kieran Gibbs despite agreeing on a fee with Arsenal last week. Apparently personal terms proved to be the stumbling block.

This afternoon it’s being claimed that the England international will undertake a medical at West Bromwich Albion ahead of a £7 million move.

Six weeks ago Tony Pulis revealed that the Baggies had given up on trying to sign the 27-year-old because he didn’t think the player was overly interested in his project at the Hawthorns.

“We won’t be signing Kieran Gibbs,” Pulis told Sky Sports at the time.

“We have to look for players that fit what we want to do and the way we want to play.

“We have three or four other targets we are desperate for. We are juggling with two at the moment and that’s not Gibbs.”

Obviously, something has changed. Whether West Brom signing Gibbs influences Arsenal’s interest in Jonny Evans remains to be seen. It looks as though we’re trying to bring in another centre-back with Mustafi set to follow Gabriel out the Emirates door.

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Cor….huhuhu….now watch that long ball c*nt turn him into one of the best defensive left backs in Europe. Good luck to Gibbo


Never a question of his talent, he just wasn’t ever fit long enough to fulfill any of that potential. Wish him luck though, lesser men would have thrown in the towel

Dan Gunn

I would question his talent. Couldn’t defend and never brave enough in the final third to create. Just a nice lad that didnt moan.

Kwame Ampadu Down

I wouldn’t question his talent but definitely his desire. A nice lady that didn’t moan indeed….but not one with the desire to be the best he could be either. Coasted through the last few seasons…then again, was anyone pushing him for more ?


Ah yes, he joins Gabriel as the nicest Arsenal ladies to ever wear the shirt

Kwame Ampadu Down

I can’t believe I put lady again. Typing on my phone not my strong point!


Sure buddy lol


True. Never a great defender and never that good going forward.

His best attributes are pace and getting up and down the pitch all game. Strangely, he might of been decent as a wing back. Probably a right wing back knowing wenger.


No, he was never talented, he’s an athlete that can’t cross, can’t shot, questionable decision making. And then he decided to just coast along happily for the last four or five years. That he was allowed to is testament of the state of the club.


Really how long???
Arsenal is bigger than the rivals
buy Lemar,Seri,Van Dijk
(Liverpool: offer €80m + Origi on loan for Thomas Lemar )
(Arsenal: Lemar deal is ‘dead’ as Monaco dig in )!!!


Jesus Christ, just pick a club and piss off.

Preston Parkway

The guy has been a good servant to the club and always done his best, show him some respect.

Sinking Ship

I’ll never understand the Gibbs love in. Very average player who has been on the books far too long. Never a top 4 club player.
Remembered for a tackle at WBA and an equaliser against Spurs.
If our squad wasn’t full of such mediocrity these moments wouldn’t be celebrated.

It Is What It Is

Goal line clearances mate….at least 5 crucial uns….and yes it used to be a no brainier for a full back to man the post until the lines are cleared.

Doing the simple things well!

Sinking Ship

If we didn’t have players who clearly aren’t good enough, we wouldn’t be struggling for the past decade. We would be celebrating a convincing FA cup victory instead of being 2-0 down after 10 minutes and a Gibbs clearance is remembered as something he did well!! Wow in his entire Arsenal career, you will remember him for 5 crucial goal line clearances! This is what has become of Arsenal, where these moments are remembered favourably instead of why didn’t we invest in quality in these positions. It’s not all on him, but he is one of many who clearly aren’t… Read more »


I know he isn’t a player who is an amazing LB but he is a solid LB and nowhere near as cheap as 7mil in this current market. But everyone knows we’re desperate to offload anyone and everyone so can get our guys on the cheap


Nothing prevented us from handling this earlier on.
I’d better stop at that, the rant can go endlessly…


Should realistically be double what we’ve agreed, but even in our cut-price sale I really wasn’t expecting him to leave for any less than £10m. Yet another poor deal on a player moving elsewhere.

North Bank Gooner

yet another case of wages so high players stay where they are and sit in the reserves, we want to shift em it has to be cheap!


Some other clubs will pay the shortfall in wages when getting rid of players. So if WBA offer him 20k less per week, we pay him that for the amount of time left on his arsenal contract.

Surely that is more sensible, he won’t play for us baring injuries so why not pay him 20k per week to leave, instead of 70k per week to play for the reserves.

We’re 50k per week up on the deal and that can budgeted towards wages for new players, or did I miss the point?


If you are Gibbs, you wouldn’t just stick out the last 12 months of your contract? you are going to get the 70k a week regardless. Then pick your club next summer withouthaggling over a transfer fee?

I don’t WBA is going to pay 50k/week for 3-4 years for Gibbs on a new contract. It’s probably going to be something like 25-35k/week


Will he agree personal terms though?…doubtful


I really like how organised and decisive we’ve been this window.
No messing around.
No indecision
Absolutely No backsliding.
Just a crystal clear plan on what we want and what we don’t.
Bravo Bravo.


Just like all our other transfer windows yes. Good job we got our two signings, the only ones we need clearly, early on in the transfer window. Now we can concentrate on off loading half the team, including one of our first choice defenders, and continue on our merry way playing our players out of position, getting battered by our rivals (and stoke), offering Wenger a new 10 year contract that will take him to almost 80 and never hearing one word uttered from our almighty leader/owner Mr Kroenke. For a second there, at the end of last season, I… Read more »


I feel your pain bro, having been supporting for around 30 years myself.

Many years ago I found an approach that works when supporting England at tournaments; don’t expect them to win, don’t expect them to play well, take any positives as a bonus and enjoy the rest of the tournament.

Sadly, I can feel that attitude creeping into watching arsenal nowadays.


completely agree….I have been saying for years we need David Dein back….possibly the only person to ever question Wenger and talk some sense into him


Absolutely! It’s worked like an absolute dream. Could not have been handled better. Bravo Arsenal. I especially liked the ‘keep Sanchez he’s going nowhere tough stance see out your contract oh hang on a minute Abu Dhabi FC are on the phone’ approach. Stunning!


7 mill. Fucking hell. And we’ll end up paying twice that for Jonny Evans too. SMH

ozil gummidge

More like three times

Donald\'s Trump

They’ve already turned down 23m from Leicester.

Doubt we’ll get him, he’s got better options in City and Leicester.


The Baggies value him at £30m apparently. These prices are a joke.


Southampton are struggling for goals.
Even if we can’t get Van Dijk?
He’s got much better options by the looks of it.
Selling them Walcott while they’ve got a few quid from sales would be a right touch.




This transfer season has been a real roller coaster. All the best to Gibbs


It’s frustrating not seeing players reach their potential but I really hope he moves because for whatever reason he hasn’t reached his at Arsenal. Wish him all the best.

Terry Neill - never again

Gazidis out.


What exactly can Gazidis do?
You could argue he could of walked?
But ultimately this is down to an owner who flat doesn’t care.
And AW not knowing he’s past it.

Terry Neill - never again

Exactly what does Gazidis do? The rot started when he arrived as he has taken no responsibility for managing the club in the way David Dein did. He signs shit deals with shit brands, he adds no value on the sporting front and has got fat as CEO whilst the club went backwards. Whatever you feel about Wenger (and I know from your posts that you detest him) someone has to manage him and not allow him the latitude he’s enjoyed.Yes perhaps Arsene should move on but how can we expect him to take that decision too … on his… Read more »


You must have me confused with someone else? I don’t detest Arsene Wenger? I find his decision making baffling and frustrating, and find him extremely indecisive. I actually don’t think he knows what he wants? or needs? or how to get it? I respect him a huge amount and believe he loves the club, even though he’s now hurting us and himself. I detest Kroenke. And I actually really like Gazidis. The simple fact is none of us know the truth? And what’s really going on behind the closed doors? But what we do know is…. Kroenke is the one… Read more »


So we might get rid of Mustafi and buy Evans.
Arsenal are giving me nightmares, while I’m awake ?


Oh wow so we can somehow manage to get shot of players we need to all of a sudden, what about bringing three top quality players in, okay we’d still struggle to win the league but might stand a chance of forth and build from there!!! Currently we will be lucky to get seventh!!!


Gibbs is 27?!??! Jesus Christ.


Stan, Ivan and Arsene need to quit Arsenal – should have done so after the FA cup final


This club is in chaos. Mark my words, we will not make the top 4 for the next few years. Wenger had totally destroyed this team. Look at the spine of the squad Alexis – 29, not renewing. Leaving next year Ozil – 29. Probably not renewing, leaving next year Ramsey – 27. One year left. Probably not renewing Koscienly – 31. Getting along with age. Achilles problem Xhaka – Wenger doesn’t know how to use him. Monreal – 31. Lacazette and Kolasinac are the only ones with decent ability with long term hopes. We are screwed in the next… Read more »


Spot on. Worrying times ahead. Fans need to rally together to get Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger out


I’m interested to hear your plan on getting the owner to leave. Do you have a spare 800mill (or wtv) to buy him out?

I would agree to chip in but I’ve just had to MOT the motor, you know how it is 😀

I think the best we can hope for at this point is a new manager and even that seems fanciful right now.


We’ve achieved nothing with this group of players. Why all the angst when we’re finally in a position to move them on and start to rebuild properly? Any team that includes Ramsey as part of its spine is not really serious anyway.

Donald\'s Trump

Everton will be ahead of us this season. They just need one signing to be a very good team (a striker). We need a new manager, new coaching staff and 4 top signings.


£7 million is disgusting for an English guy who has played champions league for at least 7 years. Is he in his last year?


For all that thing of, we holding out on 10M to get the best out of market, we end up with 7 (roll of eyes)!

Laughing Stock

Not my favourite player by a long shot but it’ll be interesting to see how good he can be after being coached and things like that


The Arsenal need another centre-back.
The Arsenal need a defensive midfielder as well.
The Arsenal need to play Elneny more if we don’t get a someone who can tackle.
The Arsenal need to stop conceding silly goals.
The Arsenal need to play people in their best positions.
The Arsenal need to work harder.
The Arsenal need Kroenke out.


The arsenal need a new manager

North Bank Gooner

no point if we have stan, until he goes its a full on pile of shite!


Not sure how you figure that. Wenger has been giving money to spend and backing by the board, what more does a manager need?

Donald\'s Trump

New owner would apparently pick the team and play people in their rightful position.

Also they would review opponents and implement tactics to suit.

New owners would do all that. They’d also motivate the players to show some balls.

Glen Helders Left Foot

Could the people who are down voting this please explain why they believe we don’t need a new manager? Stevie Wonder could that wenger if finished and with his recent decision possibly suffer some form of mental illness


Didn’t downvote but my concern is that new manager – same problem i.e. Silent Stan and his gang.
I’m not endorsing Wenger either BTW, just saying problems are way deeper.


Why are we selling Gibbs to a rival?


I really hope the humour I saw in this was on purpose lol give it a year and West Brom will be above us


Finally .. two out the door and a little closer to the day when we’ve moved out the entire British core and can start to move forward with some proper players.

Yankee Gooner

Hey Blogs, when trying to view this article, a pop up has repeatedly promised me a free iPhone 8. I’m all set with a phone, so maybe you could just waive my membership fee for a few months?


Yea i get that too sometimes, usually on page refresh. Annoying as you can’t back out. Have to close the tab completely.

David Hillier\'s luggage

Slightly off topic, but this transfer window reminds of the post 2006 stadium debt paying off time of the club (I’m not calling it the ‘banter era’), where it was pretty much all about balancing the books. Thing is we’re not offsetting a £300m stadium debt this time, but the loss of £70m annual Champions League money and writing off £100m in transfer fees as our top earners whittle down contracts. At least we had over a decade to pay off the ground, we’ve got one season to sort this one out and much stronger rivals financially now. To all… Read more »


Say what you will about his talent, he’s a class act. And unlike what we saw from many wearing the shirt Sunday, I can’t ever remember Gibbs not giving it his all on the pitch. Godspeed, sir.


I think Gibs was mismanaged. Never a defender, his conversion messed up his career talent. Wish him good luck.


Go Stan go! Line that bank vault! Sanchez and Ox next, and let’s see photos of that new yacht! Ah, good luck to Gibbs wherever he goes. Seems a good guy.


And there goes one of our loyal player. I hate to see him go. Wish you luck Gibbs…


Good luck Gibbo! You deserve to play regular football wherever you go.


I’m actually happy for him, leave this shit show

Thierry bergkamp

Who gives a fuck! The team is fucking shit and I’m losing the will to live because of it.


I liked gibbo. Not a world class player by any means but he always put in a shift. He always tried. Better going forward sometimes than defending. I think we should bring back Eboue.


Why would Gibbs leave Arsenal with 1 year left on his contract if he doesn’t get the terms he wants on a new deal with WBA? He just needs to sit through this season and collect his wage and move on for free next summer. No haggling over fees. Just a straight new deal. I don’t think next summer his value in terms of his wage will get any worse then what he is being offered by WBA or Wat this window. He gets to chose where he plays. Obviously most of us would do the same. I can’t believe… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

A year without any game time? His value in terms of his wage would actually go down, not to mention his fitness level. Its also a World Cup year and Aaron Cresswell is getting into the England squad for Christ’s sake, so there’s opportunity there too. As you said, he is professional footballer, his career isn’t going to last forever – so can’t afford to waste a year in the wilderness at 27 picking up a paycheque at Arsenal.


I am not surprised Gibbs wants to just play rather than hang around.
Good on him great lad!
Good luck Gibbo we will forever remember the goal line clearance that enabled us to win the Cup!


And that equaliser against ‘them who shall not be named but playing at our real home ground’

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