Thursday, March 30, 2023

Report: Giroud happy to stay and fight for his place

According to Le 10 Sport, Olivier Giroud has decided to stay at Arsenal this summer despite the increased competition for a starting place.

The France international has been the subject of speculation for months with the likes of Marseille, Lyon, Everton, West Ham United and Borussia Dortmund all keeping tabs on his situation.

It’s reported the striker was most open to the possibility of moving to the Westfalenstadion, however, with Dortmund insisting that star man Patrick Aubameyang is going nowhere their interest has waned.

Giroud, who only signed a contract extension at Arsenal in January, will now fight with Alexandre Lacazette, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck for a starting berth in attack.

The 30-year-old has featured regularly in pre-season, scoring against Western Sydney Wanderers and Benfica. He only needs two more competitive goals to reach a century for the Gunners.

The report tallies with what Arsene Wenger said last week: “Giroud fancies the competition. As a manager, you have him on your back, wanting to play.

“He fights hard, you know. I like the way he responds to what’s happening.”

The Gunners are trying to offload Lucas Perez having already released Yaya Sanogo. It also looks as though there’s a high chance Chuba Akpom will leave on loan.

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We’re certainly much stronger with him, it’s going to be a real scrap between Giroud, Welbeck and Lacazette.
I’d like us to lose a fair few players this summer, Giroud certainly isn’t one of them.

Tommy K

We’re also, officially, 10x more good looking with him in the squad. Fact.

Cultured Determination

agreed. especially if bellerin doenst cut his stupid hair.

Why not

I have to say, his attidude, is basically outstanding.

Q3 Technique

I know what you mean but I disagree. Personally I think that we’re just used to really low levels of professional standards by footballers.

Of course he should want to fight for his place, that should be a minimum not something to be lauded as outstanding. He’s at a top club, obviously there will be alternative options and competition for places.


Petr Cech left for us after not getting enough chances with Chelsea, Welbeck from MU, and even Alexis from Barca. Why can’t people like you just admit that Giroud has some positives in him?


Not trying to say that Cech, Welbeck and Alexis are bad though. Their moves are more than welcomed

Q3 Technique

My comment is that footballers should always be prepared to put up a fight for their position as its simply an inevitable part of their job.

My comment has nothing to do with Giroud’s abilities. That’s a different discussion entirely. So your comment is simply misplaced.


My point is, many footballers nowadays go away if they can’t secure a first team place. Joe Hart, Morata, Casillas, Mata, I mean there are plenty examples out there. And also there are many players who are happy as benchwarmers and don’t want to fight for their place in the first team.

Giroud wants to stay, Giroud wants to fight for his place, that’s outstanding in this time of life. I said he is outstanding not just because our club standard is low.

And, btw I never discussed about Giroud’s ability.


I would like to see Chuba Akpom succeed at the club. But to be honest, I have no idea how he is faring today compared to strikers of his age.


Unfortunately I think that ship has already sailed. He turns 22 this coming year which is the time he really needs to start scoring a lot more than he is. That’s the age that Henry & Kane for instance started scoring over 20 goals a year. I would love to see Arsenal develop a world class forward but unfortunately Apkom doesn’t seem like he will be it.


100 up soon!

My Wig smells cheesy

Brace against Leicester please

Capn Crunch

Good man!! Well on his way to becoming an Arsenal cult hero


I’m a cult too.

At least I think that is what they’re saying.


As absurd as it might seem to some, I love Giroud and he’s one of my favorites to ever wear our jersey.

Irreplaceable in the air. Absurdly good first touch (Norwich remembers). Great ball control despite his height. Saved our ass so many times despite the stick from “fans” who rate strikers based on pace in FIFA.

And actual Nr. 1 striker for what seems like on of the best French generations. At the moment, he’s got the same goal per minute ratio for France as Theirry-freakin-Henry.

More than happy to keep him.


Don’t forgot that touch on a dropping ball over his shoulder against West Ham that he smashed through Adrian’s legs a few years back too ?. Glad his staying, we can’t ‘Paul Merson’ him before he gets too 100 Arsenal goals plus we’ll need him around while Laca settles in cause he offers us something completely different too him or Welbz


All he needs is a decent cross in the box. It’s a shame we don’t provide him with a more of those – we always seem to start sending in those crosses the second he leaves the pitch.


Agreed. Ox seems to have come on a bit in that regard and I’m hopeful that Kolasinac might be more inclined to whip in a cross than some of our former left sided players. Time will tell.

A different George

From the little I’ve seen of Kolasinac, I think it’s virtually certain that he will provide those crosses: he likes to go forward, he has enough technique to create space for himself to cross, his crosses seem accurate. And he seems unselfish, so he won’t insist on always pushing every defender out of his way and running over the keeper as he scores.


Lemar and Giroud, we could win a championship…


I thought I was the only one that noticed this. Each time I’ll be praying somebody whip the ball across so giroud can get his pretty head on it. Only chambo gets it right. Sanchez just a selfish bastard. It’s either him or Ozil.


I particularly enjoyed this touch.


Shame he can’t match Henry’s ratio for arsenal


Top man our Ollie. We have our mobile upgrade which the majority of us wanted in Lacazette and we seem to be keeping Alexis….with Giroud also fighting for a starting place and lethal from the bench we are in a very good position considering the other strikers we have around the place also.
Get Serri in the door and we’re good to go I reckon ; anyone else in on top of that would be icing on the cake.


Absolutely love this guy. I cant see any reason why he cant force himself to be the main striker this season. His link up and hold up play is superb. His finishing is getting better and better too.


That is where he has made the biggest improvements for me. He is now a clinical striker. His conversion rate up there with the best


His best season is 16 lge goals, Henry got 30, RVP got 30, hell even adebayor got 24.

Giroud is useful but ‘clinical’ is really pushing it tbh


Alexis take note. This is how legends are made


What a lad, isnt he? This is what true love for the club and its values mean. He surley must go out as a legend once he pips the century mark.

Coach Deji Obe

His a great striker and a lover of the club despite all the criticism towards him kept on doing his job.#love you #OG12


That’s really good news and means we’ll have great options to approach games differently!


With Alexis and him staying, I really start to feel excited about the season. Think we have a massive squad. No reason why we can’t challenge this season.


Alexi ain’t staying. Not a chance in hell. We would be mad to not take the Qatar cash from PSG and spend it on Lemar and Seri, maybe even Barkley. We have Giroud and Wiltshire fighting for places and people still want to hang on to Alexi??? If we can’t compete with the money teams then let’s at least try to do it with players who want to play for us.


Great news, top striker. If he wasn’t at Arsenal we’d be asking for Wenger to buy someone like this, so lets be grateful we’ve got him.

I had a thought the other day, wondered whether I would be happy if we didn’t sign Lemar, but kept Perez and played him every week.. I think I would.

If we get a athletic CM by the end of the window, I’ll be pleased with this summers activity.


When it comes to CM, I think that’s a massive “if.” With all those Seri rumours, I feel like we’re chasing the wrong player. Don’t get me wrong – it sounds great to get Santi’s reincarnation – but then again, I wouldn’t understand why we got Xhaka in the first place. I’ve got a feeling that when buying Xhaka, Wenger didn’t understand what player he’s getting. He first labelled him as a “box to box midfielder,” only to call him as “deep lying creative midfielder” later on. I’m not sure if Xhaka-Cazorla would work (since we didn’t get to find out) –… Read more »


I think you are wrong on this mate. The noise was ‘Xhaka-Ramsey’ was the preferred partnership from the beginning and that makes perfect sense. Ramsey has the engine and stamina to compliment Xhaka’s deep lying ‘Alonso style’, as we are now seeing. Kante doesn’t have the attacking edge and quality in the final 3rd. It wouldn’t be a bad partnership, but for both CM’s to possess little attacking threat in general play isn’t great. For certain games and bigger games it works when we play more without the ball and on the counter, but those tight affairs (which are the… Read more »


I think Seri is meant to be in that mould really, of a big engine CM who pops up all over the pitch like Kante, but perhaps with more guile. I wouldn’t be adverse to a partner for Xhaka who is just like Cazorla, they only really played a few games together, but the ones they did it looked a a good fit from a performance point of view – e.g.Chelsea at home, Watford away are the ones I can think of which spring to mind. Happy for Ramsey to be the number one, but we need another baller as… Read more »


Seri is nothing like Kante.
He doesnt tackle, but is much better on the ball than Kante.

Personally I think we need a faster more destructive force in midfield.


I understand your point of view, but I tend to disagree. In 3-4-3, I find it more important that your CMs have positional discipline, rather than attacking threat. Look at the teams who dominated the system last year – Chelsea & Spurs – and look at their CMs. Ramsey often finds himself 10-15 metres higher up the pitch than when his “base” position should be. This leaves Xhaka in vast “no man’s land,” which is easily occupied by opposition’s midfield. Xhaka has certain defensive qualities in tight spaces, but it is quite easy to dribble past him since he’s not very mobile.… Read more »

A different George

I think Kante’s partner in central midfield for Chelsea was Matic when Conte wanted to play defensively, but Cesc whenever they wanted to play more expansively and when they needed a goal. I’m not sure which theory about Arsenal’s midfield that supports, if any.

Merlin\'s Panini

If Seri is like Cazorla then he should work very well alongside Coquelin. They were our best pairing until Santi was injured.
We would then have two central pairing options – Xhaka/Ramsey and Seri/Coquelin.
Makes sense to me.

Cultured Determination

we have coq, who can do a kate-ish job

J Dizzle

We need to talk about Theo … again


Giroud is not good enough to lead the line of a title challenging team. Wenger knows this (Higuain, Benzema, Suarez, Vardy, etc).

I don’t think he should be sold but Lacazette is and should be the starting striker. It’s not about his attitude, it’s that our forward line is more fluid and pacy.


Not good enough? What do you expect from a traditional CF? He one of the best there is! He has additional qualities including an amazing first touch very good positionally and probably one of best headers of the ball right now. He is good at what he does. Lacazette is a completley different player to Giroud


If we can’t hold up the ball there is no opportunity to build any fluidity. How many games have we seen Alexis or Welbeck start up top and can barely get into the game? Giroud guarantees an outlet and allows the team to move up the pitch. I am not saying he must start all games, it all depends on the type of game. Giroud was a great option towards the end of games last year when we were pushing teams deeper and deeper. His strength and hold up play is priceless in those instances. All depends on how fluid… Read more »


During wenger’s most successful years did he have a ‘hold up the ball’ striker? No, so why do we need one know so desperately?


Kanu and Wiltord.


Kanu possibly but he had a lot more strings to his bow. Wiltord was not a target man at all. Do any of the people actually watch arsenal play? Lol ffs

Theo the friendly ghost



Denis was a Target man and 6 gooners agree with u. Just wow


Because the game is constantly changing?


Yea that’s why all top teams use a target man? No they don’t


That’s because our team was disjointed in general. Particularly in midfield. Do you remember the arsenal teams that played fast, fluid, flowing football?

I don’t recall them needing to throw it up to the big man so we can build up play. We scored most of our goals on the counter, win the ball and attack in numbers with pace and skill too ofc.

Ah the glory days


Of course man. A lot of gooners are deluded. Laca will be first choice and he will prove his worth.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he beats giroud’ best ever tally of 16 lge goals in laca’s first season.

Just like you I will get thumbs down but come the end of the season everyone will know what we do already.


Expecting so much from the French Defoe I see


Defoe! Another player that scores more than giroud


I’m guessing you’re 12 years old?


Ollie, what a chap. Fighter


This is why I love the handsome French man… he offers an alternative up front. Simply put, we cannot let him go.


I am happy that technically displaced but likable players are happy to stay and fight! Even my dear Jackie de Wilshire.


Not sure why there hasn’t been more speculation about Welbeck or Walcott leaving as their positions are far more under threat from Lac than Giroud


Wellbeck and Walcott’s positions are on the bench and giroud will likely be sitting next to them for the majority of games.


Because supposedly Giroud could lose his starting role for France if he sits on the bench. (Speculation of course)

Walcott and Welbeck aren’t in the same situation regarding England.


My favourite player to be honest and never understand the crap he gets. Was at the Sydney game and watched someone who all the press said was on his way out work hard for a place. I think he might well end up our top scorer this season and will be very deserved. Sanchez is obviously going to PSG and to be honest good riddance. I want more Giroud and less Sanchez in our team.


Great news!
The other day I heard that Matuidi is in his final year of contract. I know he is 30, but he is very good, strong and mobile midfielder, who could be a very good addition to squad.

A different George

PSG will need to sell almost anybody to comply with FFP. Well, to pretend to comply.


If there is a striker I would sell, that would be Welbeck. His air-kicks into open goals are no more funny. He works hard alright, but he has technique of a Kevin Davies.


We are at our best when he comes in off of the bench and adds a totally different dynamic to our attack against a usually tired defense. If Alexis stays it is going to be tough for Wenger though to find time for Lacazzete (who will surely be first choice at the beginning of the season), Giroud, Welbeck and also Walcott given the formation he is seemingly going with.


All the ‘girouds so good’ comments are interesting to say the least. If he’s so good I wonder why wenger has been trying to replace him forever and I wonder why no big teams came in for him this summer. It’s hard to work out isn’t it? I also wonder why each of our first choice strikers going back to probably Ian wright had a better goal scoring ratio than him. In giroud’s best season he got 16 league goals. Bergkamp got 16 league goals once, but he did it in 10 less games than giroud needed and probably got… Read more »


Your comments perpetuate the idea that we have ‘the most biased fans out there’. You comment as if it’s fact that you are spouting, rather than opinion. OG’s contribution to Arsenal over the last 5 years is unquestionable. And any level-headed football fan would clearly see the need for options in how we play – dependent on the opposition. I believe that Laca will be a fantastic success – but because of Giroud’s input, not despite it. Which one of them is first choice for the French National Team – or are you also stating you know more about football… Read more »

A different George

“some of the most biased fans”

I have never spoken to a fan of any top club (or national team) who does not vastly overrate some of his team’s players. Ask a Man United fan to rate Michael Carrick.

Man Manny

Attack more or less done. If we can sign a first team midfielder to create another fight in the middle, those two fights alone could be worth 10 extra points and probably a shot at the title, who knows.


I think his goal against Benfica has reminded people of what he offers. For a supposedly slow target man he plays with a deft touch and can improvise a finish out of very little.


good finisher but slow he is a great plan B so it’s great that he is fighting for his place


Totally agree. Bored with people writing him off as simply a sub. He is an excellent striker. So is Laca. So is Sanchez. Is there a rule says Arsenal can only have one player who can score regularly?
I want the UEFA cup and the FA cup and to have a proper crack at the league. Without Giroud we lack the variety of firepower necessary.


absolutely spot on!


Of course he is. Because being just close to greatness but never making it is what we do with Wenger in the last decade. And Giroud fits in that mould. What I am afraid is that because Wenger didn’t have the balls to sell Giroud who would not accept a bench/option B role offered him more starts, alternating with Lacazette (which is not that bad) but in the end we coule have Giroud as a main striker and Laca as an inverted winger as Sanchez, who could leave in the end. Then you make a mediocre winger from a clinical… Read more »


Chelsea season tickets are available at a very reasonable price.


Tapps, before you start writing a comment it says “join the discussion”.. At least I took time and wrote something that I feel and put down some arguments, while you did nothing but insult me. We can disagree but it does not mean someone is a bigger fan. It says a lot about you.

Vitamin D

Alexis kissed the badge in tearing. Guys he is staying yeas



Perhaps our best striker roster since we had, HENRY, BERGKAMP, KANU and Wiltord.

AT The very least it means we have a bunch of players who offer different solutions to breaking down a defence.


I love Giroud so much


Love Giroud’s spirit. The competition is certainly stiff for all concerned. Oli has the great ability of an impact sub. Good headache for Wenger to have.

Merlin\'s Panini

Who is this Patrick Aubameyang?
Is he Pierre Emerick’s brother?


As I said, it would be daft to let him go. Rather let Welbeck at this particular point. Giroud isn’t plan B. He is part of a different weapon in the Arsenal up top. Evidently the competition is good for him and bespeaks a player who is willing to fight. Thus far in pre-season he is every bit as good if not better than Lacazette in goals and link play but certain people choose to have their pet views and trumpet Lacazette as world class yet Giroud as not good enough. He starts for France for a reason. His touch… Read more »

Foggy Bottom

Giroud really needs to take a hint. Wenger didn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money for Lacazette to sit on the bench.


Wonderful news! The competition up front will only strengthen the team and Giroud is a reliable goal scorer in tight games. Have to admire the guy’s resolve too – no Debuchy-like cop-outs from Oli. Bravo!

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