Thursday, August 18, 2022

Report: Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Holding, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Ozil, Welbeck

Subs: Ospina, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Coquelin, Walcott, Giroud, Lacazette


Liverpool condemned Arsenal to their second defeat of the new season with a comprehensive 4-0 thumping at Anfield.

Roberto Firmino opened the scoring with a flicked header, Sadio Mane curled home five minutes before the break before Mohamed Salah and Daniel Sturridge added further gloss in the second half. The Gunners were awful throughout the game and could easily have lost by a bigger margin.

First half

Arsenal have played badly at Anfield before but this first half performance must rate as one of the worst. It was 45 minutes of torture for Gunners fans as the men in blue chased shadows. In fairness, ‘chased’ probably isn’t the right word as it infers a level of urgency. There was none of that from Arsene Wenger’s men.

With Mane and Salah stretching the flanks and Firmino in tricksy mood in the middle, Liverpool found it very easy to get in behind the Arsenal defence time and time again.

Can signalled the home side’s intent with an early header that flew wide before Klopp’s men cranked up the pressure. Salah really should have broken the deadlock on 10 minutes when he met a Can cross at the back post but somehow from just three yards out he shot straight at Cech; it was a fine save from the keeper.

Six minutes later and Liverpool got the goal their total domination deserved. A Gomez cross from the right found Firmino gliding into the box unmarked and the Brazilian glanced home past Cech. (1-0)

Replays showed Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain with their backs to the action in the build-up. They seemingly hadn’t realised the game had restarted and by the time they did, the ball was in the back of the net.

Henderson should have doubled the lead two minutes later as Firmino slipped him one-on-one with Cech after dispossessing Ozil in the midfield. His chip over the keeper didn’t have enough pace and was cleared.

Salah and Mane had further chances before the latter capitalised on a swift break to curl a beauty past Cech to double the lead. The Senegal international running at Holding from the left simply cut inside his man and found the far corner past the despairing dive of Cech. It was all so easy for the Reds. (2-0)

At the other, Arsenal were woeful. There was one chance in the opening six minutes when Sanchez fed Welbeck but as is so often the case he fluffed his lines and shot over.

The half time whistle came as a blessed relief.

Second half

There was a bit more bite to the Arsenal challenges in the opening stages of the second period but stupid mistakes were still abundant even though we switched to four at the back and had Coquelin on instead of Ramsey.

Monreal was guilty of giving the ball straight to Salah who raced goalwards and shot straight at Cech, Henderson hit the rebound over.

Salah wasn’t to be so profligate when Arsenal handed him yet another chance. An Arsenal corner cleared to the halfway line should have been dealt with by Bellerin, instead the Spaniard lost the ball to Salah who raced 50 yards towards Cech and then slid the ball past him. (3-0)

With the game gone, Wenger threw on Giroud and Lacazette in place of Chamberlain and Sanchez. The two Frenchman combined on 68 minutes as the Gunners went in search of a consolation but our new boy, seemingly inspired by Welbeck, scuffed his effort wide.

Mane nearly added a fourth as he pounced on Holding nervousness. The ball looped over Cech and dribbled goalwards before Bellerin scrambled clear. The reprieve was short lived as Sturridge came off the bench to head home a Salah cross from close range on 78 minutes. (4-0)

On Sky Sports, Gary Neville repeatedly described Arsenal’s performance as disgraceful. It’s hard to disagree or come up with a more apt description.

We now head into an Interlull and the final five days of the transfer window. Changes are needed but it’s hard to imagine we’ve got the balls to make enough of them to make a difference. It’s hard not to fear for the season ahead.

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Third Plebeian


But not in the least surprising.

Mein Bergkampf

Please, when people get abuse for raising strong concerns about Wenger and this Arsenal team, just remember games like this and don’t be so quick to brandish us ungrateful or disloyal. We have a manager right now where the squad gets stronger and the team gets weaker. The better players we have, the worse we become. Just let that sit for a while. We buy better players and Wenger gives us a worse final product. We get worse at everything. Worse at defending, worse at set pieces, worse at counter attacking, worse at dealing with clubs that counter attack, we… Read more »

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Will the Arsene-In brigade finally realise that Wenger is no longer worthy of meeting Arsenal’s ambitions. I have been posting on this forum for years for Wenger to be sacked.

Wenger would fail to win the league even with the World XI. He is not going to do it. The board needs to have the guts to just sack the fool and Arsenal could then go back to being a real club.


Yes Sir, He is stubborn beyond belief.

andre santos

this is the result of an accumulation 2nd tier players and settling for 2nd,3rd choice targets. (we got lucky with sanchez, ozil) over the last 3-4 years while all the other contenders wnt out and bought their number 1 targets.
shit we never go out and buy the best. always looking for a fuckin bargain.


Ozil is definitely the best player in Arsenal’s history.
Very good at dribbling past player, very strong in the air, scoring goals, free kicks, and most importantly, the best tackler in the history of football.
Amazing body language, he always work hard. Good job Wenger, Ozil totally deserves that 300k/wk contract!

Chippys chip



I really hope you were being ironical there cos if Ozil hears that he may believe it !!


And stubborn is stupid


Hoping for the board to do jack is a joke you know that right?

Lord Bendnter

Brilliantly put!


I just came here to laugh because each time I say the truth about the manager and the Club some loyal fans down vote me. Sarri of Napoli is a good coach, Joachim Low is a good coach too, if you like add Messi an Ronaldo to this team they ll still perform like this. Arsenal is no longer a team but a state of mind. ????????????????


To laugh? I am sorry but clearly you are going over board with your anti wenger stand..


Plenty of top managers out there who would
– organise a side
– improve the work rate
– pick a balanced side
– clear out the dross
– be more tactically aware


Fuck off then and glory support some other team. I’m not happy with things and want change but I’ll still support MY team because I’m not some fair weather twat who feels entitled.


I think you got this the wrong way bud. We LOVE and SUPPORT ARSENAL! Not the person managing the players nor the players who are half-assed.

I’ve always loved Wenger, and I still love the man. But I hate him being the manager of our great club and slowly regressing it to obsolete. Change is a must, and it may unfortunately take years before we become relevant enough to challenge for the Title again. #ArsenalForever but #WengerOut


Mate, don’t even respond to these types of comments, not today. Proper Gooners never tell other gooners to go and support other clubs.


Typical, whenever someone wants AW out they will be told to support another team. Arsenal >>>> AW, there’s not a single player nor manager who bigger than the club.


Wrong. Arsene Wenger is bigger than the club.

The most important thing right now is to offer Wenger another 2 yr contract.

Mein Bergkampf

I think you could be part of the problem Oberon. At the very least, you’ve completely missed the point.

Joe Bloggs

He is being sarcastic.


Be careful, Mein Bergkampf: for daring to criticise Wenger, and for actually caring more about the club than him, you’ll be slagged off on this website. What you’re actually supposed to do is blindly back a man who is turning our club into a laughing stock.

The sight of Sanchez smiling on the bench towards the end of the game tells you everything that you need to know about the attitude and environment within the club right now.

Wenger out now!


Here he is on que just as things are at their shittest the eternal Fatgooner. I believe it’s time for Wenger to go as well. I came to that conclusion during our meltdown last season. In some ways, great as it was, the FA cup win may also have been a curse as it gave him grace to sign on for another two years. At the same time we are a club who know nothing about life without Wenger and a hand over period would be in everyone’s interest rather than an abrupt break. I sincerely hope we have entered… Read more »

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

We may be in for a worse time with a new manager, but at least we won’t be suffering the same mistakes game after game, year after year. And a new manager who doesn’t perform can get his P45 pronto. When Stan sees the financial results this year with our large comfortable squad Wenger may get his
Arsenal 0 Swansea – 2 Dec 1 2012


Heard it so many times. Things could be worse under another manager. Careful what you wish for etc. Utter bolox. Slang of fatgooner all you like at least the bloke is consistent and keeps to the same line.arsenal as a big club are finished at that is down to wenger and his crazy fucking team selection and his inability to motivate the team..end of

Godfrey Twatsloch

“Things could be worse under another manager. Careful what you wish for etc.”

Not what I said though, is it?

Godfrey Twatsloch

And it’s a sad day when Fatgooner is given any credit because he’s never happy with anything regardless if we play well or not. He’s just here for the moaning.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

The only way we’ll ever get change is to have 40,000 empty seats every home game. Have the mighty Gooners got the guts to do that?


I don’t comprehend how hard this is going to be. Just stay at home for two home games, it wouldn’t f***ing hurt nobody but the board and clueless manager.


I totally agree, but everyone on here knows Wengers going nowhere. I commented two days ago that we are prone to big defeats. Personally I don’t care who we buy or get rid off in the next week, it won’t make a difference because we will have the same manager. We are the most predictable and weak team in Europe, even foreign teams have figured us out. We are getting worse and worse each season. Seriously this is absolutely terrible for us fans. The manager and everyone above him are destroying our club and they need to go. Spurs are… Read more »

alternative facts are not facts

So you’re saying it wasn’t Wenger’s fault that Ramsey started, Holding started, Lacazette didn’t start, and a back 3 instead of a back 4 played? Wenger completely lost the squad years ago. No world class players would dare to sign for us, even if Wenger and the board would cough up the cash required. Sanchez has had enough of the mediocrity. Ox is soon to be gone. If we want to continue being mediocre, keep Wenger on or hire Klinsmann. How can you blame the squad for this embarrassment, full well knowing each of those players out there, no matter… Read more »


Sorry, but please don’t hire Kinsmann — there have to be better managers than him out there.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Unless we boycott the home games and sponsors and the club see 40,000 empty seats, nothing will change.


There will NEVER be 40,000 unfilled/unpaid seats at Arsenal whilst the first team are playing.

Twisted cuntloks

I’m no football guru, no time traveller, I just have common sense and I have been a supporter of my beloved Arsenal since 1977. 6-7 years ago I was calling for Wenger to go as I could see where the club was heading with him remaining at the helm.I could see the fans were having the piss taken out of them paying massive fees week in week out and our league challenge was over 9/10 by Christmas. This isn’t good enough. I was abused for saying this but I expected that. I warned it would all end in tears for… Read more »


Absolutely nailed it. Thank you.


would be any of the down voters please explain why they did so? genuinely curious!


Well said and as an additional point we have been putting up with these performances for 10 years


You make a lot of sense but I will NEVER EVER!!! hate being an Arsenal fan…


No one is asking you to mate. We all love the club that’s why we are here.


You saved me a post


Welb can spend a year or two in the U17 to learn how to shoot from close range.

Ozil must be given triple expresso before kick off, to keep him awake.

Bellerin must get a hair cut and insist to play on the right.

Ox can move to Chelsea and ruin their play from center midfield.

Alexis can break his time deposits and pay off his own release clause.

Wenger can buy a villa in Monaco and stay there permanently.

lee dicks on

Lacazette would have scored that welbeck half chance at 0-0
It’s for moments like that why you have a £50m striker not sitting on the bench for fucks sake.
Everything about this performance was a joke, absolutely no lessons learned from the past games. I have to say Wenger has truly lost it.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Loved it, loooooool.


But the villa has to be a top, top quality. And there are none on the market at the moment.

Also, could this villa be any good at playing CB?

lee dicks on

Lacazette would have scored that welbeck half chance at 0-0
It’s for split second moments like that why you have a £50m striker on the fucking pitch.
Everything about this performance was a joke, absolutely no lessons learned from the past games. I have to say Wenger has truly lost it.


Sanchez would not have passed it to anyone who might’ve scored!


It’s not the losing its the manner of it

Third Plebeian

Yeah, agree on that one. What’s worse is getting a hiding by a team that isn’t even that special.


For the last 15 years that i have been following the game, each Arsenal game was an eagerly awaited event. We have had our fair share of victory and defeat, but I always loved my team, and had optimism that we will bounce back. But for the last few seasons, it has become increasingly tough to retain that optimism. I felt a numbness midway through the game, and by the end just felt a profound emptiness.I hope the powers that be can do something and turn us around. It’s getting unbearable, but I will always love this club.


Manner of the so called 150% man.


That’s the worse thing.

We aren’t surprised by this anymore. You can see it coming like a slow train wreck.

Yet again inexplicable decisions by the gaffer.

He has his per projects he mollycoddles like Welbeck.

He plays Holding and tries to sell Mustafi (when we’ve already sold Gabriel)

We won’t hold Ozil, Ox and Alexis.

He won’t fix the midfield.

He persist in 3-4-3 and teams have figured it out.

School boy errors again with Ramsey still not discipline enough.

We are 3 games in and again fighting fire with 9 goals conceded.



He’s slagged off when he doesn’t play or substitutes Welbeck.

He was slagged off for playing Gabriel and constantly told he wasn’t good enough

Slagged off for not playing Holding.

Sanchez should go. Focused and happy in training but shite in the match..


fuck off le prof,i am not even gng to ask nicely now.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin


Runcorn Gooner

These players are paid a fortune and 2 of them are not even watching the game as Liverpool build up the attack to score. To say our performance was a disgrace today is an understatement.

We need to get that transfer window closed and whoever is going GO.

We can then move on but at the moment it is complete garbage to watch.

AW has got to sort this mess out because he created it.


I wouldn’t trust Wenger to sort out this mess. He needs to go.


He will now he’s proved that he’s right to sell sanchez


I have been a stark Wenger supporter in the past but in the last 6-7 months, my opinion about him has been changing slowly. Today has to mark its culmination. I am not going to back him as our manager even if we defeat Man U in near future. Enough of being fickle and forgetting this absurdity in the wake of one exceptional performance. At this point, I don’t even know which player plays in what position in our team. If anyone asks me who our CF is, I have no clue. It can be welbeck, walcott, giroud, sanchez, our… Read more »


Rohit I’m with you all the way. I’ve been a gunner more than 50 years, and today was the lowest point EVER. When I saw the team sheet,I saw 11 individuals with no clear structure that might match Liverpool’s under 12 side, at least 3 of which were playing in a position that was unnatural to them, and I had no idea how we might score.Watching the match, I was remimded how Mourinho was not afraid to replace players in tge 1st half when it was clear that his side had problems, but AW is old and too set in… Read more »

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Top comment. Thanks blogs! I don’t have to listen to him so often.
BMC’s wife


Tactically arsene is as good as big sam…

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Can’t agree mate, Sam always has a game plan.


Today, I’m really sad as a fan of Arsenal…
We realy need to ( Motivation + Fighting + Heroic Thinking + Mustafi + Koscielny + top class central defender + Seri + … )

Is Arsenal powerful???




AW wants us to lose, look at the starting line up. Terrible!


I have no problem with the line up – just the lack of tactical nouse and commitment. Players will switch off even more now as they’ve lost faith.


I think everyone knew when they saw the team sheet that this would be an absolute disaster performance.

Third Plebeian

Yup. Wenger’s lost it. Badly.

Reality check

Exactly.. RB playing at LWB while the best LWB from Germany sits on the bench.. winger playing RWB to help an error prone rookie defender while a 35m international defender sits on the bench.. A 52m goal scoring machine sits on the bench while Wenger starts with a guy whose legs go numb in the oppposition box. That’s all down to him.


He always thinks he can outplay the opposition. Playing Xhaka & Ramsey in midfield away to Liverpool is totally arrogant & should be a sackable offence. The worst thing is he won’t change his attitude to his opponents or his belief in his very average, lazy, mentally weak players.

He must hear everyone saying Arsenal are mentally weak, too nice, too easy to play against & think they’re ignorant fools.


We’re hopeless


It’s hard to understand what’s going on here. Why start 3-5-2 if you don’t have the players for the system. It’s beginning to feel like self-sabotage for an excuse to go back to what’s comfortable for Wenger.

Xhaka needs to be dropped, he is costing us points week in/week out. I think he might still be a fine player, but there have been no consequences for underperformance for years now. Let him sit on the bench.

We are truly average. Our best players are still better than a lot of clubs, but we are falling towards the pack.


Although I agree that Xhakas passing has become far too wayward in important areas of the pitch and its costing us points I think this is at least partly to do with Ramsey. When your playing with two in midfield they actually need to stay close to each other, too often Ramsey’s in the CF position or on the wings when he should be providing Xhaka with an easy ball to play or, in defensive positions, helping Xhaka to shield the CB’s, instead he’s miles away.


Agree, Xhaka was our only midfielder in the first half. Didn’t stand a chance. Astonishing.


The whole point of 3-5-2 is to provide defensive cover, why do we make it into 2-0-8? The 3rd goal was a disgrace with just one player left to cover the whole pitch even if we were looking to get back back into the game. Total lack of leadership on and off the pitch. Koscielny has never been a good captain.


This won’t be solved by benching Xhaka.

We did nothing to accommodate him. Wenger brought him and totally misunderstood what kind of player he is. Remember, he even labelled him as a “box to box midfielder” once he arrived, which is just so off.

Xhaka needs someone alongside him with strong positional discipline and a good tackle in his inventory.

We spent the summer chasing Lemar and Mbappe, yet we should had been after Fabinho from day one.


Agree with you yen. The only way I see we could get the best out of Xhaka is if we play him in a 3-man midfield with one DM and one box-to-box and a front three that can make runs behind the oppositions back line so that Xhaka can play them through. The funny thing is that we have the players to do it but Wenger persists on playing with 2 CM’s (possibly to accommodate Ozil) If klopp managed Arsenal I would expect it to look like Coq Ramsey-Xhaka Walcott-Lacazette-Welbeck (assuming Ozil and Alexis left) We would easily beat most… Read more »


You could even have Ox and Ramsey either side of a holding Xhaka and as long as you tell them to stay tight and track back, it could work. But that would mean having a better manager…


I’m not assuming it will be solved by benching him. I’m saying, when a player gives away three goals in the exact same in three games let him sit and think about it.




Get the fuck out of this club you dumb fuck.



Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Absolute F***ing Crap
All F***ing Cowards
Arsene F***ing Cwit


Not even sure what I’m supposed to be feeling right now


Well that was pure shite. At this point, sell Ox, Sanchez and Özil and try to build something for the future? Or?


I agree. If we aren’t going to take this seriously, let Sanchez go. This whole season has been a managerial travesty. No sense wasting a year of his career on this.


Sanchez is the problem. Open your eyes.


It’s gonna be a long season

Third Plebeian

It’s gonna be a long two years.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

He WILL LEAVE but not Witt the odd banner or protest, we need to boycott the games. 40,000 empty seats week after week will do the trick.


Do you really think that will EVER happen? Clearly NEVER been to a match before. Never mind turn your TV off, see if that works.


I think this is the most embarrassing performance from Arsenal in my 20 years of supporting the club (other than 8-2). I’m just loss for words at how bad it has become. Everything about the club is in utter shambles at the moment. Don’t get me started on Wenger. Probably has loss his brain. 2 more years of torture unfortunately.

Stringer Bell

I did say before game that playing Ramsey who is s liability in a midfield two would cost us. He is so poor.


I think if anyone else wanted Ozil we would’ve sold him and moved Ramsey forward. He’s terrible as a CM. There’s no justification for continuing to play him there.


But you have no idea. That’s Wenger’s tactics for you. Get Ramsey to roam the furthest forward, pass to death and lose the ball while at it, and let opposition have a free run at us!


This is total bollocks.

Armchair Expert

Is it possible to forfeit the season? Would be much better than this shite. We could live without a year of Arsenal disappointments.


Another £2000 wasted on season tickets this year – at least a few years ago we were playing enjoyable football.


Buys really good new striker and LB. Plays Welbeck (horrendously SHIT) and Chamberlain (wants to leave fucking club AND out of position) instead. Sells 2nd best CB and replaces with a player in Holding who now has had more shockers than good games. After 2 mins swap Hector and Chamberlain to opposite sides. Have literally no game plan. Ensure self-destruction in mind-numbingly predictable ways. I watched it with 4 friends. All Liverpool fans. We all said that Firmino would score first, then Mane and we would be 2 down by half time. We’ve seen this exact scenario play out against… Read more »


it’ll be a miracle to make top 10


Xhaka is an overrated dangleberry muncher, we need to cull 75% of our first team.


Agree with a lot of what you said except for slagging Holding off ,he was outstanding in tbe cup final and is a very good prospect BUT he is young and still inexperienced at this level and needs help from the more experienced in the defence it was no coincidence that his cup final display came with the BFG alongside him ! Wenger is hanging him out to dry as he did with Chambers! FFS we had NO coherence in defence or midfield today and the first and second Liverpool goals came about first and foremost through criminally sloppy ,careless… Read more »

Three Steps Sideways

I guess it’s next season that we are kicking on then. Deplorable stuff.


You wish.


Xhaca, Bellerin and Ramsey – shocking.

But the real problem is the idiot failing to Manage the Club. He should never have been given a new contract.

We need 5,000 fans protesting not 500. We are going to sink to mid table, otherwise. Because we are already there.


Ramsey doesn’t seem to be a midfielder

Stringer Bell

You reckon


Easy with the words buddy. He’s not delivering. Period. But that doesn’t mean you start with the name calling.


Whereas Sanchez and Ox were immense, ha!


Wenger, if you have the slightest bit of dignity left in you and you give a shit about this club, please quit WFE


wef immediately*

John C

Thank god we’ve dropped that terrible defender Mustafi and we don’t have worry about the Champions League


I ususally avoid drawing dramatic conclusions from a small number of games, but i’m genuinely scared about this season. And i’m also really quite sad that this seems to be the point at which Wenger loses those within the fanbase who still thought he had one last shot at success. Utterly, utterly hopeless. If Ox plays fullback one more time I swear I’ll.. Well, i’ll probably continue paying my season ticket and paying for Sky. But i shan’t be happy about it.


let the expensive panic buys begins


Thank f**c it lasted only 90 minutes? 3 wrong passes by Xhaka in 3 games = 3 goals.


*f**k. Also, *!



dr Strange

Someone called Wenger a moron after the Stoke defeat. I have some more colorfull expressions for him…

We are in total crisis mode and there’s only one responsible.

Sack that lunatic now!

Mancunian Gooner

Monreal isn’t a centre back. Holding is inexperienced. Ramsey and Xhaka are not midfield enforcers. Bellerin is not a left back. Wenger is not a title challenging manager. Arsenal should start getting run like a footballing team who want trophies not just a business who makes money.

Sad John

Sell the whole team


Where are you all ‘stop fucking moaning, have some trust, support your Team, wengerin’ romantics? Where are you Folks?

Viva la prof

We know from last year it’s best just to leave it for a while

Viva la prof

That was horrific though !

Spanish Gooner

what is your reasoning for supporting him? Genuine question

Lord Bendnter

At this moment, the best Transfer business Arsenal could do is selling Wenger.


This – is solid gold.


We haven’t been able to defend for a while. Now it seems we can’t attack either. Seriously, our corners are now more dangerous for us than for the opposition. Fucking sick of this joke “team” Wenger out!!


We made Liverpool look like they had five Messis today.


Well not all five of them scored!


What is Alexis still doing here, honestly? If I were him, I would be gone before midnight. Such a great talent wasted in a club without any system, plan, tactics, cohesion and will to fight whatsoever.

bob davis

What a complete and utter shambles. Could have easily been 8-0.

If we can all see how bad we were playing in the first why doesn’t Wenger or Bould shout some instructions from the bench. Don’t just sit there.

Xhaka and Ramsey need to be dropped after that performance. Not fit to wear the shirt!

Looks like Mustafi and Ox are going and they’ll need to be replaced. If Wenger doesn’t replace them it’s back to 5th spot again for this season!

This is so bad…


We’ll be lucky to get 5th at this rate

John C

He doesn’t say anything because Ramsey plays exactly how he wants him to play


Because thats only steve boulds body, his soul died after the Stoke game. Seriously, what does steve bould do?



Diehard Gunner

That was a shame, we can all kiss Alexis goodbye. What a show of shame from the manager, I blame only the manager. He prepares the team,trains with them and picks them. He is always playing players out of position. Like I said earlier, a new manager cannot do any worse than this.

Stringer Bell

As long as manager persists playing an average footballer like Ramsey in midfield we will never challenge for a league. He’s a fucking embarrassment. The manager does need to go I’m afraid and take Ramsey with him. How so many are blinded by his quality I will never know.


You go with Sanchez neither of you will be missed.


Made Liverpool look like world beaters. What a complete nightmare.


Just shows we need a deep lying ball winning cm, I’d who that is from who’s feasibly available, I mean barca paid like 45 mill for a spurs reject.
Holding is still too raw for week in week out.


There’s a certain guy in the Arsenal squad named Francis Coquelin, isn’t there? When I didn’t see him on the starting line up I knew Wenger had given Liverpool licence to destroy. You keep your only ball winner on the bench at Anfield and pair a free-roaming midfielder along with one who’s no good at tackles there you have a recipe for disaster.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra


Public Elneny Number One

Not to sure just how much more the team can do to get rid of Wenger, it’s not like they’re really really trying


Not a single player must be blamed for wanting to leave. The incompetence of Arsene knows no bounds.


Hopefully by some stroke of luck Wenger will not be in charge for the next game.


No desire, shambolic, horrendous, a disgrace. The club should return the fans their money for this match.


Sack the manager tonight. He can’t motivate the players, can’t instruct them how to play and the majority of them don’t want to be there.

Sack him tonight, bring in Thomas Tuchel and let’s salvage the rest of this transfer window.

Giving Wenger a new contract was a mistake, let’s correct it. We simply cannot keep him in charge for any more game.

Today was an absolute disgrace.


Same as it ever is.


I don’t want to watch this shit any more and I’m not going to. Not until things improve.

Original Paul

Fibber! 🙂


Perhaps you are right but I’m not enjoying it much right now …


I have reached my limit. I have stood up for this club, players and staff for as long as I can remember. I love this team but this looks like a really bad situation. I stood up for the team through all those protests that I think were for nothing because I did not and still do not believe in their views. But I cant take this. I support this team because of the way the team plays and the values represented by the team. I cannot see any of it anymore. There is no longer good football. There are… Read more »


Agree with most of your statement but odd that you should take 07/08-13/14 as the glory years to benchmark ourselves.


Well at least we are taking are drubbings earlier on in the season! By the time Now January hits we’ll be accustomed to it!

Original Paul

We have at least four first team players who are not wanting to be here.
How can a team be a winning team with that baggage to carry?
This is a sacking offence to have let it come to this imo.
And I am not a pitchfork bloke.


A sacking offence to not sell anyone who has not put in a transfer request or had any team bid for them?


I would have liked to see jacks contribution to this game, when I’ve seen him for England bournmouth and the under 23s his positioning is solid play jack and coq next week plus alexis kolasinac and laccazete. You know the sane choices


I remember going to man city away with 2-0 win, we used defensive holding players to compete in midfield and stop fast breaks , these away game are calling for this , and wenger did this with his team selection that day, why not today on that day it was santi, and ( coquelain who could have played today from start. ) people shouldn’t slag ramsey, at least he tried 100 percent in my opinion compared to other fight , even if for tactics it may have been better to have had him on the bench R as part of… Read more »


We know that Liverpool will fly out of the blocks at us because that’s how they’ve won before, so why don’t we sit back and defend for the first half, just looking for the break? Laca and Theo pace could have been useful with that approach.


Sanchez? Do not talk garbage!


Jack can be effective in a holding position if he could just keep things simple. He keep running with the ball and getting injured.


Don’t think I can watch any more matches with Wenger as the manager. Just an unforgivable performance.

Too late to change the players for this season.

Tuchel is still available. One can hope.


Starting players who are one foot out of the club, no obvious tactical plan and leaving two new signings who have looked decent on the bench. He seems to really have lost it.

Viva la prof

I love the manager but I can not disagree with what you said.

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