Monday, July 4, 2022

Video: “If Chelsea are offering £35 million for Ox, we should sell”

Earlier today reports emerged that Arsenal are in talks with Chelsea over the transfer of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The England international has turned down a couple of contract offers, but seems unwilling to commit to a new deal.

With a possible £35m on the table from Chelsea, Arsenal could well be tempted to sell.

James thinks we should, if that money is on offer, and he looks at the situation as a whole.

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This, thank you. We’d be mental to sell a top prospect to a big rival. Alex sign da ting!


On no account should we consider making Chelsea stronger after they lost Matic to Utd. if we have to, give him the “vacant” no.10 shirt (like Monaco just did with Mbappe).

We need all hands on deck to go for the title this season.

Mein Bergkampf

I’m not sure the RVP/Sanchez rule of thumb of not selling to a rival should necessarily be applied to this one. He’s a player who doesn’t fit into our team, no matter where we shoehorn him in. He isn’t a wing back, just as Flamini wasn’t a left back. It works for a while but he has little or no defensive qualities and I’d much sooner have a specialist as cover. Does he strengthen Chelsea from what we know about the player? Maybe a little more depth to their squad but he’s not getting anywhere near Hazard or Kante. If… Read more »


I think he’s been devastating in the right wing back position – arguably more so than Hector since we went to three at the back. His end product has improved exponentially and the position seems to free him up to use the pace and athleticism that he has. If he could be convinced of the position I would almost sign him up and move bellerin up the pitch to compete with Walcott, Welbeck, as a right sided forward. That’s got to be his position long term. failing Ox giving up his centre mid dreams I say we take Chelsea’s 35… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

I’d love to share your optimism but I just feel the mistakes are coming. You don’t play attacking football all your career and then effortlessly glide into a role which demands a high level of defensive competency. As previously mentioned, full backs/wing backs are becoming one of the most important positions in modern football. We’ve all seen how crippling it can be playing footballers there who don’t get it. Jenko and Chambers both spring to mind as examples of how bad it can go if positioning and expertise are not quite 100%. It’s a specialist position for a well drilled… Read more »

Reality check

There is a reason he is not signing a contract, he doesn’t see himself as a wingback or where ever he is deployed by wenger, and he’s certainly not a prospect anymore as someone stated above. Let me put it this way, this guy hasn’t been able to nail down a position over Theo over 5 years – no other competition, exactly the position he use to play when we bought him. With his attributes, he could’ve been a Hazard instead he lurking very close to Gervinho territory..

The Romford Pelé

Bellerin started life as a forward/winger and has been progressively moved backwards to his current role

John Lukic

Gibbs too


We can afford to sign Lemar or Seri. We may need to get some of Debuchy, Coquelin, Gibbs, Gabriel, Jenkinson and Wilshere’s salary off the wage bill if need be, but we don’t need to sacrifice Oxlade-Chamberlain to do that. In the first game he kept Riyad Mahrez pretty quiet by tracking back responsibly and forcing Mahrez to defend against him. When we went back to 4-4-2 late on, he was back on the right hand side and we looked much better balanced. If Giroud has a place in the squad despite not being a starter, then so does Ox.… Read more »


No fan wants to loose him but it’s obvious he wants to go. 35mil is not a bad business if you ask me.

Stuck on repeat...

Don’t get or see your “it’s obvious that he wants to go”. Sure he’s holding out for a better deal at a time where so is almost every other player of ours…& not sure anyone can blame him for that. If/when he signs it will be for 4 or 5 years to. There’s too many contract issues going on within the club right now. That’s why for someone like Perez (who we don’t want / need / won’t play), just take the damn money!!! That way you’ll free up time (& money) to concentrate on players that actually have a… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Well said. We should not be a “selling club”. Of has talent, he stays.

Sammy Dubzz

U r mad I think, selling him will be a very bad idea how can u think if of selling one of ur best prospects approaching his prime. Wat did Wenger said about him last week


I quite agree with you . its really maddening that some fans get this way. Alex chambo for me is a better dribbler than Sanchez. He takes on defenders with delight and he puts in the crosses too. I wudnt lose him for that cheap a price 35mil?? What are you all smoking


Mein Bergkampf that’s a good point I’m with you on this.


He’s considerably better than Moses, so he would strengthen their first 11. This would be mental of us.


And there lies the problem Loose Cannon. He has no intention of signing da ting. Could be an unpopular thought but I’d let him go. I don’t think he damages us as much as players in the past have. I don’t think he is as good as some of them. Potential blah blah blah, too many of them around already. Doesn’t want to play in the only position he has thrived in where he is clearly still second choice behind Bellerin in Wenger’s eye. Let’s not forget his injury record too. If we put the cash and cash from from… Read more »


For me he is unquestionably our best rwb and otherwise he can fill in at lwb, right and left wing and cm. The manager has recently said he has a great future and both agree he’ll make a good CM. So yeah, it would be a big loss for us and very good signing for Chelsea


For me he has had a good three month spell and a quality performance against Milan. If Arsene really wanted him he would accommodate him, and he would be signing the contract.


Top prospect? Maybe 3 years ago. Hes our second choice wingback at this point.


I agree with you, under no circumstances should the ox be sold, he’s one of the few young talents who might yet prove his worth.

it’s been said before, but what a total shambles the contract situation is at Arsenal. Sorting this out will cost the club a fortune, one way or another.


Just to put it into perspective – the Ox is basically the same age Ozil came to us as a borderline worldclass player after spending several years starting at Madrid and starring for the German national team – and only one year younger than Sanchez came to us after starting for Barcelona. We are talking about a 24 year old squad player – whether or not people on this blog think he should start over Bellerin is irrelevant – Wenger clearly doesn’t has he starts Bellerin over the Ox whenever he’s fit. At what point do people recognize that a… Read more »


You’re right. It frustrates me to hear this “young prospect” shit thrown about, the guy turns 24 tomorrow ffs! “Young prospects” aren’t 24, they’re 18,19,20. Time to move on.


False. When we switched to a back three he started ahead of Hector in every game until he got injured. And AW hasn’t benched him for Hector in a single competitive game–rather he’s played Ox on the left, which could just be that he thinks Ox would play better on the left than Hector.


By the same token the Ox primarily was starting after we switched to a back 3 precisely b/c Bellerin was injured and slow to recover from that. How you or I view the pecking order is irrelevant – it’s only Wenger that matters and with the central backs coming back we’ll know soon enough who is first choice. It’s really hard to see Wenger benching Kolosniac after the way he’s been playing.


Completely agree. Absolutely drunk and disorderly contract management. What the fuck does Gazidis do?

John Lukic

He smokes crack and listens to Ed Sheeran.


If Chelsea are offering £… million for Gibbs_ Gabriel_ Elneny_ Jenkinson_ coquelin_ Debuchy, we should sell???YES
…… …… ….. ……

we need to Seri _ Lemar _ Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain_ Lacazette _ sanchez and top class players.
Liverpool join Arsenal in race for Jean Michael Seri…


If Chelsea Are Offering £35 Million For Ox, We Should Sell… IF it’s reinvested this summer in a top addition such as Lemar.


Lemar deal is dead already as Arsenal have been severally pushed back by Monaco. Blame Arsenal for not being decisive though. What can 35m buy one in the current market when Mahrez or Siggurdson are rated 50m? I think every attempt should be made to extend him


No, the Lemar thing is not about Arsenal being indecisive.

Monaco said at the beginning of the summer they would sell 3-4 players but wanted to keep Mbappe, Fabinho, and Lemar. So far, that’s exactly what they’ve done.


Yeah – let’s sell Ox and rely on Jenks or Debuchy as our backup to Hector. Sarcasm. And don’t say we can just go sign a replacement – shit-for-brains Walker cost $50M.


I agree, I’d hate to see him go. But if it has to happen, 35 million is a joke. It’s fucking Chelsea… When Walker goes for $50, Christ, I must be worth at least 10 and I only have one leg.


No, no, no.
a) Not to Chelsea
b) Personally I think we should give him a shot at RWB, I think he is more effective than Bellerin, rather than a back four where I think it is the other way around. A RWB is going to be doing more than overlapping runs, they are going to be high up the pitch a lot of the time, and Ox is far better at getting past players and actually at crossing.

crazy gunner

The problem with the OX is that his hamstring is not as good as Bellerin you catch my drift…pls do not let conte know ?

You can not be an effective wing back without solid hamstrings…OX won’t last 3months as a wing back…


He needs to show that he can perform for a whole season at RWB to justify the salary he is requesting. Though the main problem is not his ability it is his ridiculous wage demands


But he doesn’t want to play there..that’s the crux of it!


No chance. Ox is much better than Bellerin at RWB.

Also there’s no way I’d trust the club to reinvest the money.

And when Bellerin gets tired/injured who plays RWB?


Just maybe Ox doesn’t want to be a wingback? He doesn’t want to waste another season playing that position. He wants to play in the center. Even if Chelsea buys him and plays him on the wings that will be there issue not Arsenals. If he doesn’t want to sign a new contract because he wants to play in the center we will have to either sell or realize we will lose him at the end of the season.

Terry Henry

I think Chelski want him as a apgrade on Moses tbh

Terry Henry

Ox is not a much better defender than hector. End of


Is bellerin known for his defensive qualities?! You mustav missed the season opener. I feel bellerin is in a shitty state, hesitant/indecisive atimes, barely gets past any defender this days.


‘barely gets past any defender this days’


Chamberlain is better than walcott and is younger.And why on earth would one sell to chelsea?chamberlain will be a regular starter at rwb at chelsea


what does Walcott have to do with this thread?


we need to Seri _ Lemar and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Gibbs_Gabriel_Elneny_Jenkinson_coquelin_Debuchy for sale


£35M – I’m concerned. Although if we could get £35M and then buy Draxler who seems surplus to requirements at PSG now I’d be happy with that. I am concerned that with Gibbs, Wilshire, Ox, Chambers and Jenko we are losing a lot of homegrown British talent. How does that affect our quotas?


They didn’t improve though. But Ox should be extended


Although this is the Standard so let’s not get too carried away.


No way we should sell to Chelsea, City, Liverpool, United.
I love Oxlade Chamberlain.
He’s got everything, he’s such an exciting talent and there are signs it’s all starting to come together.
We should do everything we can to keep him.
I agree he’s much better than Moses, that’s exactly why we shouldn’t be selling him to strengthen a rival.
What’s the point in spending 7 years educating a player, just so a rival club can reap the rewards?
Not for sale at any price!


But how do u get him to agree on a new contract?

Andy Mack

Without knowing why he’s not signed, it’s impossible to answer that question.

The Ref

Sorry, but I much prefer text articles than these unrehearsed, unresearched videos of a man in a room who can’t quite ever seem to get his heating right. 4mins video which says little more than a 200 word article. I know this is the way ‘journalism’ is going these days, and perhaps I’m too traditional, but vblogs seem like they’re more for the blogger than the audience… They often come across as lazy, self-serving wafflers, and I’d rather be reading something a bit more dynamic than viewing a prolonged selfie. In this guy’s defence he comes across as a friendly,… Read more »

The Ref

Actually, in defence of the vblogs they do create an active comments section. Whether or not it would be different for a written article I can’t say, I’m just stating my personal preference, which in fairness, could very well be highly irrelevant for most.


No, the only thing lazy and self-serving is your comment. ‘This guy’ is a regular on the site and has co-hosted the Arseblog extra podcasts every monday for over three years… How do you not know that?


And?? Just because he has co-hosted gives him credentials over what?


Not having a dig with James or Blogs but like I said 1 year back (possibly 3) shouldn’t take their word for the gospel. Research. Form your own opinion be it right or wrong. Have a healthy debate. And yes apple cider.


Exactly!!! Research, Form your own opinion. I pretty much like that.


He and Andrew usually talk a lot of sense about all things Arsenal. But i have to say, I think they have a little group think, and lack of objectivity going on regarding Ox. As you can see from the great debate on here, there’s a divided opinion on whether Ox is better rwb than Hector, and there’s a strong sentiment (agreed, not 100%) that he will bring great things to Arsenal and we should not sell him. James – you’re off the mark with this one.


You say divided opinion but from what I have seen 80% of fans on here at the moment think Ox is better than Bellerin at RWB. Blogs and James won’t even entertain the idea

The Ref

It was a criticism of the format, not the personality, and the comment has clearly split opinion relatively equally – meaning others may be thinking likewise.
And I even talked myself out of the criticism in the following comment.
Don’t be so quick to overreact with such an irrelevant barrage, you sound like you’ve taken this far too personally…


Fair enough, I happen to agree with you. Just surprised you didn’t know who he was.


You have a choice @the ref; don’t view! The titles are clear so no issue of you clicking in error.

A different George

There’s a difference between selling the Ox and selling him to Chelsea. We are keeping Alexis, even though we may lose him next year on a free, because we want to make a title challenge. On that same logic, we don’t need to keep Oxlade-Chamberlain–but we cannot sell him to another title challenger.

I hope Wenger, who refused to let Debuchy (a player he never intended to use) go to Man United, will not allow Chamberlain or Wilshire to go to Chelsea or any other top Prem club.


Aren’t the other top Prem clubs the only ones going to be able to afford his new salary he gets with a new contract?

A different George

I think several Prem clubs with which we are not in direct competition (Newcastle, Palace, Leicester, Southampton, Stoke) could pay his wages–though they would not pay as high a transfer fee as Chelsea.

Terry Henry

Tbh kinda wished we had got Debuchy off our books back then.

A different George

Man United were desperate for a good right fullback. Should we really have helped them?

Terry Henry

Was he a good right back


I think he was at that time. Could be again. But hopefully not at Arsenal, because we’ll have Hector and Ox competing for rwb, and Chambers as backup if we switch back to back 4.

crazy gunner

If he won’t sign sell pls and let’s move on …he reckons he can bench Victor Moses so good luck to him.

Mein Bergkampf

It’s such a tough one because when is the right time to draw a line under a player and admit that unbridled potential is not going to transfer into a wonderful footballer? Theo I think we’ve accepted will never become any more than a good player and with Jack there seems to be the general consensus that injuries have got the better of talent. There’s huge question marks over other squad members like Rambo, Coq, Welbz and Xhaka but I do agree with James that if you’re 23-24 and you haven’t established yourself a) in a particular position and b)… Read more »


23/24 is young, it’s when you generally start seeing the benefits of your education. He’s nowhere near his peak. I worry about where we can fit the Ox in at present? But Alexis played left, Right, striker and as a No10 last season and it wasn’t a problem for him. I think in two years the Ox will be one of our deep lying midfielders. Hopefully we can convince him to carry on his education here, maybe by offering him a central role in the Europa and domestic competitions this season? and continuing as a squad player as where needed… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

I’m not saying you have to be a worldie by 23. Iwobi is a good example of someone who although isn’t totally established, we know what he is and what he’s going to be. Ox is still yet to find his footballing identity and it’s getting to a point where if that isn’t established after 5 years, you wonder what long term future the lad has.


The thing is that — regardless of inconsistency to date — at this point he is showing signs of being an outstanding, perhaps even game-changing, type of player, who could make an essential difference in this year’s title race. For me he was clearly the best wing player on the pitch last game — much better than Mahrez.


Well, now he gets to play regularly, which is kind of a prereq to refine your football identity? Plenty star players have switched position during Their career’s. The Ox is a monster in the making, which AW started to truly acknowldge only last year. FairPlay to AW he Is doing his best to recap years of overlooking the Ox by praising him 24/7 now.


Idiot! Why then did the 35mill price suffice. Think on that.


No.. Kyle walker and stones 50m.. And ox 35m only.. Better keep ox.. Most important don’t sell to rival club or any top 6 site


Well neither of were in the last 12 months of a contract. Ox only showed any consistency in the last 2 months of last season. Before that he didn’t deserve a new contract extension.


Absolutely not!


seems like a 70-30 split from the comments.

I cant see how;
A) 35 million for a homegrown prospect who is 24, is good money in today’s market.
B) Selling anyone to a rival who is even near the first team.
C) Selling a CM to Chelsea who have 2/3 senior CM after losing Matic,
D) Selling WB cover to Chelsea who’s weakness is arguably that position.
is even fathomable.

like is 20 million profit even that much in comparison?


also personally I would rather sell Theo and watch him strive playing the vardy role for less money and give Perez the chance in Theo’s place as the sub winger/wide attacker.
That being said, when Alexis is back I think Welbeck is going to take that spot next to Giroud (the CF sub) on the bench.


You know Theo and Perez have no part of this thread? I don’t understand why you even brought him up? They don’t play the same position.

I hope if they do sell Arsenal get little more but the fact is he isn’t Alexis. He’s a player in his prime that still hasn’t locked down a position in either formation to call his own.


why Do you Mention Alexis? He has no part in this Thread.


Goonerink nails it.

Kai Everlasting Gooner

Play Ox.Bench Ozil until he finds his magic again.


Wow lol

Fox in the Director\'s Box

Sell him for Costa & some cash!


Couldn’t disagree more. Oxlade is a very good player for us and would be a big loss. He is not scoring goals and he gets injured a little too much, but still he plays lots of good games and is very important for the squad. His versatility makes him able to play both of the wingbacks, central midfield and the attacking roles behind the main striker. That’s 6 (!) positions in the current system. Why would you want to let such a player go? Versatile players are the future. This guy has it all, is only 24, is English, knows… Read more »


Lemar is 21 and actually put up a full season of consistent play in the eyes of others while Ox has never put up a full season for one reason or another. Yes he’s versatile but he doesn’t want to be. He wants to play central no the wing. He’s in his last season for a reason not like Ozil or Sanchez. He’s in his last season because before the last 2 months of last season he was inconsistent. I don’t think Arsenal is looking for a 6th CM they are looking for a 3rd CM ahead of Elneny, Coq,… Read more »


One of those reasons Is lack of belief/patience from AW. While walcott has seen plenty of that Over Long spells of bleak perfomances, the Ox Only got occasional chances in which he needed to make imediate impact else get surpassed to the bench.


Being versatile is not necessarily a good thing, jsck of all trades etc..he needs to be excelling at a specific role at this stage of his career. Perhaps RWB is that but he doesnt want to play there if all reoirts can be believed, he’s been offered very good money too considering his incredibly poor form and injuries over the last few yrs


Blogs, I think WE CAN GAMBLE on Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Coz we need squad players as well, but we do not really need the £35m. The transfer market is gonna be super inflated in the next 15 days & reinvesting that money will only probably get us a poorer player than Chamberlain. You’ve gotta gamble if you hope to win the lottery. Imagine if we can’t find a good replacement – Emirates Stadium will be worse than Satan’s Hell come September. Just can’t afford it.


You assume that once Ox is sold we are only going to spend what we get from Ox not look at it as what we get from Ox will just be added to what we are trying to spend.


If we are intend on selling the Ox, wait up a bit. If the purported sale of Coutinho goes through, Liverpool will come across lot of money which they will need to reinvest before the window closes. English internationals usually don’t go abroad; if there’s no chance of him signing on, the best recourse would be to have a bidding war between English clubs that would yield as the most.


Wenger should not did that mistake of selling him why, the guy is in form so why selling him now or Arsenal is no more interest in lifting the trophy ? again or Arsenal is just a club of building players to sell, Wenger ?


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What happened to not strengthening your rivals?

This is nonsense.

If it were a fringe player I’d say certainly.

BUT Ox for all his faults is a HIGH IMPACT player.

Against Leicester, his dynamic movement caused them a lot of problems and he was the better of our wing backs.

Are you mental?


35m is tempting but nah.



Tungor Adams

Not a chance. Letting go of Ox and keeping Walcott would be very very stupid, the lad is a supertalent that now finally (angry look at AW here) gets a run of games, and responds with a very progressive form. I bet the same people that says Oxe out have been wanting Ramsey to leave as well. Why Oxlade still hasn’t got a new contract is yet another appallingly poor act of management by our club.

canon fodder

Walcott who has scored 100 goals compared with the Ox who has scored a total of 30 in his career to date? Walcott is a proven goal scorer while the Ox flatters to deceive.


There’s more to being a good footballer than goal scoring.


After all these years he still hasnt scored more Than a 100. walcott doesnt have the qualities our style of play demands. He can be massive at a club that doesnt retain possession, to knep him only for the rare occasions AW wants the opponent to dominante possesion is a hell of a waste of our resources and Walcotts prime years. + hinders playerd that actually have what it takes, like Iwobi, ramsey, wellbeck and the Ox, all Much better behind/next to lacazette/giroud/Sanches than walcott) Time to count the Chickens when it comes to theo, sell and look to our… Read more »


They play different positions. It’s not Walcott or Ox. It’s Ox who either wants a huge increase in salary or he wants to play only CM and not wing.


While Ox is index more versatile, and Can play CM as well as Wing, back in 4231 It was walcott that Kept him out of the starting 11, even Wien underperforming. the Ox has 2x the football Brian required for our style of play yet never enjoyed the same generuous patience to grow inte the team. with 3-4-3 Walcott Becomes Even more alianated to our game plan.


Sell if we have a better replacement lined up, if we cant then don’t – simple


And we don’t so we shouldn’t.


Absolutely not!


If this isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Strengthening a direct rival…well here’s something more dumb…Chelsea sell Matic to United. Unlike where our midfield is currently, United have bought well, with Matic allowing Pogba to roam further, they have strength in deep midfield…thanks to Chelsea. We have not solved our midfield issue. Ramsey may dove tail with Granit but Elneny does nothing to complement the Swiss’s short coming in terms of tackling or out jumping Okazaki. Yet again we are in danger of neglecting this area of the pitch which was our achilles heels. Yet again we are fooled by… Read more »


“Strengthening”? He isn’t an upgrade on Moses, he isn’t an elite PL level CM and he won’t bench Hazard or Pedro/Moses for the wing positions. He would be a squad player at Chelsea as he is here which is barely strengthening a rival. And we would get money which we wouldn’t if he leaves next summer for free


Meant Pedro/Willian


Got enough pictures on your wall mate?


Sell him and get lucas moura of psg, he is not useful for Chelsea.. Is he gonna bench hazard? No! Then I don’t think we are strengthening them by selling him


Are u kidding – Walcott and Welbeck should go before the Ox. He was man of the
match friday night and he is the only player we have that can go past defenders at pace. If he can stay fit we need him more than W and W. Keeping Giroud is also a no-brainer!


Lol they don’t play the same positions. It’s not trying to get rid of players for the sake of getting rid of them. Ox is in his last year of a contract. He hasn’t signed an new one yet for one reason or another. Maybe its high salary demands or guarantee of playing CM and not be a utility player.


No way Wenger would sell him without having someone else like a Lemar lined up to buy immediately with the money he receives, but obviously looks like the Lemar thing is a no go at this point. I am sure we will lose him for free next year so would not be surprised to see him sold, but would be surprised to see him sold with no replacement lined up.


If we don’t sell, he’ll just join the hordes seeing out their contracts. How long are we gonna be held to ransom by players engineering a move. We’re so slow in transfer market it’s embarrassing. All of our rivals have strengthened and we’re still quibbling about the odd couple of million here and there. It’s a joke.


Watching the end of last season and this too, I certainly wouldn’t let Ox go to a rival. We don’t have any other direct players with pace that take on defenders. Making £35m for Ox won’t be the tipping point to bring in the player we need. There are plenty of funds and plenty of other worse players that could go to free up squad places.

Daniela 9

I’m not qualified to really evaluate Ox. But with regard to all the “strengthening a rival” stuff, it should be noted that this reasoning only applies when the player in question is world class: someone like Alexis, Aguero, Pogba, whose skills can’t be readily purchased elsewhere. And I think we can all agree Ox is not that type of player. In this case, if they don’t buy from us, they can just go shopping elsewhere. So if they pay above the odds, we win and they lose. Below the odds, the reverse. And this is one area where I trust… Read more »


I am incredulous theat we are even thinking of selling one of our best players, a fans favourite and very often the only player to come across to the fans at away games. There is no argument to sell if we are going to placate Ozil and Sanchez

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

If Chelsea was lying in the street with it’s hair on fire I wouldn’t even piss on it. Chelsea can have Sanogo

Stuck on repeat...

We’d be mad to sell him. He’s been a consistent stand out player of late. Is he scoring goals, no, but he’s doing almost everything else, & is currently in contention to keep Bellerin out of the team. Why on earth would we want to sell him to a direct rival?

…Madness…Pure madness.


The absolute idiocy of this. So so idiotic. Are you kidding me with the nearly guy thing? Arsenal, the club that gives over 100k per week to Theo Walcott and keeps Danny Welbeck on the books should sell a 24 year old obviously talented player who gets into the English squad above both those players because HE is a “nearly guy”? Arsenal have specialized in signing and persisting with nearly guys with far far less talent and far far less output and far far less love for the club and this is the guy where you want to start? So… Read more »


Ox has performed for 3 months at RWB where he apparently doesn’t want to play, asking for a 100k+/week and waiting to play CM where he has been pretty average.

I say let him go for a good chunk of money.

P.s. Welbeck is a better player, he has suffered from injuries but shown a lot more during his career than the Ox


Sorry but I am pro-Ox and think we should be doing a deal with him. HOWEVER, if he won’t sign, say, a 20% pay rise or so, he’s got to be moved on


Let me put this into different perspective I feel people seem to overlook – I understand his frustration if he feels like he wasn’t given proper chance at central midfield – because when deployed there last season, his performances were “ranging from very good to outstanding.” I put this into quotes because I actually used these exact words in one of my comments a month ago and was downvoted heavily – which made me question my sanity – and therefore I went through all the player ratings and statistics on WhoScored and Squawka from those games. To sum up, he… Read more »


I mean this fellow had the most successful take one on the day against Leicester, the most possession gained(10) on our team and took the most shots on goal (more than the Leicester combine (7) but you think we should be selling him….to a peer rival.

So we should spend the remaining week or so left in the transfer window shopping around for another replacement as if we are not already at risk losing Alexis.



He’s not signing a new contract and wants to play CM, if 35M is om offer we should sell and get an actual CM. I really like the Ox but in all honesty he’s massively under performed and or been injured a lot given his atheltisism and natural ability. If we want league titles we need to be ruthless with players who aren’t at the level required level.

For too long we’ve let players perform badly without any consequence or upgrading, on the whim they’ll come good..that’s gotta stop


Your point about letting players perform badly without consequence is hitting the nail on the head. However, there are many players ahead of Ox on that list!

Gilbert from Kenyan

Ox seems to be a threat to an opponent when he catches a ball and it would be a wrong move for arsenal trying to sell him now. Negotiation will happen but I think at the end he will definitely grabs a pen for a New deal…

The Sead was great

Just pick up another kyle walker from spudsville. The 3rd one is free i think


Aelling The Ox to a direct rival would be a great addition to the squad…




No we should not. Ox is better than Ozil. He has fight in him and superb technical ability. Sell Ozil and fund Lemar transfer.


He can play at RWB and CM – yes, CM!

Are we really gonna buy a CM before the window closes, I seriously doubt it.
Play Ox in the middle – internal solutions and all that.

Berty Almeida

No ways!! U can’t be selling the OX!he’s just 23 and he has the best years ahead of him….He has super pace and dribbling skills! He is the future of arsenal! GI’ve him this year and he will prove that he is one of the best in this league!

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