Monday, July 4, 2022

Video: Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal ‘On the sickening whistle’

For those of you with iron constitutions, here are the thoughts of James about today’s defeat to Liverpool.

None of it is pretty, and there’s no point beating around the bush after a 4-0 loss.

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The Wizard of Oz(il)

If I was under-performing at my job for 10+ years I certainly would have not gotten 8 million pounds a year for two more years of this crap, let me tell you that! It’d be a boot in the arse after 6 months tops…

TH said on Sky tonight that the attitude in the club is always “It’s ok! Everything’s cool…”! So, they’re cool and we’re all insane? CHANGE NEEDS TO COME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

It’s so not cool dude. But seriously, something is not right at this football club

Danish Gooner

He isnt getting 8 mil but had a substantial pay rise of a cool 2 mil so he now earn 10 mil a year an absolute disgrace.


10 million my friend.

Eric Blair

But the target of those at the top is top 4 and Champions League last 16, and Wenger has been delivering that for ages, only narrowly missing out last time. What is wrong is that there is no aspiration from those at the top to push seriously for a title challenge. My guess is the shambles of this transfer window is a result of attempting to balance the books after missing out on CL this season, it’s the only thing that makes any sense.


In this day and age a team on our budget needs to be tactically very sound, since we simply can’t compete for the best players when it comes to finances.

We need to be a team, organised and efficient and Wenger has proven repeatedly that he is not the man for this particular job. Many would say tactics are his biggest weakness.

Someone like Diego simeone would be great for us I’m sure.


All true. I share your pain James!


Players who want to leave being played out of position/in positions we know they can’t play, players looking out of form/off the pace not being dropped from one week to the next, signings that have improved the team being left on the bench, substitutions that make little or no sense, and an all round feeling of zero trust in what the manager uis doing from fans and players alike. It just has to stop now.


What’s so depressing about it all is Wenger simply doesn’t seem to recognize how far the club has fallen and increasingly it just seems unlikely he’ll ever voluntarily leave.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

I’m hoping somebody will pressure him into resigning. He’s blown his shot at leaving on a high, in a manner befitting his stature at the club, and now it looks like he needs to go quickly before the team sinks to the bottom in the style of Chelsea or Leicester when their players tanked after winning the title. It would hurt to see Wenger get fired like that, but he needs to go, so I’m really hoping he can be persuaded to resign and at least save some face by that acknowledgement of failure.


Question – are we worse now relative to the other teams around us than when he took over?


Well the teams around us right now are Leicester, Brighton, Newcastle and Bournemouth


I suffer from depression and after that post I fear for you and all us gooners


Oh man, too real! I’m hurting bad!


Incredibly sad.
I love this Arsene man……… 1 on my list to have dinner with.
The truth now is that, he is a lost soul from a previous era, and its time to move on.


You’re right, he’s a dinosaur. He’s a romantic manager with the idea of letting the team play. Beautiful when it works but unfortunately we are now in the era of the scientific manager. Who instead of allowing individual players the freedom to choose how to play, the style and system is based on scientific data. Pep guardiola for example has a very rigid system in the first 2 thirds of the pitch, in the final third players are allowed freedom. Jose mourinho is another example. Wenger will never be able to compete with this managers for the simple reason that… Read more »


It just seems to be a case of he’s doing multiple jobs and none of them well where if he solely focused on managing he might be fine. What kills him is he doesn’t ever plug the holes in the team partially bc he can’t get top young players anymore and then won’t pay what it takes to get experienced ones. Lemar is a perfect case. We didn’t sign him before he went to Monaco and now simply are unwilling to pay what’s needed to get him

Big Dave

Sell Ozil and the dreadful Xhaka. Buy two defensive midfielders and play Ramsay in the number 10 role in a triangle in front of them with Sanchez and Lacazette. People talk about our awful defence but protecting the defence is just as much as a priority just like Vieira and Petit did all those years ago.


With respect, I believe you are missing the point. It’s not about changing the system. It’s about having one. The players need to know what it is they are supposed to be doing. They don’t. The manager needs to go.

Stringer Bell

Sell Ozil and play Ramsey in the number ten, why???


Do you mean Gilberto?

Glen Helders Left Foot

People need to shut the fuck up moaning and do something about it, wenger needs to go, he needs to be ran out of the club unfortunately


Agree with everything James said apart from picking on Ozil. The man is recognised as one of the best players on the planet. But he needs structure around him. We have no plan, no strategy, no structure on or off the pitch. You could have a team combining the talents of the great Milan back four, Keane, Vieira, Pele, Maradona and Cruyff. But if they have no plan of how to play, if Maldini us played on the wrong side, if Keane is told to bomb forward, they are going to be exposed. No. The fault is with the manager.… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Oh clock end, remember when you called me a child for questioning Wenger’s tactical awareness? Aren’t you a clever clogs. Let’s all listen to what you’ve got to say now. More insightful stuff no doubt…


The top management (inclusive Wenger) to be blamed. It HURTS badly…….put a stop!

Me So Hornsey

New owner, new chief exec, new manager, new players. Rotten to the core.

Shwooooowsh Caproooosshh

If this keeps up, it is going to be a long long season. I was watching the game with my mate and after the 3rd goal, I decided to stop screaming at my screen, as i could see that the players didn’t have it in them to pull one back.

The game was dreadful to watch, the mistakes repetitive and the defence looks like it can sliced open at will. I sometimes really think that I should just stop watching the games altogether.


Arsenal needs new ownership! Anything less will be the proverbial re-arranging of chairs in the Titanic.
Three games in and a spectacular crisis already. UGH UGH!


Is this the place that sells the torches and pitchforks? One of each, please.

Stuck on repeat...

AW – “We dominated at the start of the second half…” What game was he watching???

The only thing we dominated at any stage was the commentary…& none of it was good.


It pains. Angry, frustrated and dont know whats happening to the team which i love the most. Just play for pride for the shirt you are wearing or just go elsewhere. Ya if Ox wants to leave fuck him we gave all these years of trust and you want to be live Steven G , its fine but learn the loyality from him first . I am lost with words on wenger. Why the hell you dont play mustafi ? Cant you see hector is RB and you bought Saed for LB and dont play him. DONT get me started… Read more »


One class (may be more) below Liverpool, a squad of 33 players with two to three world class players, how could it happened……. 4-0 OM…. shamed!


Predictable. The thing is lets say we get carte blanche to sign on a free five players from any club in the world. Five of the best players in the world. I truly think that you put them in this system and regardless of how long they stay Arsenal will not win the league under Wenger. Everyone sees it except him and now its just embarrassing. He needs to leave, now.


Correction. Everyone except Arsene AND Kroenke.


You know you could have dropped the first 8 minutes or so of that vlog, the final exclamation says it all.

Grandad Gunner

So we pay £52 for Him to sit on the bench. And why at their first goal were Ox and Ramsey looking at the bench with their back to the first goal ???

Donald\'s Trump

Got enough embarrassment mate? He’s got loads of embarrassment, this Wenger bloke, Simone.

paul hollister

I have just awoken to the damage Wenger has done and its too late, he has destroyed the very soul and spirit of what The arsenal used to mean. He has no idea of defending which explains why he wont listen to Adams, Bouldy must just be sitting back and waiting for his pension. The same old scene a break for a week and an easy game after the night of the living dead and scrape a win at Bournemouth and hey presto were alright again. Well no more for me I have awoken .

Adelaide goober

When something (ie football) that’s meant to be your outlet from the day to day is so depressing, it kind of makes you wonder what the point of all this is! I’ve basically decided to take minimal interest til wengers gone


Wenger’s team included three players that don’t want to play for Arsenal. Although I believe they try to act professionally, these are young boys whose convictions will show when there is a need for real commitment. Get all three of them the f*** out!

Arsenal with or without Wenger, Sanchez, Özil and Oxlade-Chamberlain will not be a top team this season. Things are probably so broken that a comeback to the top four will take several seasons, a new manager and £200 millon plus investment in players.


Don’t cry James, it is well. First time I lost fate in Wenger and Özil… COYG

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