Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Video: On the whistle – “Kolasinac is a huge fan favourite in the making”

Arsenal beat Chelsea on penalties this afternoon to win the Community Shield for the third time in four years.

The Gunners have now won their last 9 Wembley games, and James takes a look at the performance, some of the individual displays, and more besides.

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Got enough Tank???


Haha, he’s a proper monster ain’t he. Kinda looks like he should be playing rugby rather than football. No complaints of course.
Genuinely interested to see how much time he gets. I was a little surprised to see the Ox get that starting spot. Maybe that was just making up for lack of Alexis and he’ll come back in to provide a little more security behind Alexis’ sometimes profligate brilliance.


Stupid Wenger. Had enough of him penny pinching. Buying players (with his good mate Dick Law)like Holding and Kolasinac for nothing.

Spend some Effing money! Show some ambition FFS.

Morata. now that’s money well spent like Stones last season.


And Mangala and Torres and so on.
That would be some list.




Juggernaut, actually!


Cleft out of pure rock. Somewhere in Bosnia they’re missing the peak of a mountain top.


I really enjoy your videos but What are you smoking mate? I know we all have our favourites and Ox was really good today. Solid defensively, good decision making, decent crossing on his wrong foot. Since we live in a world of opinion, For me he is more important than Ozil and wouldn’t mind seeing him in the Ozil role. Elneny was also impressive, well placed, secure on the ball, great positioning between the lines, quick to release the ball, I prefer him to Ramsey. Xhaka = our metronome Koleasenic = a beast Rob Holding you know, he is better… Read more »

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject

The Juggernaut, eh? I was definitely hoping some Chelsea player would try to step in his way on that one run, but they had too much sense and desire to live.

Arun KM

Time to unleash the beast in the premier league,we really missed such beasts at arsenal for a long time. Don’t we? #BosnianHulk


I love you James, i really do, but why are you also joining the community of those who downplay charity shield? ‘Its a game that does not matter’, well it does as ‘supercup’ for Spandiards and Germans and it certainly did for me and i guess many other fans and players themselves today. Can we enjoy it w/t adding these asterix? It was same story before and after the games in 2014 and 2015 – really whats the point?


The Bosnian Beast.


we bossed chelsea through the first 20 minutes and should have scored, to have ran away with the win all showed chelsea’s fragility.


The juggernaut


Just watched your holiday vid James. Is Camille still speaking to you – or has she had enough?!

Jahan Sagafi

So great. The TANK. FYI he pronounces his name koh-LA-see-nak.

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