Friday, December 1, 2023

Video: “There is no more money for a major signing”

Here’s David Ornstein of the BBC, the best-briefed Arsenal journalist, telling Radio 5live that Arsenal have no more money available for major signings this summer.

Perhaps the key word here is ‘major’, because it seems utterly implausible that the club have no transfer funds left.

The sale of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to Liverpool for £40m would bring the profit on the summer transfer dealings to around £27m, and when you consider there had to be money in the bank before that it begs the question: WTF is going on?!

Especially as Ornstein suggests there are no plans to replace the England international with a foray into the market.

Arsenal’s summer business to date

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Something odd going on at this club


Empty seats will be the only currency they understand.


How were we going to pay for Mbappe then? Or were we hoping Monaco would let him come on the cheap?


Maybe Kroenke was going to do some free consultancy.

Godfrey Twatsloch

“Hi there, board of Moncao. I’m Stan and today I’m here to teach you how to turn your successful club into a shadow of its former self. How, you may wonder. Well let me tell you…”

David C

Great comment, thanks for the laugh 🙂

Tell ya what, 40 million for Ox is AMAZING business IF (and we have time) we buy some upgrades!!! Bloody hell what’s happening to our beloved club.


…and Lemar.

so confused


Maybe this whole hunting channel thing really pissed him off?




I’m guessing Stan was expecting Wenger to sell Sanchez, Ozil and use the funds for Mbappe or Lemar. Once Arsene decided not to sell, Stan blocked the transfer budget hence everything stopped. Monaco having made their ? from Bakayoko, Mendy, Silva now don’t need to sell unless they’re offered over the top rates for Lemar, Mbappe


Isn’t that Mbappe has already signed for PSG for at least a loan deal?


100% agree!!! We were willing to spend around 120 mil just on mbappe, and now, while everyone else is spending around 200 mil, we’re sitting filling our pockets with money!!!


Loan lol


Can’t blame Wenger for this …

Faisal Narrage

You mean outside of our wage structure being a massive issue and which was set by Wenger himself?


What the F happened to ALL the TV money they got? Straight into the boards pockets I guess. Maybe they should raise the ticket prices again. The fans won’t mind. They enjoy the shit brand of crap football. Name another top team who continually makes a profit in the transfer window. I hope they get relegated this year. There is only 2 people to blame. That lying fuck Gazidis who said Arsenal would go thru major changes this year and its still the same bullshit every fucking year and Wenger who has no clue as to what he is doing.

Terry Henry

wtf happened to the 140 or so million we got from the new tv deal? Fuck this, might start supporting my local team (Dulwich Hamlets) this season


At least you have the option- my local club is also owned by kroenke.


Money! Its all about money and profits, money is glory. That is what on Stan’s mind. He is a businessman, doesnt care about glory and throphies.


He already has more money that he, or his grandchildren’s grandchildren can spend… and his wife is a Walton heir.

Terry Henry

wtf happened to the 140 or so million from tv deals!


I just hope the Emirates has enough lifeboats.


Trying to be optimisitc here – could this be because we are allotting £150m or more to spend replacing Sanchez and Ozil next year with two major signings (assuming they leave on frees)? We get the benefit of not selling them this year, so it makes sense to spend a little less this summer and spend big to replace them next summer. This could explain why we are not making a huge net spend this year of say £100m. I still struggle to understand why we need to make a £27m PROFIT on sales though. Ornstein mentions Lacazette and Kolasinac’s… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

This is what happens when a club is reliant on the money Champions League qualification brings and writes off their two biggest player assets. All the board care about is balancing the books, that’s why we’re £25m in transfer profit after our worst league finish for a generation – we have a shortfall to make up in revenue. It’s sickening. I’ve probably said this before, but this situation was always going to happen with us finishing fifth. We were never going spend like Utd. I just wish the club kept their mouths shout about our ‘war chest’ and being ‘able… Read more »




Silver lining (clutching at straws here) is that Mustafi, Chambers, Debuchy can’t be sold as they’re part of 9 defenders we need for 5 positions

Arseneless Arsenall

These are not bad players, Mustafi had good stretches last year and still not sure what happened with Chambers, I thought he would have been first choice this year after what he did last year with Boro. Debuchy when healthy he is a good backup in a 4 back system. Holding is the one that needs to go back to the U23s. Niles and Bielik need to get promoted to the first team.


This is mad. And even if there’s no money for transfer fees, how are we not in for the likes of krychowiak if they’re available for loan!?


It’s a great question! One I wondered about myself. But, if the real issue is our wage structure causing issues then I’m assuming Krychowiak would’ve put a dent on our wage bill. I’m obviously speculating, but it almost feels like we should be investing in younger players with lower wages and restructuring our wage structure. I think the issue is our socialist wage structure causing us issues. For instance, look at Real. I’m pretty sure that Asensio and Isco are probably at 60k and 120k per week. That’s dirt cheap for such high quality talent. There in lies our problem.… Read more »


These are young Spanish players. They can buy 5 17-19 yo everyear from other la liga clubs and hope 1 develops into what they have become. When you are one of the two big clubs in Spain you are going to always have a constant flow of young talent at your choosing just as BM and Juv does. Look at the English talent. Where is it really? How many players in this league are you excited about that are English and young? I think thats truly the problem. Clubs like RM, Barca, BM, Juv can go find good amount of… Read more »


Thought I was the only one thinking such. I mean it’s crazy to think that Stoke,West brom and Everton etc have all done better business than us in the transfer market…they all finished out of the top 6 btw.


People are obviously going to keep going to games but they should boycott all of the bars and shops at the ground. Money is the only language Kroenke understands and he needs to be hurt in his pocket before he will fuck off. Spend some money FFS!!!


There is something here that you people may not realise but is of major importance. The exchange rate from pounds to euros has fallen by more than 20% , that’s right , 20% (tha ks to the state of Brexit) in the transfer window. (As a Gooner retired to France I watch this rate as much as I watch my team).
So it has affected our buying power much more than the oligarchs…


Ox has taken a £60k per week wage reduction to go to Liverpool (who I believe are still in Sterling) – that can’t all be because he liked them as a boy. Something is seriously wrong at our club.

Seems Wenger was kept on to create more money for Kroenke by pissing everyone off so they’d leave. God knows what Laca is thinking now!


Haven’t we explicitly been told at the beginning of this summer and in the past few years as well that there (finally) IS more than enough money to spend and that we are ready to do so?!

What the actual fuck.

Third Plebeian

You know, I can completely understand why we’re selling these players (including the Ox) to get our bloated squad down to 25. What I can’t understand is why we’re not making improvements. Lacazette and Kolasinac were definitely steps in the right direction (if they actually play…and in their best positions), but it simply cannot be true that we have no money left for further strengthening, especially at CB and DM.

I’m hoping Ornstein’s information is wrong…but he’s fairly reliable.


New signings will make no difference anyway while Wenger remains in charge, especially when he benches them.

Third Plebeian

Benching Lacazette for Liverpool was absurd.


You don’t understand he needs time to adapt, and our second actual striker giroud needs time to adapt on lacazetee adapting so then need both adapting supports on the bench, while welbeck who is not recognized striker can’t finish and have not score more then 5 goals in the league will start upfront.


The slowest car crash I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

Third Plebeian

And we’re the crash test dummies.


Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmm




Actually, I get it know, it’s quite simple. The club’s infamous “Failure to Qualify for the UCL” contingency plan is basically playing out before our eyes.


Something’s ducky.


Can’t wait for John Cross’s annual warchest story this April/May.
Think it was £150mill this yr? + player sales.
We could we’ll end up £150mill in the black.
Great banter from the club.

Who would sell Alexis without a replacement?
Thumbs up sell
Thumbs down keep


I think we have the numbers to fill the position, personally if he keeps the 3 at the back I can see iwobi stepping in or lacazette with giroud up top. If we have to sign anyone I’d rather a DM. To release Ramsey further forward.


How are we sticking to a back 3 when we are getting rid of 2 of our CB? Kos, BFG, CC, RH and who else? I think we are going back to a 4 at the back after the break

Third Plebeian

I heard the Mustafi deal is off?

Robert Pires: Future Sporting Director of Arsenal

Wonder why you’re forgetting that we have coquelin whom we just signed on a long term contract. Which is why Wenger isn’t buying a DM. He’s injured for a month or two, makes no sense in buying a DM when you have Elneny and Coq on high wages

Therein lies the problem.
Why the fuck are Coq and Elneny on high wages? They are squad players and should be on squad wages but our dear Arsene has cocked up the policy by rewarding mediocrity and here we are!
What a clusterfuck.


how did we fall for that story lol

How can they sell Ox, Alexis and the rest of the players and not bring in at least 2-3 key players before tomorrow? This is insane


This isn’t insane…..
This is just your typical Arsenal transfer window.
Be honest? Who is actually surprised by any of this????
If we sold Alexis and a few more tomorrow? You couldn’t exactly say it was out of character.


Lies! Absolute lies! How stupid do they think we are? Have they forgotten that the AST & Swiss Ramble scrutinise the accounts? We are cash rich, earn loads from tv rights & 3 million a game at home. We’ve made a profit in transfers this summer. This is Kroenke ripping us off, leveraging the club against his US interests & Gazidis & Wenger are complicit. The fans finally need to wake up & revolt, starting with Bournemouth at home. Fans shouldn’t attend that game to send a message. We are being ripped off & Kroneke & Wenger are laughing all… Read more »


Thats the only response that will count. Stay away from the matches.


Not sure about this idea that fans should stay away from matches. Arsenal fans were here before Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger became employees of the club and we have the right to follow our team through thick and thin. The solution is to organise. Well-coordinated, well-thought out demonstrations before, during and after matches that target the leadership, not the players. Because they still deserve our support even if our management is a complete farce. Liverpool had to organise to get rid of Gillette and Hicks and we can take lessons from them. We can hold the club to account without… Read more »


The point is that if you still pay to fill that stadium, then even if you organized a protest, it has no teeth. The only protest that can bite is one that hits them where they care.


Problem is that we season ticket holders have already paid – based on the failed promises of early summer – and they still count us (and our money) even if the seat is empty.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

The only power that fans have is to make the TV product look bad. In order to do that you can’t just put up banners. The only options that have real traction are either not showing up or showing up and making the experience absolutely miserable for the players and viewers by showering the stadium with boos and negativity. 5 minutes of chanting and then going back to business as usual will be brushed off like a fly on a cash cow. Remember it wasn’t until things got to the level of “You aren’t fit to wear the shirt” that… Read more »


It’s true. But if they stop getting match revenue, what do you think they would do? Something different anyway. It won’t change unless we protest


Certainly, you love team before Kroenke took ownership. I am a Namibian supporting the team since 1986 and love it. You guys gave a reasonable pressure last year. I personally do not have an objection against the impending sale of Sanchez as he is a disrupter. Additionally, the sale of Ox for me is equally fine as he is only over rated, he never adds value to arsenal. We are still crowded with substandard players like Walcott, Elneny, Coquelin, Debuchy, Wellbeck etc.


That’s the way to go. Action speaks louder than the words.


he doesn’t need to leverage AFC for his US teams. They all make $$$.


The rapids, avalanche, and nuggets are all losing money here due to their lack of invest over the past five years plus. The rams were run into the ground deliberately to force a move.
I’ve drawn the parallels before, but we are watching kroenke do the same to our club that he did to his NBA team (son on the board, selling away star players every season, rising ticket prices)…


You can make more of a difference by showing up and chanting anti-Kronke chants all game, non-stop. Even more effective if your turn your back on the game to do it, at least for the first 5 minutes. Either the TVs pick it up and you win, or the TV broadcasters filter it out, and you win too because you expose the whole system as being crooked. But nobody seems to do that for some reason. I don’t get it. Are people just too lazy to bother? Empty seats don’t really show up on TV, they find angles to avoid… Read more »

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Agree 100%. There is no way to influence clubs these days without resorting to making the stadium experience (and thus, TV experience) unpalatably negative and miserable. That’s what it will take and if people can’t accept that, they will need to solve their cognitive dissonance by accepting that Arsenal are never going to compete seriously in anything except profitability.


We can complain aboutWenger for many things, but to assume it is he who would want to end the summer with a net profit off 100m is off base. He wants the raw materials to play the way he wishes.


It’s plausible that he too is protesting the board by randomly picking his squad from a hat


Not only are we being fed a shower of shit on the pitch, off it they’re shovelling even more of it in our face. No money? That’s complete bollocks. Unless of course Wenger and the board all decided to give each other massive pay rises after the shitshow on Sunday. Not that incomings will make much of a difference. We’ve got an incompetent manager who couldn’t manage a piss up in a brewery at this stage, and more importantly, even if we had a lot of money, which we definitely do, what good player would want to join this sinking… Read more »


He couldn’t organise a fuck in a brothel these days.


It’s almost like they intentionally want to anger the fan base. Or somebody at the club does. Maybe into some sort of action.

Don’t think many of use expect them to use the enormous resources that we all know are there, but to claim that they don’t even exist? That’s fightin’ talk, no?


Someone made a comment about Sunday’s game looking like sabotage – it’s the only rational explanation for that farce

Ted E.

Oh, this comment board is going to be out of control…


Doesn’t make sense for the club to release that information.

Hoping it’s a bargaining tactic, but…



Some report say our fucking money go into the creation of Inglewood Stadium, wtf is happening to Arsenal.

Donald\'s Trump

Can’t make it up.


Renato Sanches and Sancho? Sign them.

Stringer Bell

The problem is keeping Sanchez and ozil if they are staying means we are losing 100 million next summer. To keep em means Wenger not spending to justify 100 million loss next year. Our budget has been spent without spending. When Liverpool were two up camera went to bench and as Wenger picked up water bottle his hand was shaking. The man is on the edge, it’s all gone horribly wrong

Scott P

Then don’t keep them. Trust me when I say that I love having both on our team, but let’s be honest – we won’t win the league this year with them or without them. We need to be in as strong a position as possible to rebuild for the next manager, even if that is 2 years away.


Win the league? You are having a laugh.
Finish top 4 and that looks farfetched.

Be realistic, let’s get out of Europe and drop down to say, Everton level, sell off players who will fetch any money (Sanchez and Ozil) and keep your legs crossed for Wenger to retire/resign/move up or whatever in 2019. That’s the only hope.

We need new direction overall, this has been stale for a long time and it’s stinking the place out now.


I am wondering wether Chamberlain might not make up a good dm. My other opinion is whether Kolasinac would add more vale at lw rather than at lb because of his skill, speed and power and buy somebody to do duty at lb.


I wasn’t the only one who noticed that then….

Dale Cooper

I noticed his hand shaking, too. He’s going to kill himself before he’d ever think about quitting.


Is it not a worry that with this board and krookenke around, we are just fucked, even in 2 years time


Wenger will be fired by Christmas after the board undermines him further.

Bai Blagoi

Ornstein is making bad jokes..


AW needs to stop this nonsense about being faithful to the club and use that as an excuse to keep silent. He needs to speak out about what is going on and not leave that to IG’s soap-washed, diluted, bullshit he keeps serving us

Me So Hornsey

I think he’s chatting bollocks. Of course there’s money. We know what the tv endorsements and CL money brought in last year. It’s an absurd statement. This is Arsenal not fucking Bournemouth.

Whether the money will be spent is completely another question but if it isn’t then it would be confirmation of what I’ve suspected for quite some time which is that Arsene Wenger is mentally unstable and I’m not saying that to be dramatic. I really think he’s been slowly losing it for some time. There’s just no one with any authority to check it.

Robert Pires: Future Sporting Director of Arsenal

Ironically Bournemouth had 25m£ bid rejected by Leicester. When a relegation fighting shows more ambition than Arsenal, you’ve gotta realize which team is more ambitious

Fergal (captain optimistico)

Maybe breaking the wage structure has an impact on transfer funds. Smoke and daggers. Alexis signs for 5 years. Messi comes our way after Couthino joins Barca coz mugs got ox. It’s all part of the plan guys or my name isn’t captain optimistico:0)

Crash Fistfight

I think it’s more cloak and mirrors.


Cloak and daggers in the fans’ backs is more like.


How can we be that level of fucked both on and off the pitch? What about top 4 every year? Playing in the Champions League? The outrageous ticket prices? There has to be money from all of that, not to mention the TV rights, and the ever-honoured ‘wage structure’ that Arsene has been talking about for years?
I’m ​not calling Ornstein a liar, but don’t believe a word of it. We’re being shafted somewhere along the line and this needs to be investigated. I want much more information

Big Mad Andy

It’s like they are just trying to wind fans up.


I also think football as we know/knew it and loved it is pretty much dead. Especially after having heard the latest arsecast re the billionaire’s club. I’m gradually walking away from the sport, losing interest. Sure, I’ll look at the results every now and then and the odd game. But what’s the point anymore?


How come we were ready to splash 100+M for mbappe at the beginning of summer and suddenly we need to sell half the squad just to be even.
Our was the sale planned from the very beginning?


Great point, with all the drama I forgot about the alleged Mbappe bid.


They put in a bid that they knew wouldn’t be accepted. That way they can roll out the “we tried to sign him” excuse again.


Very true lol Like others said it doesn’t matter how it was structured. They offered less then the other clubs to make sure they got rejected.


If that offer for Mbappe was legit they could have used that same amount budgeted to Mbappe and use 70m for Lemar smh. There was never this war chest for AW lol

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

We bid less for Mbappe than a bid that Monaco had already rejected from Real Madrid. It was unbelievable that people were arguing it was a serious effort at the time, and it will continue to be unbelievable that anyone sees it as anything but an ostentatious sham.


To make it look like we were doing something in the market to get season tickets renewed. It’s the same ol’ trick.


When is the AGM? Normally Sept/Oct?
Let’s cause a f*cking mess!!!
Wenger out! Board out!!


Well Mr. Kronke won’t be there anyways as usual…


You’ve got to be joking. Fuck off. Fuck right the fuck off. We are a massive club with MASSIVE revenue. Liars. Sometimes I wish Hell was real.


It is. It’s simply been renamed Luton.


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


I agree with everyone’s anger and frustration. Maybe, just maybe there is some secretmethod to the madness and there will be some quality additions before the window shuts. If not, Wenger and the board surely know what’s coming from the fans? There will be utter outrage that will put last season demonstrations and banners look pale in comparison. I think Wenger is a sadist.


so I get that salary has to be taken into account for the overall cost – but we dumped a bunch of salary as well when we sold players. we have to be breakeven at worst. the only thing I can think is our entire transfer budget is going to Ozil’s new contract (if he signs)


Sinister Stan needs to sell up to the billionaire guy from somewhere in Africa? The guy who said he would invest and give Wenger the heave-ho!!! Please make this happen!!!


So much for the war chest stories.




I usually leave conspirancy theories to our US friends, but what’s happening with the club and the manager these days seems very strange to put it mildly. You can blame it on typical Arsenal behaviour, but this exceeds previous stupidity by a large margin. For me it seems that Kroenke has cash flow issues and have ordered AW to conduct a wholesale of players.In business, this type of actions normally signals a desperate need for cash and fast liquidation of assets. Something is rotten in the halls of Arsenal.


Does new Inglewood Stadium has any relate to our budget?


Buy low, sell high. People applaud.

Bring in uncut diamonds.
Some get polish to brilliant gemstones. People applaud.
The rest end up as deadwood.

He wants to be seen as the only manager who can spot talents and polish them up as superstars.

That is how it has been with Mr Wenger. But it is no longer working.
But he will not change. That’s him.

Team future no longer seems a priority.

After years of supporting him blindly, in the last couple of years I am becoming disillusioned.

I am hoping against hope he can get it all right again.


That’s exactly the way I feel.
Its a real shame whats happened with AW. I still believe he loves the club but what he thinks is good for the club is everything except spending and winning trophies.
Do the board not understand that it’s worth spending like crazy if you win things. People around the world then notice you, they then start supporting you and money starts coming in. Think Barca, Real Madrid, Bayern, Man Utd, even Liverpool. They’re all global clubs because of the major success they once had or are having.
Its madness whats happening


I vote we start a milk bottle top collection to pay for any transfers. Assuming we can find anyone playing at a senior level who wants to sign for us after this most recent if cluster fucks.


This has to be the board’s response to Wenger’s insistence on keeping Sanchez/Ozil. They’re backing him for a price, & insisting that if we’re going to lose £100 million or so in fees next summer, then we’re done spending this one. Honestly can’t think of anything else to explain it.


It possibly represents a subtle public feud?

Jimbo Jones

This is damn lies and at best the club trying to be coy to keep the fee for any prospective transfers down. Ornstein is reliable as he is a mouthpiece of th club, he gets the snippets of information first only so long as he spins the party line. The problem is that the club must actually believe other clubs are as stupid as they think we as fans are! Its total arrogance and does not work. We had money before this, the cash richest club in the world even, we have just received premier league money, tv money, season… Read more »


Here’s my thoughts (having looked at all that is going on via the reputable sources). It’s a merry-go-round with deals being done by the participants.
City will end their interest in Evans if we sell them Sanchez.
Liverpool will end their interest in Lemar if we sell them Ox.
We buy Lemar and Evans and move forward?


You (and I) wish my friend. Liverpool will be buying Lemar regardless of the Ox, provided Coutinho goes to Barca. If Coutinho stays, I can’t see them having the cash (or the room in their squad) for Lemar, but that just means Monaco will happily keep him, as we’re too cheap/cowardly to pay the 70m or whatever that they want. Evans will go to City over us if they want him, and they’ll take him regardless of what we do with Alexis. Maybe if Evans doesn’t come we’ll keep Mustafi, but that would require him and Wenger to mend fences… Read more »


Why do they always factor in the players whole salary as if it’s paid in full at the start of the contract. It’s also unlikely Lacazette transfer is paid in full rather than instalments. They really do treat us like fuckwits.
This club is royally screwed in the short term until we become mid table or worse and Kroenke sells up, this is what we’ll have to deal with


you can flip that around with the selling of Ox and company.

I think we’ve spent in the last 5 season on average 45M a season on net spending. If Alexis does go along with Mustafi and LP we should be able to spend on more player. Even with taking in account the higher salaries of the players. I just don’t understand it.

Viera\'s Love Child

As clueless as Wenger has been tactically I don’t think this is his doing. I think he’s been sold a bag of goods by Kroenke and Gazidis. This is ridiculous

Bendtner\'s ego

You are naive at best.

Gazidis and Josh Kroenke wanted Wenger to bow out. Wenger back-doored them with a direct meeting with Stan.

Stuck on Repeat...

Think you are wrong Viera. I now believe that it is just AW that has been told he cannot spend anymore. Reason why, is because he’s now on his way out. New manager inbound, & the last thing the owner wants is AW spending any money on the last day of the window.


Saying this on arsenals behalf is probably the cost of getting the inside scoop from the club.

Whole thing is so absurd. They say leicester didn’t spend millions to win the league kroenke and gazidis probably decided less is more as our future business plan.


There’s this story going around that we’ve reached the PL wage cap because how much we can offer in salary depends on incomes (sales count) and the TV income does not count. So let’s get this straight. Either this is bullshit from the club to prepare the fans for no signings, or we’ve been told another more serious lie: all these years of financial restriction for the stadium did not make us into a financial power house. As a matter of fact, our finances are in a big mess. It isn’t the fact that everyone gets the TV deal, it’s… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Could anyone explain if and how Stan Kroenke building a state of the art NFL stadium would have any effect on what’s happening at Arsenal? Rumors are that it’ll cost him so much that he’s taking a 1billion dollar bank loan for it. Any ideas if this would have any effect on Arsenal?


Separate businesses. No impact.


Read that as well and it’s true.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

It would mean that all his other sports franchises (and his LA NFL franchise) would be put into holding patterns focused on maxing out short term financial gain at the expense of sporting success. Money would only be spent if it was required to sustain income from fans or the league.

So basically what he’s been doing the whole time except perhaps turned up a notch, and now Arsenal is not receiving favorable treatment in this regard, either, whereas it previously has been (hard as that is to believe) compared to his other franchises.


He’s getting a major tax break and discounted land on the stadium, like all these billionaire business owners do in the us. They talk about job creation, blah blah stimulate the economy and then make the taxpayer foot a large portion of their corporate welfare. This is just kroenke being a greedy ass- the stadium is in the largest consumer base in the country (Los Angeles metro area is something like the 20th largest economy on the planet), and they have zero NFL competition. Plus, kroenke will have the premier large scale venue in that same metro area for events… Read more »


Just bring in the likes of Nketiah, Maitland-Niles, Reiss Nelson and Reine-Adelaide to the first team for good.

Let Kroenke shove all that money up his arse and bring back the joy in seeing our young talents play. That’s probably all we’re having for the season. At least would be something new.


I’m out. Not another penny goes to the club I love. I’ll support through it all but fuck them for wasting/holding on to the money we have spent. We’re a club, not a business. It’s about putting the best team we can on the field. I’ve always liked and supported us staying within our means and not buying a title but this is ridiculous.

Stuck on repeat...

What a crock of BS! If we were to accept the 50m offered by City for Alexis, then we would be 76m in profit from this window. Yes, there’s less that 24 hours left of the window (thank f@#$ for that), but DON’T tell me we don’t have any goddamn money!!! WTF is going on?!?!? It’s like either someone went to fetch the “war chest”, & discovered it never existed. Perhaps it just contains pieces of paper with “iou – love Stan”? Seriously , are we just part of some big ponzi scheme? WTF? WTF? WTF? Arsenal – seriously, you… Read more »

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