Sunday, April 2, 2023

Video: Why Arsenal should go for Julian Draxler

With PSG buying pretty much everyone, Julian Draxler could be available for transfer, and given that we’ve only spent money on one player this summer, we could use some more investment if we really want to challenge for the title.

James takes a look at the situation while someone does the dishes in the background, and that’s the kind of professional stuff you need from football videos.

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I’m happy if we go for anyone at this point.

Mein Bergkampf

Even finding it hard to get excited about potential signings in all honesty. This Arsenal team is almost impossible to support. Not even angry anymore, just totally dispondent. Anyone else feel like we are all just wasting our time, energy and lives?


No one is forced to support any team. I’ m sure there is so much else to spend your time, energy and life on.

Mein Bergkampf

No one is forced to support any team? You should’ve met my dad… Footballl is awesome. It’s fucking ace. That thing where the ball hits the crossbar, the ground and then goes in. Or when a cuntish player gets taken out. Or a 17 year old scores on his debut. I could go on. But I’m just saying, I think it’s hard to be an Arsenal fan. We have huge expectations which are never reached and regardless of personnel, we do the same shit season after season. I genuinely wish I cared less but I’ve been an Arsenal fan since… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I never forced my son to support Arsenal but his first pyjama had “When I grow up, I will play for Arsenal”, he has Arsenal shirts watches etc… but I never forced him, of course. Agree things have been so dull around the club for a couple of years so much that I wish Balotelli was part of the club with his antics. I struggle finding a name to have printed behind my shirt. Alexis is a greedy wanna go, Ozil is not dominating games to say the least and hasn’t signed his contract. Lacazette (I always wait a little… Read more »

David C

all 3 of my kids support Arsenal, they’re 6, 4, and 2. I gave them a choice to support any team but my 4 year old daughter told me she likes to cheer for Arsenal to help daddy when he’s sad watching Arsenal…

‘Try not to let it ruin your day’ is my new motto. I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan (NHL – hockey) so being patient for anything good to happen is in the blood.


oh dear


For me its not just the travails of being a gooner. Its broader than that. Week after week, headline after headline. Top flight football is getting harder and harder to relate to, and less likeable. Its not just the ludicrous amounts of money involved, but its the behaviour of the individuals involved. From players on and off the field and owners, to the criminals that run it, to the rabid press. Just think the disconnect growing all the time, and its sad.


You really don’t get it do you? Being a supporter is for real supporters for life ! you can’t divorce your team and if you can you never really cared in the first place! Arsenal have been part of my life for 58 years I could no more stop caring than stop breathing! So with that in mind those of us who feel that way will get despondent when our beloved team struggles and becomes a standing joke to supporters of other clubs when we see the promised change not happening and things staying exactly the same with predictibally the… Read more »


Wenger and the team has shortcomings. Obviously. But after a few games with our best CB´s I am ready to make a judgement on this team. On a good day we play almost the best football to find anywhere. Yes almost. But when we don’t we usually suffer a lot. Like in marriage you have to take the bad with the good and focus on the good things.


Spot on. Kos and Alexis would have made a difference at Stoke. Too early to be despondent. All top teams with exception of Mourinho’s lot have dropped points


I think we are missing Kos in particular

A different George

And if you think it really means anything that Man United have beaten two weak teams, then you must also believe that West Brom and Huddersfield are better than us (and Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea etc,).

Reality check

Time, energy lives?? Lol
Let me break it down for you.. Wenger has claimed many times that him not committing his future affected the players, hence us finishing in Europa League.. now get this: we are again going into the season with our two best player and 3 first teamers in all, in the same situation as Wenger was last year. What do you think the out come will be?


Yeah, got this feeling a year ago or maybe a while longer ago and stopped worrying about our results much and usually resigned to arguments against my mates who support United etc.

Signings are a pleasant surprise, and I don’t worry anymore if we miss out on signings we could have or should have made. Missing games is less of a pain and I get to spend time with wife and daughter a lot more. Thanks to Arsene for sucking the passion out of me, cheers! Owe the old man for directing me towards more important things in life.


Just imagine a front three of Draxler, Lacazette, Sanchez.. with Mesut in the hole pulling the strings.

Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac
Ramsey, Xhaka
Sanchez, Lacazette, Draxler

That would win you a league title in my opinion, obviously the centre halves and wingers you can move around as needed; whether its Sanchez off the right or left.. same for Koscielny and Mustafi

That would be a serious force to contend with for any team. Just looking at those names on here genuinely excites me.


Ramsey – Xhaka midfield is easily exposed even with three at the back already, this would be a disaster.


@yen That’s non-sense, the closest we’ve come to winning a league title in 10 years was when we played Ramsey in a central midfield pairing with and aged Arteta. Also I think its been our channels which have been more of an issue rather than our midfield. For the Stoke goal Berahino isolates Mustafi out wide on the edge of the 18 yard area, Chamberlain should’ve of been there, but he wasn’t. Against Leicester they did exactly the same thing, they kept dragging Holding out wide right and isolating him, again where our wing-back should’ve been there to protect him.… Read more »


Ultimately against Stoke we lost because of three main reasons – Danny Welbeck couldn’t hit a barn door with a can of paint; Arsene’s substitutions were genuinely horrific; and some really really poor officiating. Welbeck should’ve had a hattrick without question. Lacazette had one clear cut chance all game, and he put it right in the top corner and it was incorrectly ruled out for offside. Bellerin also should’ve scored when Ozil put him clean through. There were literally 3 clear cut penalties for me as well which the officials missed. And as for Arsene’s substitutions… well, they were bordering… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Lacazette proved he was a great striker on that disallowed goal. The way he kicked the ball was fierce and swift, deadly.


Thanks for responding with arguments rather than thumbs down.

I fully support this article though:

Would love to hear your opinion on it.


“aged” Arteta is what makes all the difference. It was similar with Cazorla who was a very offensive player throughout his career but had matured towards the end of it to make the deeper role work. Maybe in a couple of seasons Xhaka will have the maturity to make it work. Right now he doesnt. And of course I am not saying lets give them a couple of seasons and things will work out. Its just a bad situation without a proper solution. As far as I see it, Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil are all very good players (Ozil being… Read more »


@Araj Listen the reason why we lose games (generally) is down to the way we approach our game off the ball as a team. It’s not down to the personnel on the pitch really, its simply because we don’t know what we are supposed to be doing without the ball at our feet. Or we do, but we choose not to do it because the players know Arsene wont give them a roasting. We don’t defend as a unit properly, and ultimately we don’t work hard enough off the ball. Nor do we work ‘smart.’ Too often we are constantly… Read more »


Totally agree. I even saw it in the U23 game last night. Players taking the easy way out and not bursting a gut to get back goal side of the ball….that is down to the coaching staff to sort out in training and the manager to enforce it by benching those players who have defensive responsibilities but who wont put the effort in to get behind the ball…

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

When we got close to winning the title, it was Flamini and Cesc in the middle.


That’s rubbish. The best midfield pairing we have.


Doesn’t mean it’s good enough though.


I have now watched three games with Man City in august. Three CB´s Kompany Stones and Otamendi. In front of them Fernandinho (or Toure) the watchdog and destroyer of attacks. In front of Fernandinho two brilliant playmakers. This is the problem for us like many have pointed out. Man City is all about attack like Arsenal but PEP carefully uses a proper CDM in front of the defence. We are in for a difficult season if we don’t address this position.

A different George

They could barely draw at home against Everton. How did Everton score: Rooney trotted to about 15 yards in front of goal with no defender within 5 yards (literally). My God, the comments we would be hearing if it had happened to Arsenal!


Strange summer. We haven’t heard the phrase ” if we find one or two” maybe there is no ” top top quality” out there anymore.


Yes, yes please. Draxler is the closest thing to Bergkamp I have ever seen.
That’s said, if the team continues to be managed to less than the sum of its parts, even Lionel Messi wouldn’t make a difference.


For me Draxler isn’t playing ahead of Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette, Giroud. He probably won’t be happy to be given as much match time as Welbeck, Iwobi, Theo or Reiss Nelson. Central midfield is where we could do with someone if the person is more capable than Elneny or indeed Xhaka or Ramsey.

However that’s just for this season. Next June could be a completely different story at Arsenal


But do we REALLY want to challenge for the title?


That’s the ideal. Realistically we are challenging for 4th

Donald\'s Trump

Got enough titles mate?


Don’t we need more strength in the middle of the park? Rather than more creativity?


Think we need a new alternative on the left (for post sancheZ era) AND more structure in the middle.
I honestly would give jack a chance there but we don’t have time to trial it.


I agree with Pedant, think we need a real ‘ard b*rstard in the middle, somebody to protect the defence.


The problem is that bringing in a midfielder means you either relegate 35 million pound new signing Xhaka or potential match winner Ramsey to the bench. While for the season its ok but I dont think either of them thinks they are at a level where they should be on the bench of Arsenal. So ultimately one of them will have to go. The signing of Xhaka (who is a very good player) has made the midfield problem worse instead of better since he is incompatible with the other first choice midfielder who was on the books. One of them… Read more »


honestly when is the last season that ramsey played a full year and well – maybe 3 to 4 years ago. if we want to be a top club then players should face competition for places and if they aren’t up for then they shouldn’t be at a top club

Eric Blair

It’s a long season, Ramsey will be injured, Xhaka suspended, Europa League, at home against the minnows can afford not to have a defensive midfielder. There is space for a purchase in central midfield and it has to be made, although I’m not optimistic.


Yeah, someone like Casemiro for Real Madrid.


So Coquelin?

Crash Fistfight

I miss you on Strictly Come Dancing.


Anyone that improves the first team would be welcome.
Of course, with limited resources, we should probably be asking if this is really where the priority lies. Reality bites.

Preston Parkway

Had the pleasure of meeting Julian at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.


it seems you saw every single player in the charity and all of them were surprisingly down to earth and very funny.
stop this bull**it.




Did you not write exactly the same thing yesterday about Bennacer? Either you go to a lot of charity do’s or else you’re a bit of a fibber.


Why thumbs down. Don’t you believe it ?


I didn’t realise he was a joker


Lol. Good one James.


In all honesty, despite the obvious need for at least two quality players, I don’t see Wenger signing another player this window.
Hope I’m wrong, as a player like Draxler would be a fantastic addition, but I just can’t see him pushing out the boat and making a concerted effort to do the necessary feats to challenge this season.


He just seems too focused on the quantity rather than the quality at this point. We have too many players but there players that we could definitely use an upgrade on / someone to challenge for a starting spot.


It’s a management thing, not a player thing.


Draxler would be perfect player, can assist, can score goals, very skillful can play everywhere in attack and even in midfield if necessary. Bild is reporting that Howedes could be on his way to England. I think recent results shows that we need that kind of player to give us some stability in defence. But we all know that Arsene ended his job in transfer market long time ago.


Isn’t he potentially quite similar to Iwobi? Surely a step up on him at the moment, yet the same type.

Also, not the signing we necessarily need – we should be going after a holding midfielder like crazy right now. I’m convinced we should have gone after Matic.


I’m not sorry to say, but yet again, as yet, we have had a poor summer window. Brought one, and 1 free. Both very good players. But with 2 possible world class players leaving, I don’t think we’re any nearer being obvious title contenders. Chuck in Lemar, and Van Dijk well then there’s an argument. But have we truly done our best? Not by a long shot. I hope something happens. Not good enough


Who are the world class players leaving ?


Sanchez and Ozil. In this window or the next they will leave. Ozil looks like his mind is elsewhere ATM. TBH, I like Ozil, don’t buy into this usual shite he’s crap and don’t try hard enough. Although I don’t think he’s as hard to replace as Sanchez. Always leaves you with the feeling of he could have done more, which is frustrating. But if I was them, I’d be thinking, where is this team/club going? Are we competing in our league, let alone Europe? Have we shown ambition to be a top team?


Think we are being set up on Sanchez anyway. I believe he’ll get sold, probably to Man Citeh before the window is out, if 70M rumors are true.

IF we’re selling Mustafi to Inter also, take the $ and go get Draxler, Van Dijk and Ross Barkley (swapping Perez to Everton). Then splurge on Lemar if he is made available to us.

Miguel G

Barkley? Really?

Up the Arsenal

This is isn’t FM son.


Look, we need to get things straight. Us fans want Arsenal to challenge for the title. But it is more obvious than obvious itself that Wenger does not. Most times, when people get old and are in the twilight of their lives, they lose a lot of their competitive edge, the criticism of others does not hurt as much as it used to & the brain does not function as sharply as it used to. Wenger is 67 years old. I think you guys understand. It’s just biological. That’s why there is a retirement age.


Psalms 90:10 – Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures. Arsene is almost 70. Leave the man alone. None of what you say is gonna bother him.


Arsene can never win anything where consistency is involved, his peak was thee champion’s league final and now we are out of the competition entirely, anyone who thinks Wenger can win stuff is genuinely day dreaming.

Eric Blair

3 FA cups in 4 years?

Sammy Dubzz

That’s the best he can get in this era of football but can’t win either premier league or champions league

Samuel peeps

We’ve got so many forward players at the club already, this only really makes sense for me if alexis leaves. Sanchez, ozil, welbz, iwobi, theo, even Rambo or ox can play somewhere behind the main striker. We’re much thinner in the middle of the park, where we basically have elneny and le coq as established back-ups.

I’d much rather we signed a midfield beast who is happy to sit, can run around all day and can tackle and break up play.

When’s santi back btw?


We finished with 75 odd points in 2012-2013, and the summer of 2012 was one of the most underwhelming in terms of signings. So I am totally at loss as to how signings of any kind can take us further (unless of course if we sign in the Lemar, mbappe bracket). Wenger can’t take us any further and that’s the bottomline.


Just realized we did sign Santi, Giroud and Podolski but we let go Van Persie and Song. So although underwhelming may be too strong a word, but surely the window wasn’t great..


We can only pray to god that he transform arsene into the manager he once was…1997 – 2005…the professor


Bad dream, it cant and wont happen.


i think we should buy Draxler and lineup like this.
Ozil Draxler Bellerin
Xhaka Ox
Giroud Alexis
Kolasniac Per Cech
If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bull shit.


although i’ve been anticipating the start of the season like i haven’t in years, my interest seems to have almost vanished after the defeat at stoke. of course i exaggerate, but i think it’s very unlikely the feeling before and after the leicester game will reappear at any point during this season. despite last season being a big disappointment, the fa cup win, the signings of kolasinac and lacazette and that 4-3 with all our strikers scoring all got me very looking forward – and then all it took was one defeat. the starting line-up made it worse – what… Read more »


I think he would be a very good signing at the prices suggested, but doubt Wenger will buy anyone else at this point unfortunately. I hope for a surprise, but am realistically resigned to the fact that this is the squad for the year.

Jean Ralphio

Don’t get my hopes up

Far East Stand

Signing Draxler would be good but it’s got to the point where you know that any new signing will be forced into playing the exact same way we do now and have been for years. Without changing the manager and the whole comfort zone atmosphere amongst the players, new signings will not have the impact we hope them to.


Draxler. Over Mahrez. Over Mbappe even. I think in time, he can come into the role as CF ala RVP style. BUT even currently if Alexis should decide to vacate himself, we are playing2 up top with Ozil in the ‘hole’. Thereby we can have any combination of say Giroud- Draxler or Welbeck- Lacazette or Lacazette- Draxler. Should we switch to 4-2-3-1 (presuming we fix midfield), Draxler on the left wing or Welbeck, Ox on the right or say Reiss Nelson. Giroud or Lacazette up top. Ramsey IMO should come in as surrogate/alternate to Ozil. Iwobi to me as requisites… Read more »


Welbeck. As I mentioned last season there is no plan B and should not be one. We use strikers to suit the opponents and defensive set ups we face. Giroud made immediate impact coming on with two deft touches (one of which should have been a fantastic assist for Lacazette) There is no reason NOT to play BOTH Giroud and Lacazette to me they seem complementary. Giroud is way more effective than Welbeck. All that pace and running around but Danny can’t hit the target even point blank. Point in case, the lovely lofted cross over the top from Ozil… Read more »


I don’t see how.


Buy him and quick farting on the lily pad!

not so fed up

Wenger seems to buy players he likes the look of with little thought as to how they are going to fit in!!! Ozil and xhaxa come to mind!!!


And Podolski


I don’t feel signings will make a massive difference with this team.
They are tactically inept.


I don’t disagree, but hard to see this happening even if we sell Ox – Draxler would go for well over double the latter’s value in the current market and we hardly look likely to shift Walcott. Seems likeliest as a makeweight in a potential Sánchez deal, and still wouldn’t resolve our arguably more urgent issues in central midfield.


Even if it will be on loan. We need a lift right now with the whole contract situations still lingering.


“and given that we’ve only spent money on one player this summer” Correction; we spent money on 2 players? ?


Any idea what his signing fee was?


The obvious third reason: Buy Draxler, bye Sanchez.

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