Thursday, March 30, 2023

VIDEO: Wilshere sees red as Arsenal u-23s beat City in thriller

Jack Wilshere was given a straight red card as Arsenal beat Manchester City 4-3 in their second Premier League 2 fixture of the season.

The England international raised his hands as he reacted to a late challenge on him in the second half and after a further scuffle was given his marching orders along with City’s Wilson.

The incident marred a decent performance by the 25-year-old who was tidy on the ball throughout and helped himself to an assist before the break.

The Gunners raced to a 2-0 lead thanks to early strikes by Reiss Nelson and Eddie Nketiah. The former, a star of the first team’s pre-season friendlies, hammered home a low shot from the edge of the box, the latter, another who has also caught Arsene Wenger’s eye, finished off from close range following dynamic play by Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

City reduced the deficit with a header before Wilshere fed Nketiah who coolly slotted home his second. Nelson grabbed his brace early in the second half to make it 4-1 before Wilshere’s red upset the balance of play.

Diaz scored for the visitors on the angle to make it 4-2 then Nmecha netted a penalty, given for a foul by Bielik, to set up a nervy finish. Nelson and Nketiah had chances to kill the game off in the closing stages but the quality of their earlier finishing deserted them.

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The challenge was late, but he’s really not helping himself.
Can’t see anyone taking him off our hands, not only can he not stay fit he also can’t control his temper.
If someone offered us £8-10 mill? I’d snap their arm off.
He’d have to have some season to warrant a new deal.


No, it’s great. I say get him back in. We need this spark in the first 11.
They’re all a bunch of pushovers. No team wins without the dark arts. I mean seriously is there any other club that kicks the ball out the other day.. what a fcking joke.


How on earth are you classing this as dark arts?
It was moronic.
You can’t raise your arms in front of an official because you know you’ll see red.
It was a mad rush of blood that could of left his teammates short and cost them the result.
We don’t need another liability by having a midfielder who loves a temper tantrum.


Read again, I’m in no way classing this as dark arts. It’s basic things like showing some fight and playing to the whistle


He’s trying against the odds to get back in the first team and he still can’t keep focused on the big picture. I’d like nothing more than to see his return to form and a regular start, but if I had to pick one player from that team it wouldn’t be him. Come on Jack, sort it out.


How is anyone defending Wilshere’s actions?
He almost cost his team mates.
And now when he should be using these games to build up fitness, he’s banned.
So you want dark arts? Playing to the whistle?
And petulant players who can’t control their temper?

Personally I want players played in their correct positions.
And players who aren’t likely to cost us points by doing rash things.
Also players who can be counted on to stay fit for the vast majority.

Wilshere’s done nothing to warrant a new deal.
We need to ship him out and move on ASAP


Yes we need him to wander about with no passion, no commitment and keep giving the ball away. Oh wait we’ve already got Ozil to do that with a ludicrous offer on the table!


You moron. People can make mistakes and when can you recall Jack showing qualities of a hot head in the last 7 yrs??? Get a grip!

And stop harping on about his fitness, it’s not like the boy gets intentionally injured!


Well spoken Sizc. One thing that’s always sure about wilshere is his passion. The contact was WWE type contact. I wouldn’t have expected it myself… The response from wilshere must have been a melt down from the feeling any passionate player would have when such has to ply in the U23 to prove fitness.. Don’t see him doing in the premiership.besides tackles like that are not popular with the premiership.


Who you calling a moron?
I’m not the one who thinks getting sent off and almost costing your team is “being clever’
He was a senior player in that side and should be setting the example.
i never said it was Wilshere’s fault he keeps getting injured.
But we need players who can be relied upon and Wilshere clearly can’t.


Rich, you highlight the problem with social media/interactive media, every moron has a voice and irrespective of their experience or understanding, has an unnecessary desire to spout nonsense. (I was calling the guy next door a moron, not you, my flower) Jack was not in the team to ‘set an example’ but to build on his fitness. And he is already a good example of how young talent have a place in our first team. And the team got good experience in playing with a man down! We could sign a team containing; Taylor, Santos, Stephanos, Cygan,Vivas, Hleb, Denilson, Merida,… Read more »


I agree that his reaction was bad. But I can understand why considering the situation. He has had a frustrating few years behind him on the injury front. The tackle (if that can be classed as one) was irresponsible.

Billy Dyer

Fuck the result or the team. He (Jack) got tackled in cynical way with intent to injure him.
Did you see the second guy from City that went and punched and grabbed Jack???

Purr Mertesacker

You. I thought that was fairly obvious.


Bit rich if you ask me


How about the ref doing he’s job and issuing a card to the man city cunt for he’s late tackle look at it jack has already passed the ball it wasn’t the first tackle of the type in the game. But let’s call an Arsenal player an idiot for standing up for himself by the way the was a man city player sent off as well who ran the length of the pitch to get involved. Also Look AT your votes most of us are standing up for Jack most of us don’t think he’s an idiot. Just wondering did… Read more »


Rich, I want you to watch the clip again. The second kid kicks Wilshere’s leg before it all took off. Wilshere was right to react and Wenger would be proud, make no mistake. The narrative would have have been, Wilshere bullied by kids, if he did nothing


There is a difference between the dark arts and straight up brawling. What Wilshere did would get you sent off at any level of the game, spark or no spark. What you need is cynicism and brains.


Losing his temper and acting like a fuckwit isn’t dark arts it’s being stupid. We nearly lost the game because of him doing that. Jack is a marked man because everyone knows he’s going to either snap or break, he needs to try another league, there are apparently clubs in europe in for him, he should go.


But we often complain of a lack of fight.

Viera had plenty of hand bag moments.

IF chanelled correctly, it could be a potent weapon for us bc we can often seem so soft in midfield.

Granit high fiving Joe Allen, we know Ramsey and Elneny are nice guys, Coquelin has a bit of bite but we don’t have a bull.

Jack could be a bit of a bulldog for us but he has to channel the energy into more positive contribution. We don’t need immaturity from him now.


Someone tell me the cunt that came charging in to fight jack also got red carded.


Yup. A little confusion around it, (The commentators mentioned a double red card, for a sec I wondered if it was possible for Jack to get one for the first reaction then a second for the fighting) but the guy that started on him after the tackle got red too.


Kinda dumb but I agree there is a level toughness and support for fellow team members that you don’t see in the senior side

Viva la prof

Probably fed up getting injured, I think he did well not to nut him.


Absolutely. It was a very shitty challenge in a game where his only concern is getting fitness. 100 points for not nutting the tit.

Stringer Bell

i would expect nothing less. He has had serious injury after serious injury and the city man knew exactly what he was doing. Well done Jack you were playing very well and the assist was superb. That’s out the way now and focus on getting back for us.

Lord Bendnter

You need to put it into perspective. This is a player with a history of major injuries, who just came back from a serious long term injury. And now playing for the U-23, it’s not like those players are challenging for the Premier League or Champions League. And so, to come up like that and WWE style body checking a player, is absolutely horrific. If you look closely, there was zero intention to get the ball, and the impact was made when Jack had only one foot on the ground. A tackle like that itself deserves a red. And further,… Read more »


I could see straight down the tunnel as we had good seats on the half way line and Jack definitely got some digs in in the tunnel when they both went off. Shame there’ll be no tunnel cam for this one!



Should be a straight red for the City twit for simulation and the aggravated assault in the first place.

We bemoan our players being too nice and knocking the ball out for the opponent feigning injury and then when we see a bit of bite (justifiable) we are on their backs.

You can’t have your cake and eat it.

One thing you can say about Jack is this dog does not lack fight.


“One thing you can say about Jack is this dog does not lack fight”

Except when it comes to staying and fighting for his Arsenal place…


He’s been out because he’s been struggling with injuries Mr. Brainfart.

Woolwich Shepherd

Sorry. Frustration over injuries does not excuse a fight in the middle of a match. There is no place for that in the game. Straight red.

That being said, the challenge was ridiculous and Man City definitely played a part.

It’s one more example of a player you just can’t rely on week in and week out.


I agree it was a teribble challenge and deserve punishment but Wilshere reaction was unacceptable in any level. It was a fruit of frustation for being sidelined by injury over and over again so when somenone tackle you and might cause an injury his instinct is to react badly. I think he is not ready for Premiere League match mentally


Hear hear


I think it’s frustrating sometimes after managing to get out if injury and someone is trying to set you up for another injury.
I don’t think selling him is the best.. something needs to be done with our medical team at Arsenal.

Arshavin\'s shadow

Am I the only one who loved his reaction? The referee is a giant coward for giving th What a ridiculous late tackle and then that piece of garbage falls to the ground holding his stupid face. I don’t understand some of the comments trashing on him, to be honest! Jack has always had zeal, toughness, and courage! I would put him straight into the starting lineup! Love the guy!

Eric Blair

No, you’re not the only one. It was a meaningless game with no repercussions, not the Champions League final. It is exactly this desire and fight (metaphorically, not literally) that we’ve been missing for so long. I cheered when I watched the video.

Fireman Sam

Kick him over from behind like that, obviously he’s going to react. Don’t blame Jack at all. The little city pussy holding in face rolling around on the ground – what a piece of shit.

Dan Hunter

The city player who tackled him deserved a punch in the nuts.

Terry Neill - never again

With his injury record he’s entitled to protect himself and loose his cool. If someone offered me £8 to £10 to take our pessimistic, never satisfied, disloyal, whingeing supporters I’d bight their hand off.

Fireman Sam

Rich’s comment has a whopping 313 down votes at this point in time (312 before I voted) compared to 35 up votes but for some reason I still see it. I thought comments were hidden once they went over a certain number of down votes..,that would save me having to read nonsense like that.

Billy Dyer

Have you been sleeping in the same bed with your parents until you were 35 years old???
I think Jack was very calm. I’m boiling just watching it!!!
We should throw Jack straight into the First Team. Apart from Kolasinac, Xhaka and Coq the rest of them are Mummies boys


Well, that red was deserved, but that blue cunt should’ve got one too. That was a bad foul. Somewhat understandable reaction from Jack.


City player was sent off


City player wasn’t sent off, another who joined the fray was. the shit who had continuously assaulted Jack was busy holding his face after being pushed in the chest. will serve the prick well when he joins salford, the horrible wank pot.


That was a chance for him to control his reaction and use it to a positive effect in the game. But he didn’t he lost control and got sent off, again. Now he’s even further from a return than he was before the game.

My Wig smells cheesy

Good lad Jack- you show them


Still has that fire in his belly, brilliant! Can understand his anger too, why such a late, reckless challenge in an u23 game??


I know it is jack’s style to invite tackles and play the ball as late as possible but watching live, the last 7-8 tackles on jack we’re all fouls, with 3-4 getting noticed and ‘advantage’ played.

Jack as the most senior player shouldn’t be doing that, but as a first team player the city kids looked to honestly try to injure… I don’t think I would have done differently

Woolwich Shepherd

He is supposed to be the “mature” player on the field. Not a great role model. If he wants to show “fire in the belly”, show it with a top class performance to prove he deserves a place in the starting 11 – not with a fight. A mature 25 year-old shouldn’t be taking the bait.


Will a suspension carry to 1st team football. Jack might be worth a shot on the bench. As good an option as theo.


I wonder if the new rules about simulation getting someone sent off carry to the U23s. Shoved in the chest, clutching his face 20 seconds later. Clown.


I’d rather Nelson as an option for Theo.


Srsly I can understand his reaction, everyone who ever played football will know how fucking stupid this challenge was if he hits him on the wrong spot he will be out for another 6 months and the guy is only getting a yellow card what a joke…


Given the injury problems he’s had and the fact that it’s an U23 game can’t blame him at all

Kwame Ampadu Down

I would say everyone who has played football will know that is a nothing challenge. It’s annoying but clearly not dangerous. I love Jack but that’s a total over reaction.


tell that to my subtalar joint that was dislocated 7 weeks ago, still not healed and possibly nerve damage thanks to a challenge like this…

Kwame Ampadu Down

Sorry to hear that but injuries do happen in a contact sport.
It doesn’t necessarily mean it was a dangerous tackle. This one on Jack just wasn’t. (maybe the one on you was)


That was a deliberate foul and potentially bad tackle.

Followed by simulation and poor acting.

He should have got a red.


no need to be patronising, also you are wrong, watch again as the player comes through jack when he has all his weight down on one foot. No attempt to play the ball therefore a dangerous tackle.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Sorry if it came across as patronising, wasn’t my intention at all. I just don’t see that it was a bad tackle….and to be fair, ‘you are wrong’ is pretty patronising! It’s not a fact, it’s an opinion….


No, you are wrong.

Arshavin\'s shadow

Wtf do you mean it wasn’t a reckless tackle!? You don’t have to be an Arsenal fan to recognize that tackle was a deliberate foul with an intent to injure. How the f do some of you not see that? The kid is unlucky to have been on the wrong end of these type of tackles countless times and some of you are questioning his spirit and intelligence? His injury record? You’re Arsenal fans? Really?!? Smfh


the point is that he didn’t play the ball. he clearly went after the body. Had no interest in the ball. tackles like that shouldn’t be allowed for players safety.


As someone who’s done their ACL playing football I agree with Cino21. Feel bad for the Jack, all the memories of the time out and the rehab will have been flashing through his head


Apparently he was targeted all match and finally reacted.

Kwame Ampadu Down

If that’s true Martin makes more sense. Some of the comments on here about the tackle are nonsensical, get a grip gents.


A refusal not to follow the media ‘IRS a disgrace” line are neither nonsensical nor do they show not having a grip. Following the media line does both.


That makes it pretty sickening considering


Sickening? Choose words carefully. This challenge is not sickening. Maybe what happened this week in Spain is sickening. This is a pretty average tackle in a B team, to which a fringe player lost his temper at precisely the moment in his career when he needs to do nothing wrong.


Targeting the guy who has spent most of his career injured in a training match is pretty out of order I think yes

Arshavin\'s shadow

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m looking at comments from fellow Arsenal fans. SMH. I bet you think the Shawcross tackle on Ramsey was great ?


What Jack did was stupid, but the way the City player went down clutching his face when the referee walked over was just plain embarrassing.

Lord Bendnter

That was a beauty to watch! Finally something I can be proud of and enjoy watching ever since that Stokes game

Lord Bendnter

Do I blame Jackie boy? Hell no! That challenge was so unnecessary and could have easily done some real damage to Jack. I am so glad he reacted that way, hats off to Jackie boy


not that I expect him in the first team anytime soon, does this red card rule him out for 3 games now?

V h

This is why he belongs at Newcastle or West Ham and not Arsenal. He doesn’t have the temperment and will never live up to those few moments of brilliance he once produced. He is Jonjo Shelvey and nothing more at this point


Thick Jack done well not to react sooner. They are a very dirty team who targeted jw until he saw red. Ref could have given yellows earlier and thus avoided the reaction.


In Jack defence he had also been clattered in


In fairness to Jack he had also been clattered in similar fashion a few moments before!

Danaery\'s pet dragon

He was clattered a bunch of times through the game. It wasn’t a one off tackle from behind. Having said that his reaction was stupid , and after his sending off city pulled two goals back. We lost our ability to play out of trouble…could have been very costly.
Nketiah and Nelson look really good…


I Fucking love him telling the guy to see him in the tunnel . We talk too much as fans sometimes , when you play sport at any level, sometimes you just need man up and sort shit out yourself . Without sounding like a cave man, just need to show some bollocks and stand up for yourself .


Too much whiskey, I love Wilshire.


Reiss Nelson should be the ONLY player from youth ranks this season around the first team. The rest will be well served on strong loans. BUT Nelson IMO should be surrogate to Bellerin as RWB with Ox also an option. LWB is Kolasinac with Ox as alternate. Reiss is just full of guile and his control is superb for a local lad. As for Jack, it ought to have known better but it was a bad tackle and the numpty from City should have been off for simulation clutching at his mug. Jack is a bit edgy probably bc his… Read more »

Up the Arsenal

Nelson is a forward. Better suited than playing as a wingback.


Showed more fight in that very short video than Elneny, Xhaka, Ozil and Walcott have combined so far this season.



Is this how we will win the league?


Yes, by showing some balls and a hard edge. Judging by all the comments above, Jack reacted after successive tackles like that. He wouldn’t do that in a real game, not easily atleast no. Diaby actually did it in a real game after being tackled late, go ahead call him what you guys above called Jack. Despicable.

Up the Arsenal

So you want Xhaka to get back to his old ways and start getting sent off every other match?

Surrey gooner

Injury has kept him out the side not temperament. I think people are forgetting the talent jack has. Crying shame his body is so brittle and not surprisingly he lost it when some snotty city twat clattered him. The guy wants to play regularly and reach the level he knows he can play at. Genuinely feel for the guy – so wish he could get fit and stay fit and regain the level he can play at


Hes fucked off getting challenged late…overreacted but I say get him back in the squad once fit…we don’t have anyone like him at the moment…direct…tight spaces…lets not forget how good he can be


Prick was trying to do him, he showed good spirit in return. Still hope for you yet Jack the lad.


All the media say is we have bite or grit in our team and as soon as someone shows a pair of nuts they are slated ? baffles me


No bite was ment to say….stupid alcohol haha


It’s the perfect time for Jack to come Back.

Raymond ambler

Jack was stupid for his reaction but he’s just come back from another fracture,you can understand his anger,he’s watching his career go down the shitter and the last thing he needs is another injury!!


He’s saying “get me out of this chicken shit outfit”


No he’s not. Clearly you didn’t watch the game…


More entertainment here from Jack in 30 seconds than Arsena and the entire first team squad managed to give me in 90 minutes this weekend. And I am actually paying to be entertained.


It was a bad tackle indeed but bad reaction also. In my mind nothing changes, he’s as good as finished as an Arsenal player. He simply cannot be relied on for form or fitness..


Good. Like the nettle. He’s fighting for his career.


Was a very soft red; a gentle push to the chest. And by all accounts the ref wasn’t dealing with the treatment on Jack.

He shouldn’t have reacted, but I really don’t think it’s a big deal.


Horrible tackle. It was very obvious they had instructions to target him. He’s facing the other way and passing the ball backwards when he plows him. Oh well, we will get them back in the league. Maybe Gabriel Jesus can get introduced to our tank Kolasinac.


Loves me some Jack Attack.
He flipped his shit after a sustained period of nasty tackles on him. Fair response I reckon.
I for one hope he still has a future at Arsenal, he can play some good footy and can bring something different to the team. Just needs to stop breaking down.


I genuinely have no issue with Jack standing up for himself in context of the game. Two to three City youngsters spent large spells targeting him and the challenge that finally caused things to boil over was atrocious.
Of course one would prefer he stay on the pitch, but it’s an understandable reaction (with both players)- not the idiotic assault some media outlets have presented it as.
I’d love to see him given a chance in Europa league group games, as we rotate the midfield.

Chippys chip

Superjacks back hello hello


To be fair he breaks down because of these sorts of challenges, I’m not surprised he reacted the way he did. The guy gets kicked a lot, in fact most if not all of his injuries are a result of being kicked and refs don’t do anything. He’s coming back from an injury and he gets kicked, again? Come on guys, I don’t condone what he did but I goddamn the guy gets kicked a lot, on purpose it seems. Aaron Ramsey, Abou Diaby, Eduardo and now Jack wilshere, we need a break from the refs.


This guy will never learn to face his man when he plays. If he had any intelligence he could’ve just gone down like he’d been shot, everyone is doing it nowadays. It is part of the game now and makes a very effective strategy. Modern referees are really easy to manipulate. Arsenal is really low on intelligent individuals for modern football.


Most players with an injury record such as Wilshere’s would be hard pressed NOT to react in that manner. It really was a terrible tackle from the city player. We sometimes forget that we are dealing with real people and not players in a video game!


If you have played this game at whatever level, you’d understand his reaction. It’s not to condone it but football is not devoid of emotions. If you’ve been targeted all night and some kid does something so silly that could mean you face another long lay off, you primary reaction would be to shove the fool.


And unsurprisingly the media is full of talk of a “brawl” this morning. Watched the game last night. Anyone who thinks that was a brawl has led a very sheltered life.


Jack was good, but Nketiah and Nelson were really good. Football intelligence and technique in abundance for both. That should be the story of the game, not Jack’s red card. Two really talented youngsters


I can understand why his emotions spilled over but, he really needs to keep his cool o these situations.


It was a ridiculous challenge and wilshire pushed him over. Then some city wanker comes flying in with kicks and punches? Give jack a break ffs.

rex chidi

That twat of a city kid hating on Wilshire obviously, racing on him like a being possessed……. Watching the clip there I was genuinely shocked. One would think they’ve had several altercations before then! Wished wilshere had pulled out his wind pipe from his neck (khal Drogo style)…. . OK something less sinister!
And that guy with the tackle, and the distasteful pretence he showed by holding his face when he was only shoved on the chest….. Seriously wished he was actually punched on the face. Why two city players didn’t get a red is beyond reason.


I’m just glad to see our fans standing up for the lad. That’s the way it should be

David Hillier\'s luggage

The challenge on Wilshere wasn’t nice, Jack should have been calmer, but that City no.8’s reaction was a disgrace. If that was a non British player rolling around he would be castrated by fans & the media, even if it was just a U23 game. Heck, even if it was an English lad with a ‘forgein sounding name’ the likes of the Mail would be baying for blood.


Whatever’s been said so far, I’m afraid that bitchslapping some precious flower who then goes on to collapse like a big girl’s blouse has nothing to do with the Dark Arts. The Dark Arts approach is to look the other player in the eyes to let him know his card’s marked. Then, when he has possession, to go through him with all the power, subtlety and control of a steamroller with brake failure going down Rosedale Chimney Bank. You may well still get sent off but, instead of sniggering like Muttley for the rest of the match, the little twat… Read more »


it was a bad tackle, but hes the adult in the situation, he should not react like that, its bad enough in any game, but when youre 25 and getting into fights with teenagers its not a good look is it

not so fed up

The key issue here is that the ref was not doing his job, so Wilshire rightly took umbrage at the umpteenth dodgey tackle!!! What I liked is that other team members got involved which, unlike the first team who just pussyfoot around, tells the opposition that if they wanna play dirty then expect some consequences!!! Remember when Vieira was arguing with one of the chuckle brothers in the tunnel, Keane turned round and got involved with the verbals!! As much as I loathe Roy Keane he did look out for his team mates and he would make sure you knew… Read more »

Dean Windarse



If i was a player with wilshere’s injury history and you crash into me like that, you are getting a good slap across the face. Cunt joey barton did it to diaby too back then.


Considering the amount of injuries he’s delt with in the last few years, i can understand his frustration with that tackle. He needs to check his temper tho.


All you idiot slagging him off did you all actually watch the match I guess no the answer to that oh it Arsenal let just fellow what the news papers headline say and make a judgement.The headline the other evening about this incident was as pathetic to say the list.Yes he shouldn’t have push the lad but there was about four or five times that the city youth player try to make a name of themself by kicking him in the match,well maybe wronge to say kick let call it what it was coward tackle,he may have to learn from… Read more »

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