Wenger explains reason for Lucas Perez exit

Wenger: Perez has an eye for goal

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that he’ll reluctantly sell Lucas Perez this summer despite rating the striker.

Arsenal have already received an offer from the Spaniard’s former club Deportivo La Coruna but aren’t willing to do business unless their €15 million valuation is matched. The likes of Sevilla, Newcastle United and Fenerbahce have also been mooted as suitors.

Perez only moved to the Emirates a year ago but has seen his first team opportunities limited due to the competition for attacking places. With Alexandre Lacazette added to the roster and the boss adamant that Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez won’t leave, something had to give.

“We have a congestion of strikers,” explained Wenger.  “I don’t like to lose him [Perez] because, for me, he’s a top-quality striker but we have many strikers.

“At some stage, too much competition is not competition anymore. You cannot give a chance to everybody, so if he finds a satisfying solution, at least for a short time, he will do it.”

Perez is hoping that regular game time in pastures new might provide a platform to make Spain’s World Cup squad. He’ll no doubt be hoping his future is resolved soon because with no pre-season minutes under his belt he’s going to be racing against the clock to start the season on the front foot.

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Third Plebeian

for me, he’s a top-quality striker


Whom I avoided playing at all costs!


“but we have many strikers”. Finish the sentence.

Scott P

Actions speak louder than words…


To be fair, he can’t turn and say he’s a pile of turd. Mans trying to get €15mil for him

Third Plebeian

Of course, of course, but buying clubs will be just as aware as we are about how much playing time Perez got. They’ll simply hope that Wenger made an error of judgment or acknowledge that not being good enough at Arsenal doesn’t mean not good enough for a club of their own status and aspirations.

Terry Henry

Would really like us to sign Jean Michael Seri


The fact we haven’t yet suggests either he doesn’t want to or we don’t want to. He has quite a low release clause, around 30m I think.

Cliff Bastin

It shows how Seri-ous we are about getting him I’ll get my coat.

Ted E.

Yeah, we have no Jeance Michel.


couple of seasons ago that wouldn’t have been considered low

Naija gooner

he’ll prob go out on loan


Me too. I really like the look of Seri and I think hed fit in well at The Arsenal midfield…


Well said third. Spin doctor at it again. I agree Kel, he needs to say it to get the 15mil but still, I can’t help but think that our manager chooses to lie most of the time, it suits him well. Because he lies to himself that he is the one to take Arsenal forward, that is the primary lie and he can’t see beyond it.

Fireman Sam

Give it a rest dude


who scored against nottingham forrest, basel, bournemouth and sutton.

Cygan\'s Magical Left foot

Yet, Theo finds playing time lol.


“for me, he’s a top-quality striker but we have many strikers”. STRIKER. Not winger lol

David C

don’t loan him then. Gotta sell him if he’s not in the plans.

Best of luck Lucas, we hardly got to know you 🙂


I agree. Sell him outright, along with the other fringe players. What a massive amount of mediocrity. Unfortunately Arsenal will be stuck with the lot of them because no team will want to pay their inflated wages.

Brazilian gooner

Sad to see him go, but injuries and Wenger’s stubbornness let us with no other choice

Rwandan Gunner

He was imposed to him by look of things

Viraj @ gooner4life....

Pretty Sure he’ll be damn good wherever he goes….quality player…shame to admit that we r offloading a player like him….

Declan M

At least he had more of a chance than Park. Good luck Lucas.

Faisal Narrage

Less of a chance than Sanogo, who proved to not even be PL quality.

Andy Mack

Sanogo only played when the main CFs were injured (or returning from injury and not fit enough)……

Faisal Narrage

Err, Sanogo’s debut was the famous game against Bayern, where Wenger did so at the expense of a fit Giroud.


Yes and Giroud was having some off field issues at the time.

Sanogo played against Liverpool and Bayern and did OK.

Isaiah Rankin

Looks like we’ll be playing 3-1-6 this season then


If he truly rated him he would played him. When he played he was good and contributed more than other strikers who played more regularly. Complete bollocks by Wenger.

Asaba Benjamin

He was good and still good better than all of the strikers, the likes of Walcott and others


He is surely not doing to come out and say that he is a salute garbage and has one leg smaller than other? Ofcourse Wenger wants to sell him so he is always going to say he is top top quality with extra focus on word top!!

Third Plebeian

Perez salutes garbage? What an odd ritual.

Stuck on repeat...

Have to agree with you Don. Most of his performances called for / justified inclusion in the next game…but it never really happened that way. Most odd…Guess we’ll have to wait for the book, but even then it most likely won’t get a mention.

Sometimes I wish AW would actually say nothing rather than give what is clearly pure fluff & nonsense.


They ask him a question at a press conference and he should just say nothing?


I liked the look of Perez when I saw him play, however, we must admit he only really performed against the less convincing of opponents. People seem to forget that he suffered an injury right at the time where he was likely to get his run of games (due to other injuries and availabilities). In the end, Wenger sees this guy every day, so he knows what he is capable of over an extended period of time against all levels of competition, and he decided only to play him in the less important games. Tells me about as much as… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Would you say Wenger rated Sanogo over him?

Andy Mack

Did Wenger play Sanogo when Lucas was fit?
Otherwise it’s a fuck-wit comment!

Stringer Bell

? it is a fuck wit comment.


well hes played so little its IMPOSSIBLE for fans to claim they know hes great. just as its impossible to claim hes shit.

Besides, hes been moaning like an idiot for the last month too..better to sell him on. win win for all parties.
Its not like Perez would have won us the league or gotten us to 4th spot last season. Hes solid yes, but hardly sparkling. hardly a game changer. Ask yourself, does any other top 6 clubs go for him? will they? and why won’t they?

Clive St Helmet

Good luck to him. A decent if limited striker, not the elite player we need.

Original Paul

All he did for us in his limited playing time was score and assist. Good luck Lucas.

Orikiriza ismahil

Lukas is a top player, and j don’t know why wenger wants to sell him, yet this season we have a lot of matches, so what j wanted is to live in the club, he will give his contribution to the club, please wenger don’t sell, because we will be playing Europa and premier league yet we want to come out from Europa, so suggestion is to live him, remember there’s a time of injuries so if hes there he can fill that gap.


So if we had a glut of strikers then why did Arsene buy Lucas in the first place?Personally I think given a run he would have been an asset. Good luck wherever you go Lucas…⚽️


We didn’t have Lacazette, Welbeck was injured etc. Now is now not then.


Just Sell Welbeck and Walcott, Keep him and sign a winger for me it can be Shaqiri.


Unacceptable excuses, Wellbeck did not score more than him so why not offloading and keep Lucas? It will come back to hunt us. The guy is decent skillful player. You better justify this as the season unfolds



But I think Welbeck if anything (someone tell Stillman) is on a prove or move season.

Terry Henry

Lucas will be a shrewd purchase for the club willing to buy him


I don’t think he will lack options which is why Arsenal rightly are willing and should stand firm on 13m +

It means we cut losses

BUT there will be clubs. The Milan clubs are rebuilding. Sevilla whom we played recently could well do with him and are familiar with his prowess.

We will fetch the price we want.


Lucas could have easily given us 15+ goals if he played even as a winger. Wenger has now probably ended his dream of playing WC unless he gets an astronomical form with Costa,Morata and possibly Llorente ahead of him in the Spain setup

Original Paul



SMH…Grave mistake in the making if he leaves.

Non Flying dutchman

name and content of your message do rather go together… Much ado about the guy that probably represents our sixth best striking option and losing him whilst looking more likely to retain the services of all the others… Hardly a grave matter

Yes this guy was bought because of doubt over Welbeck making a sufficiently swift recovery. He did ok at times, I recall him being rather mediocre when he got the chance in a few premier league games in December.

Faisal Narrage

Yet scored more than Welbeck, who got more of a chance.


Absolutely, some people were willing to countenance Welbeck as plan A last season and Giroud as plan B.

Absolute and utter rubbish.

Welbeck missed so many sitters in front of goal.

The only reason Welbeck is kept is bc of age. He can still improve and represents immediate replacement for Giroud when the Frenchman steps down.

BUT i think this season is more a test for Welbeck than Stillman has on Granit or Gabriel.

He has to start proving his mettle first before we can even think about relinquishing with Giroud.

Its insane how some people think last season.

nimble foot

When did those “sitters” become “so many”

Non flying dutchman

Onus on Welbeck to add goals to his game since his in direct competition with Lacazette now. I suspect we’ll only keep Danny this season to give our record signing time and space in which to settle.

My point is its looking more likely that we are going to retain the services of Alexis and Giroud and in that context I don’t see how losing Peter serves as much of a tragedy.


Has Lucas ever been capped by Spain? Especially in a competitive match? I rate him and all but the World Cup dream seems a bit delusional no matter where he’s playing.

Original Paul

…and the “reason” is… Wenger is still trusting in Theo….hmmmmm….

Nasri\'s missing chinbone

Shame. Always positive and an outlet for us when he played. Thought he was quite promising. Best of luck to him

Faisal Narrage

And Moses said to Arsene Wenger;


Who the fuck asked Victor Moses for his opinion anyway?


Just move him on already. Good player but clearly not in our plans just take the financial hit if we have too. Just another protracted transfer- that is if I’m quite honest – boring me to tears.


I liked the bloke, could of been good given more playing time


He’s more of a threat than Welbeck.

Donald\'s Trump

Well that’s not really high praise.

Welbeck is the new Emile Heskey


I’m suggesting, why not keep the better player and move on the weaker one? It’s easy this management game!

nacho man

he had one good season in he’s career to date …
looks like that was the exception.
obviously he wasnt doing it on the training field,otherwise would of got a chance,like or loath wenger, he can spot a player,and gives them a platform.
a mistake,cut your losses,move on.
move on jack too,one of us bla bla, i know, but not good enough or reliable enough either,simples
cut losses and stop dicking around
debuchy,jenks,elneny/or cock, c above
come on arsene make us great again,i know u can do it,find that ruthless streak and also forget the balance sheet


So good…just not good enough.

not good enough stacked up against Lacazette…or Giroud.

Welbeck? Age.


Things are starting to move with the Neymar sale.

Monaco in for Alexis apparently. If so, don’t exchange for Lemar, give us Mbappe, we should pay extra for him plus Alexis.

Andy Mack

Do you really believe the media drivel??????

Peter Couch

He is much better than Danny Air-kick Welbeck.


Arsene Wenger should give us Jean Michael Seri and Thomas Lemar.


Lucas is becoming the new Joel Campbell. The less he plays the better he becomes


I actually call it Joel Campbell Syndrome. Score and assist against CL and League cup no-marks, avoid our toughest games of the season entirely and BOOM you’re a world beater. It’s nonsense

John C

Or Rosicky or Diaby, 2 players whom improved immeasurably the less they played

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

There should be a multi-thumb-down button for us to respond to this the way it deserves.


Somewhat true of Rosicky though it should also be said that he really was a special talent, and in another league than Campbell and Perez. Diaby got hit with this nearer the end of Arsenal stint as well

Samuel Ogungbayi

Nachoman , Seil,Awesomesauce25,you all are still labouring to justify the bad treatment Wenger gave to Perez even when the manager said he is a top striker. Wenger gave Welbeck and Iwobi a lot of matches but how many goals did they score for the club ? Wenger earlier after the FA Cup had said the same thing that he was “unable to give ” Perez ” games he wants and deserves” Note the word DESERVES . How can a player who scored 24 goals in hall competitions in Spain the previous season become so bad that he played about 950… Read more »


Wenger sees him in practice so if wenger decides that hes the weakest link in attacking option then wenger is right. He evaluates players daily.