Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Wenger pleased with Arsenal’s transfer business in ‘demanding’ market

Although he’s only added two players to the squad this summer, and had major problems in shifting some of the ones he has deemed surplus to requirements, Arsene Wenger says he’s happy with the transfer business he’s done so far.

Alexandre Lacazette arrived for a club record £46m, while Sead Kolasinac’s free transfer from Schalke looks like a very clever deal, but with a net spend of just £24m the investment in the squad hasn’t been as great as many hoped.

The disappointing 1-0 defeat to Stoke exacerbated some of the squad’s deficiencies, but with the manager highlighting the difficulties faced by English clubs when it comes to buying players, it doesn’t sound like he’s planning much in the way of further additions.

Speaking to Viasat in Sweden, Wenger said, “I am very pleased with our market because we bought good players who can integrate with our style of play.

“That’s what we want. On the other hand, it is very difficult. Today, the prices are out of proportion. The transfer market has become very demanding today.

“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50% on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.”

Of course the reason for that is the fact that Premier League clubs, Arsenal included, receive massive amounts of money each season from television rights. Last season alone the club raked in almost £140m from domestic and foreign TV rights, as well as other prize money.

If that creates an imbalance in the market, that’s simply a consequence of that money, and something we and all other clubs have to live with. It’s not that the prices are necessarily out of proportion, it’s the market dictating the prices – so we have to get on board if we want to use transfers to boost the squad.

The window closes at 11pm on Thursday August 31. Let’s see what happens between now and then.

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that makes (counts on fingers)
one person

Terry Henry

AW always holds his cards close to his chest in terms of who he his interested in. Assuming we can get rid of the players that are surplus to requirements (Gibbs etc), I am still hopeful for 1 or 2 more signings. Stupidly, ever the optimist.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Barcelona is already targeting Seri. Monaco ready to sell Mbappe to PSG or Real and not playing him. That means they won’t destroy their team by selling Lemar. I am not expecting any exciting signing by transfer deadline.


Or that means Lemar thinks ‘fuck this, Kylian’s on 3 billion whatchacallems, TRANSFER REQUEST’

David C

then we sneak in a Draxler or similar. I’d be ok with that if we really can’t get Lemar.


Seri is not good enough…did you watch the CL game against Ajax and Napoli he was poor in both legs

Andy Mack

The media says that Barcelona are targeting Seri etc etc, but we don’t know if any of the rumours are correct…


And then gives us the old “There was no high quality players available” excuse when we don’t sign them. I applaud your optimism, but in your heart of hearts you know where this is all going, right?


I do. God help us. Another long, frustrating, disappointing, Wenger-outing season ahead of us.



Never thought we would sign anybody else.

We are probably going to end up one or two players short of a title winning side again.


We’re certainly two quality players away from a side who can compete for the title but its fanciful to think we’re two shy of winning the league.
We average about 10 points behind the league winner each season. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more work to solve that. I.e a new manager.


To be fair I think we have a really good team, when everybody is available.

Lacazette and Kolasinac look like great additions. Just think we need another midfielder and probably a defender.


The honest truth is that our team is nowhere near good enough right now. Its a collection of players who are good value or good athletes with a sprinkling of some world class talent. And it is extremely extremely unbalanced. There are positions where the first choice starter is so much better than anyone in the squad that an injury would destroy the campaign and there are positions which are literal revolving doors where a new player is tried every 5-6 games and no one seems to work. Lastly, the players are not a good fit for each other. Koscielny… Read more »


And next year when we lose sanchez. Jack. The ox and ozil ? And mert retires.
Lets hope the arse falls out the market because they are going to cost a fortune to replace.
We are fucked as a club thanks to wenger and his complete ineptitude.
Things can only get worse i just cant see how they can get any better when they all leave.

Eric Blair

If the market continues to grow as it did this year you’d be looking at the best part of 300m pounds to replace those 5 with proven high level internationals.


Which gives the lie to the nonsense of not selling Sanchez out if some misplaced sense if machismo.


I’m really concerned about next season . It’s not just Sanchez case , ozil and Ox is leaving too . For fuks sake those are three amount the best players we have. But the worst thing is Wenger does not look a least bit concerned preaching is about some fuked up theory that it’s a good thing they are out of contract . Howin the hell are we going to replace all those is beyond me . We are not going to pay 200_300 million not that players of that quality would want to come to arsenal in the first… Read more »


nowt wrong with optimism Terry,
currently looking for mine………

The Loon Ranger

Try down the back of the sofa Boss, that’s where mine was

The Loon Ranger

I’ll have two of the flaming torches and a pitchfork please. Do you have any child friendly pitchforks? Like with rubber prongs? Because I’d like to kit out the grandkids.


Over to you Ivan. Polish this shit storm

Eric Blair

I wonder what Kronke makes of all this. If Arsenal start dropping away from the top 4 regularly surely it’ll hit his investment, or will it? Maybe he’s still making a killing Champions League, Europa League, or nothing.

I would have liked someone to put more pressure on Wenger regarding signings, and I think Gazidis may have tried before folding like a pack of cards.

Brazilian gooner

Wenger trully annoys me… I respect him but he’s becoming such a stubborn man, out of his time, complaining about every singles change instead of adapting to it


Wenger should stop complaining about actual money spent and look at it as percentage to be spent on income. If you earn more you spend more, you can’t expect to earn more but spend equally as a small club or a smaller league. I don’t know why he keeps complaining all the time about the market expenditure alone, what about income? He needs to understand that his job is to win the league and not manage profitability of the club, for which there are others. If there is money to be spent then you spend, not look to save it… Read more »


Wenger should forget the money completely. That’s the problem. James got it dead right on the Arsecast Extra – AW is rubbing his hands with glee that he got Lac and Koalasnatch for net $25m each. He’s fanatical about the business performance of the club. I want him exclusively fanatical about the performance of the team. Let others worry about the in and outs and $.

Get in a director of football or similar. If AW leaves because if it, I won’t shed a tear.


If he were fanatical about the football performance he might actually play full backs and centre halves in their proper positions. So clearly he doesn’t give a flying one.


He complains about money but is more than happy to take 8 million plus bonuses a year.

As repeated infinitem, he’s stubborn & won’t go above a value he deems acceptable, modern football has unfortunately passed him by.

Dave M

It’s like a rich man complaining because coffee in his neighbourhood is more expensive than in the poorer area. Stop farking complaining and praising yourself at the same time. This season truely is bullshit. We have zero ambition except to make our rich managers, board members and owners even richer. Rich pricks!

jack jack jack

What made Pizza Face so successful for so long was that he adapted his approach ruthlessly. He brought in different modern coaches, went around Europe watching other teams to see how they played. His United were always evolving. I love Arsene for his devotion to his philosophy, but it just seems dated now.

Faisal Narrage

I don’t even believe in our style of play or system of play anymore.

The arsenaut

Agreed. The only thing that´s systematic now is the way we loose games dispite “dominating” acording to AW and fail to reinforce our midfield in the market. Also does the Manager think of Kolasinac and Monreal as bonafide cb´s?? does he have in mind for Wilshere and Cazorla to play a significant role in the midfield this season??? (rant alert) Is Wenger oficially the Vilan yet??? If not, then how long can we keep accepting this kind of ineptitud…how long can we think of ourselfes as a great club? Could´ve all the endless positivity, hope and silly faith the manager… Read more »

Dial square

Is it anymore demanding for us than anyone else..


Only if you repeat it like a mantra and then sit there, Canute-like doing fuck all about it.


I really thought this window would be different, if for no other reason than AW surely must be desperate for some real success? Apparently not, and he’s still beholden to his outdated transfer policy. Simply cannot compete when the top teams in prem routinely outspend us. Guess what Wenger the market is different so act accordingly and spend some damn money to save your job!

Third Plebeian

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter who we buy. It’s still a team managed by Arsene Wenger. We could buy Messi and he’d get played as a centre-back.


You’re right, but I really though at least on the transfer front he would be more aggressive. It’s so frustrating because it really feels like his indecision is the problem. He waits so fucking long to do anything and then throws his hands up and becomes defiant saying his hands are tied in the crazy market. Fucking nonsense! I think too that unless a player is his absolute first choice any urgency goes out the window. He looks at a player and if he’s not keen then I think his actual thinkin is “where would I play him, would he… Read more »

Dave M

“No, no but we will only buy players of absolute quality. We will not buy for the sake of buying, only absolute quality”
…oh wait we have already had that one for the off season…

The arsenaut

“When a toptoptop player becomes available, we´re allways open to do buisness of course”…like Elneny/Pérez/Wellbz…
ooohh man just stop


Messi would definitely be used at full back


Wenger would play him in goal and then fund some bullshit statistic about how shorter keepers try harder.


A Sweeper-Keeper-Striker


I agree with you , I really thought Wenger would change his ways this pre season especially after the diabolical happenings last season It’s always the same , around about the time of season ticket renewals he always talks up signing players , puts in bids knowing the club would never accept it , says he’s watching/ likes such and such a player , then when the season tickets have all been purchased he makes up poor excuses like this one and also saying the squad is too big so will have to sell before buying anyone !!!! Did he… Read more »

Wenger\'s Nose

It’s not over yet! Brought in two first team players already, and not sold any. We might still even bring in a Draxler or Lemar. Wilshere could be an internal solution for perceived midfield weaknesses. For sure the contract situations are worrying and next summer will be interesting, but I am much more worried about the strange selections and substitutions vs. Stoke than I am about the quality of the first team and the squad. COYG


waiting for the inevitable press conference in September when Wilshere is declared to be LANS

Third Plebeian

Ugh. So true.


Wow and then lol after reading everything here. We are only two games in…

Dave M

So tell us what is different than previous years in this season of “change”? Oh actually I can tell you what is different. Our two best players and another very promising young guy are in the last year of their contracts. Apart from that there is no change: – We are promised ambition by Wenger, Gazidis, board and even kroenke – check – We couldn’t get our number 1 target (clearly Lemar) – check – Wenger says he will only bring in absolute quality – check – We need to move players on, but can’t get value out of them… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Oh boy, seems we are edging closer to “internal solutions”… While other teams are busy building, we are stubbornly stagnant. If you think about it, even the Lacazette business was due to him not going to Athletico. No way Wenger would have splashed the cash on Mbappe even if Lacazette was unavailable. So, we have acquired a good LB addition on free and a reluctant addition of Lacazette, despite the ever so clear need for a new striker. Now, our club wants to sit back and challenge for top 4. Somehow, I find very little to be excited about this… Read more »


Which other striker of the same level as Lacazette was available in the beginning of the summer? We could have been after him from the start but he could have preferred Atletico (CL football, recent sucess, a good manager). I am frustrated at the club too but not getting a player doesn’t mean we weren’t after him/didn’t plan to buy him.


Explain why our club is the only club in all of Europe that rumors about a player are exactly that; RUMORS…


I agree with you , I really thought Wenger would change his ways this pre season especially after the diabolical happenings last season It’s always the same , around about the time of season ticket renewals he always talks up signing players , puts in bids knowing the club would never accept it , says he’s watching/ likes such and such a player , then when the season tickets have all been purchased he makes up poor excuses like this one and also saying the squad is too big so will have to sell before buying anyone !!!! Did he… Read more »

Mr November

Whenever the conditions change he’ll use it as an excuse to not do what’s needed. Reality is that this squad as it is won’t compete for the title and he needs to add some quality to it. We have money, in fact, we have lots of money. Utilise it.


I agree with you , I really thought Wenger would change his ways this pre season especially after the diabolical happenings last season It’s always the same , around about the time of season ticket renewals he always talks up signing players , puts in bids knowing the club would never accept it , says he’s watching/ likes such and such a player , then when the season tickets have all been purchased he makes up poor excuses like this one and also saying the squad is too big so will have to sell before buying anyone !!!! Did he… Read more »


We’re alert every day of the transfer window>29july

Don Cazorleone

Man, I wish I was greater than 29th July ?

The arsenaut

Hat off to you Sr for that name..El Don Carzor at this stage might be the only hope of mounting a serius….ehhrrmm something up top, don´t know what.

Ciaran kelly

Talk about not reading the atmosphere in the room and making a rod for his own back

Third Plebeian

Wenger usually drops these nuggets after a positive performance, but these days I think he’s just on autopilot. Top top quality like a new signing we try but the market is difficult, he’s been saying the same thing for years.

Lord Bendnter

Agree. I think it’s because his position is unchallenged. He just signed a new 2yr contract with the club and clearly has a strong backing by the board. I won’t go further because it’s futile to start the Wenger out train all over again lol

Lord Bendnter

But still, it is something we must accept, he has the power and there is no question about it.


I really thought Wenger would change his ways this pre season especially after the diabolical happenings last season It’s always the same , around about the time of season ticket renewals he always talks up signing players , puts in bids knowing the club would never accept it , says he’s watching/ likes such and such a player , then when the season tickets have all been purchased he makes up poor excuses like this one and also saying the squad is too big so will have to sell before buying anyone !!!! Did he not know the size of… Read more »


So is that the official sign that we are stuck with the midfield options we have, for the rest of the season?
Its gonna be a long winter ahead!
Sigh…I don’t feel any emotion for the club anymore. No more of that optimism and joy I had when Arsene snapped up two quality players even as the transfer window just started. No more incoming activity since then…..What the hell Arsene!!??
Top 4 is going to be tough this year. Right now we are Everton, Liverpool level to be honest.


I think we could have a working midfield if we play Coq as a shield to the back3/4 as a pure DM and two creative players in format of him. Many will downwote me but i think we should sell Ozil immediately if he doesn’t sign. We lose a lot in defence as he doesn’t press or tackle and has been anonymous defensively in many matches. Don’t care if he creates opportunities as our problem is the defence and that we leak too many goals to ever have a chance at the title. You can see in the community shield… Read more »


Disappointed arseblogflamingtorchesandpitchforks.com doesn’t really exist.


Me too

Third Plebeian

Nonsense. Le Grove has been around for years.


Great. I’m now looking forward to finding out how you post a flaming torch.


No tiki torches please Blogs


It does now

Original Paul



“There is no transfer market anymore because the price depends only on the identity of the buyer and when you are English, you have straight away 50% on the price of a player and that makes it difficult to act.” You’re paid millions a year to act in this difficult environment. If you’re not capable of doing so, why reject the calls for a director of football who could take on that task? There’s no excuses for Wenger anymore. Either he acts fast now and brings in a centre midfielder and a centre half of quality or we face another… Read more »


increasingly I wonder if the cost of writing off the ox, ozil & sanchez’s fees with at least 2 of those looking likely to leave is no real net spend this year


I don’t buy that. We’ve accumulated hundreds of millions recently through tv money and various forms of revenue as well as the estimated £150+ million lying idle in the bank. The money is there to be spent.
Seems to me, like has been the case for years, that Wenger is reluctant to spend big because he knows then that he will have no excuses when he almost certainly fails to deliver on the league at the end of the season.


Welbeck is like a new signing.


wishere is the new signing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Its barely replacement rate at this point. Kolasinac is an upgrade (IF we should elect to use him for intended role as LB or LWB) But Lacazette to me is hedging on replacing Alexis should he leave. Should he stay, it is an upgrade but if the Chilean goes, we have only half replaced him with the Frenchman’s goal out put. We have yet to replace his “unpredictability” factor. A Mahrez or Lacazette added in will be an improvement as whilst Lacazette and either effectively replace Alexis, we have two men to one as a hedge against injuries. BUT midfield… Read more »


Pastore ahead of Özil? Try and follow the première ligue once…


It’s just all so old at this point. If we don’t challenge for the title it’s time to move on totally. If he defies the odds with the current squad and challenges then hats off.


I see a lot of Wenger’s qualities in my Grandfather. That is why I took his keys away and put him in a home.


Wenger should’ve been put out to pasture years ago.


Cant you help millions of us in this situation ? Surely you must have a solution…



Big Rob

Oh change the fucking record Wenger, its the same for everyone


Anybody surprised that the top players within the club no longer wish to extend the contract?


Do you have any jumbo sized flaming torches and pitchforks? I have retained the services of some orcs who are currently resting before the next Lord of the Rings film

Arsene\'s Red Tie

What was he doing in Sweden?

Brandon Burton

Kim Kallstrom is due to solve our midfield problems again!


Somehow I think AW is too intelligent to not know he is trolling people at this stage.


Post the Wengerout petition link…


I agree, it is time I pend my signature to such a petition.


I truly want Wenger and the lads to succeed but if we enter this season without anymore signings and playing people out of position to paper over the ever widening cracks, we my friends, are fucked and I cannot see how Wenger manages to stay on after May next year. The bill to replace the potential losses next year will be astronomical going by the current market and if we supposedly don’t have the cash to compete with the big boys this year we sure as hell won’t next year.
Still think Sanchez will be sold though


He will probably spent zero next summer. Iwobi will replace Ozil, Lacazette will replace Sanchez, youngsters will cover, that’s why he promote so many of them this year.


He’s the manager and the sporting director so he’s entitled to go into the season with the team he wants. That said if this turns into the umpteenth scrap for 4th place where we finish double digits out of the title then this year has to be it for him. It’s time to stop living off nostalgia.


I would be delighted as well. Spent way over the odds for an average striker and a left back that it seems will be played in every position except left back. Honestly, there is something seriously wrong with Arsenal where one single employee – and he is an employee can go about and do precisely anything he wants and not be answerable to anyone. Arsenal’s transfer business has been worse than last years despite the call from everyone to issue a statement of intent and show some ambition Arsenal are rubbish – plain and simple. It has no ambition to… Read more »


New faces are nice but it’s irrelevant who we sign. Wenger’s proven he’s not good enough tactically to win the league, a couple of big names hasn’t and won’t ever change that


Groundhogg transfer window . Is anyone really that surprised. Awful planning as usual and the feeling that if an opportunity arises to buy another round peg for a square hole instead of actually getting whats really needed then Wenger is your man. Did he not think that Matic or Matudi wouldn’t strengthen this side? Still need that Cazorla replacement, another centre back if he’s getting rid of anymore…… it’s going to be a tough old season.


I am one loss away from burning my Arsenal jersey. Love this club but broken hearted over AW’S impotent management.
GOD help us all


He’s always got to mention how tricky or expensive it is, self fulfilling prophecy and ready made excuse. I honestly think we only do business if a player falls into our lap, we simply don’t address problems and buy a real target we need. It won’t change either..


It is NOT about tricky situations but more about having a bit of business sense. I have been an Arsenal fan since Bergkamp signed a kit for my 4 year old daughter. Long gone are the days of the INVINCABLES. It takes talent to replace talent and someone is NOT WILLING to pull the trigger.
AW I have backed you for years but you have become complacent. It’s OK to be ok. Bullshit. I couldn’t feed my family on just ok-AW how can you even look in the fucking mirror??
I’m out.


Being clear in my mind for approx 10 years now that AW is not anymore a manager who can give us major titles even in my wildest, most pesimistic dreams i would not believe that our net spent after this transfer season will be at roughly 25M. We would not win a title year ago with Lacazette and Kolasinac and will not win it this year, especially when majority of our competitors did strenghten siginificantly. What a joke of a club we are today.


The sooner he hits the last nail in his own coffin the better.
Just let him get on with destroying his own reputation and stinking the place out.
I will continue to support the team I love during every 90 minutes of football played this season but for the rest of it ?
I hate what the club has become……

Wenger out !


you might be mr wenger, but im not….


We do have a strong team in fairness. Compare us to the Spuds. Yet somehow they play the way Arsene wants Arsenal to play.

It’s his style of management that is outdated, not the players. We have a strong enough team.


Just to clarify, not saying we shouldn’t add any players.

Original Paul

Just to clarify I thumbed you down for that talk about spuds. 🙂




Have a huge amount of respect for the man, but he is past his best. It happens.

Wasn’t the stadium move for the very reason that we could compete in this very kind of market now?


The man just plays about with our thinking every start of season. Arsenal heading nowhere under Arsene. Such a shameless old man.


I hear tiki torches are in vogue this season. Will those be available?


What makes me laugh most is that he is happy that he purchased a striker who cannot even displace Giroud from the France squad. Giroud – a player who many Arsenal fans believe is not good enough for Arsenal.
Is that pleasing – that we spent £52 million on a player who is, in fact worse than the donkey we already have?
Be afraid Arsenal fans…..Be very very afraid.
This season is going to be a f**king disaster..

Stuck on repeat...

Is this season going to be a disaster – possibly, or I should perhaps say increasing possibly yes.

– Is Giroud, or even Giroud plus our new striker the problem? No.

Man Manny

I am just so sad this man was given a new contract. More on sentiments than merit I must say. Who does that these days?
Only an incurable optimist would bet against Arsenal dropping out of Europe completely by the time he’s gone – hopefully in two years.


What is it with this man that every thing he says or does seems to irritate people more and more? Knowing full well that the summer “activity” has been as poor as it could ever get and knowing that we have just come off the worst season for over twenty years he has to come out and say something like that knowing that it would anger every single Arsenal fan? Why would he do that? I see nothing from these two signings that makes me believe they will make any difference – they are average at best. The only good… Read more »


Keep getting a dodgy advert that takes me to another page every time I come on here.

Original Paul

I get a “Go Compare” advert that starts playing and then doesn’t let me scroll down keeping on whizzing the screen back to the top. It’s so fucking annoying.
Almost as annoying as the Arsenal right now…


No this is one of those ones that has a popup window and offers you a free iPad or something. Looks like some kind of attempted fraud.

Original Paul

What like the Stan stuff?? 🙂


Jesus christ, what’s the solution then, not buying at all? How long is he going to moan about transfer fees? Just accept the reality and strenghten the team where needs be.


IF Sanchez was to be sold to city for lets say £70m, we are well and truly fucked. I definitely can’t see Wenger spend those pounds on a replacement.

Gooner Sam

Same old broken record from Wenger. Every year I have optimism that he will change and every year he let’s me down. I genuinely find Arsenal boring to watch these days because all of us can predict what will happen.

Original Paul

Ox Holding Kos Monreal Beast
Ozil Xhaka Ramsey Alexis



I agree, the best combination we have at the moment.


To be fair I think this is a really good team. It’s what happens when people are missing or don’t turn up.


As mentioned it’s the best we got,and it’s clear the best we got is 6th or 7th place come May. If this is our team for the year, Arsenal will not be anywhere near the title. 7 points+ from 4th. This team is weak. Glaring obvious weakness is midfiel. No muscle. No grit. No tackle. No strength. Furthermor, no creativit. Xhaka snt it Ramsey isn’t a creator. He’s an 8. A CM who plays near the box, not a distributor that makes things tick. Holding? Monreal? Another glaring weaknes. We need CB. Not makeshift CB. Holding is a puppy. This… Read more »


The problem with this team, the best we got is that midfield cannot properly shield a defence. Xhaka is a good passer but is easy to dribble past while Ramsey is almost always in the opponents final third

Public Elneny Number One


You’re all about the money right? Well i can be equally as incompetent as Wenger on half his salary. Have a think on it and let me know in the morning alright?


Hell on 8 mill a year i’ll be a better manager


Of course he’s pleased.

We’ve spent fuck-all.


Can’t shift our deadwood because nobody will pay, what we pay them. Overpaying average players who haven’t earned it, another facet of what’s wrong with Arsenal and solely down to Wenger.


With Just the two players in, no, it’s not good enough so far. If the holdouts had signed their contract offers, then, maybe, but they haven’t, so no, not pleasing at all.

Sadly, I don’t expect much will change before the end of the window.


If he is saying that arsenal are not prepared to pay the going rate for some of these players the we are well and truly fucked, we may not want to part with our cash mountain but the big boys will, as we have already seen in this window. A players worth is relative to his value to the team and selling clubs know that, sadly i see us slipping further and further behind the European elite and even the top EPL clubs. The most worrying thing is that people now see resigned to our fate and there appears to… Read more »


Wenger is certainly trolling now. He’s listened to
The Arsecast Extra and this is his rebuttal “I’m quite happy”

I am genuinely concerned for a season of discontent that makes last season look like a Wenger celebratory parade. He is making a terrible misjudgement (and so is the club) if he thinks he can roll out another season of apathetic market and on-field action


I’m beginning to think that Gazidis is not as bad as we all think. After listening to Arsene again during this transfer window I think Gazidis disagrees with him but tows the line. We know he wanted a Director of Football but Arsene said “no”. Maybe he wanted the Director of Football because he knew this would happen. I know he comes across as a bit suspect sometimes but surely he doesn’t want to leave Arsenal one day knowing that he never won either of the big trophies. I read somewhere that part of the reason Rioch was eventually booted… Read more »


The last part of your comment is so irritating in that it’s self evident what Arsenal are missing but French Maestro radically believes Elneny, Coquilen are good enough to win the League. It is this position that is so plainly obvious Arsenal is deficient and has been since Viera.

If we had Bakayoko, paired with a true Cm, not Xhaka or Ramsey, it would be the missing link to Arsenals title hopes.

But Elneny and Coquilen Wenger has faith in……

Big Dave

We’re playing Monreal in central defence, Bellerin at LWB, there’s no leadership in the team and in our first eleven we’ve got players who seemingly don’t want to be there and your happy?

Stuck on repeat...

Whilst I’m not quite yet at the stage of preordering either a flaming torch or pitchfork (depends on price mind you, oh…& if you offer a flaming pitchfork – always wanted one of those)…this window is SOOOOO damn frustrating!!! – Yes, there’s been good business inbound. It has however been masked a bit by getting Sead on a free. Please bear in mind that someone else is currently very likely to get that very same deal on at least Alexis next season…if not also on Ozil & the Ox as well!… – Outbound, not so great: We still have a… Read more »

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