Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wilshere ‘buzzing’ for more games

Although his run-out for the U23s last night ended somewhat prematurely, Jack Wilshere appears to have enjoyed himself, and says he’s hungry for more football.

The England international played well in the first half and provided a lovely assist for Eddie Nketiah, before things went a bit wrong in the second period. Reacting to a late challenge, the 25 year old was shown a red card, and his tussles with the Man City opponent carried on into the tunnel.

All the same, it seems to have rekindled something in him, and he used his Instagram account to talk about his desire to play more.

“Well, that was eventful ?,” he said. “Felt good to be back on the pitch at the Emirates even though it ended earlier than I thought. My passion and my hunger is back, buzzing for more games.”

His dander was certainly up, as he also reacted on Twitter to an article in The Sun which said his career had hit a ‘new low’.

Far be it for us to advise him, but while the story itself was the kind of cheap, clickbait trash that is so prevalent these days, most people will have looked at the source and understood that it had about as much journalistic merit as a shoe.

Still, if it’s sparked a bit of that Wilshere fire, then it’s no bad thing really. Except, of course, The Sun is a bad thing and nobody should buy The Sun but then you all know that already.

Read today’s Arseblog: Wilshere sees red for U23s, world keeps turning + outward trickle begins

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christophe royer

Who the hell reads the sun anyway?

Jack\'s Ankle



People who like pictures of tits


Quoting Yes Minister? That was a gem of a TV series 🙂

Godfrey Twatsloch

Enemies of humanity read The Sun.


Number 8 from City (not worthy of the time for me to find out his name) showing a lot of balls to throw that tackle and then dive to a slight push from Jack. Loved seeing that fire back – do hope he stays.


I still want wilshere to succeed at the Arsenal


He just might. Considering Aaron has no intention in being a midfielder.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

That’s a narrow definition of the most versatile area of the pitch.

Cliff Bastin

As Arsenal fans we learn to enjoy the little pleasures in life so today I’m enjoying the fact that city drew 1-1 despite having NINETEEN shots on target I mean if that happened to me on Football manager I would frisbee my monitor out the window.


Ah, I remember the times when you couldn’t frisbee a monitor as it was bulky af. Had to have the patience to push the eject button of the CD, wait for it to open and then frisbee an actual CD. I did indeed damage an edition of FIFA99 back in the days like that as it hit the wardrobe and broke.


Brilliant! 😀


How dare you throw a CD depicting the one true god Dennis Bergkamp. Blasphemy!


19 shots totally..just 6 of them on the target


I think you give people too much credit. There are plenty who will read a trash article like that and let it become their own opinion….


Just watched a few video clips of Jack on another blog forum (obviously nowhere near the quality of this one!), and it was sweet.
Jack certainly appeared to be running the show, some lovely touches and passes, robust in the challenge as well…..looks a bit like the Jack of old.
Welcome home Jack.


Saw the game last night. He ran it and barely broke out of a trot. When he did he had that 5 yard Wilshere zip back. Was a pleasure to see.


I think its a waste of Jack’s obvious talent if he does not get more chances to show his skills. Referees need to protect skillful players from ‘cloggers’ more than they do. Matthew Smith’s foul on jack last night was blatant and deserved a red card itself.


We’ve been saying this for at least a decade. Time to face facts that referees are not going to protect our players. Also time to face the fact that exaggerating contact to gain any advantage is what winners do (Chelsea, Leicester winning campaigns case in point). Smith, the guy who battered Wilshere, was not sent off. He must have been cursing his teammate, Wilson, who did get sent off, for stupidly picking a fight with Wilshere.

Who was the smarter one in this situation? Who was the ‘winner’?

The goooch

Watch Maradona back in the day that was clogger’s
Its like fucking netball now.
Hope he does well but he has a habit of running down blind alley ways and holding on to the ball to long.

Bruce Lee

Buzzing for a scrap.


I still feel Wilshere gets baited into a reaction far too easily for a professional. That being said, he’s a Arsenal through and through and I really hope he pulls a Coquelin this season and then stays.


Saw highlights and he was tackled late a few times. With his unlucky injury record, it’s understandable why he reacted the way he did…. (similar to diaby getting sent off against Newcastle’s joey milk carton)


Welcome back son

David Hillier\'s luggage

Unfortunately you’re gonna have to wait a few weeks for those games, Jack. 🙁


Come on Jack. Coming back to the first team and becoming the player we all know you can be, shutting up the doubters…well I think everyone associated with The Arsenal would love that. What a story that would be.


I’d love to jack of old playing in the first team with fire in his belly…. I know it would only be a few games then he would be back on the treatment table…but you never know, our injury luck has to change sometime….

Heavenly Chapecoense

Last year wasn’t too bad for him. A little improvement and he will be like any other player.


I thought the sun was busy getting eclipsed yesterday


Sam? Who the fook is that guy?


“buzzing for more games.”

well that will be in about a months time after he serves a 3 game ban for his needless sending off


The ban doesn’t include 1st team games.

Terry Henry

How long does coke stay in your bloodstream for?will he be ready for our first European match?


Depends whether it’s Diet Coke or the normal type

Isaiah Rankin

I know that was just a joke but cocaine is only detectable within 36 hours according to some ex-pros I know which is why it’s particularly stupid when footballers get caught with it in their system


jacks back, great to see jack back playing again, cant wait to see him in the first team again….


While you’re at it tell us what you think of Sp*rs? ?

Chippys chip

Superjacks back hello hello

Fuhgedaboudit l

Still think Jack has a similar skill set as Santi and we could use him in the midfield. I know his injury history, but I think it’s worth a try.


Not the biggest fan of him but if he finds form and can keep fit he is in contention of a starting place imo. Played more matches than Ramsey last season so not too worried about the injury risk.


Off topic I know but after Wenger’s latest comments about the transfer market does anyone else think he’s no longer suited to club management? He should go manage a national team so he doesn’t have to spend money. If he was applying for a manager’s job today & gave his opinion on the transfer market he wouldn’t get the job because modern manager’s must be willing to compete in the transfer market. The club needs to take all financial decisions away from him. He can make a list of players he rates and then they try to go and get… Read more »


Honestly I reckon the guy would rip it up in a less physical league and hence less prone to career interupting tackles.


Oh, PLEASE let this be the re-birth of ‘Jack-the Gunner’. The one who absolutely OWNED Busquets, Inniesta and Xavi! And, yes, that exactly what I think of shit too.

Gooon errrr

Ahh ! Finally a man inside arsenal team who stood up against the opponent.. Man, we need characters like him..


He is an asset in midfield for sure when fit.

Its a big risk though to rely on his fitness.

But like Santi and Diaby, he is one of those few players we seem lacking these days who can provide a bit of direct running up the middle with quick feet.


I think defense, we have sufficient IF Wenger uses them properly. In the back 3: LB3 Left of back 3 IMO first choice is Monreal. I would refrain from using Kolasinac bc he is more of an asset for us at LWB CB3 Centre of back 3 IMO is Koscielny. Mustafi should be deputy if he can curb his propensity to slide in but he is less of a liability than most imagine. Remember the reds, own goals and penalties conceded with Koscielny first season? Per is also an option as a third choice. RB3 Right isde is Mustafi. He… Read more »

Arshavin\'s shadow

I like his character and spirit!


Jack could be the Santi that’s missing. Come on Jack stay and be that.

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