Friday, December 1, 2023

Bellerin frustrated by dropped points

Arsenal’s 0-0 draw at Chelsea may have marked a vast improvement on the abject performance at Anfield but Hector Bellerin was left unsatisfied at the Gunners failure to claim all three points.

Arsene Wenger’s men had three good chances to score in the first half and a goal ruled out after the break as they put in a disciplined performance that balanced attacking thrusts with defensive stability.

“I’m disappointed because we had chances to win the game,” Bellerin told after the game.

“To be fair they had a few as well, but I think if we would have been efficient at the beginning of the game it would have been completely different with the chances we had.

“Obviously we know it’s a hard venue to come to and we can’t really be that disappointed with a point because it was well-fought by both teams, but the fact that we thought we could have come away with a win was disappointing.

“Sometimes there’s games that are not going your way and that doesn’t mean the team is not good enough. We’ve had a few good results in the past week, we’ve got the confidence back and were ready to beat Chelsea. It wasn’t to be, but I think we have to take a lot of positives from the game.”

The single point takes Arsenal’s tally for the season to seven, six behind joint leaders Manchester United and Manchester City. West Brom, Brighton, Watford, Everton and Swansea make up the Gunners next five opponents and represent a real opportunity to close that gap.

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Considering what happened at Liverpool I was delighted with a point. Stoke, Liverpool, and Chelsea as our first 3 away games has been a tough slog, but at least we’ve got three of the tougher ones out the way now. On paper, our next 5 league games are very winnable, and after the poor start to the season we really need to be looking to take a minimum of 13 points from the next 15.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Delighted with a point! Really? Where has the ambition gone? I remember when Arsenal players and fans would be disappointed to get a draw in a big game. Now for once not getting whipped in a big game is a cause for delight!


This article is about a player being disappointed and wanting to have done more. Can you really complain about a draw in this game?


cmon you know these types of fans or people in general lol The ones that will never be satisfied. You know the ones that are always winners in their own lives. Always gives 1000% and they don’t get paid as well as pro footballers lol

Frank Bascombe

I remember when ten Embassy came to 12 pence.

Andy Mack

I remember when ten Sovereign were 10p…


This was the definition of two points dropped!
2.5 years the top 6 away record still reads
Not good enough.

Andy Mack

It’s funny, ‘Delighted’ is OTT but I remember when pretty much every team was OK with an away draw. It was home matches where we were unhappy with anything but a win…

Lack of Perspective

You know alcohol is a depressant?

Dave M

Definitely like the attitude better from Bellerin and Mustafi. Good performance, but its still just a draw and points dropped when we had a chance to get more. We really need to be striving for the maximum, not being content with draws. Focus and build on it, but we absolutely need some big home and away results against the top 6 teams this season


Bellerin and the rest of the team showed that they were not content with a draw.

Dave M

I agree that is what I am saying. I am glad he is not happy with a draw. We need more of that. Ramsey was a bit too happy with the draw for mine, but he is also right it was much better. But like Bellerin, Mustafi and then Henry said we want to be winning these games, and not just content with a draw away. That sort of performance should be the standard at least.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Exactly!! This is the real Arsenal attitude. Fans going gaga over a draw makes me want to puke.


Mate, the reason fans are happy with the performance, more so than the result , is because of the Anfield showing. You can’t want to puke because of that surely?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Obviously the performance was encouraging. However its still more dropped points. 2 wins in 5 league games, is still a depressing stat.

When Arsenal were good the result like yesterday would have hardly sparked the kind of delight that it has presently.

Shows how far the club has fallen. Fans delighted with a draw in September. Ugh!


Let’s be miserable when the team shows improvement. You know it makes sense.

Dave M

I’d say you have a very binary way of viewing things. Sure I’m glad we didn’t lose and especially not another beating, and it was a pretty good performance, but its also a little disappointing we didn’t win too. We didn’t dominate the game. We didn’t smash them on their own turf. We didn’t make a statement to the league. We just got a point, not too bad, but to win the league we are going to need even more. There are emotions that exist in between anger and delight.

Frank Bascombe

Arsenal aren’t going to be winning the league this season and even if they were, an away draw against a direct rival, is fine. The trick being, to beat them at home.


I’d say you’re great fun at parties.

Lack of Perspective

Being too drunk can have side effects.


That bloody ‘Invicibles’ lot were shit. Twelve times during the season they “dropped two points”. Unless Arsenal win every game 4-0 (at least), I refuse to be happy.


Nobody is going gaga but just happy with improved performance. Of course we should have won but a draw at the home of the League champions is not a bad result


Exactly I’m with you all the way. I gave up once they lost to Stoke. I expect 2000% and wins all the time. Not just a draw wtf is wrong with people. They get paid way to much money to not give 3000%


As long as your expectations are realistic. Anyone who can’t give 2000% and win all the time? Feeble!


Its the context of the draw, and the team’s response post the Pool game? that counts..


Delighted with the result. Build on from this. Beat the smaller teams and play more conservatively against the bigger teams. It seems like a good formula.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If you think there are smaller teams you are going to lose a few games.
Totally Wrong Attitude.

There are NO “It’s only…..” teams in the PL.


Of course you mean besides the spuds


I do think this. I guess I’ll take responsibility for Arsenal not winning the title for over a decade. My bad, guys.

J singh

Better all-round game from hector on Sunday . Effecting with his choice of runs forward whilst keeping in mind some defensive responsibility.
Hopefully he can make these types of balanced preformances more often
P.s wake up to the short corners !!!!!


Maybe with Özil, they’d have had more chances to goal… oh, sorry…


Don’t be sorry as you are right

King Eboue

Bellerin failed to score due to his un-aerodynamic hairstyle that impair his vision.

Lord Bendnter

Former Chelsea coach Ray Wilkins Ladies and Gentlemen:
“It was an atrocious tackle. He either wants to hurt Kolasinac, or he’s afraid. I’ll go for the latter. He saw him coming towards him and thought, ‘wow, this fella is a giant’ and he basically wet himself.”

I think I can accept that explanation…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wow, pundit comment of the season. I hope this puts a little bit of doubt into the heads of everybody who has to face Kolasinac. He’s a giant, boys. Fear Him!!”


On the tactical front, it was a decent result away from home considering our travails in recent games and with the defense looking much more solid behind a functioning and disciplined midfield (Ramsey but also Iwobi had an effect)

On the strategic level though (albeit early days) it is an opportunity missed bc if we had garnered the full points, we would instantly be in and amongst the pidgeons in top 4 positions.

Sadly we are still trying to dig out of midtable but as mentioned, still early days.


Great showing by Hector first half. He absolutely ripped Alonso apart. Iwobi also put in some great passes.


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? ? ?
? ? ? ?


A young Evil Dale Cooper. FBI Special Agent Dale Hector Bela-Cooper

Samuel Ogungbayi

The performance against Chelsea confirmed my point that Arsenal have good players contrary to some fans’ lacerating comments about that most of them are average players . It’s the duty of the Manager to motivate his players to get the best out of them consistently . Also put the players in their right position and select the team based on current form of the players..Something was missing yesterday : no winger with a searing pace to get behind the defense and cross the ball for Giroud to head the ball into the net or for a tap in. Walcot could… Read more »


this whole narrative about Ozil not caring is a joke. I shutter to think the day we have 10 jordan hendersons on the pitch who just run around all day long.


It’s all about balance. An entire team of Jordan Hendersons would be as useful as an entire team of Eden Hazards. You need workers AND artists.

Forrest Moore

We need more players with this mentality. GET IN!!!

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