Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Krystian Bielik gone till December

Krystian Bielik has been ruled out of action until December following surgery to correct a shoulder problem.

The 19 year old suffered the problem when playing for the U23s against Man City last week, leaving him sidelined for a few months.

On his Instagram account, he said, “As you can see last few days weren’t best for me. Operation went well and my shoulder is getting better every day.

“I need rest now but i will be back on the pitch at the beginning of December. I look forward because remember WHAT DOES NOT KILL MAKES YOU STRONGER

“See you soon.”

See, if you had both your arms cut off and it didn’t kill you I don’t think it would also make you stronger, but we know what he means.

Best of luck to him in his recovery.

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If you survive malaria, it tends to leave you with a weakened immune system.


If you survive divorce it tends to leave you with a weakened financial system

Heavenly Chapecoense

Lol, I know what you mean.


HAHAHA. Honestly, the craziest set of guys are on arseblog. Thumbs up!

Lord Bendnter

I believe that is false sir

Dr Whale

My knowledge of immunology says you are wrong sir. On the contrary, you have more antibodies in circulation waiting for a new parasite. However, when there is antigenic variation, weakening of the immune system may result. I wish Bielik a quick recovery. I am one of the arsenal fans that love you.


What doesn’t kill you postpones the inevitable.

Ulysses 32

Bielik : I mean, whatever doesn’t kill me can only make me stronger.
Dr Hibbert : Oh, no, quite the opposite, It’s made you weak as a kitten.

*Dr Hibbert does a variety of humiliating things to Bielik*

Bielik : No! Oh! Remember your hippopotamus oath!

And so forth……


Can’t complain about his Arsenal DNA though.


Bielik has to be moved back to DM. I have high hopes for him. Shame he’s come when the club is in shambles


DM could be his position – cool head, good passer, disciplined. Real pity about timing of bad injury. Hope to see him back soon and get a chance.

Yankee Gooner

Casual ableism -1


He looked decent for the u23s but will he ever get a chance in the senior team?

Give him a try as a DM Arsene!

Heavenly Chapecoense

I heard he doesn’t lose the ball to opposition and cause goals against, when played as DM.


This won’t do his chances of being played in goal a lot of good, mind


September 3rd nipple count for Arseblog News……2

Crash Fistfight

One month longer than Wyclef.


Apparently not sure if he’ll be ready or not by then.


I don’t understand why he was made to play 70 minutes of that game when he was clearly injured, and he’s best as a DM not a central defender. Hopefully he comes back strong and plays in his correct position, because he’s a very talented young player. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Winterburn Wanderers

Good lad.


Doctors, surgeons and IC nurses spend years and years studying but nevertheless someone has to mark an arrow on his right arm with pencil so that they dont screw up. Interesting.

A different George

There have actually been studies in the United States (admittedly not the paradigm of an efficient medical system) that show that it helps for patients to have WRONG LEG written in indelible marker before an operation. (I suppose this is especially true when the operation is on the arm.)


when I had a hip dislocation it was the consultant surgeon who drew the arrow on my leg before the prep for surgery


Good lad.

Surely now he’s a viable first team option.


“I’ll be gone til December, I got packs to move”


Off topic, but just watched the FRA LUX match. Would live to see Gerson Rodrigues at Arsenal.


Not sure even cutting both arms off would have stopped Dennis Bergkamp being a footballing deity.
Obviously if you are Maryann Felony, no arms would make it impossible to play your natural game. That is to deliver a signature no look, ‘purely accidental’, elbow to the opponent’s head.


It’s only a flesh wound.

Alexis Signitplease

Loving the “This Way Up” information on the right arm ;p


I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I still think his best position is as a DM rather than a CB (with the potential to be utilised in a Casemiro-type role in a 4-3-3 formation) but the coaches know better. Either way, they are the two positions that it would be important to have first team cover for. I wish he gets the opportunity to shine in the first team.

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