Thursday, June 1, 2023

No Alexis, Lacazette and Kolasinac in: Arsenal v Bournemouth teams

It’s Premier League action again as we face Bournemouth at the Emirates looking to bounce back from the last outing against Liverpool.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Xhaka, Ozil, Welbeck, Lacazette

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Iwobi, Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud

Bournemouth: Begovic, Cook, Ake, Mings, Smith, Gosling, Arter, King, Fraser, Defoe

Subs: Boruc, Francis, Surman, Cook, Pugh, Ibe, Mousset

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I remember the last time we tried to make a point to Alexis.
We just confirmed how much we needed him.
Hopefully that’s not the case today.

TR7 > CR7

I think this is more about him playing 180 minutes in south america

Ethiopian Gooner

But the way I see it, he is not going to sign for us, so we might as well go ahead and use him to his last fucking drop of energy. Who cares if he got burned out, let man city worry about that.

Atlanta Gooner

If we’re going to use him, we would be best served to make sure he’s useful

Ben Rivers

Oh yeah, will be great when his hamstrings blow up in february….. hahaha what a richard

bob davis

We should have enough to beat them without Sanchez. I would have dropped Ramsey after last match.

A must win game. COYG!

Lord Bendnter

Yea but to be fair to the manager, Sanchez isn’t in the best of form right now. Last season when there was still a possibility of of Sanchez signing a new deal, the clubs hands were restricted. Now, Wenger can play Sanchez when he’s fit and ready. I support this decision.

Lord Bendnter

I’m just relieved that Welbeck isn’t our target man today


Or is he..

DB10\'s Air Miles

Considering the injuries he’s had, I think people need to lay off Welbz a bit and give him time to return to form and get his confidence back. It looks like that goal for England has given him a boost!

JJs Bender

…then scores two.


Welbeck the squanderer plays


How do you feel?


Come on Blogs. We can’t ignore 1 more article on Ox’s Liverpool début.
Off-topic but I can’t help it. Still smiling


He didn’t pull out trees in Liverpool’s midfield?


well at least we have put out a coherent team,
starting a game without shooting ourselves in the foot beforehand,
is always a bonus……….

La Défense

Ramsey in midfield is NEVER a coherent team selection.

Stringer Bell

Couldn’t agree more

Stringer Bell

Ramsey will probably score today and many will think that justifies him playing week in week out. He would not get in any top teams midfield

Mustrum Ridcully

It really depends on the manager’s instructions. Coleman gets the best out of him. Perhaps the fault is the instructions or lack of.


and yet Wales have been managing this for years……


He is number 10 and second striker for wales. Not holding midfield


in every game?, yeah not quite, try again

Stringer Bell

To use Wales as an example just typifies the blinkered who struggle to differentiate between mediocrity and quality.


blinkered beats stupid

Mustrum Ridcully

So Bale is mediocre?

Stringer Bell

No Wales are

Stringer Bell

The brains are really out today

La Défense

Wales are a championship team.


Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t …


We still don’t know if Bellerin or Kolasinac will be playing in the right…..


Hopefully it’s just that Alexis isn’t as fresh coming back later from international duty. Sub on @ 60″?


just watching the Liverpool v Man City game. Everywhere the Ox goes his team gets battered. Coincidence? I think not! COYG!


My money’s on Man City 8-0 arsenal then..


Did anyone else have to read that a few times?

Naija gooner

C’mon dats not fair, i wanted him to score


It was in jest dude! Honestly I wasn’t to bothered to see him go if I’m honest, and wish him no malice. I’m on the Reiss Nelson hype train now.
#Admiral Nelson


They really have been thumped today. The 5 – 0 goal was a beaut!

Oh the schadenfreude.


Please score today Laca!!



Welbeck 🙁

Teryima Adi

Ramsey again. He unbalances the team. Put the Coq in there to screen the back four.


It’s a back three buddy

Teryima Adi

We could go back to a back four, Bro.

Petit\'s Handbag

Chamberlain ???????

Sheffield Gooner

Benchwarmer. Lost 5-0.

Happy now Alex?

Arsene\'s Coat

Thought Iwobi was one of our better players in preseason – was hoping to see a bit of a shake up with him involved!

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Who gives a crap about Alexis, apart from citeh and Alexis himself.

In other news, Scouse twonks conceed 4. Haha! Media are such a bunch of super douche bags.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Oh and why is Xhaka, a player slower than an overweight slug, still in the team. #addsnothing


Alexis is in the squad, he is on the bench


anyone know a good (working ) streaming site to watch the game?

J-Man works for me

Lord Bendnter

I didn’t want to do this, but here goes:

Indian Gooner

Start Giroud ahead of Welbeck FFS. Welbeck is just as useless as they get. I don’t know what Giroud hasn’t done which has put him lower down the pecking order..behind Welbeck. When you are having such a poor run as a team..I guess you better start players who are actually more mentally strong.

A win is a must today.


I dunno if the first XI is up to winning the league (we’ll see), but f*ck me, that’s a strong bench.

Maybe we’re not in such bad shape after all?


Your comment is either cynical or delusional, not sure whats worse.


So I expressed skepticism that we have a title winning team, alongside positive comments about the bench, and I’m either cynical or delusional?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you’re a moron.


‘Maybe we are not in such a bad shape after all’ – thats super sceptical indeed.


Ox loves a good 4-0 drubbing with Liverpool doesn’t he?


Actually he has gone one better this week.


Citeh sure whooped Ox’s chosen team good and proper. Long may it continue.

Goon Town

*Iwobi taps mic

“Hellooo, is this thing on”


lol Liverpool. I love football because every Monday, anyone can be the one hiding in the office.


Wenger is really going all in on Welbeck. Maybe he’ll find a good run of form and find his scoring booots. At the very least he tries hard.


At least Bournemouth are starting with 10 men lol.missing someone out on purpose blogs?

Tuan Nguyen

We should keep Sanchez on the bench, unless he signs a new deal. Be strong!!!! We play him now, we will loose him for free next year. Let him sit on the bench, then he can walk wherever he wants. We just gave the best midfielder to Mug, they got 0-5!!!


Chamberlain was far from being our best midfielder.


Why not play Ramsey next to Ozil, and play Coq or Elneny next to Xhaka?


4-4-2 diamond is good. Bellerin and kolasinac can both be 1 man flank.

Man Manny

This is basically the first team bar Alexis. Hope they do well and reduce the goal deficit.


anyone knows of a live streaming site? please


C’mon the boys!


Ugh no goals Welbeck is still in the team.

Ox in the Box

Hahah suck it

Mustrum Ridcully



No goals Welbeck scores goal




I expect us to keep the ball better without him. Coyg!


Was watching the Ox jog about earlier. Almost started shouting at the TV, then started laughing. Well done the ‘pool!


He must be getting used to getting thrashed.

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