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Olivier Giroud nominated for 2017 Puskas award

The Puskas award is, according to FIFA’s own blurb, ‘bestowed upon the player adjudged to have scored the best goal of the year.’

This year Arsenal have a contender in the shape of Olivier Giroud, for his now legendary Scorpion Kick strike against Crystal Palace last season.

The French international was involved in the build-up, with a lovely flick, before finishing Alexis Sanchez’s cross in acrobatic fashion.

The goals will be judged by a panel of experts, consisting of: Henrik Larsson, Pedrag Mijatovic, Celia Sasic, Alan Shearer, and Abby Wambach.

Should the HFB not win, it would be a massive travesty of justice the likes of which the world has never seen before and people should take the streets and starting burning shit in protest.

In the meantime, here’s the goal to enjoy again.

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Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

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Giroud better win!

JJ\'s Bender

Having watched it again afresh, I can safely say that in my opinion, that goal is second only to Dennis in terms of beauty we have ever scored. It has everything – edge of of the box interception, 7 passses from end to end from 6 different players, a cheeky flick from Giroud, a couple of swift one touch passes, a slide rule pass from Iwobi, a pinpoint cross and the most sublime piece of agility/ability you will ever see.

Plus it pings the crossbar which is always fucking awesome!


What makes this so timeless is the fact it is BOTH a team goal and a wonderful solo finish. You don’t get that every day.
Vive le HFB


He was involved in the buildup too


Didn’t Mkhitaryan or Carroll win goal of the month when this happened? Where are they on this list? Ridiculous.

Probably the only Puskas nominee that did not win (any available) goal of the month!

Biased as I may be and as good as those other goals were, Giroud’s goal is up there with Wilshere vs Norwich.

Happy this finally got the mainstream recognition it deserved.

Robert Pyres

Surefire winner – I have a pitchfork at the ready though.


It will probably go to whoever gives them the biggest suitcase full of money


The nomination of our HFB’s scorpion kick is a good slap in the face for our so called league ‘experts’ and pundits, almost all of whom chose to ignore its uniqueness in favour of Carroll’s good but not a ‘once in a lifetime’ finish, which Giroud’s is . It just goes to show how blind, deluded and bias most of them are in their opinion, and why they must never, therefore, be taken too seriously. And let’s not even talk about Mkhitaryan’s ‘offside’ goal which though a great finish in itself, lacked the display of fluid, beautiful teamwork that went… Read more »

Dominic Ighekpe

Perfect goal


Apart from the misplaced cross…sorry #Alexisout


He was trying to pass it to Lucas, (ignoring Giroud as usual) but Oli showed him! He still claimed the assist tho!

Wenger\'s Philosophy Teacher

I love, love, love the crowd reactions to this goal as it is shown from different angles on the big screen. You can hear minds being blown by the hundreds at a time XD

Also, everyone please spare a thought for that Lucas Perez interception which made it all possible…


HOLD UP- if Celtics team goal can get shortlisted than Wilshere’s Norwich goal should have been at least shortlisted in 2014

Damo Dinkum

THAT Wilshere goal wasn’t shortlisted?!?! Where did I put my pitchfork…


Didn’t loose goal of the month to Mata? And the Mata goal isn’t even shortlisted…..

High Plains Gooner

The shortlist for best offside goals comes out later. The ceremony is held in the ballroom of Jose’s hotel/prison.


May the HFB win! If only they have an online voting system for fans to pitch in… We’d really make our presence count.


Thanks, I just voted.


Just voted too. Tried to vote twice but they wouldn’t let me. The fuckers!


Already know that Mandzukic goal will win. It was a tremendous goal, but IMO Giroud’s was once in a lifetime finish. There have been other back to goal flick style goals. Fernando Torres scored one recently for Atletico. If Mandzukic hadn’t done that in a CL final, I think OG wins for sure.


Once in a lifetime? Have you seen the Giroud goal vs Sweden. He almost scored another beauty against Doncaster.
Olivier Giroud is an OG when it comes to banging them stunners.


Fair comment. That’s your opinion. I think Giroud has form for this but you’re right Mandzukic was the CL Final. Not the winning goal, mind you.

I think the Barcelona one will be a decent run for your money, loathe as I am to say it. Anyone see the Malaysian guys free kick a year back?




There’s so much to live about that goal, but the look on Giroud’s face as he celebrate is wonderful. “Holy hell, I actually did that!”


I agree, they should be out in thr streets with WengerOut banners because it is his fault, ultimately. He find these players, puts the team together and when they don’t win the best goal of the year award the fans should be angry.



tired of above comments.


Oh I’m sorry for having an opinion on a public blog. Maybe next time I will check with goongot before posting.

Wanna take my public posting license? Run it by Sadiq Khan, he’s got authority. Make an example of me, like Uber.


Well, I agree with you but that’s his opinion too.


….and where did I say he should keep his opinion to himself?

I sarcastically encouraged him to shut me up by legal means.

I responded, again, with my opinion.


…him or her.


Delicious goal! Build up to the goal was really great too, quick one touches, fast on the break, a cross and a sting… ….ouch! HFB


I always forget how brilliant the build up to this goal was… the interception from Lucas, the flick from Oli to Alexis!
100% this should win but with a miserable cunt like Shearer on the panel I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t.


I believe the flick was to Xhaka then to Iwobi and then to Alexis then the beautiful creative finish to Oli


What makes that goal even more special is his exquisite touch in the build up and his lung bursting sprint to get into position.

John Clibbon

Brilliant goal – deserves to win this award


Brilliant, pure artistry from the big guy – thought that goal was just the boost I needed to get a few things done before calling it a week. Trouble is, I can’t stop replaying it – the day’s as good as done.

Lord Bendnter

If I recall correctly, just the next day after Girouds goal, some people started praising Mkhitaryans “goal”
Thank God they didn’t put his goal on this list, it was so offside, and it wasn’t even as good as Girouds.
I think matics goal might come close cuz it was a clean hit, no curve just power and straight to the top corner

Akshay B

Also not to mention that Mkhitaryan’s goal was ineligible anyway because he scored that in 2016 December.


Kevin-Prince Boateng (Ghana/Las Palmas/23.10.2016)
Alejandro Camargo (Argentina/Universidad de Conception/04.12.2016)
Deyna Castellanos (Venezuela/Venezuela U-17 Women national team/24.10.2016)
Moussa Dembele (France/Celtic FC/05.02.2017)
Olivier Giroud (France/Arsenal/01.01.2017)
Aviles Hurtado (Colombia/Tijuana Xolos/01.04.2017)
Mario Mandzukic (Croatia/Juventus/03.06.2017)
Oscarine Masuluke (South Africa/Baroka FC/30.11.2016)
Nemanja Matic (Serbia/Chelsea/23.04.2017)
Jordi Mboula (Spain/ FC Barcelona Youth/22.02.2017)


A Puskas-magnet like him? He should be a shoo-in.

Don’t worry, I know the way out.

Isaiah Rankin

Hats off to Flamini for that dummy too


Great run by Giroux from the half wayvline to meet the return.


Tootly agreex


Alexis’ misplaced cross made this possible. Was that when I started counting?..
Great goal HFB!


I feel Ozil’s goal at Ludogorets should have made the list…

Thierry bergkamp

The Boateng goal is what football is all about.

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