Monday, March 20, 2023

Ramsey: We needed this

Aaron Ramsey admits Arsenal needed to put in a disciplined performance in the 0-0 draw with Chelsea to prove that they can handle big games away from home.

Few expected the Gunners to get a result at Stamford Bridge following last month’s heavy defeat to Liverpool at Anfield but a performance that melded flashes of attacking guile with streetwise defending delivered a much-needed point on the road.

“It was a good performance, one that we needed against a top team,” said Ramsey, who was awarded the man of the match award by Sky Sports.

“We played really well today and it was a performance [where we were] together. We showed that we can compete against the best.

“We needed this, we were due one and we showed today that we re able to come away from home and compete against the best teams in the league. We can take a lot of positives from this today and hopefully have a successful season.

“We’ve shown today that we’re more than capable of competing against some of the best teams in the league. It’s important now to capitalise on this result. We’ve got a couple of home games now, hopefully, we can win them and put ourselves in a good position again.

He added: “We played really well today. We were together out there, everybody fought for each other and we showed what we’re capable of doing away from home against a top team. Hopefully we can continue that throughout the season.”

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Gives me hope for the season. Keep it up.


First post three in a row plus the first on match report. Do I get the Santos prize for that?


^^^This is not me Gibbs x


What is the Santos prize? Reference?


It refers to the t*sser andre santos who posts ‘First’ on the site. Few things are more annoying.

Mine was a joke, though you can see the strength of feeling.

Das Neck

you can get fucked if you want

Dan Hunter

It reminds me of the performance against Man City a couple of seasons ago where we won 2-0. At the time I thought it would be a beginning of a new era for Arsenal where pragmatism would be the norm. Straight after Arsene Wenger came out in a press conference saying we would not continue with that type of tactic. In all honesty I was gutted to hear that. I just hope this time Arsene Wenger decides that defensive solidity is more important than gungho guile and spectacular defeats. On another note, who else was relieved to hear Özil would… Read more »


He didnt straight after come out and say we had to stop. He has been using that system alot of times after that at home vs Bayern, city FA cup semi finals.


Anyone with any football brain would have not been relieved that out most creative player was missing. We surely would have won if he was on the pitch. I agree however with your earlier point.

Monkey knees

Glad that ozil wasnt playing? The player who has created the most chances, when playing, in the league? Shut up.

Dan Hunter

I was relieved we were playing 11 v 11

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Actually it does the exact opposite for me. This is embarrassing. I remember when Arsenal players would be disappointed after failing to win a big game. Ramsey is talking as if he is about to break in a euphoric dance to celebrate the draw.

What is he celebrating – that Arsenal for once didn’t get whipped by a big side. Embarrassing!

Sank India

Ramsey played well. Wished we could have at least one goal for our 1st effort.

The commentators were awful, even when we were playing well, they were finding some excuses.

Me So Hornsey

Disciplined Ramsey > Not disciplined Ramsey

= Ramsey of 2013?


As we needed him to help Xhaka in Stoke and Liverpool. Still amazed nobody questions his positioning for Stoke’s goal… oh, yes, sorry, it was Özil’s fault.


Why do you come here and say the same shit over and over again? Do you have anything better to do??

Just stop without your lame Ozil is the scapegoat routine. Most fans enjoy Ozil and want us to succeed with him. Please stop with your annoying crap already.

Julio Baptista\'s humble alter ego

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic with that comment….


What the actual hell are you talking about?

Monkey knees


andre santos

It is impossible to achieve a champions leauge spot when your comments are moderated

Xhaka\'s left foot

The year of Aaron Ramsey


Seven points from five games. Yet to score an away goal. Forgive me if I don’t jump up and down & celebrate.

It shows how far we have fallen that we are talking about this game like it’s a great achievement.

Everyone expected a defeat and a heavy one at that. Now we are talking like we’ve done brilliantly, I remember when we actually used to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Wenger & the players spin of lowering our achievements working again.


Your negative post has sent me to bed.


Maybe how the league has evolved?


I totally agree. Why are people happy with a nil nil against that lot.

Stop excepting average we pay the most money for our season tickets in europe

The club makes a profit in their transfer dealings , Wont pay their staff (secretarys/admin workers/normal jobs) any sort of rise in wage (blogs happy to give you a genuine souce) and blame it on not qualifying on champions league

The club is a money making machine plesae stop settling for second best

arsenal stand up!!! We are better than this


‘That lot’ won the Prem last season.


And yet they’re still a bunch of cunts. As we speak their legal department is inundating the FA with excuses and appeals for LULZ and his rediculous challenge… and hair. Yes, I am petty.


Ramsey needed a bit of discipline.

He has the ability to play well in midfield.

Two seasons ago next to Flamini they presided over half a season of decent form sans many of the top players out. It included a win against City and in a must win match against Olympiakos away.

He put in another decent run next to Granit end last season.

How we can get him to stay discipline is the question.


As well as we did today I still hate looking at the league table, 12th after 5 games and 7 points ,,I no I no its early still, seeing west brom Burnly huddersfield above us drives me mad


Funny how the media wanted to make Alexis’ reaction when Lacazette missed that chance as a dig at the club. There is an out and out agenda against us.


Ramsey “we needed this”

A nil nil away from home. Says it all about Arsenal. Happy to accept average


Tottally agree. That comment says it all about Arsenal. Happy to be second best. What is the point? We needed this? A draw

Monkey knees



I was surprised at the defensive side of the gunners.In the old days,especially against rf and Chelsea,they would have been slaughtered
with the barn door wide open.
Its too early to blame Ozil. Suffice to say football is a team game
and everybody,repeat everybody must defend and not just rely on the defenders.
I still believe the cd is an area of concern.Mustafi can be easily turned as is the bg. Wenger will do well to spend big on an established cd not one up coming one like Chamber/Holding.


He is right in that we needed to see a performance like this for the team and the supporters in which we legitimately had chances to win, but I do look at it one way as dropped points with the chances we had. It did certainly help having Welbeck in there for Ozil in this type of match and as great as Ozil is on the ball at times, his defensive liabilities would have been a big challenge for us today.


You know what? We DID need this. A disciplined performance from one Aaron Ramsey, and an actual team performance.

It should be no surprise that he has his best game – garnering a motm gong – when he has his best positionally responsible performance. He’s very talented and has the engine. He used it to best effect today. Long may it continue.i


What we needed was a win. We should stop settling for less. Liverpools defeat was a wake up call because to loose to a team thats far inferior reflects attitude of the players. Get youlls act together boys. One love for arsenal


Ramsey was very good today. This coming from someone who is a critic (not vocal though!) of Ramsey. Today, he played like a CM. Hopefully he can keep it up and build on this performance. Hopefully the whole team can build on this. This was one enjoyable 0-0 game and while I criticize the manager, he played his cards extremely well today. Credit to him. Hopefully he can build on this too. Lots of building, I guess, is the main thrust of the argument…

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