Friday, September 30, 2022

Report: City to make cash only January bid for Alexis

According to ESPN, Manchester City are so determined to sign Alexis Sanchez that they will make a cash only bid for the Chile international when the January transfer window opens, despite the fact the striker will be a free agent next summer.

Officials at the Etihad were left frustrated by Arsenal’s last-minute decision to pull the plug on a deal last week even though a package worth £60 million had been agreed.

It’s now suggested that rather than risk Alexis signing a pre-contract agreement with a foreign club in January, something he’ll be able to do because he’s in the final year of his contract, Pep Guardiola will try and snap up his former Barcelona charge early.

Obviously, any bid is likely to be considerably lower than the offer made last week. City are also adamant that they won’t include a player in the deal, having already rejected Arsene Wenger’s attempts to sign Raheem Sterling. 

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal will sanction a January deal, much will depend on the player’s form and state of mind, as well as whether Arsenal are challenging for tophies.

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Fuck off please City.


Hopefully Alexis comes back to London and gets his head straight quickly. He starts to score goals and perform again. We may as well go all in at this point (assuming he’s playing well). I imagine even talking to Gazidis and Dick Law is annoying enough, let alone having the deal strung along yet again. Wind City up to the maximum and don’t sell. Start suggesting absurd swap deals involving KDB or Jesus. And the cherry on the icing would be if he somehow moved abroad this summer, snubbing them. I would then like to see them attempt some sort… Read more »


“Goals and schadenfreude, the essence of football.” LOL


Here Here! Minus the ‘please’


It’s “hear hear” like “I hear you” sorry but it does my head in when people get it wrong! 😉


As does pedantry mine.

Clive St Helmet

I’d be tempted to accept the first bid that City make, fly Sanchez to Manchester to agree personal terms, then pull the rug from out of them at the last moment and send Sanchez back to London on a Vespa.

nacho man

is this what makes us happy to support arsenal now a days?

Non flying dutchman

Is such a statement from City, four month before the transfer window reopens, not extremely bad form?

I know they are pissed that Arsenal pulled out of the deal but they could have either offered more money early on or included an attacking player to help seal the agreement. They ballsed that signing up, as much we did on Lemar.

And so Sanchez remains an Arsenal player… I don’t think it should be allowed for them to alter Alexis thinking with half a season to be played before they have any opportunity to make him a City one.


If we can get a new owner, it’s not inconceivable that we can keep him. With Kroenke – no chance.

Terry Henry

A new owner is wishful thinking

Tanned arse

I think a lot of people would just be happy to trade alexis for a new owner!

Third Plebeian

Wait, are we saying we want Kroenke to play as a forward, and Alexis to run the Los Angeles Rams? I’m confused.

nacho man

owner out


if we’re not looking in contention for the top 4 in January then makes sense to sell.

Hereford gooner

“If” is wishful thinking

David C

or we keep him to win the Europa!


It’s like Wenger is being punished for his lack of ambition. If you wan’t to keep top top quality players, you have to perform and act like a top top quality club.


If any Arsenal manager has a lack of ambition then he deserves to punished regardless of who he is.


I’m not sure Wenger is the one whose ambition is lacking but otherwise I think this is pretty much why we are where we are

nacho man

spot on


I say sell him. His best games for us, has been as a striker, he will play as a winger this year. If sold, Iwobi will probably take the left wing, he might produce less goals and assists, but it will be like having an extra man in midfield, which will be useful, as we seem to find it so hard to control the midfield. Iwobi doesnt loss the ball as often aswell. Also we will have played one game against city when january comes.

Heavenly Chapecoense

But Iwobi is by no means a regular goal scorer. That’s the problem. Welbeck is very poor at goalscoring but Iwobi will develop into a player who provides 12 to 15 goals a season, no more. Even though I am fed up with the Sanchez ordeal and want him gone, I believe Arsenal needs wingers who score goals like him. Between Welbeck and Theo, I pick Theo because of goals.


Take the money and go back in for Lemar/Draxler


We need Usmanov and quickly.
Isco is out of contract next summer.
We should offer him £70,000,000 signing on fee And £250,000 p/w.
It’s what a player of that Calibre would cost on the market and would expect to earn.
And add Draxler and Lemar not one ought other.
If we’d have only shown some ambition earlier? We wouldn’t need to replace and add on top, we’d just need to add.
Ridiculous planning and logic from the club.


70m signing on fee? You’re on the pints early today my friend.


It’s logical. We haven’t been able to find a way to play without Cazorla. Isco like Cazorla is an absolute joy to watch and looks like he can do the job Cazorla does and is at a great age, with great experience. There aren’t many talents quite like Cazorla or Isco in world football. So we could spend x amount of cash on an inferior player who may? Or may not work out? We’ve seen enough of the script buying players who aren’t thought out? Or we’re not quite sure about. Or we can ensure we fix a problem by… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

I feel you homie. Isco was the best answer to cazorla. But, unfortunately, Zidanne started playing him more consistently. It appears that he is happy now and is an integral part of the Real Madrid line-up, not to mention their future. Zidanne had to choose between Rodriguez and Isco as both were equally frustrated at the lack of game time, and he chose Isco.
Don’t see Isco leaving Madrid to come to Arsenal to “challenge for “trophies””

*you see how how slickly inserted quotations in quotations for even greater emphasis. I’m so bad ass, I know”


do you have any idea how transfers work? lol

You are in the minority because you have no understanding of what you are talking about lol

Vin Unleaded

Regardless of Kronke’s (admittedly large list of) shortcomings I want Usmanov nowhere near the club, let alone majority shareholder.


I’m not sure there’s too many billionaires out there who want to buy Arsenal and also resemble Mother Theresa?
I’d argue an aggressive business man who knows what he wants and wants Arsenal to be successful is exactly what we need.


Seriously? You’d be happy to support a club regardless of how unpalatable it’s owner was?

Not me. I love football and I love Arsenal, but some things are just too hard to stomach.

Football is screwed up enough as it is, no need to make things worse. I know we are desperate for trophies but winning at any cost isn’t for me.

Dan Hunter

So Kroenke “shoot the lion in the ass” Kroenke is palatable?


Wait, his name is kronke kronke? I have a door that whispers that in the breeze


Seriously I’d take Hitler or Stalin, Saddam Hussain or Bin Laden over Kroenke.
I genuinely think he’s that bad


Ok, you need a life lol Get back into reality


Why ? At least he has a box at the Emirates and goes to most matches and has the clubs interest at heart.


Wenger: Hey Isco, we’re coming in with a bid for you and a nice wage offer.



Actually it would be

Isco: jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja


He’s out of contract next summer…..
Make him an offer he can’t refuse.
He’d cost at least £70-100 mill in this market with 2yrs on his deal.
It’s unlikely Madrid would pay him what we would.
That’s why I’d attempt to blow everyone else out of the water with a ridiculous signing on fee and wages Madrid wouldn’t be willing to match

Heavenly Chapecoense

We should have snapped Isco two years ago when Real didn’t know wht to do with him. He was in same situation as Jese who now finds himself playing for Stoke.


The new Peter Ridsdale!


I think he signed a new contract with a ridiculous release trigger.

Why stop at Isco, Drax and Lemar? why not Griezmann, Ascensio, Dybala, Belottie, Brandt, etc.

Who cares about fees and wages. We’re just throwing names out there for fun right. No logic based on reality.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Hopefully Lemar would have changed his mind about playing Europa. So much can happen in 5 months.


You’d think Sanchez might rather have the pick of almost every top club in Europe instead of going to City a few months earlier. Having said I think we’d rather sell in January and get something so we can reinvest (ha ha) than let him go, as we tried to do this summer. Mahrez would be the most obvious choice imo, even if Lemar wasn’t seemingly Liverpool-bound.


Not on his terms re: almost every top club in Europe. Very few actually.
As long as I have been against selling him now I think that maybe would made us good.
Anyway we’ll see how season unfolds but it doesn’t look too good.


It looks like we could have sold him to PSG earlier in the window, I’m sure they’ll be interested again now that he’d be free. Madrid were meant to be interested, Bayern dropped out earlier due to price but it would be very typical of them to get a WC player on a free. He would fit in nicely at Juve too. I think he’ll be ok lol, but agree the season doesn’t look good atm


So does that mean Arsene will go back in for Lemar? Or will Arsene do a typical Arsenal move and push Lacazette out wide?

dr Strange

Do you really need to ask?

Kevin bacon sandwich

Toffies are more likely than trophies


The only thing I am pleased about is that we are not getting Sterling.

Spanish Gooner

Why? Sterling scored or assisted 25 goals last season, is homegrown and aged 22 has his best years ahead of him. What players of a similar profile do we have?

Heavenly Chapecoense

He did to Liverpool what Ox did to us.


This is just like when stores out the Easter decorations up straight after Christmas. Or like how I ejaculate only moments into a sexual encounter.


Or like how I post messages before proofreading them


Don’t these so called great managers such as pep, moronho feel ashamed of themselves when they spend in such a vulgar manner!


Not really. It is not their money that’s being spent to buy the players they need. Also, they don’t usually stay at a club for long anyways, so short term success is more important to them. We just have a Manager with a different mentality/ approach to things. Chances are

Heavenly Chapecoense

Panic offer of 90 millions for Lemar is no better than what Moronho has been doing.


I would be very surprised if this is not part of the calculation behind the decision to keep him, if we are in the PL race come early January, AW will get to keep him until summer. If we are not, we sell at a 40m loss, and book it on the “AW farewell package” account. I honestly doubt AW has the strong relation with Sanchez here that motivates keeping him, if he had a clue he would know Oxlade was set to leave and wouldn’t have played him against the team he wanted to join, or declare we are… Read more »


If his mind is set on leaving then let him go.

It will be our job to psychologically and physically destroying him (horsewhipping through the streets is a start) so when he arrives at City he is close to useless.

I’d like him to stay though if he can get his shit together.


If they were so eager to get Sanchez, they would have offered more than that.


What they offered was fine, we accepted the bid. The problem was getting a replacement. The suggestion is we decided we were open to the sale late on because Wenger realised he wouldn’t be able to count on Sanchez 100% after the Liverpool game. That meant we didn’t have to get a replacement, seeing as Lemar didn’t want to come here anymore among other things


Just sell him already. Get the money and rebuild the team for next season. There’s nothing much can be done for the season ahead. We’ll be lucky enough to finish 7th or 8th


…as well as whether Arsenal are challenging for tophies.

Blogs, is this a typo or some Freudian slip thinking that we’ll compete for toffees come January.

Cliff Bastin

Shouldn’t they just wait 6 more months?

Lord Bendnter

I honestly don’t care


Exactly the moment when Arsene should drop his trousers, and offer them a nosh instead

Why Welbeck Why

FFS. Another few months of endless speculation. Is it too much to ask for a few months of peace? Oh. I support Arsenal, that’s out of the question then.


If we can get Lemar then it’s definitely time to ship this boring bloke off to wherever will pay the most for him.


His latest Instagram post suggests he’s coming to give his best . . . as far as this season goes, that’s all we can ask of him.


I new this was coming , now this is all we are going to be hearing about up to Christmas, is he staying? is he leaving? fucking crap.Arsenal have a bad game media say he is leaving in January, we have a run of good games and they say he is staying to the end of season,back and forth listening to this bullshit.They should have sold him regardless of Lemar, Sanchez does not want to be here, the season is fucked anyway, 60 million was a great price for him double what we paid.


If we’re already out of the title race and the race for 4th (a distinct possibility with how this season is going) I can totally see us accepting a bid, especially if Wenger’s been fired, as would likely be the case in the circumstance.

If we are still in it, either for the title (lol, I know, I know) or more plausibly, for 4th, it’s hard to see even Arsenal Football Club selling to a direct rival in the middle of the season.

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