Video: Arsenal train ahead of Cologne game


Via Press Bureau TV comes footage of Arsenal’s training session ahead of their Europa League game against Cologne at the Emirates on Thursday night.

It’s kinda interesting, as these things go.

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oooouuuuu a little chittely-chat with jackieboii


sooooooomeone’s in for a little startely-start tomorrow

Ben Rivers

Ive got a feeling that jack will win some fans this season. Can see his injuries being behind him, and he seems focused

Pete Songi

Wow what a load of half hearted bollox training was that? Did anyone actually do what the trainer asked? Wenger lookslike a guy who’s invited all the cool kids to his house party and they’re busy tucking into Dads secret bourbon collection. No wonder we r shite at times!


You actually think this is an actually training vid makes me wonder about you lol


he did not even realise that video was only 16 minutes, this guys cells must burn everytime he is opening it.

David Hillier\'s luggage

That music…


I like watching this stuff me!

A different George

Once again, Ozil has disappeared.


But Alexis is lurking as ever. Must be the extra shift he has to take for being fat.


Hahaha, take a good look at Iwobi during warm up. Not much in it…


Did anyone else love seeing Wenger messing about with Holding and trying to take the ball off him as much as I did? Wenger has his flaws, but I can’t help but admire and respect the man. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Looks like a disorganised, half-hearted waste of time. Dearie me.


It was just a warm-up!


Wenger to start against koln

Mustafi…why the hell did we try to sell him? Aside from being one of the better defenders, clearly he gets along well with his fellow Balkan. BFF on the playground.

And…what’s with Walcott trying his jock straps on on his ankles, you won’t realise the full potential of your pace that way mate.


It doesn’t strike you as particularly organised. They all arrive separately and then do different things. Apart from a half hearted dynamic warm up in the middle.
All to like “deus ex” music when you’ve been spotted but then hid for a while and the bad guys are starting to give up.


I had to watch it after the Deus Ex reference! ???


Couldn’t get through the whole thing… ?


How should they arrive?

nimble foot

Apparently holding hands and trotting down like Little Red Riding Hood
Yeah ✌ that’s how you arrive at training


Wenger loves a walk


My team would be:

GK: Ospina
DCR: Chambers
DC: Mertesacker
DCL: Holding
WBL: Kolasinac
WBR: Maitland-Niles
CM: Wilshere
CM: Elneny
AMCR: Nelson
AMCL: Iwobi
STR: Giroud

Bench: Macey, Monreal, Willock, Rene-Adelaide, Walcott, Sanchez, Nketiah


All good except for Kolasinac. Rest him for Chelsea pls!