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Welbeck on the win, the goals, and what lies ahead

Danny Welbeck spoke to Sky Sports after today’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth. Here’s what he had to say.

On if it was good to see smiles again?

We’ve obviously have a difficult few weeks, it was good to get the three points here. We showed good determination and that’s got to continue.

Was there anxiety before kick-off?

You go into every game knowing it’s going to be difficult, especially in the Premier League, so you’ve got to be prepared mentally, physically, tactically, and be ready to execute the game plan.

The early goal lifted the mood.

It’s better to get an early goal and we got that today, it helped us along the way. Sometimes you do have to remain patient, keep playing the game, and we know the chances will come.

How difficult has the last two weeks been? There’s been a lot of criticism.

As players and professionals ourselves we know when the team’s not performing to the best of its ability. It’s disappointing for us, not just for the club but for the players too, and they know today we made that right. We made a little base and we’ve got to build on that.

Chelsea next weekend. Another big away game.

Definitely, first we prepare for Cologne on Thursday and then we’ll get ourselves ready for the Chelsea game.

Two goals for you, there’s a lot of competition up front.

Yeah, it’s a good headache for the manager to have so I was pleased to get among the goals today.

If you get a chance to watch this, it’s the perfect example of a media-trained player interview. Classic stuff from Welbz.

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He was fantastic and forged a good partnership with Lacazette. So far so good but the next game at the Bridge will be a far sterner test, as the defence will be much better and chances at a premium.


Playing with 2 strikers, like it


Yes. Ozil floating in the true 10 role behind two strikers is what I want to see more of.


We beat them the last two times we played them.

If we play 3412, then it’ll be the same again next week.

I reckon mertesacker flanked by koscielny and kolasinac might be a shout at the cb trio though given monreals lack of speed can leave him exposed koscielny being better than mustafi and mertesacker being a BFG.

We’ll batter them.. up the arse!


I love Dat Guy.


Slotting balls.


Well done Welbz. He took a lot of criticism on here after Liverpoo loss and it was great to see him come back today with a great performance. First goal was an it lucky but second was a great finish. That chip would have made such a great hatrick goal. But most important I loved his energy all over the field all day. Good lad.


thats why people have time this bloke, he works his nuts off every game and thats why someone like walcott and others are not given the same grace. all we ask is for the players to try and give everything. unlike they did at liverpool.

Girouds Lovely Locks

True, but let’s not forget that the first half of the season Walcott looked very sharp in attack and was quite efficient defensively.

Dave M

So then why are people so angry with Alexis? He works his nuts of probably even harder than Danny, he is a better player, never said a word publicly against the club. Yet everyone has turned on him…

Frank Bascombe

Boo hoo.

Fuhgedaboudit l

He’s a selfish player who is only concerned about himself.


Yes 53 goals and 22 assists shows what a selfish player he is. Wish we had a few more selfish players.


Not everyone turned on him! There were some boos but most fans were unhappy at that reaction and he was roundly cheered for his touches. The feeling around me was that you never boo a team member – he’s playing for Arsenal therefore gets our support.

Dave M

Exactly what I’m trying to say, but #hatersgonnahate


I didn’t and would never boo him but a standing ovation! Not for me


He wanted to leave! Simple as that


I’ve gone off Sanchez this summer and wouldn’t mind getting rid of him in January (providing we bring in a good replacement) but booing him is bollocks.


Very good game from him, let’s see if he can keep it up!


That’s what she said


Props to ‘dat guy’ today, first goal wasn’t as comical as it looked as ball was behind him, and the second was very well taken.
Really looking forward to the Europa League, starting with Cologne.
Used to love watching the mixture of youngsters, squad players and a sprinkling of first team getting a run out. Used to be the league cup but we’ve either had tricky fixtures or have exited early.
Hope to see Wilshere and Admiral Nelson playing minutes.


Loved his input today. I’d love to see him take on more players. He deserves to keep his spot on the team against Chelsea. #team player.

Gutted for coquelin. Big chance for El neny, Wilshire and youth prospects.

Lacazette is a delight.

Dave M

If he can become a consistent finisher he really would be the complete package


I like Welbeck, but man, his interviews are straight from the PR textbook. He never eveeer says anything meaningful.


At least he doesn’t say “ever so X” fifteen times in 37 seconds.


What would you have him say in the interviews?


Welbeck is such an odd player. I’ve never seen anyone whose finishing is so inconsistent. This was a classic Welbeck performance – one ridiculously bad finish that somehow still went in, one absolutely excellent finish that makes you think “hey, this guy actually is a striker.”

And next game, more likely that not he’ll miss a tap-in from 2 yards before scoring a screamer.


To be fair I thought the ball was a bit low for the first and he did well to get it to go in


I agree that Welbeck hasn’t proven to be a great finisher up to this point in his career. He’s been very inconsistent. It was a cross in the box like Anonymarse said it was low. He did a great job of adjusting to the ball with traffic in the box.

The second one I agree was awesome and the third was a great try. Obviously with the right foot made it little difficult with the spin and angle.

Dave M

Up tempo, direct counter attacking football. CHECK
Wing backs playing in position allowing them to go past people and cross on their good foot. CHECK
Best central defenders. CHECK
Best striker. CHECK

Amazing what playing people in position and uping the tempo of play can do. I hope we continue with this higher tempo play against chelsea. Please don’t go back to tippy tappy against them. Ozil, Rambo and Xhaka thrived with the extra pace and quicker attack in both defense and offense


First goal was a typical flubbed Welbeck finish, but good for him. That position of deeper lying suits him and Arsenal much better than him as a striker. I wonder if Wenger would ever consider him as a wing back like he did with Ox to get him into the matches more because at some point Sanchez is going to come in and take his spot.


Well played Danny. Today you displayed the only thing lacking in your game: end product. Lacazette is clearly the better finisher, but Danny has better movement off the ball. Both make a good combo. Knowing Wenger, I get the feeling Welbeck will start alongside Mesut and Alexis against Chelsea.


Welbeck MOTM but also Lacazette and Ozil were quality today. Nice to see us play to our strengths, don’t think Bournemouth are as bad as many make, they played really well against City. Having our best back 3 and RWB and LWB players in their correct positions really helps. I feel Wenger created an unnecessary problem with his experiments in the last 2 matches but now it feels like we can reach that solid level from the end of last season again. We also have good players on the bench and even outside the matchday squad, no CL, so we… Read more »

Gooner Sam

I really like Welbeck, always comes across as a decent bloke. If only he was more clinical he would be one hell of a player


Sure many might not agree but I’d start him against Chelsea next weekend. Alexis isn’t at full fitness and his heads probably not totally in it right now,him playing behind the striker seems to compliment everyone around him.


Would play him ahead of Alexis as long as he performs. Alexis doesn’t deserve to start for a while after the transfer saga with city. Also, we play better as a team with Welbeck as you say.


Weldone Danny that was a good performance


What is the point of these interviews when every answer is semi scripted and devoid of insight?


My sources tell me that Rooney was back “playing” at home today………..
However , apparently he didnt get a sniff, never mind coming close to scoring!!


I love this de facto two up front at times. I think it really suits us and is quite clever, despite my criticisms of the manager, because it protects Lacazette who can’t hold the ball up like Giroud, who is really, really excellent at that.

It gives us a new dimension, which is nice.


What dull, bland questions Sky ask.

Just focused around the longer narrative of “Arsenal in crisis” and how the everyone feels about it, nothing about football / the match.


I wish all these football players would learn to cut promos. Show them some 80s wrestling and let them rip.

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