Friday, December 8, 2023

Wenger admits Ozil contract talks are on pause

Arsene Wenger admits that contract talks with Mesut Ozil are currently on hold but he still harbours hopes of persuading the World Cup winner to sign a new deal.

The Germany international is free to sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign suitors in 109 days meaning the Gunners would miss out on a fee for a man they broke their transfer record to sign back in 2013.

“Of course [I am hopeful],” the Frenchman said prior to Arsenal’s Europa League clash with Köln.

“The contract talks have slowed down a little bit since August 31, because we need a little breather and to focus on the competition. But we will slowly get back into that.”

While on the pre-season tour of Australia, Ozil outlined his ambitions to stay at the Emirates claiming talks would begin once back in London.

“Once everyone is back in London we will sit down and discuss about the future,” he said.

“It is definitely my preference to stay, it is such a great club and I have always said that I feel very good at Arsenal.

“For now the most important thing is our pre-season and getting through the tour, training and getting fitness. When I’m back in London, we will sit down and discuss.”

Nothing, so far, appears to have come of that despite suggestions Arsenal were willing to double the player’s salary. Are the Premier League’s rules about annual club salary raises stopping us from offering Ozil a deal? It’s more than possible.

Right now, the odds seem stacked in the favour of our number 11 leaving the club.

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Big dave

Same shit, different day.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

What are you talking about. Approaching the transfer window in January when Ozil could negotiate a contract with a foreign club is the perfect point to slow down contract talks with the player.


Dunno why you’re so skeptical. He seems open to staying, we want him to stay, and there’s no reported interest from elite clubs.


I think he just has a good PR team that tells him what to say to not harm the relationship with the fans.
I think if he would like to stay, as he says, he would have signed long ago. We have offered him a huge payrise and Wenger absolutely trusts him. He won’t find that mix of good payment and a guaranteed starting place anywhere else. But he still hasn’t signed. So I think it’s pretty obvious that he has no interest in staying. For whatever reasons.


Your hate for MO is quite funny. Its very consistent that I’ve noticed on here but you really think he would have a hard time finding a club that will give him a right amount of wages combined with a starting spot on a club this summer? lol


I don’t hate him. I just think he’s not good enough to keep him during his last year and lose him for free, pay him the 300.000 he demands or build a team around him. I think a number 10 is outdated. I think it would suit us better to play with a flat 3 in midfield with all 3 players able to attack (would be more unpredictable) and able to defend (would mean we actually have 3 guys in midfield who can defend). Of course there are players who are that good in a certain position that you adjust… Read more »


You think Bayern would hesitate on giving him the same wages we offer now on a free transfer next summer?


I’ve got a lot of time for Ozil, but it’s pretty clear that his stock has fallen over the last few years. Bayern pay comparatively low salaries (by premier league standards), and I don’t think he’d be a starter.

So yeah, I think they’d hesitate.

Andy Mack

He did get Germanys ‘Player of the Year’ award last season, so maybe his ‘stock’ isn’t as low as you think it is…

David C

he usually gets that award because so many Germans hate Bayern Munich so they won’t vote for their players…


Toni Kroos?

Dave M

Jurgen Klopp (27/08/2017):

““He is an outstandingly skilled boy. If people are not happy with him, I don’t know why. There is absolutely no doubt over in ­Germany about the quality of Mesut Ozil.

“In his position Germany is ­really blessed with a lot of world-class or close-to-world-class ­players but he is a first pick in the German national team, so that should be a sign.”


Obviously if he leaves the PL he won’t get the wages that are allegedly being offering from Arsenal or what he is asking for. Its not like he’s going to be 25 or Messi status. If he joins another club in another league I’m sure he’ll get something comparable in terms of whatever is considered a high wage in whatever particular league for a player of his caliber.


Am I the only who thinks it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he left? It might even force us to buy a replacement and develop a new strategy. There’s been so much talk about building the team around him, setting up to accommodate him and his defensive weaknesses, the “luxury player tax”…if we lose him and let Ramsey stay so high up on walkabout, but get in an all-rounder CM underneath him to pair with Xhaka, that might not be so bad. Would Arsenal do this? “LOLOLOLOL”


No bc no one at Bayern makes close to what we’ve offered.


Have you seen Bayern play since Ancelotti took over? They don’t have that fire anymore. The last thing they need to get back on track is Özil. Let’s see where he ends up. And if he will play a huge role there. I’m skeptical.


On a free a flood of clubs will take him. Delusional to think otherwise


Yep. And I think Bayern is the most likely destination. Ze Germans love him, he’s been their most consistent offensive performer along with Müller the last few years, and Bayern do love a free transfer.


The fact that we dont get the best out of him his not his fault, he’s often left isolated in a fragile team devoid of tactics or direction.
In a top team with a plan and a taticaly aware manager he will perform at his best.shame we never got the best from him and wasted yet another talent.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Please stop with this.
Think about Bergkamp, he came to a pretty average arsenal, and he lifted the team and players around him. When it’s about ozil, some people blame everything but the player himself. (And some are too harsh on him)


He is no bergkamp. The only similarities they have in common is that they both are technically gifted.

John C

Bollocks, the team wasn’t average, we had the best defence in the country and needed what he had, which was attacking flair and inventiveness.

Ozil needs defensive structure around him for him to shine which he hasn’t got

Michael Bolton Wanderers

And he will never contribute to a defensive structure. One of his flaws. He won’t be a good distance shooter or a good finisher.
Even with a defensive structure built around getting him the ball, he would still have weaknesses that players like for example a de bruyne doesn’t have.


Dennis had a defence to back him up this team often doesn’t


he will only stay if we offer him more MONEY, if we don’t he,s off, he is not bothered about the club only his bank balance, just whats it coming to if we cant keep our best players…


whats the thumbs down for


For the questioning lol


well, like it or not, that’s the way it is…so get used to it folks….


Why hurry the talks Arsene, let’s chill till xmas day. Afterall we’d still be left with a whole week to go by then!


To Hull And Back

Wouldn’t suprise me! That way think of all the money they will save in wages too in the weeks upto xmas by not doubling his wage just yet, Silent Stan will be rubbing his hands…….

To Hull And Back

The bell end (Silent Stan). Sorry had to add that on


I’m not one of these idiots who doubts his ability, but realistically I can’t see how we can accommodate him or ANY ‘Number 10’ with the state of current tactics in football. Playing our 3-4-2-1 he is shunted out wide a little and that doesn’t suit him. Play a 4-2-3-1, and popping him in the #10 slot means Ramsey and Xhaka are our midfield two behind him, which leaves them exposed. I’d rather we recoup his wage, let him go, and buy a top class DM (think the aggression of Coquelin, but with higher technical ability), to play a 4-1-2-3,… Read more »

Terry Henry

We need some creativity!


Think a better solution would be to keep him and find a DM to play with him. Would rather sacrifice one of the others in our starting line up.


Yes, that would be Ramsey…


I would keep Özil and replace Ramsey with a better DM alongside Xhaka.

Dave M

Once again just brilliant management from Arsenal. Who needs contract talks with one of our best players who only has 10 months left on his contract? Lets just sort that out after the season. We need to be distraction free until then.

Prince Reiss Nelson

Yeah, he got tapped up. We’ll find out by who in a few months.


“Slowed down a little” that implies that they were moving forward in the first place, what a load of bollocks.


Or backwards.
Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


Ridiculous! This is where we are so amateurish. I see no other teams stop talks for any reason.


You don’t know.


We’ve had plenty of chance to convince them of our sporting project.
Don’t really blame them for wanting out.
I think he’ll end up at United.

J Dizzle

Thought the same 🙁
Mourinho likes him and he’d fit so well into that team


Mourinho has way more sense than to touch him with a barge pole. Only Arsene will indulge him like this. been sold this summer or shoved into the reserves


Exactly why wouldn’t Mourinho be interested in arguably the most creative player in England ? Yeah! Let’s shove him in the reserves. What a pathetic comment

Dave M

Sadly its the state of so many self indulgent arsenal fans. Same as the booing of Alexis. farking disgusting. I watched the Liverpool game and the kop gave Coutinho a standing ovation against Sevilla and he acted like a right little c##t, but at the end of the day he is a Mug Smasher so they support him because they want the best out of him… Alexis, while its pretty obvious he wanted to leave (can’t really blame him in truth) acted like a pro never made a negative comment to the press and some (not all mind you) boo… Read more »

Dave M

To go even further lets just say Mesut was actually named Jack Wilshere and was British and Jack was named Mesut Ozil and was a Turkish decent german, but otherwise they are the same players and have done exactly the same things to this point in their careers.

Image the praise and impeccability mesut named jack would get from pundits and Arsenal fans alike and imagine how much those same pundits and fans would slam, and absolutely destroy the Jack named Mesut because of his immature behaviour, inconsistency, big mouth, and “soft” injury prone status…


who would want to stay at this club right now . even players like chamberlein who havent acheived anything like ozil is jumping the ship . cant really blame the players for wanting out if this shitfest. as a club we’ve become a meme , its so dissapointingly sad . and the fact that wenger is still at the club is just unbelievable


I’ve always loved Ozil despite the long periods of poor form and his languid style, however I really don’t think he’s gone on to be the world class player we all dreamed he would when he signed – if he goes it really won’t be the end of the world.

And he’s definitely not worth the huge salaries being thrown around as prospective offers to him.


Yes he has proved to be a world class player for us. Creates more chances then any other player in Englan and is as hard working as anyone.


Ozil has done it all. Played for Schalke, Bremen, Madrid. Signed for Arsenal and became the most expensive German footballer. Won the WC. Has 3 FA cups and 3 community shields with us. The national team and the club team is built around him. What more does he need?
If we offer a good contract i can see Ozil sticking around until the next Euros.


The national team isn’t built around him, he played lw for their world cup winning side.
He has better defensive players behind him for Germany and (arguably) more clinical strikers infront.

On paper our team is setup better for him but in the real world the results don’t add up.


It’s more than that though, he actually works harder for Germany and is willing to play in a number of positions to keep his place in the team. He’s clearly not put under any of that kind of pressure at Arsenal, he’s not even put under pressure to sign his contract!


He works as hard for us as he does for Germany. If only we took more advantage of the chances he creates

Gudang Pelor

With Germany he has more chance to win big tournaments like world cup, European cup.

Terry Henry

He probably wouldn’t mind winning a title


He probably would want to win a title with us? From the club’s POV the return on investment in Ozil is fantastic. Why not offer him a much bigger contract in return for the league title and more.
Imo Alexis is done at our club after this season but Ozil has a lot to offer.
Alexis is like a CEO for us and Ozil is like a Director. A CEO can be replaced but it’s much more difficult to replace a director.

Coq au Vin

Me neither; it’s been awhile.

Man Manny

There is no point keeping Ozil if you won’t give him players behind him that will help him play to his strengths. You will only make him canon fodder for every starry-eyed wannabe pundit and commentator to feed on. Fabregas in his prime here had a Terrier-like Flamini behind him. Ozil needs a water carrier – an Ngolo Kante – behind him. No matter how tough you think he is psychologically, the near weekly criticism seem to be getting to him, especially for our ex-players like Ian Wright. That, to my mind, may be the major issue playing on his… Read more »


Is there something wrong with this site it keeps scrolling down and up kind of jumping in between every 10 seconds!


Looks like it’s happening on Firefox and Chrome too!


It’s going to be pretty embarrassing watching our two marquee signings, the symbol of a new competitive Arsenal era, walk out the door for nothing to the Manchester clubs. More so considering that is likely not to even be the grand total of transfer window fuck-wittery we’ll see from this club.

Game 1 next season will be fucking toxic.


Get Ian Wright in as manager. He’s the only one talking sense!


U really have gone mad from watching Arsenal havn.t u


When Mesut gave out the other day about ex-legends etc., Wrighty had the perfect response. Instead of giving out, show your commitment and sign a new contract.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Would be funny though. I imagine the spouts with Mourinho would be epic.

Man Manny

Managing a club and “Talking sense” are two different things.
Gary Nevile was talking lots of sense on air until he arrived at Valencia; sooner rather than later, he was back in England – a sack letter in hand. He is back to “Talking sense”.


Couldn.t give a fuck anymore..see ya Mesut


i think its arsenal who are delaying the contracts to save money . at the end of the transfer window we knew we dont have cash to invest in transfers….i think we are financially very tied up and to make profits in player sales every year tells the story ….

Gudang Pelor

I think so too, l remember ashley cole was furious cause the club was haggling over a “mere” 5000pounds.


Don’t get talk off his wage increase would break prem league rules, United and City, spent much more in window than us…

Would someone explain, I know it’s like ten percent increase on last season!?.


Yes you will next Sunday

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Yawn. Next…


There’s no guarantee the manager will stay on long enuff for a player in his age bracket to sign on easily. Its possibly a gamble if he stays and the manager is off if playing under Arsene is important in these contract negotiations

And its in!!! The stands

Hope he stays. If Sanchez and Ozil leave I fear for the future of the club. We seem to be going backwards as it is. While our rivals keep improving.


Cant Be good for morale,, to be fair he should of signed ages ago

NickyB52 - the bomber

Why does Wenger feel the need to insult our intelligence? Mesut’s off come the end of the season, as is his mate, Sanchez.

We all know this to be true so enough of the BS. Best to just say nothing, ie ‘straight bat’ the question when asked.

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