Sunday, April 2, 2023

Alexis: Lacazette is a classic striker

Alexis Sanchez has hailed the qualities of Alexandre Lacazette, in particular his finishing skills.

He also says that the duo can work well together, although due to injuries, a late start to the season, and the manager fiddling around with his team a lot, it’s not something we’ve seen enough of in this current campaign.

In the summer we all hoped that a front three of Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette might prove troublesome for the Premier League, but as yet we’ve yet to see that trio start a game together.

It might be something we get tomorrow when we face Everton at Goodison Park, but ahead of that Sanchez has been talking to the official site about the club’s record signing.

“When he has a goalscoring chance, he is a good finisher,” he said. “He’s a classic striker.

“He was a successful player in France, and the two of us work well together. He’s an excellent player.”

Asked if they have an understanding on the pitch yet, he continued, “I believe we have. We haven’t played that many games together but when we have, I like how he plays.

“He finds space and understands the game well. He is very talented.”

We could do with both of them developing that understanding even further tomorrow, because if they do there’s a struggling Everton defence we could cause some real problems.

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Gudang Bedil

Good signs! Even better if he signs.


Sounding good, let’s hope they get assisting and scoring.


We know how wenger likes to dash points to struggling managers.. Let’s hope Everton away Dec 2016 doesn’t repeat itself..


It’s a shame that classic striker isn’t going to have any real quality service after Christmas when Alexis and Mesut disappear from the squad. It will be like the Watford match, the only time he got involved is when he went and got the ball himself.


They won’t be sold in January.


They 100% weren’t being sold last summer either…

Then we changed our mind at the last minute
And Ballsed up what we were trying to do because we left it too late.

You couldn’t rule anything out with Arsenal, apart from doing what makes sense or being decisive.


Watford currently beating Chelsea away. Looks like they are this season’s over-performers.

Stringer Bell

They certainly didn’t over perform against us. We were just shite.

Indian Gooner

How boring were we to watch that day..?Lacked any sort of ambition or ‘Cojones’ to be honest!


I guess chelshit got the memo to bring some cojones along.

Bai Blagoi

In the end, it turned out that Watford have no balls


Lacazette looks decent enough.
Would be surprised if we got any more than 12-18 goals excluding penalties though.
Should have paid the £165mill for Mbappe, it’ll turn out to be a bargain.


How about including penalties? A goal is a goal is a goal, as we were reminded at Watford.


A penalty also has the advantage that you do not need a decent striker to score one.
Any corpulent thug can do it.


You’re such a pessimist Rich. I will be surprised if he doesn’t get between 25-30. Remember Henry didn’t score in his first 8 matches and Lacazette already has 4

Frank Bascombe

Rich, if there’s any flies on you, they’re paying fucking rent. You just see things so much more clearly than everyone else. Bet you’re going to be a great dad.


Maybe Alexis is looking to stay?


I’d imagine not. Just being nice to someone he works with every day.


At least it is positive which shows he still cares


Shame we will lose Sanchez in the summer.
A 100 million pounds worth of footballing talent allowed to leave for nothing.
That is not management – that negligence and incompetence.
Only Arsenal would allow that to happen..
On one hand the future is looking very rosy for Sanchez but on the other hand it is very bleak for Arsenal.
And still Wenger remains..


I remember a certain Sol Campbell leaving a club for nothing and didn’t we sign the best left back in the Bundesliga for free.


Rhetorical question really but why do fans get so angry about some business decisions but not happy about other business decisions?
Surely the only thing we SHOULD care about is what happens on the pitch?
I know thats not how it works but unless you watch business meetings in your spare time how can people comment on a clubs business the same way they comment about their football performances?

Faisal Narrage

Tbf, in this case there isn’t a direct correlation between the business activity AND on-field performance. It’s not like he’s moaning at the valuation of the next commercial sponsorship deal, or why we don’t have a sleeve sponsor or something. It does talking about the loss of our most value on-field asset for nothing, for a club we now know, though have money, doesn’t stretch as far as they thought as they didn’t anticipate the crazy valuations we have now. It means we’re very unlikely to get a like For like replacement. And then there is the probable risk he’s… Read more »

Okechukwu Jude

3 points tomorrow and suddenly we are in the mix again. A brace from laca,hatrick from Sanchez, all assisted by mesut. Before you say a word, stranger things have happened in football. cOYG!!!!!!

Mesut O\'Neill

Mix for what? Europa league qualification?


Where do you get from whatever you smoke?


Apparently it’s not worth the come-down

Da Oli G Show

Too bad Watford couldn’t hold their second half lead today, that team really lacks cojones.


You mean just like ours?

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

How about you don’t patronise the mighty Gooners by telling us stuff we already know and instead just tell us you’re leaving.



Personally I’d push Ramsey forward and drop Iwobi back a little.

Koscielny should start only if fully fit. Otherwise I suppose its Holding.

Everton are going through a bad patch but by no means not dangerous. Hope the lads take this one VERY seriously.


totally agree. and would be more happy if jack plays instead of ramsey


But the media says Alexis has no love for any of his inferior teammates! What gives?

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