Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Arsenal 2-1 Norwich City – player ratings

Arsenal had to come from behind to reach the next round of the Carabao Cup and had youngster Eddie Nketiah to thank as he rose above the mediocrity to score twice and send the Gunners through with a 2-1 win – report and goal clips here.

It wasn’t the greatest performance ever, but seeing a young kid like that come on and do the business made everything feel good.

Here are this evening’s player ratings.

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Haha someone needs to edit the Giroud Platoon Fall into a video


I love it when another Park Chu Young performmed well. Great job Park…ehm I mean Eddie


Eddie Ljumberg


Sorry Nketiah

lee dicks on

Lines and lines of coke nketiah for me tooniiight



Mr November

Coke and Ketamine, basically.


Even Man.City had it hard against Wolves. At the end I’m happy We Arsenal made it through to the Quarter Final


Pep showing his inexperience in the PL?
Started a lot of his big hitters tonight that could come back and bite him on Saturday.

Surely Nketiah gets a 10?


Pep only started Bernardo Silva and Aguero from the the weekend. I didn’t double check but pretty sure Sterling and Jesus didn’t start that match.


They did

I have nothing to say

Blamed it on the ball…heh..thats a new one!

Igbo Amadi-Obi

But ball should be checked out. El Neny and co skied a lot of balls. Unusual.

Man Manny

…and that with a much stronger team.


Platoon hahahahahahahhahaha.. Eddie Nketiah looks pretty decent :0)




watch James’ video


To be clear, there was no sarcasm in that. Eddie has me super pumped up.


I hope Eddie goes on to be a hero for us but I can’t help remembering other League Cup players who never really made it big time after initial headlines – Carlos Vela, Jay Simpson, Baptista, Quincy, Aliadiere, Pennant, Vernazza, Malz?

Eddie will have to work hard and bulk up but he sounds like a sensible lad who knows there’s more to it than that.

A Person

Elneny and Coquelin were bad , REALLY BAD !


I think there are extenuating circumstances. Elneny is doing his best in what clearly not his position. To be fair Jack lost the ball a bit so there was a fair bit to closed down. Finally, Norwich weren’t poor. I thought they went for it and are probably very disappointed this morning. Which I am in no way sad about. ?

A different George

Hard to tell how much Debuchy was responsible for Norwich getting through on goal a couple of times, but he is clearly not suited to be a true centre-half. On the other hand, I thought he was terrific on attack, with accurate quick ball movement (no one else passed it quickly for the first 70 minutes, when Jack came out of his stupor and played great). Pretty clearly a quality back-up at right fullback or wing-back.


From being at the game I thought debuchy had a pretty good game. Won a lot of high balls coming in, tackled well. I’m glad he’s out of his hiatus as I think he will Ben invaluable as back up this season. I didn’t think it was his fault for the goal either, he seemed to be left by himself for it. I tell you what though Eddie looks quality, his name was being sung so loud and rightly so

Guns n Bosses

Eddie is better than Eddie Murphy, Rashford, Harry Kane put together Nkentiah remember the name future Ballondor winner who needs mbappe

nimble foot

Bloody hell, love the lad’s impact on the game, I’m pretty pumped but that’s a bit much on just a game. Hope he does come absolutely fucking awesome

Man Manny

I thought saw some “cojones” tonight. Funny enough, the bench didn’t fill me with much hope…till Eddie came along.


Was on the other side of the stadium but pretty sure the second corner was Elneny rather than Walcott


Walcott really was dire this evening.

Carlos Fella

Makes a change…

Theo the friendly ghost

Outshined by the youngster. He should give over his weeks wages, and that armband to Jack.

Purujit Ponnappa

I don’t get the criticism Walcott gets. Yes he wasn’t a 9 on 10 but he wasn’t a 4 on 10 either. Other players had worse games and no one bats an eyelid. Giroud was appalling. He wouldn’t press, he tested the keeper once I think. He should be dominating these games. Coq kept losing the ball. Theo worked the keeper a couple of times. Made the keeper produce a very good save that lead to the corner which he took that lead to the goal. How corners lead to both goals and even holdings opportunity. He wasn’t the best… Read more »


Have to disagree, yes Giroud and Coquelin were not particularly good either, however Walcott was the captain and theoretically the most dynamic player on the pitch. How he can still be 10-15 yards offside regularity is mind blowing.

Thumb up to the comment on giving jack the armband. I’m so happy to see him up for the fight, give him a contract!!!!

A different George

I said this on another post, but at least three of Walcot’s offsides were by less than a step, not 10 yards. Not at all sure it was not the fault of a delayed pass. as we played sluggishly most of the match. And in each of those three cases, he would have been in with a chance on goal. (I am not saying he had a great game; I don’t think we can say that about anyone, bar Eddie.)


Very true, and he sat back and played wing back pretty well, when there was no one with the experience or the legs left for that position.


Time to upgrade the roster, eh?


“his corner deliveries led to both goals”. No, second goal was from Elnenys cornerkick.

lee dicks on

And the first one hit the first man..

Dr Huuffuuhhrr

Giroud held the ball up once in 2 hours. Walcott was offside 367 times.


Kind of sad when an 18 year old has to come in and save the day when we had 6 full internationals playing (Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Iwobi, Elneny, Debuchy) with years of experience between them. I felt Walcott and Giroud were pretty much worthless tonight, Giroud really looked like he didn’t want to be out there and I have no idea what is going on with Walcott, looks like such a shadow of himself. glad we won, but sure made it hard on ourselves.

Benjamin Elza Draper

I agree El Neny isn’t best at CB, but he seems an incredibly handy squad player. Could have left in the summer, but instead stayed to fill in for a couple of thankless performances. I don’t think enough credit is given to his willingness to play wherever the team needs.

after all

where is Willock?


There is no point to having the Coq around the box: no technique leading to no end product.
(Assist aside where the head of the Coq finally came good )


THIS for the bonus comment.


This is the most playing time Park Cu-Young has gotten since he signed for us!


Something up with the voting buttons? I couldn’t cast votes for Nketiah (9.5) or da Silva (7).


Yep, neither could I. Blogs, if we can’t vote for Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie… Then at least give him a 10 straight up! Didn’t pt a foot wrong.


Bonus Bonus rating…10/10 Arseblog for using the word ‘Vim’…(under Chuba’s performance)


I Don’t Understand Walcott & Iwobi Flanking Giroud When The’re Not Great @ Crosses or Through balls. With What Was Available
Debuchy Coquelin Holding Niles
Nelson Wheelchair Iwobi
Giroud Walcott/Chuba


Blogs why I receive this message: ” We have already downvoted this comment, please for the mother of god stop pressing the button!”?

Chu Young Park

I taught Kante everything he knows about covering ground


Overall impression of the game this evening: Snarl Quince Coif

Nameless gunner

Centre back partnership of Debuchy-Kosc-Monreal could be decent.. Debuchy was solid.. won every areal challenge too

Clive St Helmet

Francis Coquelin isn’t an easy name to anagram. Best I could do is Quin Soccer-Final.


I must say I enjoyed Debuchy’s work yesterday. Calm and solid.

Now, can we get Chambers back, please? Because Elneny at the back doesn’t really work.


A 6 for Walcott is extremely generous. Or is that rating given based on how many times he was offside in which case spot on!

Carlos _ Santana

Props to the Emirates crowd.. They really were the 12th man


Just being honest. When we went down, I thought there goes the atmosphere too, we’re finished. Then I remembered it’s Carabao, so less many of the usual season ticket holders, and more of those that don’t get to see a game often, and just want to enjoy it.

And they came through hard, way before Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie…

Moley Mole the Mole who lives in a hole

A Dyson sure is effective, but I’m not sure I would qualify it as quiet. Apart from that, ratings pretty accurate. 7/10.


Player ratings on the android app are fucked.
Names and pictures missing for most players.


Instead of the rating by number perhaps you could re-purpose the Pooh Meter for this Blogs?

Coquelin, Giroud, Walcott – what can I say that has not already been said?


I wanted to vote 10 stars for Nketiah but the star-vote-thingy did not appear for the last two players on the list. Technical glitch?


Norwich will be licking their relatives wounds this morning ?

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