Everton 2-5 Arsenal – player ratings


Arsenal had to respond to last weekend’s disappointment when they faced Everton at Goodison Park today, and they did that with an emphatic 5-2 win.

We could, and probably should, have scored more, but that’s nit-picking on a day when we put in probably our best performance of the season.

Here are the player ratings.

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Monreal MOTM!
Or was it Ozil?
(or Sanchez/Laca/Ramsey…)?
OK, we have lots of great players that played well today.


Sanchez very close second for me

jack jack jack

When he’s at it like he was today…it’s like he’s the only one with skates on an ice rink.


Lol why so much hate for Sanchez. Aaaah the arseblog comment section

Make Arsenal Great Again

The combination of the trio up front was electric. The movement, passing, and pace was what we were used to during the early Wenger years. Unfortunately, this may be temporary with Ozil and Alexis leaving.

Easy tiger

A bit harsh on xhaka. It was a clear foul. Didnt play the ball at all. And brougt us back with that shot. Hit the bar and didnt get booked. Passes well and controled the midfield alone, ramsey going all over the place…..


Mate, what match were you watching? His passing was pi$$ poor and his hesitation and lack of guile gave Rooney his 12th goal vs Arsenal. The “foul” was all ball. He tried selling it as a foul but he should be ashamed of himself in that moment. Not writing him off but Wilshire more deserving of the central role along side Rambo that Xhaka at the moment.


Xhaka was fouled for the Rooney goal and generally his passing and shooting was excellent. I’m not sure what gam YOU watched


Foul or not, he shouldn’t receive the ball like that at that position


It wasnt all ball. Gana clips Xhaka’s left knee just before he gets the ball. the clip causes xhaka to miss his kick and after that Gana makes the contact with the ball. Xhaka would have made the pass before Gana’s tackle if his left leg was not clipped just before he was about to pass.

dr Strange

Sanchez for me.


Early.minutes was frustrating, got many chances but not goals…and that Xhaka blunder plus Rooney goal were really drives me mad! But in the end, 5-2 is great, bar that Chech falling asleep during a match

Theo the friendly ghost

Not his fault he wasn’t even looking, Monreal has to take the fall for that one

Donald\'s Trump

Today I learned, not looking makes you not accountable.

I’ll tell that to the police when I plough into the back of a parked car next time.


When the ball is near your goal your goalkeeper should be looking.


Honestly thought Koscielny, was a 8.5-9 today. How many times did he make absolutely killer passes through evertons midfield? Really amazing to have a cb who can both defend and play ball.


Amen to that! The Boss was absolutely amazing today.


That moment where he was a right winger with more pace and skill than Eden Hazard himself ???


Ramsey should have buried that.


ARSEBLOG…… finding new and imaginative ways to love Aaron Ramsey…….


When did liking a player for scoring a goal become ‘new and imaginative’?


Apparently, Ramsey is hated/scapegoated by some fans – so whether he puts in a good performance or not, whether this site puts out a good analysis of a game or not…these fans have to satiate their egos. Repeat the same load of BS enough, some fool is bound to believe you have a point – hence, IceBerg10 persists with his new and imaginative BS. 🙂


When scoring a goal in garbage time masks the number of stray passes and idiotic decisions you make in a game….when scoring a goal masks what should be a primary objective of a DEEP lying midfielder, positional discipline….when scoring a goal masks the fact that time and again you leave an already shaky midfield partner in Xhaka, who is a weak link, overexposed….that’s when

Moral High ground

Ramsey had a really poor game today. Awful finishing, sloppy link play and hilariously cavalier in his desperate attempt to get on score sheet. We really created so many chances today which was encouraging but Ramsey’s performance was masked by the likes of Ozil who made consistently great decisions. I’d be more critical of Ramsey today than Xhaka who steadied himself quite well after another mistake. That duo will cost us many points this season which is a shame. They are nowhere near good enough for a title challenge and the definitive weakest link in this starting 11. I hope… Read more »


I couldn’t agree more. Scoring masks many ills. This is not hating Ramsey for hatings’ sakes. His best game for us was when he played up front in the front three. Man of the match that day. But a deep lying midfielder he ain’t

A different George

Ramsey was not, and was not intended to be, a deep-lying midfielder. The way Wenger plays a 3-4-3 does not require both of the central midfielders to stay back, especially against a fragile side like Everton. Ramsey is an attacking midfielder, and he had a very good game as such today. If you think this is the wrong way to play, blame Wenger, not Ramsey. For myself, winning away easily, especially after conceding the first goal, makes me think that Wenger, at least today, got it right.


@iceberg10 – in what parallel universe do you watch the games from? Rambo on the wings was awful! He is a central player through and through and would always collapse in from the wing, losing 1/3 the pitch because there was nobody playing wide. Check any heatmap of his coverage and you’ll see what i mean. Central mid is where he belongs. If he could learn link up play from the likes of some of his teammates he could arguably transform into an attacking mid, but he still has to refine his skills before he can move further up the… Read more »

Fireman Sam

He already does play high up the pitch half the time, whether he’s supposed to or not. Would be interesting to hear what Wenger is actually telling him to do.


I mentioned ONE game when he played as part of a front three in the 3-4-3 system where the with comes from the attacking wingbacks. He was superb that day because that system affords him the licence to utilities his instinctive off the cuff tendencies. So he doesn’t HAVE to provide with in this system.. IF i’m watching from a parallel universe, you must be on Uranus. Either that or you’ve got your football and “soccer” mixed up. You may need to take off your football helmet…

Skunk from Nether regions

Xhaka was fouled before Rooney’s goal by Gana, he didn’t make a mistake.


Wish I could agree but that was all ball.


Wrong on all counts Xhaka was fouled and Ramsey was excellent as he has been most of the season


Awful bastard for scoring that goal – goals should only be scored in non-garbage time..maybe just the first half of a game. And what a total loser for not making up for other ‘shaky’ players.

Horses around the world called and want their blinders back.


….and cows all around the world and only want their manure used for fertilisation purposes…. I you can’t address the point raised, then save your risible attempts at humour for the more infantile members of society…ie sp*rs fans.


IceBerg10 – I addressed your weak attempt at analysis. Others have already covered the fact Ramsey is not a DM. It’s simple really, but you need to hold-on to this bias for a reason…feel free to do so. Also, don’t call someones’ attempt and humour ‘infantile’ and then go on to use the same level of humour 🙂 That’s just daft. I will leave you to it, you sound like you’re about to have a meltdown.


It’s one thing to be a box to box (as opposed to deep lying) midfielder. It’s another thing to be making center forward runs at every bloody opportunity. AW deserves the lion’s share of the blame for not reining him in but Ramsey should also have more discipline and awareness as a CM.

Glen Helders Left Foot

Ramsey’s finishing is awful when you look at the amount he misses, I think his great scoring run a few years back was a fluke

Donald\'s Trump

Errrr…. If your boss tells you to make these forward runs I think you’d get in trouble if you ignored him.

Leslie Smyth

Whats your problem Iceberg man? Chill out for God’s sake




Xhaka is supposed to be the deep lying midfielder, not Ramsey. Sure, Ramsey made some mistakes but none that caused any type of detriment. Could have netted one or two earlier in the game but he put in a solid performance today. Same can’t be said of Xhaka.

Billy Dyer

Having said that about Rambo (he’s not a DM) … nor is Xhaka. He’s more a Deep Lying long range passing playmaker. Xhaka ain’t DM either. The best DM we’ve got at the club is Coq.
Rambo is very indisciplined and he was so today too. But I think a big part of the blame lays with Arsene for playing 2 midfielders that lack defensive knowledge (Rambo & Xhaka) away from Home. Could have well backfired badly.


I’m not his biggest fan but I thought he had a very good game


He had a good game, along with the rest of the team (few sloppy moments in possession though). But his constant obsession with making forward runs so early in our buildup phase makes Xhaka look bad (he needs no help in that regard at the moment, to be fair) and will cost us more points this season.


IceBerg10…finding old and unimaginative ways to put down Aaron Ramsey…or anyone with something positive to say about him.


I think it’s taking it too far. He’s not said anything extraordinary.

That said when Jack was dictating play from midfield and creation stuff I kinda preferred it to Ramsey running ahead of the striker most of the game.
Jack looks like he’s ready and honestly he should be given that empty slot Ramsey usually leaves behind.


hahaha. “Empty slot”


So 4-5-1then?! Bell kos mon kola
Coquelin Jack
Ozil Ramsey Sanchez


There are certain things people over here need to understand about Ramsey. The position he plays in the setup is not chosen by him. Its part of a plan given to him by the manager. If your criticism is that he plays too far up then its not his damn fault. Its what he is being told to do. Hating him for that is wrong. Having said that, right now Ramsey is definitely lacking a little bit of quality on the ball (especially compared to the other offensive players that were on the pitch). Some of his passes are a… Read more »

Moral High ground

I am not sure your point about Ramsey being asked to play so far forward is correct. Are you sure he is given such precise instructions to bomb forward at all costs? In every game? I reckon it’s just in his DNA. And Wenger has always been such a fan that he will crowbar Ramsey into the team come what may, even if it leaves disastrous gaps in midfield a 10 year old fan could spot. Wenger simply does not contemplate Ramsey on the bench. And it annoys me that he doesn’t have the end product to somehow justify his… Read more »


I have to agree. Ramsey isn’t meant to be an attacking midfielder. In the 343 formation, I’m guessing Wenger sees Ramsey as a b2b midfielder more than an attacking mid. He has the engine and he’s done that to a brilliant efficiency during his purple patch season. He’s not the most suitable attacking midfielder (poor passing technique, not as sharp ball control, not as clinical in terms of finishing) but his qualities align perfectly of a b2b (great engine, great ball winning capabilities and his once great late runs into the box). He should focus on being a b2b and… Read more »



Billy Dyer

Absolutely my feelings about Ramsey. Spot on.


There are two very obvious reasons why I said that. Firstly because even when Elneny was playing last week against Watford he was doing the same thing: running further up the pitch than Xhaka and consistently staying higher up. Coquelin has done this too on the occasions he plays. And secondly and more importantly, the manager himself has said that this is exactly what he likes his midfielders to do. He has said clearly that he likes one of his midfielders to stay forward because it opens up space for the deeper midfielder to play a pass. I have no… Read more »

Theo the friendly ghost

He got back and defended after grueling forward runs. Thought it was a good showing from him


Agree he was good (not great) today overall but there’s more to positional discipline than just getting back to defend. There’s helping your team in the buildup phase in midfield, not getting in the way of other forward runners, and being in position when the ball is coughed up so you’re not having to constantly make lung busting recovery runs. No one is saying Ramsey can’t attack. We’re saying he should pick his moments.


A lot will be said about the difference that Sanchez and Ozil made coming back into the team, but I think Ramsey’s return is just as influential. When Elneny first gets the ball his thought is how to keep it safe. With Ramsey, he wants to hurt the opposition. Always available for the pass, always looking for options and being an option. Yes not everything he does comes off and he should have done much better with his first big chance. And yes he needs to get the balance right between defence and attack, especially in a holding 2. But… Read more »


Ramsey can be influtiental to the team, IF and when he’s switched on as a B2B. He shouldn’t look to bomb forward each and every time we get the ball. Let the attackers build up play and stick beside Xhaka to offer protection and option first and foremost, and when the ball does get played further up and it’s safer to attack, he can then move upwards to offer as a late option in the box, that way our solidity is more assured and he won’t get marked out when we’re attacking. Also I have to note, Wenger did came… Read more »


For me the issue isn’t the frequency of his runs, it’s the timing. He’s at his best when he makes late runs into the box and at his worst when his average position is ahead of the CF. As for how Wenger sees him, in his interview with Henry at the end of last season he suggested he deliberately instructs Ramsey to make those runs. However, a couple of seasons back, Sanchez’ first I think, Wenger complained about Ramsey’s runs and asked him to hold his position more. So I think he goes back and forth on this but in… Read more »


Attacking wise we are very good.. Need improvements in defence though.. #COYG


Some of Ozil’s one touch passing was as good as you’ll see.
Thought 5 for Xhaka was a bit harsh, thought he played well, and whilst I understand he’s a bit lackadaisical at times and needs to find some more urgency, on this occasion I thought he was fouled.
But even after that he kept his head up and didn’t let his mistake effect him.


Xhaka needs to be aware of his surroundings. Giving the goal away suddenly handed the impetus to Everton and got the crowd behind them. Get that ball moving quickly Granit!

Cech giving him the ball in a dangerous position didn’t help and Cech cost us a silly goal at the end but also could have done the same earlier on – should know better!


Merte played the pass I think. And it was a high pressure pass.

Bai Blagoi

The pass was high pressure, but Per still executed it perfectly. Granit didn’t manage to stop it however, and the ball ran away from him.

Skunk from Nether regions

Xhaka today was fouled before the Rooney goal, he didn’t give the ball away.

Billy Dyer

Exactly. Both goals Cech was to blame


The first goal is Per to blame…he should close Ronny.


Xhaka was fouled and Monreal totally to blame.

Kartik Iyer

More than him being fouled I think the defence shouldn’t have played him that ball…he was clearly surrounded by opposition players…playing risky passes when playing from the back is not always wise.. sometimes one must simply play a long ball or two and get the ball out. But I whole heartedly agree that Xhaka needs to improve very much very fast…so far his only USP is his long range passing and shooting but he’s more of a liability when he looses the ball….Good win though..enjoyed the match and ozils performance…well that was a long comment pheww


Unless you want to go long? And risk conceding possession as soon as you win it back? Then playing in your own half in tight spaces is something all top sides needs to be capable of. It’s why we miss Cazorla so much, Cazorla never gives the ball away and always finds a yard or two which opens the game up. Jack is pretty good in this regard as well, but not sure I’d fancy our chances without the ball or being countered with a Xhaka-Jack pairing. The centre of our midfield and defence have been our problem for a… Read more »

Kartik Iyer

I don’t mean we should play the long ball all the time but when the situation demands it… everyone knows xhaka turns it over easily then why make his life more difficult by passing it to him in a position where mistake means giving the opposition a good chance. Though I agree that this wouldn’t be a problem with Cazorla playing but he’s not so we must adapt…jack really deserves a chance … A midfield duo of jack and Coquelin with Ramsey at AM would suit everyone . Should give it a try sometime.


Whether it was a mistake or not, the most you can ask a player is to get up, dust himself off and put in a performance. He did that. Now he has to continue in the next game and the one after and so on. But that was encouraging.

Tony P

Supporting Arsenal is like being in a relationship with someone you want to be upset/angry with, then they go and do something and it’s just pure love all over again.

But the frustration also comes from knowing they can put in performances like this. But that front three ?


Harsh on granit. Per put him in trouble, then he was fouled, then the defence stood off rooney giving him time to pick his spot. Overall I felt he did well and his shooting from distance is a good option.

Obvious Pete

The rating for Xhaka seems fair to me. Didn’t look a foul to me and could have been (and have been) costly against better opposition. He’s done this some times now, and Rooney’s always going to score from that position.


Ozil MOTM. Alexis’ 2nd half though was fantastic.

A different George

Apart from the quality of his play, I hope the way Alexis played today finally finishes off the worries about his motivation on the pitch. He may intend to leave, he may indeed leave, but until then he will play hard for us every minute.

Bai Blagoi

Nice to see smile on Mesut’s face.
Keep that flow!


World is a better place when arsenal win. Great game, errors surfaced again but that last goal eased the frustration of that cech error.
Long may it continue


The error was totally the fault of Monreal. Hoe on earth could Cech anticipate what occurred


What is cech paid to do please?! Monreal played a back pass expecting an alert cech to come to the ball.. But cech was in czech, come back cech!!


He was looking the other way…

Billy Dyer

No he wasn’t. Cech was looking straight at Nacho, but didn’t expect Monreal to pass it back to him.
Maybe laziness or loss of concentration?


As we were many goals ahead, there was no point Czech going into a 50/50 with the Everton player and risking a ankle injury. If the scores were on the edge. It be different…


Monreal made a complete hash of it. Cech cannot be blamed.

Billy Dyer

Easy. By watching the game and focusing


Great exhibition of character to come back from behind to put up that performance away from home. We march!!

dr Strange

A five for Xhaka is really generous. He lost the ball in dangerous positions twice and on one of those he cost us a goal. Just those mistakes should give him a three at the most. He is really poor overall and shouldn´t be in the team.


He had a very good match and was fouled for the first goal.

Olivje Ziru

It was clear faul on Xhaka and not his fault.

dr Strange

No it was not.


It was not a faul, but a foul it was.. Against Arsenal it will be given 10 times out of 9, the extra 1 is in Arsene’s dream.. He’s a hunted man..

Kartik Iyer

On another day it could have been given but still would have been soft…but the main issue is why do we keep playing ourselves into trouble when there are so many players pressing so high..just boot it out occasionally and ease the pressure.


It was a clear foul, yes. It was still his fault though.
He held onto the ball for too long in a dangerous area and did not have agility or strength to make the situation easier for himself.

Olivije Zirud

It was a very hard ball to play it with first touch pass.


Even when he has a great game Ozil frustrates. In his last ten minutes he couldn’t find it in him to run for any ball that didn’t come to his feet.

Kartik Iyer

I’m sure the stats will tell you that Ozil is one of our top distance covering players…buying a Ferrari and expecting it to off-road like a pro is a bit naive.


That is the funny thing. Apart from Ramsey I think, no one covers the same distance in our team as Mesut.

A different George

Even when we win away easily and Ozil has a great game, some of the criticism of him frustrates.


About 5-10 mins after that Rooney goal, xhaka was caught again in possession, gifting Everton a 3v3 counter attack.

Man City is only two games away now. Can’t we just drop him for coquelin ASAP, so at least he can get match sharp in time?

What’s the point in playing xhaka as a DM if he’s a defensive liability.

Frank Bascombe

Footalling genius you then.


Would be interesting to see a Ramsey-Elneny partnership in the middle and playing like a normal midfield not to Ramsey-as-second-striker thing that Wenger loves.
Not as inventive in their passing but perhaps with Ozil-Sanchez-Laca on the field you dont need them to be.

Olivije Zirud

Of course he was caught. He couldn’t have passed the ball to anyone. Where was Ramsey, his central midfield partner? Ooh yes, in the box waving with his hands. He can’t play there by himself.


There were defenders behind him free to receive the ball. Or He could’ve just passed it back to the players occupying the right wing Or lofted a ball over the left wing.

He’s in the team, despite his deficiencies, to play the passes that coquelin and el neny can’t.

So if he can’t pick out those passes, then what else does he offer?

Billy Dyer

You should ask that question to Wenger, who’s responsible of buying Xhaka. He’s a Alonso , long range passes/crosses. He’d be great at West Brom or Stoke.
Wenger did it again. After buying Bendtner and playing tiki – taka, he managed to buy Xhaka.


You think Coquelin won’t get caught in possession in similar positions? They’re different players with different strengths but one thing Coq doesn’t give you is assurance in possession when being pressed. A Coq-Rambo CM partnership is a disaster waiting to happen. By all means, play them together against City if you want us to cough up possession constantly.

Billy Dyer

He’s liability because he’s not a DM.


I don’t want to fall in love with Sanchez again, but it’s getting difficult not to love this man.

Billy Dyer

As much as true statement that is, it’s getting a bit embarrassing with Alexis and Giroud constantly and systematically moaning and whinging at refs though


Good performance and result but we can’t only switch on for games when we’re under pressure to deliver.

Kostas Greek Gooner

I agree with the switching on ‘n’ off part, but we don’t deliver always under pressure.

We lack consistency and this is down to poor motivation, adaptability to opponents, flexibility to occasions, ruthless mindset, defensive vulnerability.

Bottom line? Dont get too excited because it will hurt you more.

My name is Jeff

Is this the first team going forward for the rest of the season (assuming no one leaves in January)? Although Everton are really bad right now, good first showing for The Cassette – Alexis – Ozil troika.


Excellent collective performance, the type of touches and runs that makes me love the Arsenal… feeling though that Xhaka was a bit behind the rest of the team today. Apart from that, and sorry if it sounds a bit “over demanding”, did anybody else noticed those 10 min around 55-65′ when you could feel that collectively we where on the edge of a “mental collapse”? Don’t mean that this could have happen but there has been 10 min when we really looked poor on the ball, incapable of holding it, make poor passes… and this is what we need to… Read more »

A different George

I think those ten-minute swings, where one team look almost lost and the other on the ascendancy, are the norm in top-flight football, at least in England. It’s almost impossible to go 90 minutes without this happening.


10/10: – No-Nuts Deeney for winding us up enough to get THAT performance.


Cech had a below average game…not blaming him for Everton’s first goal but i can imagine him pulling a top class stop for such shot in his heydays…and the second was piss poor from him


Totally the fault of Monreal. No keeper could have anticipated the mess he made of it


No, not totally Monreal’s fault, although he started the disaster. Cech got the ball at his feet and tried to dribble around the Everton striker instead of just putting his boot through it.

I thought Cech looked quite off the pace today. His distribution was poor and there was one other occasion where he very nearly got caught on the ball.


the wind fucked with both keeps distribution and I think that put doubts in both keeps minds, young pickford rose tot he challenge however ill fated for his team.

if cech had saved those we would be joint 4th with chelsea on gd.


Nice to see our first string attacking trio finally start a match. Too bad it came late Oct and too bad two of the three will leave next summer.

And too bad we fell apart against Watford and lost away again to stoke who are awful.

I’ll bevthumbed down, of course but seeing us ping passes around today makes me bitter about the awful situation we are in with our players and all the wasted opportunities




Monreal’s goal would have made a lot of strikers proud. He anticipated and reacted to the loose ball, hit it on half volley and beat a keeper who was having a terrific day on his near post – all this while you are playing as a CB. Terrific goal and what a time to score it!

Kostas Greek Gooner

I believe we should keep up moaning just to keep them on their toes..


I’m a huge fan of players keeping each other accountable. But no one seems to say anything to Alexis when he makes a mistake, they just seem to get on with it.
Something Wenger probably needs to address (or already has, but with no effect )

Great win though today. Glad to see us playing some trademark footie


10/10: Arseblog saying “balls” on BBC 5 Live. Twice I think.


Kane looks to have done his hammies…

Aleksander Włodarz

Ozil !


10/10 : gifting them a goal because we’re good people


That was by some distance the best performance of the season so far. Almost like days gone by !


I agree that Xhaka needs to improve in some areas, but it’s hardly his fault that we insist walking out of our half of the pitch with a web of passes every single time… also a lost ball means he’s responsible but how about giving ole Rooney 8 minutes to aim his shoot? Harsh vote compared to the other players…

Wenger\'s coat zipper

Can we see the video of Calvert-Leesin being kicked by Nacho in his degenerate “I got my dick stuck in my sister yesterday” face?

Kostas Greek Gooner



Much needed win. I am worried, however, about what happens in Jan if Ozil and Sanchez leave. Are we going to be able to find the players that will produce moments of magic that the two did today? Is there anyone in the squad who might step up and do the same?

Kostas Greek Gooner



Todays game reminded me the end of the last season. A lot of movement from the guys, some nice combinations and our back three good involved in the build up play a lot. Xhaka was playing a bit deeper, which suits him better. Shame on the first goal though.

Anyone else noticed Lacazette’s positioning? He is such a smart and calm player.


Ozil was excellent today, albeit against a deeply, deeply average Everton side. What I especially liked was his harrying of the Everton players, need to see more of that. Couldn’t agree more with his rating, just looked like he wanted more today.


It is clear in the replay that Gueye kicks Xhaka in order to get to the ball. It was a clear foul and the referee, for some weird reason, didn’t give it. In the second half, in almost exactly the same position, Ramsey did something similar, and I would say Aaron’s tackle was cleaner even, but the ref gave them a freekick. So, blaming Granit for an “error” there is both disingenuous and lazy. Yes, he has been known to make errors, but he was near faultless today and it’s sad to see him get blame for something he had… Read more »


Aggree, but his touch was poor as well.


Finally someone saw what I saw. The guy took out xhaka b4 touching the ball and no foul given. Aaron does even a cleaner tackle, foul given. I was happiest when he received his matching order.
And the pundits, my gosh…that Neville punk, “this is arsenal, you have to tackle hard…”


Thought Ramsey was pretty poor. Bombing forwards leaving holes and xhala in the middle. A better team would punish us.


Why does Rambo divide opinion…..?
I guess its ignorance. I mean so many on this forum are clueless, like Piers whats his face.
Simply put, there is no DM of serious quality in the line up……allowing a box to box midfielder the freedom to do so.
Thats not Rambos fault……..that is a fault at management level.


Because Ramsey is selfish, always out of position, has a poor first touch, slows play down, gets in his teammates way and needs about fifty shots on goal before he scores. Apart from that I thought he was OK in the second half today.


Wenger did come out after the chelshit draw to praise Ramsey for his disciplined b2b display and not trying to act as a target man. That’s a subtle dig at Ramsey for playing the way he has.

There’s only so much the gaffer can do other than to drop him. But besides him, who else can we play?


Xhaka really didn’t do well for their goal but I do think he deserves credit for the way he didn’t let it rock him and I think he grew in to the game. Will never grow tired of seeing Jack Wilshere on a football pitch.

Jean Ralphio

A player of Ozil’s quality is very hard to find. I truly hope he signs and becomes an Arsenal legend.


Who noticed Koscielny’s forward pressing today??? I almost mistook him for a RWB. Anyway, great performance from the lads. Ozil is my MOTM. I will not tire to say that the difference between a championship winning team is basically how you take your chances. As to the praises Mesut is getting, he didn’t start creating the chances today. He was the lead creator before his injury. The difference today was that we took our chances. The problem again today was that we didn’t take ENOUGH of our chances. Ozil could have got 3 assists in the first half alone. Against… Read more »


Im not a great admirer of Ramsey but you have to understand what he offers. Ramsey may not be as slick as most of the others but its that difference in his game that gives us variety going forward. Let Ramsey be Ramsey..Let Ozil be Ozil etc Its up to Wenger to select the right personal and balance for the opposition he is facing. Today we finally had the Front three we wanted to see all season and they all menaced in different ways while being part of a fluid unit. Ramsey’s forward running and movement creates chaos..He may not… Read more »


Interesting ratings…again reflective of bias as per usual. Monreal did not have any better a game than Granit. The Swiss midfielder was poor defensively dawdling on the ball. It is his defensive side which bears some scrutiny but the trouble equally is we are dependent on him transitioning us quickly going forward with his long range passing and this he did well for the most parts not to mention he hit the bar and his shot opened up for the Monreal goal. Also good to see Jack come on bc he is indeed a very viable option for us. The… Read more »

Matt P

Xhaka rating is harsh. He created a lot and he was fouled as he was dispossessed for Everton’s first goal


Great to see Wilshere in the PL again with us. Really like what Lacazette brings to our attack with his movement, hold up play, interchanging with other players and of course his finishing. Still early and needs to get some more goals put away, but early returns to me show he will be a great signing for a long time. How many teams have on of their center backs continually overlapping into the 18 like Monreal does? Even Kos got caught up in the act late in the game. Can’t say enough about how consistently Monreal plays and what he… Read more »


Top performance from Ozil. So great to see him play well. Hoping for a performance like that when we play Spurs!


what was their goalie telling sanchez when he was on the floor in the first half.

lovely that sanchez made him pick the ball from the net. karma …..


The best performance I have seen for a while. That is the style of football we crave and what I associate with Arsenal. That is the Arsenal way. We won’t score 5 every game, or create 30 chances every game, but that is how Arsenal should play. Speed, confidence, movement, quick passing… beautiful! That is why I watch Arsenal. Lets take this attitude and approach into every game and we will have a very enjoyable season. COYG


Xhaka needs to be ware of how much time he has when hes in tue middle of the pitch…seems like every game he gets caught in posession and costs a goal…foild or not he needs to be move the ball quicker.

I thought the wing backs werent great. Bellerins crosses are terrible abd shootings not much better. Sead got roasted a few times.

All in all the score deceives a bit.. we started in typical fashion dominating and then giving up a goal. We did respond though. Still think we need to get Lacazette more oportunities


Maybe is was that Everton are shit but i though Per was great. He won so many headers and positioning was spot on.

Jack looked great. He plays on tue edge and i think the way he plays will cause him mor injury but his vision and runs are great


I never understand the anti Ramsey fans. He is our one player who never stops running and looking for the ball. He makes great runs into the box. Sanchez gives the ball away lots more than him but people rave about his every move. Kolasinac worries me. He does not work hard enough and tends to just hang wide.