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Iwobi: We need Ozil and Sanchez

Arsene Wenger may be lining up Alex Iwobi to take over from Mesut Ozil should the German leave the club next summer, however, the Nigeria international is adamant that Arsenal needs to keep hold of the World Cup winner and fellow high-profile star Alexis Sanchez.

Having called time on contract negotiations at the Emirates both Sanchez and Ozil could, should they wish, sign pre-contract agreements with foreign clubs in just 84 days time. That said, with Premier League rivals reportedly lining up bids, clarity on the duo’s futures may be delayed until the summer.

Whatever the future holds, and it’s not looking good from a Gunners perspective, Iwobi thinks his team-mates have big decisions to make.

“When they are fit they are unstoppable. They are both capable of changing a game or a season,” Iwobi told the Sun.

“They have a big decision to make. But it would be a huge setback to lose them because from the stats you can see we do need them for their goals and assists.

“For a team like Arsenal, we need to be aiming for the top four and we need what they bring.

“It will be great for them to stay. I’ve learnt a lot from them. Just the opportunity to even train with them has been amazing. They are two top-class players with great experience having played at the top level.”

Talking of playing at the top level, all going to plan Iwobi will make his World Cup debut in Russia next summer having scored the goal to seal Nigeria’s qualification.

Not a bad thing to have on your CV at the age of 21.

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Well done on scoring such a crucial goal. His other goal of keeping Ozil and Sanchez is a bit less likely I think.

Look forward to seeing him in the World Cup.


We need Wilshere, Iwobi, Nelson and Mailand-Niles to step up. I am close to getting used to life without Ozil and Sanchez.

jack jack jack

I like the look of Maitland-Niles. Flying under the radar a bit but looks quite exciting in the defensive midfield role.


“For a team like Arsenal, we need to be aiming for the top four and we need what they bring’.

Even the players don’t believe we have what it takes for a sustained title challenge.

I’m not saying he’s wrong, I don’t think we have what it takes either.

But we need an owner and manager who don’t think qualifying for the CL so we can get smashed in the last 16 is a successful season.

The Limp Bar

In all reality everyone is now accepting that our aim has lowered – fans and players alike. I think the realisation is also dawning that as long as our ownership does not change they’ll probably keep on getting lowered. The only chance of winning the league is to have a miracle worker manager basically, and even that is not sustainable, and of course very unlikely. Arsene Wenger is by no means perfect, and has made some decisions that are not understandable in recent times, and his time will come to an end at some point anyway – I’m still not… Read more »


i get your point . the lack of ambition that kroenke shows has seeped through to the players managers and the entire club . but i really believe that the immediate solution would be to change the manager and not the owner . llook at spurs , they spent much less money than arsenal and was a completely disfuntional club until pochettino arrived . but pochettino single handedly instilled a winning mentality to all the players and due to his good work levy granted him more freedom and power . Even clubs like city and united were to an extent… Read more »

John Lukic

No sorry, bigger picture required there mate. Kroenke IS more the problem because he is not going to replace Arsene, Kroenke doesn’t have the ambition to win stuff in order to think that he needs to replace the gaffer. The gaffer is doing a stirling job of keeping Arsenal very profitable and a ridiculously strong asset for Kroenkes portfolio. (Stan isn’t ignoring that degree in Economics) When the time comes for Arsene to step down/move on Kroenke won’t be looking for the ‘best manager out there’, established or up-coming, it’ll be just some guy to do the job. His US… Read more »


Yeah I thought that immediately when I read this interview. Like I totally get that Iwobi would’ve just been going into PR mode and subsequently he probably just started dishing out the standard answers without even thinking twice, but it still does kind of bother me a fair amount that he’s said that. Clearly its something that has been drilled into the club and the dressing room over a lot over the last decade or so. Considering we always managed to get in the top 4 obviously bar the season just gone – and whether you consider that to be… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

They can both go. Anyone who doesn’t want to stay can fuck off. I just don’t want them to go to City and Utd on a free next summer or a nominal in January.

But that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It’s all rather depressing to be honest.


Fans are strange: the club can plan to get Lemar, Draxler…, the fans can plan to get new players, but the players are chained to Arsenal without being allowed to plan their future…


Ozil and Sanchez are part of the group of players who missed out on CL qualification last season (after 20+ years). Let’s not pretend they had nothing to do with what happened.
If they want to leave, then let them leave. Players come and go, but Arsenal FC is forever.

Sheffield Gooner

Agreed – they change games, but they are yet to change any of our seasons.


Don’t worry, Wilshere will do it! LOL


Wenger simply destroyed this new project of his after project youth in the 2015/16 season. Now we have to start all over again when Mesut and Alexis leave. I tell you we won’t be making top 4 never mind win the league for a VERY VERY long time. I just pray Wenger leaves 2019 and we actually get in a decent replacement. Unfortunately, Kroenke and Wenger’s losing mentality has infected the whole club.
But hey – we’ve endured 13 years without winning the league, what’s another 20 going to do?


Older fans here have observed rather longer periods between league titles not ameliorated by cup wins. No need to sound quite so entitled.


Don’t say we’re a big club if not winning the league for 13 years is good one. By your logic, Liverpool are a bigger club than us and we are a bigger club than Chelsea and city. But we all know that isn’t true…


This is very true. However, I was born 1970 and until this decade Arsenal have won the league in each of the previous 4 decades of my life. Now looking unlikely to continue that remarkable run.


We need players who want to play for this club


As long as they show it on the field as both Alexis and ozil that is Ok. Have never noticed either player not making the effort.

From Kenya with love

Goodluck with that son

Ex-Priest Tobin

‘Aiming for the top four’. And that’s why they won’t be staying.

NickyB52 - the bomber

Oh Alex.., there there now. They’re both going son. I know it’s difficult, but you’re just going to have to get used to it I’m afraid.

Santi\'s Smile

Big, big fan of Iwobi. Only negative that comes to mind is that machine gun goal celebration. Really would enjoy his goals more without it.


He can give all of the opposing team a tin of quality street as a celebration for all I care once he’s getting goals

Man Manny

We only need players that are 100% committed to the cause. No matter how good a player is, at this level, 99% impute won’t do.


And a club committed to their cause, and fans committed to their cause too! This isn’t a one way street! How do you want players to feel committed if the fans have already forgotten them?

Man Manny

You are absolutely spot on. I was just reacting to what Iwobi said.

sixteen swans

WTF? Received wisdom has it that Ozil & Sanchez are already all-but-gone next summer, if not this January. It even has Ozil setting early season sulking records. Obviously, if we are to believe and/or trust Iwobi at his word, none of this is as true as we’ve been led to think and that considerable doubt still exists as to whether one or both might yet still sign new contracts with us. If this is the case – and I’d rather trust Iwobi over the pond slime that constitutes our ‘free, fair, and overly-inventive’ fourth estate – any fan laying into… Read more »


Iwobi(just one Arsenal player) completely changed that game when he came on. The super eagles passing became more fluid. There was a time on the edge of his pen box, he held two players off and threaded a nice and accurate R2 + Triangle pass.

For all his wrongs, Arsene Wenger knows football..


Top four, my ass!
“For a team like Arsenal, we need to be aiming for the top four and we need what they bring.”



John Lukic

You do realise that 1st place is one of the places in the top 4 right?


Yeah but saying something like “we wanna win the premier league” is more specific.
Saying “we wanna be aiming for top four” means even in your targets, winning it is not there.
Just somehow grabbing that champions league spot is the target.
And we all know what top four means when it comes to arsenal.(anything but the 1st place)


One for the ages; not because we didn’t pay millions for him and he doesnt get the media attention like others in his age group.


Just read rumor that Arsenal could be interested in Miguel Almiron from my local club in Atlanta for $18 million. He would be an excellent replacement for Ozil. Paraguay international, and a true creator that also puts in a defensive shift. Has an engine like Elneny but also has the eye for a decisive pass. I’d take a chance on him any day of the week.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

It’s always nice to hear a player’s perspective, but please don’t talk to The Sun, Alex. They don’t deserve your time or anyone else’s.

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