Saturday, September 30, 2023

Report: Marc Overmars to make Arsenal return

Via Sport Witness comes a report from a not always credible source that Marc Overmars could be set to rejoin the club.

The original information comes from Tutto Mercato Web, and states that the former Gunner will leave his post with Ajax at the end of this season and has ‘reached agreement’ to come back to London with Arsenal.

There’s no information as to what exactly that role might be, but one would assume it’s some kind of football executive role similar to the one he’s had with the Dutch giants.

Could it be some kind of Director of Football position, but not the kind of Director of Football that Arsene Wenger doesn’t like?

There is certainly a need for fresh ideas and fresh faces at board level, and as we head towards the transfer window in January there’s more work for Ivan Gazidis and the manager to do after Dick Law left the club when his contract expired at the end of September.

Overmars has long been linked with a move back, especially as one of the few former players who has moved into the boardroom side of things post-retirement, so it would be an interesting appointment if it happens.

Reaction to his work at Ajax has been mixed, so we’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out.

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J Dizzle

Looks like he may have lost that ‘little burst’ like Wilshere

Sheffield Gooner

I’d be Overthemoon.

Giroud LacaNewSigning

I’d be Overmars!


Where, Uranus?

J Dizzle

Jesus. We need another game.


Hope he doesn’t Overreach, otherwise Arsene will have him Overthrown!

Heavenly Chapecoense

As a player, he used to direct the football left and right, back and fourth which is the definition of Director of Football by Wenger.


Probably A replacement for the outgoing Sanchez.


I hate appointments that are nostalgic.
If he comes back?
I hope it’s for a role that actually needs filling? and because he’s the best man for the job.


Surely you want Tony Adams back as manager? He’s done so well since he’s been away.


have to agree Rich, they wouldn’t have made appointments like that in the old days.

Crash Fistfight

Bravo, Sir.


I hate this whole gender, race equality nonsense that goes on.
I don’t care if we’re being managed by a black transgender homosexual dwarf…. providing that person is being picked because they’re the best person for that position, and not to fill some type of quota or idealism.
Whether someone used to play for us? Or not? Shouldn’t enter the equation.
Seems to me that it’s just a toned down version of nepotism.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Your judgment is premature, seeing as we don’t even know what his job is going to be. Furthermore, your perspective is correct–so why does Overmars possibly being hired even bother you? Aren’t you caring, simply because he did used to play for us? That’s a bit hypocritical. By your reasoning, we should wait to see if he’s actually helping us or not, because the decision is largely out of our hands.


I agree.
Just seems a bit strange that with 7.5 billion people on the planet we choose an ex-player.
I was making the point that I hope he’s been chosen from an extensive list of candidates? as the best person for the job?
And not because of previous relations?
There has been talk of an ex-player joining the board?
Again I would welcome some fresh blood, just don’t understand why we’d limiting our options to people with ties to the club?
When It’s a big world.


I’m so stunned. I was sure we were going to hire someone qualified from China that we don’t know for a unspecified position that is all rumored right now.

Connections aren’t part of this world. Stop acting naive.


Clubs like Bayern Munich have demonstrated there are benefits to having successful former players in the club heirarchy. First of all they are winners. Second of all they know the club traditions and values. Thirdly they are known and respected by other people involved in the game – managers, agents, players, media. Does being a former player automatically qualify you for an upper management job? No, but coupled with brains and experience it makes you a very attractive candidate. Put it to you this way: if you have two candidates, both with identical skills and experience, clones in every way,… Read more »


That must have something to do with a familiarity to culture. That is probably the same reason I would rather promote an employee internally rather than get one who needs time to learn how things are done before actually doing anything.


He saved money for Ajax. Hand picked for Arsenal by Kroenke himself.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Kind of hard to keep players at a small club (compared to teams in pl,laliga, Bundesliga,serie A). At least Ajax got good money, we’re not exactly used to that


Being handpicked by Kroenke does not sound like a very good thing, now does it?


Good News…


I know he left early and that’s probably why but I feel like he’s forgotten in terms of his raw talent under Wenger. Some of his play was absolutely ridiculous.

Crash Fistfight

He is an example of an Arsene Wenger masterstroke of a signing, back in the days where he was prepared to take risks on signings (Overmars wasn’t cheap and had struggled with a really bad injury not long before coming to Arsenal).


I loved overmars his play was amazing but we had a certain Dutch god that was just unbelievable..db10, my favorite player of all time til I die

Wild bill

Another person for Wenger to ignore and not give any duties to.


Give it a rest.


If he would be able to apply his own network which focuses on cheap young talent/upcoming players and spend according to the money we have (or at least challenge or persuade Wenger, at Ajax he/they will only pay max of 8-10mil for player, 14mil for David Neres but simply cuz he is Brasilian, €5mil for Davinson Sanchez now at that lot), I’d be up for that. He’s done a good job in steadying the ship, Ajax was in a state after 2008 purchase of Miralem Sulejmani for €16million (that nr still to be matched for Eredivie incoming player). Plus the… Read more »


Takes over AW.


All in favour say I.

I, lad.

Crash Fistfight

Is I, Lad the northern version of I, Robot?


Don’t go pointing the finger at us Northerner’s.

Anything ‘lad’ is more appropriately referred to as ‘twat speak’ usually uttered by the misbegotten generation of lads in their early or late 20’s (usually single and still living at home) that somehow think it’s appropriate to refer to anybody of any age as ‘lad’.

Also known as cunts.

I can say lad, I’m 38 and really fucking grumpy. Oh and I hate everybody. Apart from FatGooner and MeinBergkampf.


Personally I think he’s past his best. I know Iwobi doesn’t set the world alight and even with Sanchez probably leaving in January, I don’t think Overmars is the man to replace him. We brought back Lehmann and Campbell and that didn’t work out too great. I think we should be turning our attention to the future. Great in his prime but I don’t think Overmars will have the energy anymore to play on the wing. Wouldn’t be a marquee signing in my opinion. I know he probably wants to play regularly in order to force his way into the… Read more »


I really, really hope you’re being terribly ironic with this post.


I think he just might be


My favourite player until Pires came along.


Can he bring God back with him? Please?


My thoughts, exactly!

David Hillier\'s luggage

I suspect the club are looking for someone to fill the Dick Law role than move on to a being a ‘Sporting Director’ when Wenger leaves. Good idea in theory, probably totally unsettling in practice. That being said, I think he’ll do well. He knows the boundaries between coaching staff and ‘people upstairs’ and his transfer dealing for Ajax have been excellent, buying cheap and selling high. I suspect more of the same if he joins.

Forest Gooner

On field personnel going out, off field personnel coming in

Laughing Stock

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Wenger. Fingers crossed.


Could he take Walcott’s place on the wing?

John C

Logic would dictate that Wenger will leave at the end of the season as it would stop the uncertainty that him going into the last year of his contract brought us last season. With that being the case Overmars could well join as the kind of director of football Wenger doesn’t like.


Isn’t Gilberto also some sort of Administrator? Interesting then that he too has been profiled this week on the official site.
Probably instigated by the board to keep us interested?


Could be good in a sexy underpants kind of way


Not sure what another layer of management would really do for the club. But having a legend back in some sort of direct advisory capacity to the board would be good. If it is just another layer of management then that would spell a dangerously familiar odor of corporate middle management and additional levels of accountability that the board can use to cover up mistakes. Sort the fundamental governance and obvious disregard to fans and the need for adaptability and awareness of the huge changes happening in football right now. All these sounds bites of ‘oh they had more money’,… Read more »

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