Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Shkodran Mustafi could be completely bollixed

Arsenal could be without Shkodran Mustafi for some time after the German appeared to completely banjax himself earlier this evening.

With nobody around him, he pulled up in what looked like considerable pain, with what seemed to be a thigh or hamstring or groin injury. He fell to the ground in the game against [some other potential qualifier for the World Cup] and probably went ‘Owwwww’ – but in German.

It’s always worrying when a player gets injured with nobody around them, and there were shades of Lukas Podolski’s injury which saw him sidelined for three months and also that terrible moment years ago when Irish striker Dicky Magee wrenched his gooch and missed almost half a season.

Arsenal must now consider how to reach the Premier League’s slide tackle quota which states each side must complete a prescribed number of challenges which see a defender go needlessly to ground.

The former Valencia man has been the designated slider since his arrival last August, but the Gunners will have to find a way to cope without the Hank Scorpio lookalike for some time.

He will need plenty of rest in his hammock that he got down in the hammock district. That’s on third.

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Lord Bendnter

Arsenal 2-1 now :S


I don’t follow. Someone care to explain?

Lord Bendnter

It was just that in the previous article I said with Iwobi’s Nigeria and Elneny’s Egypt qualifying of the World cup, it was like 2-0 to the Arsenal.
Now Mustafi made it 2-1
It was an inside joke inside my head said to me by me and for me. (everything sounds so much better in my head…)

nimble foot

I’d like to have a peek inside that head but I’m terrified I’d never be the same again

Dr Zebra

Enter Rob Holding back into the fold! And moving Koscielny back into the center should be great


or even, dare you say it, our captain Mertesacker

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I’m really not convinced by Holding, at least not this season. Now’s his time to prove me wrong it seems. And mustafi was a red card waiting to happen anyway, also I feel safer with Kos in the middle, so it probably won’t weaken us much.


Good thing we sold that ugly Brazilian center back.


I think I, at least, appreciate your sarcasm.

Crash Fistfight

Frog made the mistake of using the word “ugly”. Any defamatory word is enough to make any right-minded internet commentator fly into an offended rage.


The fella is ugly. It’s no sin to say a dead man is dead.


The Simpson’s references are brilliant. Shows my age a bit because they were from a time when the show was great.

Jimbo Jones

Not feeling it I’m afraid. Perhaps Mertesacker needs to come in to bring some calm and experience although let’s recognise his strengths and weaknesses; holiding and chambers need to be used conservatively to support their development otherwise they’ll have the fans on they’re back before you can say Shkodran Mustafi! In all honestly Holding Would have benefitted from a loan this season. Hopefully between the three of them we can find a solution. Also I’m not a fan of how this injury has been reported, not convinced Mustafi deserves the negativity he gets from this site. Yes he was happy… Read more »


“This unfortunately appears to be part a trend of the quality of this site going downhill, with click bait articles of recent. I’ve been a big fan for a long time so hopefully it picks up soon.” I think this is a bit of an over-reaction. I’d like to thank the writers for the hard work on this site and over at the main blog as well. I know there is literally not one source that is more credible when it comes to all things Arsenal! If you’re still not happy with the quality of this site, maybe you can… Read more »


“from what I understand the primary driver was family and secondarily because he questioned the ambition of the club and commitment of some of the other players”

ok – but where are your sources? And to then slam the writers on here, saying there is “no substance to the article, there’s no medical report, quotes. It’s just speculation at the moment”, and accuse them of “click bait articles”, not very nice at all! Give’em a break

Teryima Adi

Arseblog News site is enough click bait.

Teryima Adi

Holding needs to hold his head in the defence then. It’s your season son.

Our Elder

I’m not Mustafi’s biggest fan but this post is a bit too flippant for my liking. Wishing a speedy recovery. Hopefully it’s not serious.

lee dicks on

Shkodran too fast.


We can but hope that he doesn’t go the same way as poor Dicky Magee, who, as I recall, wrenched his gooch, hit the hooch, and couldn’t get up in the morning.

Goooooooner for life

I find the article and tweet aimed at Mustafi’s injury a little harsh and insulting. True, he more often than not trows himself into a slide challenge, but that’s no reason to mock an Arsenal player. All players have problems they need to work on, but comically reporting one’s injury is, in my opinion, insulting and far below you blogs.



NW Gooner

I agree, but also found it quite funny.


second that


Arseblog was trying a bit too hard today in my opinion.

Mate Kiddleton

He did play something like three games in a week for us before going off to the national team. Not surprised something would snap with that workload.


Not sure about the negativity around Mustafi? We’re definitely better with him. He’s relatively young in centre half terms. And What we’ve got behind him isn’t good enough. Koscielny is nursing his Achilles, we’ve seen with Cazorla how this can end. Again we’ve gone into the season ill prepared. Everyone outside the club recognised we needed a centre half and centre mid, but again those inside the club have failed to react. squad planning is non existent. No back up to Bellerin. Our back up left back is our first choice centre back. Holding should be out on loan in… Read more »


I’m guessing ( hoping) this is a bit of rueful making light on Blogs’ part.

I agree this bites a bit, but we’ve got holding, Chambers, Per in line for CB. We can still switch to a back 4, and hell I’d wager Kos and Monreal could do a CB pairing job in a pinch.

Unfortunately I think we’re actually right in line with squad planning for a club outside the CL. Which is what we are for the time being.


We recorded a tax pre-tax profit of £40+ mill.
Surely that could have been spent on a centre half?
We also turned down a £20mill bid for Chambers.
£60+mill would have surely got us a centre half from somewhere?


Surely if we sold Chambers and bought ‘a Centre Half from somewhere’ we’d have exactly the same number of Centre Halves? Am I missing something here?


Its Rich being brilliant with hindsight


*Our first choice centre back is our backup left back


Hmmm so we could have sold Chambers like you’ve mentioned. Use all the money and bought a CB like whom in that range?

So it would have been Kos, Mert, Rob, Nacho, Mustafi, New CB. How would that solve the problem of Mustafi getting hurt? Plus if we got another CB he was ahead of Monreal then Monreal becomes redundant or accepts a backup role to SK?



Little Mozart



Almost as if we should have signed a CB in the summer.

Manager doesn’t trust big per in the league anymore

Lord knows what’s going on with Koscielny’s Achilles

Holding isn’t good enough yet

Chambers doesn’t seem to be trusted either, even if he was, he’s injured.

Nacho isn’t a CB.

Exciting times ahead! Only Arsenal!

SB Still

Our injury record hadn’t been great, so I wouldn’t be pleased about an injury to any of our players, however good or bad. If someone is poor and still playing it’s the managers’ mistake or lack of alternatives, not the players.

I was happy to read Pogba, Fellani, Morata all injured and worried about our karma…here it is!

I hope Chambers gets a look in.


a back 3 of Monreal kos and one of Per, Rob or Calum, should be good enough vs most prem teams. only the top 6 maybe being a little scary, with per being the least worrying player out of those 3 and calum being most.


Pretty sure wenger will now ultilise Elneny as standby CB

Elneny will be like a new signing guys!!


Is he even good? Does anyone know?

lovely arse

That Dicky Magee one was a doozy. He hasn’t been right since.


Looks like he couldn’t finish his fun run, even with the moccasins.


Shcorpio you’rrre totally mad.


Coquelin’s fall is way better


So I laughed at the article a bit. But I felt bad about laughing. So there’s that.


Gee i know you don’t rate Mustafi but this is one of the weirdest articles in site history.


Get well soon Mustafi. I have confidence in Holding & Per to fill in while Mustafi is out.
I just hope Arsene keeps Kolasinic at wing back and doesn’t bring him into the back 3.


I pissed myself, cheers blogs. Although your treatment of Dicky Magee is a new low point for the blog, the sense of humour failure in the comments section is worse.


Arseblog….have you drink taken ?


Did he get it from hammocks r us?


Legend has it Mustafi was still celebrating that goal when he got injured.


Hank scorpio!!! Hahahahahaha I’m dying


Prepare the Holding Chambers


Öwwwwww perhaps?


Bring on The BFG and cue the glorious run to the title


Honestly who cares? When our defense is not working, we blame Özil, so we’ll go on whether this Per, Rob or my grand-ma!


Can someone please set up a go fund me where the money goes toward purchasing Arsenal and make it a fan owned club. I’m sure there would be enough money on there by the end of the week.


Enter Chambers?


It depends whose chambers you’re entering


I once entered Molly’s chambers. It really did change my mind.


probably switch to a back 4? With kolasinac, kos, holding or per and bellerin.

Fingers crossed he’s not out for to long.

Jay Gregory

I think you need to rethink the content of this article. I don’t really appreciate reading sarcastic inappropriate comments about injuries to key players for arsenal. It’s disrespectful and considering this is supposed to be an arsenal supporters forum it’s misplaced. Most content on here is good, making immature jibes at a footballers injury is not.


Unfortunately it was just a matter of time until the muscle injuries started to hit us as they always do. This one though hit in an area we are very short in right now with just Per and Holding to be able to come in (if Holding came in then Kos obviously moves to the middle) and Kos has already been battling his standard achillies issues.


People were literally using this comments section to cry about blogs describing a player’s injury in a jovial way. Seriously What the hell is wrong with you guys?

Just wow

Imagine what these people would say if they actually went to games and heard the general language used by our fans.


Don’t change a damn thing blogs.


Wow? Really?

Please go ahead and link the last article where a key Arsenal player was injured and received a sarcastic article explaining the injury, with a “get well soon” statement nowhere to be seen. This article is in quite poor taste no matter what you think of Mustafi.



My apologies for being slightly off topic but does anyone know how/where i can buy tickets to an Arsenal Europa League game in a couple of weeks?

Thanks in advance!

John Cena

Anyway mertesacker isnt a bad choice either. Afterall its his final season before he retires. Shldnt we give me more playtime for one last time? He can play in the center, i’ll admit he hasnt got pace but at least we’ve got koscielny. And to add on, mertesacker’s height will definitely help at some point of time. So why not? And for holding i pretty much agree that he’s slightly disappointing as compared to last season. This season he made a couple of mistakes and often i feel that he’s easily exhausted which is why wenger often subs him out… Read more »


Regardless of ‘popular opinion’…Holding has still a massive learning curve. Some people prefer to overlook his faults and amplify that of Mustafi who is a much better player than many give him credit

Metersecker has limitations too.

Koscielny is injury issue as well.

This is a serious matter.

Not sure what the issue with Calum is either.

We need some semblance of familiarity and consistency at the back. This really puts a spanner in the works. You just wonder if we weren’t too hasty getting rid of Gabriel who was much improved last season.

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