Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Video: Watford 2-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’

A hugely disappointing and annoying and frustrating and maddening and irritating day at Watford saw us take the lead, but throw it away in the second half.

In the end the 2-1 defeat will cause huge damage to people’s faith in this team which had been slightly restored since the defeat at Anfield.

It means that from our four away games in the league this season, we’ve taken just one point.

James has his on the whistle thoughts below.

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Troy Deeney . Yes that player who looks like beer and Big Macs followed by more beer and punching 17 or 18 year olds for looking at his beer. Has stated arsenal have no bolloxs. That’s right none . Just a load of big old fannies in the shorts department. It’s sad it’s devastating but when someone like Troy Deeney takes a break from beer Big Mac and punching young people you have to listen .


I love beer and i hate waitrose cous cous. We just look the same every game, good in patches but never in control. We are now just an average team and have been for a while in my opinion. No Sanchez in the squad, only explanation is that he’s injured. Kroenke is not doing his job, just like the rest of the board. We have dropped off the pace massively and its like a double decker bus reversing but we’ve not even stopped yet. I’m not paying to go to anymore games this season, i’m done.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Troy Deeney’s actually a pretty decent role model. Grew up rough, made bad choices when he was younger, but learned how to change himself for the better and stick with it. Just cause a guy looks one way doesn’t mean they aren’t sharp. Says he wants to go into coaching, and his analysis of his own ability as well as Arsenal’s (and Man City’s) seems pretty reasonable, and he’s got a nice even-keeled perspective on the inevitable comings and goings involved in pro football. Respect.


And he wasn’t bigging himself up either. Basically saying he’s an average player who favours the physical approach and as such we came up short when we shouldn’t. If anything he’s doing us a favour. Providing anyone that matters will listen of course and therein lies a cunundrum.

lee dicks on

When prison’s troy deeney is lecturing you.. fucking hell I have lost all hope

lee dicks on

Anyone still awake?


Faith restored since the Liverpool game? No arseblog. My faith will start its journey to restoration in this team the day the Manager leaves.

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