Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Wenger facing anxious wait as injuries start to pile-up

Arsene Wenger has an anxious wait ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash against Red Star Belgrade after the Gunners injury problems mounted in the wake of the 2-1 defeat to Watford on Saturday.

With Aaron Ramsey and Alexis Sanchez not involved at all due to injuries picked up in training, Arsenal lost Danny Welbeck – just back from a four week absence – with what appears to be a hamstring problem.

Meanwhile, Laurent Koscielny was only passed fit the day before the game, but he didn’t last the full 90 and had to come off with a calf problem.

Speaking after the game, Wenger said, “It looks to be a hamstring with Welbeck. I don’t really know because everybody is shocked in the dressing room. It looks a muscular problem.

“Koscielny is a muscular problem as well.”

As for whether Ramsey and Alexis would be available, he continued, “I don’t know yet, I have to see on Monday.”

How did the players rate today? Player ratings here.

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Godfrey Twatsloch



Who else?



Despite the injuries, we should be better than what we are right now

It hurts to see us like this… it truly hurts 🙁

Godfrey Twatsloch


Sheffield Gooner

Don’t worry folks, it’ll soon be November.

Oh shit.


Next summer we’ll lose
Wilshere will sign a new deal only to then break down again.
We won’t sign replacements because we’ll be out of Europe altogether.
Unless Kroenke fu*ks off then this is our future.
This isn’t being negative.
This is a calculated guess after watching us play, others around us improve and the way the owner operates.
Strap in… because things can and most likely will get worse.


Not even a calculated guess mate. It is just the cold, hard fact. It is so painful.

A Gunner with Psychic powers

We are officially a mid table club.

#KroenkeOut , skip all the home games or this disaster will continue , by constant protesting make the club’s atmosphere toxic for all the players and staffs of the club.

nimble foot

Oh yeah, nothing better to lift us up from ‘mid table mediocrity’ than to make the atmosphere toxic for players and staff. Fantastic thinking

Willie\'s Young

It’s time that we all unite and get rid Kroenke and his son. He’s not feeling depressed over today’s defeat like we are. The future is uniting and protesting against these two parasites. Otherwise the days will become much darker


Instead of just criticising others’ ideas why don’t you come up with better ideas of your own? I’m not being critical of you, I’d just like to if you have any better ideas.

Dave M

I’ll answer for him: “Believe in Wenger, the best manager we’ve ever had, and get behind your team” And so the cycle rolls on. The only catalyst is Wenger. The perfect catalyst for allowing Kroenke to continue to make massive profits over footballing ambitions. Let this sink in one more time. WE MADE A TRANSFER PROFIT AFTER DROPPING OUT OF THE CHAMPS LEAGUE. And on the back of the season with the highs TV revenues in the history of any football league in the world. Kroenke wants the profit. Wenger is complicit because of his blond faith in his players… Read more »


You haven’t answered my question. One guy says boycott all home games another criticises it and I asked him if boycott is not the answer then what is? What’s going to stop the rut? I’m okay with the answer being “can’t do anything now, wait till end of season and do something (I don’t know what that something is, I leave it to the other guy or you)”. But it’d be nice to discuss ideas than just criticise. That’s all.

Dave M

Bro, I agree 100% with you. I am just telling you the answer you will get from the other side “support your team”. The same as it always is. That is why we are stuck in this cycle. And that is why we are going no-where as a club because too many Arsenal fans love Arsene to the core and will back him forever and they are also too blind to see that Gazidis and Kroenke are completely deceiving them


Exactly! That is what I was getting to, when the guy said don’t boycott matches I wanted to know how else are we going to change the way this club is run. I don’t see any other way and maybe I’m oblivious to it and wanted to know if these guys who say we should support the team for the next 2 years have a solution or not. Looks like they don’t.


Lol Arsenal relying on Welbeck to stay fit says it all. A poor summer transfer market and players preparing to leave will bite us bad, this season is about to get worse.


Perfect. We’re being ridiculed by Troy fucking Deeney now.

And the worst thing is he’s dead right.

David C

I hope they nail Deeney’s quotes to board in the dressing room. Play the video before every game the rest of the season. If being told you don’t have the “balls” to compete won’t motivate this lot then nothing will.


They dont care! when they read his quotes they will feel sad and go shopping to comfort themselves

Lord Bendnter

We are not title challengers so I don’t care about this league anymore. For me, our season was over even before the Watford game. And I don’t care one bit about finishing in the top four. What is the point of being in the Champions League knowing that we won’t go far in it anyways. What I want to see now is R.Nelson, MNiles, heck even Akpom, Wilshere, Iwobi, and whoever else we have from our promising youngsters. I want to see them play, and play the Arsenal way. I don’t care about results, I’m just so desperate to watch… Read more »


Troy deeney nailed you with his comments arsene

Ex-Priest Tobin

Agreed, he’s 100% right, our players are all cowards. And the biggest coward of all is Mesut ‘Coward’ Ozil.

Jean Ralphio

Troy deeney is a thug and his comments only show how disrespectful and immature he is.


No just an honest assessment of the current Arsenal side.

The going gets tough nobody steps up. I think kola could but he was far from for today which them suggests why did he even play

Jean Ralphio

He is right but I still hate him. We all know Arsenal lack ruthlessness, it’s nothing new. Sadly. I’m going to go in a dark corner and cry until we win our next two games.

Jimbo Jones

“I came on today and jumped up with Mertesacker – I didn’t even have to jump up actually – nodded it down and the crowd gets up. They all just backed off.” Incredible but if that is what the opposition think when playing us then our worst fears are true. How did we become so mentally fragile!


Who cares about what Troy Deeney says? Who the fuck is he?

Lord Bendnter

It’s come to a sad point where opposition players make more sense than Wenger and co. That’s not Troy Deeneys fault, it’s ours.

Dave M

Captain of a bang average team that just BEAT us…that’s who


Agree. On one level he’s a gobshite and a cunt. But on an intellectual and philosophical level the said gobshitey cunt is right. We are cowards. We don’t like it when teams get in our faces. We crumble. We are a fucking joke. And it hurts that fuckwads like Troy Deeney are right. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck!!!!


Intellectual. Give me a break.


So much for avoiding injuries by resting players in midweek. So what other excuses do we have for these muscular injuries? If I remember correctly, Wenger was able to keep his whole coaching and fitness staff. Just saying.


There’s nothing wrong. Nothing to see here. Keep walking.


Tom Cleverly………. a standout player on the pitch today……..tells you everything about Arsenal, a team on the slide, a club on the slide, and a player like Tom Fucking Cleverly shines in these circumstances.
I dont care that we have injuries, cause this team is pissy and windy and theres better in the reserves.


By the way, last season we were lectured tactically, by the one and only Sam Allardyce………..who did a post match interview having stuffed us………simple really…..fuck it out to the wings and hoof it in from there.
Dont discount Troy Deeney……….this is an effective player, who went to the trouble of telling it as it is.
Thankyou Troy, but no one is listening at the Emirates (we just like our free beers at the corporate level too much).
Tackling? No way, thats not for us………(Berkamp wouldnt agree though)


Wasn’t Giroud hobbling around in the final 5-10 minutes as well?
Any news on that?

Stuck on repeat...

Same old Arsenal. Rushing people back from injury, or in this case playing Kos when you really shouldn’t…& in doing so creating a longer term more serious problem.

Central Fullbacks

Eh, why rush Welbeck back in from a muscle injury when we had Özil fit? Oh, it’s just Arsene for you. Big surprise that he got injured, again-


Fans face anxious wait as mediocrity continues. On another note Marco Silva really seems like a good coach


Winter is coming!


Winter arrived in August. And will persist in until May.


Someone need to takes Kroenke and dump him in a toxic swamp.


As I have consistently been saying, squad depth has been an issue. 1) We failed to address deep midfield. In as much as there has been some organic improvement with the Ramsey- Granit axis, beyond that we are dependent on Jack’s fitness because Elneny is an average player. My opinion has always been that we should be trying Iwobi in a deeper role with his strength, tight control and eye for the through pass. Our options are very limited in midfield which is the engine. Yesterday, we offered nothing not even proper possession or threat through the middle. Arguably we… Read more »


In general, I agree with you Santori. My biggest criticism of the club though – and Wenger in particular – is that we seem to pay absolutely no attention to mentality and determination when buying players. We have no leaders of men. We have no-one in this side that would throw pizza at Ferguson. We have no-one in this side who would get in Van Nistelrooy’s face after he misses a last minute penalty. We have no-one in this side who would grab the game and his team-mates by the scruff of the neck and drag them into the next… Read more »


I’m not entirely sure that a long injury list is necessarily a bad thing. We have already chucked away any slim chance of winning the title or putting up an effort for it by our complete and utter gutlessness and ineptitude. Start picking the youngsters – at least they should be prepared to fight to wear the shirt. I don’t care if we go backwards for a bit. Anything to escape the current ‘Groundhog Day’ bollocks.

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